Allison Mack’s Godhead First and Foremost Is a Pedophile

By Shivani

This is in response to Allison Mack Post Reveals Influence Raniere Had Over Her.

Whatever Allison Mack wrote while she was in Keith Raniere’s thralldom had to be designed to please, support and flatter his egomaniacal identity and its demands.

Once she started having sex with him, she was in for Raniere’s worst kind of “therapies.”

But Allison wanted to get close to him. She wanted more status within the group and knew that the women with the most so-called advantages were the ones who were closest to the throne. So Mack wrote her trite and gushy new-age styled testimonials with an aim to impress him, and she also dipped them into her personal supply of mawkish Hallmack glitter.

MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere. She wanted to be close to the throne of Raniere.

Mack was delivering, as expected, like an enthusiastic parrot.  She probably still has no idea how easy it was for Keith to use her, but cult manipulators see neediness as a calling card.

Her dippity-headed sentimentality, as expressed in her important little blogs, is syrup on top of shit.

She went step by step down the culty slippery slope, allowing Raniere’s sexual obsessions and his really quite transparent lies to become her truth, her career, her entire environment. Here at last, is where Allison Mack had found meaning in life. She swallowed the crooked lovebomb hook. This epiphany, this “euphony” came her way from a brilliant man and here’s a brilliant quote from his howliness, the unmagical perv.

“Many will not know of my existence; some already don’t.”

Well for crying out loud, what a revelation. Give me a moment to let it to subside. It could be the hilarious ramblings of a self-aggrandized blathering dunce, except for all of the harm done and still being done, by Raniere and company.

A quote from the cult’s stinking publicity armory:

“Allison is currently working on the development of a unique and poignant organization. Stay tuned for more details….”

Was this putting lipstick on the monstrous batch of pigs who became DOS? Yes it was, but hey, let’s call it unique and poignant.

Well, Allison and company, here’s to pain and here’s to the smell of burning flesh. Here’s to voluntary enslavement, and here’s to you frigging abusive morons getting some just desserts. Here’s to not thinking a whole lot of things over and ignoring the red flags.

If only Allison Mack had taken off her blinders about who Raniere is and who he isn’t.

But she was a grown woman when she decided that she wanted to be wanted by him. Here she is in all of her glory giving her clarion call.

” More often than not I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what others are thinking of me….”

She is describing a state of mind symptomatic to several personality disorders. A mind full of anxious uneasiness, a sense of feeling “consumed” by one’s own thoughts, a histrionic need for approval or attention, an unrealistic and heightened sense of needing to prevail in all personal interactions but never feeling any satisfaction, for the compulsions keep arising. Either she arrived at Nxivm ripe for the picking or she was slowly inculcated, but Keith saw that he could run her like a yo-yo.

MK10ART’s painting of  Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, with DOS slave in background. “My mentor, Keith, once gave me a lesson on how to listen, truly listen, almost in a meditative way. He taught me how to hear the euphony of the world.”

Allison had a career recruiting for a conman. She traveled a lot and one hears that she got to eat more that way, too. She liked the spotlight and the societizing role gave her panache, acting as the ladyship of eminence.

She was like Old Faithful about it all. But it was so much more than that. She was worshiping and desiring a smelly, hairy couch potato who liked to use gatherings such as evening volleyball as his arena to pick up fresh sexual prey. She was fully aware that her duties entailed getting Raniere’s sexual habits fulfilled.

One wonders who would ever want to go to bed with such a pretentious royal highass chucklehead as Keith Raniere.

But look no further.

Allison Mack wanted him, and she wanted him bad. She thought his whole shtick was not only spiritual but spiritually glamorous. She wanted him so badly that her superheroine name could be Blunderwoman. She had to be the soloist in Fatso’s chorus. She held women down to be branded, pretending it wasn’t at Raniere’s command. She had slaves. She was even happy to sit around on the floor at Stumpo’s feet and take turns slurping his schlong with what she called her sister wives.

All in the name of women empowering women.

MK10ART – Allison Mack [with Dr. Danielle Roberts.] Keith shares with his students, taking them on a journey to that depth of one’s life experience and expression… Suddenly, the world sings and becomes symphonic in pattern and texture. We can take what we experience and make it into art.”
Their Godhead. First and foremost, a pedophile. His euphemisms about how spiritually cool it was for His Specialness to be humping adolescents were accepted as an example of how he was always so generous. Benevolent. He gave out 20 year emotional “coupons” for avatar babies to keep the older slaves dreaming.

The Blowhard. A man who pretended not to need sleep but who skulked off and slept all day so he could operate his semi-impotency all night. A man who barked and pawed at women and grunted like a hog when they opened the fridge door, a man whose word was no better than his pecker, which still had to be sucked off at “staff” meetings even at half-mast, a man who hid in a closet when the lawmen finally came to confront him.

A coward who was all fuckered out.

Allison was never a robot or an automaton. Every moment, during all of this involvement of hers, she could have woken up and made a decision to look at it all, privately and realistically, and at the very least, to leave it in the rear-view mirror. Maybe she just wasn’t ever capable. Instead she waited until making a plea deal to offer any shred of awareness about the stark obviousness of how slaves and branding weren’t working out for her, but maybe only because she got caught.

Who can be sure how sincere that plea speech was?

Strike one? She is an actor.

Strike two? Her plea speech was somewhat a dirge of mournfulness rather than one of comprehension and repentance.

Strike three? Testimony about her actions and behavior from witnesses during Raniere’s trial was loaded against her by their truthfulness.

Judge Garaufis has heard it all, including the prosecutors’ recommendations.

If she is really ready to free herself from years of destructive choices? Perhaps it will show when Allison Mack receives her sentence. Has she sought out professional help to assist her in freeing her mind of Raniere’s conditioning, to divorce herself from the group’s lifestyle, its criminal activities and Raniere’s sexual dictatorship?

If she or anyone is still into Raniere hardcore, their choices and actions aren’t rational. It’s reasonable to fanatics to justify themselves as part of an entity/identity that is above the law; their infrastructure is seen as a law unto itself.

Raniere had his own governing body of eager representatives, supplicants, sexual idiots and litigation freaks. He used them to endanger themselves and others and to do harm.

Allison Mack: “When I saw this video, I remembered experiencing the magnificence of sitting still long enough to listen – to hear the world around me. From this stillness comes a freedom – because that voice in my head now seems irrelevant. And so the concert has begun.” MK10ART painting.

Why would the hardcore devotees change their tune now? Who would trust them? They just need time to rearrange positions and strategies. Raniere can become a martyr plus Santa Claus figure, and there will be a certain someone running things while Clare is “away.”

I think Clare has pre-arranged all of that and has temporarily handed the reins to a financially very well-placed Mexican party of interest. Maybe Clare was going to give that person a side order of Nancy Salzman to help the cause, via collect calls from prison.

But Nancy has been pissy, the word is out and Clare has pragmatic attorneys and accountants who likely changed her mind about Nancy’s usefulness. It might have disintegrated.

Raniere-wise, Clare Bronfman might think of Lauren and/or her mother as SPs now. It is doubtful that Clare thinks of Allison much at all, like the way devout Scientologist John Travolta has been said to think of his massage boys. Allison used to be convenient, but she was a zilch. Now she’s an inconvenient zilch.

10ART’s painting of Allison: “More often than not, I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what are others are thinking of me, how I can do better and what I’m going to eat for lunch.”

MK10ART — Allison Mack, “The noise in my head is so loud that I can’t hear anything other than the feedback bouncing off the inside of my skull. He taught me to close my eyes, tame my thoughts and really listen…”

Allison Mack is now an inconvenient zilch. But she wasn’t always so. MK10ART painting..

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  • Why anyone would even think to defend her is deplorable at the least. She knew exactly what she was doing. She willingly partook in human trafficking, slavery, and torture. She deserves to rot the same way Raniere will.

  • This seems like a good place to put this gem I ran across about someone in the inner circle who had belonged for about as long as Mack or perhaps even less time, who was able to see the truth about Raniere and NXIVM, and then got out as soon as they could – Kristin Keefe, here complaining about Raniere not following up on the computer trespass case:

    ‘I went to Nancy and I said, “Look at his fucking life. He’s so lazy, he can’t get anything
    done, all he does is spend all day long fucking around with women, walking around
    the neighborhood, playing fucking volleyball, and giving speeches.” I said, “This is
    the one fucking thing he had to do.” I said, “He’s asking us to sacrifice our lives
    doing this work we hate, going after his ex-girlfriends, and what the fuck is he
    doing? He’s doing nothing!” And, I mean there was a point when I went to Nancy
    and said, “It’s like being a fitness fanatic does not make a person a renunciate.” She
    was drinking coffee and she literally spit out the coffee laughing, she was like,
    “You’re right!” You know? Obviously, this was in 2012. I was like, “Obviously, this
    man is not enlightened!” You know? And, he’s got everything exactly the way he
    wants it. This is exactly how he wants his life to be. He doesn’t care about the shit.
    He’s not trying to succeed; he’s trying to enslave. And so, at that point, I was just
    like, you know, that was one of many, many things that had happened. And, I was
    already in the mode of, I just did what I was told, but I didn’t volunteer in anything.
    You know? And, I didn’t generally offer to help. And, I just did what I was told, and I
    was trying to pull away from everybody with my son to socially, emotionally you
    know distance so that when we did leave there would be no blip.’

    Barbara Bouchey and Kristin Keeffe
    March 24, 2015

    I think that also points to something else I’ve suspected, that Nancy Salzman probably believed in the value of the the fundamental “tech” – mostly her work based on hypnotherapy and NLP, really – but thought that dealing with Raniere, with his charismatic ability to put together a large marketing organization and attract followers, along with the downside of his pathological womanizing and self-indulgence, was the cost of having a way to get it out to thousands of people.

  • This is an awesome article. Clearly states why this bitch should be publicly stoned. I had never heard of this talent-less pile of shit until this diabolic shit show started.

  • “Strike one? She is an actor.”

    “Strike two? Her plea speech was somewhat a dirge of mournfulness rather than one of comprehension and repentance.”

    Well said, Shivani.

    I found Allison Mack’s allocution to be somewhat similar to Clare Bronfman’s allocution and I would not be surprised if both allocutions were written by the same lawyer or legal team.

    I was struck during the pretrial hearings by the accounts where Allison Mack was telling jokes and laughing. Like she was a character in a play.
    But Allison was always careful to cloak her laughter behind a scarf or article of clothing so that it would not be apparent.
    Were Allison Mack’s victims, at least the ones who testified, laughing and having a good time?
    If Allison Mack were truly repentant for her actions, she would be carrying on in a far more somber manner.

    “She is describing a state of mind symptomatic to several personality disorders. A mind full of anxious uneasiness, a sense of feeling “consumed” by one’s own thoughts, a histrionic need for approval or attention, an unrealistic and heightened sense of needing to prevail in all personal interactions but never feeling any satisfaction, for the compulsions keep arising. ”

    What you so articulately describe is a woman so mixed up that she clearly had severe mental problems before she came into Raniere’s inner circle.
    Catherine Oxenberg, who shared a townhouse with her for a while, described in “Captive” a woman who would wake up at 2 AM with piercing screaming and need to walk it off in the early morning.
    I have communicated with people who know her who claim that she might be bipolar, manic depressive or have a borderline personality disorder.
    I believe that she might have a narcissistic personality disorder.

    Whatever Allison Mack’s true mental state, it is clear that Keith Raniere might have manipulated her but he did not create the underlying problems that caused her devotion to NXIVM.

    A few days ago this comment was posted about Allison Mack:

    Stef Mayhem
    July 25, 2019 at 2:46 pm
    “I had a 3-day interaction with her in Manhattan post her plea of guilty in court. She came in weepy and then flashed a smile. Second day asked me if I needed help with the dishes. The third day, she started off with “Hey girl” she’s a monster!”

    I presume this interaction was in a Manhattan restaurant.
    What does it say about Allison Mack that she turns her emotions on and off like a light switch?
    Who is the real Allison Mack and what does she believe in?

    If NXIVM gave Allison Mack’s life some meaning or stability, don’t be surprised if Mack tries to rejoin the cult or a similar cult once she gets out of the Big House.
    Pea Onyu has as much as said that Allison is welcome to return to NXIVM.

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