Guest View: Frank Must Stop Going After Nxivm – It’s Time to Let it Rest

Go after Raniere; He is in prison

By Someone Who Wants Nxians Left Alone

This is in response to  Raniere Beaten by Mexicans: Out of Hospital and Headed to Isolation Unit

Most people don’t end up in a hardcore prison setting unless they’ve been accused and/or convicted of something very bad in the first place. There’s no reason to expect all these ‘bad’ people to suddenly start acting civilized, so someone’s gonna get beat – it’s a fact of life in places like that

Keith Alan Raniere [KAR] has already been found guilty and is simply awaiting sentencing, so it’s not like he’s an ‘innocent bystander’. In fact, based on the hard evidence and clear facts of this case, he’s done some very bad things to a lot of people, and, therefore, deserves to be exactly where he is – with a lot of other bad people.

In extreme cases like this, there is really no reason for anyone NOT to expect the Vantard to get roughed up on a regular basis in prison, especially as a child molester/rapist and abuser of Mexican girls.

And to be completely honest, I’m not going to stand in the way of the many victims who likely enjoy seeing Vantard getting even a fraction of the pain they’ve experienced by his own hand. This is likely the only true ‘justice’ many of them will ever get, even if it isn’t an ideal form of justice to most.

Stop Writing About Other Nxians

This is in response to Nixvm: The Rest of the Story

But personally, I think you’re being foolish Frank [continuing to expose the crimes of Nxivm].

It’s one thing to take down a corrupt, immature group leader who is covertly practicing sexual predation within the greater body of a self-improvement organization.

It’s quite another to revile, humiliate and socially ostracize 16,000 people who simply wished to learn more about life and make their existences more fulfilling and successful.

I suspect many people laid low, hoping you would stop the reign of terror on Nxivm after Raniere was convicted; that you’d let them get on with their lives.

Now, they have to face the fact that you’re coming after them for no better reason than they tried to improve themselves by attending some excruciatingly expensive classes.

That’s going to backlash on the insiders who’ve been helping you – including the ones you’ve mentioned in your articles, – for drawing inductees into an organization that was detrimental to their reputations.

Couldn’t you personally also be assailed for creating a media environment of “guilt by association” where innocent people have their reputations and livelihoods ruined? God!

And if just one of those 16,000 people who might be hurt, has a close family member with real financial or political power who takes up their cause (which is entirely possible given the 6 degrees of separation model), you could easily lose control of the scandal. Then no one wins. Period.

It’s a can of worms, Frank. Personally, I’d just let it go.

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  • No. Frank must not stop going after NXIVM and it isn’t time to let it rest. There was, and still is, a nest of vipers associated with NXIVM. Why the Hell should they remain unpunished for their crimes?

  • About a year ago, Frank posted a list of the top 150 remaining high rank although he included Grace Park in there who he previously had said had left so not sure how accurate the list is.

    The government showed a pic of NXIVM’s inner circle which consisted of 25 people over the past 20 years. In December 2018, Frank posted an article in which he estimated that there had been anywhere from 1,000-1,500 yellow sashed volunteer coaches, several hundred Orange sashed Proctors, and less than 20 Green sashed Senior Proctors. I assume everyone in Keith’s inner circle was some colored sash wearing coach, but was Bouchey?

    Frank also posted a list that had some 1900 names, but it seems to list many people twice and might be missing lots of newer people since it seems out of date given Keefe and people using are still listed on it.

  • If you lie down with a dog you’re going to get fleas and ticks. Keep at it Frank, love to see righteous fools howl from exposure for supporting an illicit leader and a manipulative and deceitful organization. The adult sexual relations make the story spicy while the child abuse is sickening.

  • Frank is a monster. A demon. He is far worse than anyone including Hitler. Stop him. This writer is right he must be stopped. Let our people be free.

    • Go Down Moses
      Louis Daniel Armstrong
      When Israel was in Egypt’s land
      Let my people go
      Oppressed so hard they could not stand
      Let my people go

      Go down Moses
      Way down in Egypt land
      Tell old Pharaoh
      “Let my people go”

      “Thus spoke the Lord” bold Moses said
      Let my people go
      “If not I’ll smite your first born dead
      Let my people go

    • How is he is a monster? He’s a journalist on a great mission of exposing the truth and facts about harmful egomaniacs & predators and their accomplices. Are you feeling a little guilty of something? I might add that he also gives a voice to all. Keep on digging and writing Frank. This is my go to daily blog.

    • Hmmm doesn’t your martyr of a leader or I mean you and the inner circle aren’t you obsessed with Hitler? I say this specifically because of your name didn’t Hitler like peeing on the women he had sexual relations with? including with his niece whom it was said he had a relationship with and most likely killed her or was the cause of her dead?

      Monster sums Keith right for idolizing Hitler unless he is in the camp that believes he did nothing wrong whether there was more of a “conspiracy” or not.

      • Hitler did indeed like that fetish although Hitler was the recipient of the shower not the source.
        The US government’s Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor of the CIA, led by Wild Bill Donovan, an attorney born in Buffalo, commissioned a psychological study of Herr Hitler and it found evidence of his bizarre fetish.
        The study was conducted by a Harvard psychologist named Walter Langer.

        Here is a link to the OSS study in a PDF file.

        Go to page 138 and you will find mention of Hitler’s fetish.

        It would be interesting to know if Pea Onyu and her Master Keith Raniere knew of and enjoyed that sexual fetish.

    • Frank is, at worst, a petty dick. To say he’s worse than a mass murderer is going way too far and shows that if you aren’t a troll, then you have an extremely off-kilter view on relative morality.

      NXIVM likes to claim to use “rational inquiry” right? So think rationally and objectively. If a group that wasn’t NXIVM and lead by “Vanguard” did these crimes both secular and against free will, would you consider it a noble group?

  • NXIVM’s seminars were in large part based on psych-op strategies for building a racketeering organization centered around the personality of the Vanguard. Anyone who was tricked into thinking they were becoming better people via duplicitous theatrics were, firstly, marks of a classic scam; secondly, they were dupes, co-conspirators or both. I, for one, encourage investigators like Mr. Parlato to continue in their efforts to identify all the spidery minions who made the leap from dupe to accomplice in helping Raniere build and run his enterprise.

  • Dearest Someone Who Wants Nxians Left Alone,

    Kindly go back to your troll hole.

    I did not read the article. The title says it all,as they say.

  • Without Raniere’s loyal followers he could not caused one tenth as much chaos as he did.
    All of the NXIVM snakes must be dealt with.
    Make no mistake about it
    Raniere’s followers are planning to revive NXIVM as we speak.

      • India might get a free pass because her mother worked overtime to save her butt.

        Had India stayed in NXIVM much longer, she very well might have found herself co-defendant #7

    • Shadowstate,

      Yes, they are attempting to keep things going, however, the only semi-charismatic person (Emiliano Salinas) has left the organization and is on the lamb……

      If the Bronfman sisters want to keep financing the operations, they will just burn through their cash quicker.

  • Frank is hardly targeting all the people who took NXIVM classes. He is, however, calling out the NXIVM members who perpetrated fraud, who knowingly harmed others, and who assisted in the perpetration of fraud. He isn’t aiming at all group members, just those who participated in criminal acts. He has also spot lighted the heroes of this sad tale. He, along with Catherine Oxenberg, tried to get help for her daughter, India. He is also careful to protect the privacy of those who are assisting in any on going investigation.

    Many former Nexians are quietly moving on with their lives, away from Keith and his first line slaves. There are however, a group of individuals, who have, in the past, terrorized people (either through phony lawsuits or computer hacking) who remain loyal to Keith and who would go out of their way to harass and harm those the perceive as enemies of Keith and NXIVM. Those are the people Frank has chosen to target. And there are some people, like Brandon Porter, who engaged in dangerous, abusive, shamefully unethical behavior who have no business holding a professional license for anything, let alone their chosen professions (in his case, medicine).

    • That puts it in perspective.

      Actually, I think Frank once posted something like a list of about 150 coaches, and another of many DOS slaves or inner circle members. But it still comes to a number in the low hundreds, of the people who were most involved – including in crimes still not prosecuted, from money laundering and immigration violations, to offenses not too far removed from those already prosecuted in the EDNY.

  • Whoa. “Reign of Terror”? Really? Who ever wrote this post has something very major to hide. I’m dying to know who this is – Holy F**k. This is the juiciest post since KAR’s conviction. It’s professionally written too. I’d guess the author is an attorney or an author. Seems to me someone else knows EXACTLY what you’re talking about and their lawyer or public relations expert is responding, trying to get you to back off.

    Frank, please keep it coming. I’m a loyal reader of this blog, I and the rest of your audience deserve the truth.

  • It just seemed that your pursuit of Nxivm is very reminiscent of the behaviour of Robespierre during the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution.

    First, he went after the aristocrats – you’ve disabled the Nxivm inner circle.

    Then he went after their servants – you’re now looking at the membership at large.

    Then he went after anyone who disagreed with or criticized the council – that’s the part that worries me.

    Maybe I’ve got it wrong but it seems the logical third step.

    Your quest is gravitating from the specific – Raniere, to the general – Nxivm attendees. And you’re asking your readership to support a migration in the narrative from an apparent ‘bad guy’ to a ‘ideological group’.

    That’s not why I come here.

    I personally deplored what I read about Mr. Raniere’s behaviour but, the people who attended Nxivm should continue to enjoy the right to hold their beliefs sacred and without fear of persecution or repetitional ridicule whether you agree with the organization or not. (and btw, I’m not a fan, never attended, don’t know anyone who has.)

    JMO. It’s the principle.

  • Just because the queen is dead doesn’t mean you don’t kill the rest of the hive. They all sting.

    This was an ENTERPRISE. An organization. ENTERPRISE means Guilt by Association.

    And we all hear the humming of the hive…..

  • It is a can of worms. Worms in official law enforcement or governmental positions who aided and abetted this group. Worms who profited off the illegal money dealings. Worms who helped obtain and groom underage girls to feed Raniere’s depraved appetites. Worms who pushed the wheels of “justice” to go after Frank because he had the temerity to oppose them.

    Frank has no choice but to fight. He needs the truth exposed down to the core to exonerate himself. All the worms need to go. If there are wrongdoers exposed during the process, that’s the price they pay for their own choices. If I had joined this group and gotten others to join, I’d be contacting them all with sincere apologies and urging them to get out. Only things you can do when you screw up: apologize; do what you can to make amends; and accept that sometimes nothing can repair the damage you’ve done.

    • You can attempt to urge them to get out, but if they’re drinking the kool-aid it’s probably a waste of time. Better to educate others about NXIVM and other scams/cults.

  • I don’t see Frank trying to go after all of those people. The ones who have been mentioned in the blog are there because they were actively involved to a high degree – and any of them who’ve tried to help him take down the *real* criminals (who are clearly the ones he’s targeting – the ones who either have had no criminal consequences – such as Sara Bronfman – or very light ones – such as Clare Bronfman), he’s removed details of their involvement to protect them as whistleblowers. What he’s saying is people who might actually know something and could help (because they were high up in the organization) are the ones who are uncomfortable about it being known they were part of NXIVM, yet don’t want to help by offering anything they know, those are the ones he’s got no pity for. The vast majority of people who took one class or even two or three, Frank doesn’t know their names, he doesn’t care, he’s not going to ever mention them or go after them. But the Sara Bronfmans and Nicki Clynes (and those in the levels directly under them who know what was going on), there’s a lot of crimes committed by them that haven’t seen the light yet, and he’s declaring his intent to keep shining a spotlight on them.

    We may never know the full extent of what crimes have been committed, but letting Raniere take nearly all of the blame (with some small amounts reserved for Nancy, Lauren, Allison, Clare, and Kathy) doesn’t reflect the reality of what went on – Raniere would not have accomplished nearly as much as he did if he hadn’t had so many people enabling him, and some of them committed serious crimes in the process and haven’t been brought to justice. That’s what I gathered Frank was saying – and I support that fully.

    The idea of there being 16,000 people that Frank might be targeting is ludicrous, however – I’d be surprised if there were much more than 100 people he’s ever named or shown in photos as part of NXIVM, because only those at the top were truly guilty of things. Even if the number were closer to 1,000, that’s still nowhere close to 16,000. So either that number is trying to mention everyone who ever took a NXIVM course (which I already stated above how that’s not the criteria for what would get them named/shamed), or it’s exaggeration. Either way, it’s not accurate. If you’re going to try to scare him off from investigating NXIVM with the thought of being caught up in another scandal, at least do it with realistic numbers! (Not that I think it would work – nor do I think it should.)

  • I’m a lurker with no connection to Nixvm or any of its people. However, I was briefly associated with a similar cult-like business that had a Raniere-like leader. The second I figured out what was really going on I got out — at great personal and financial cost. I have no tolerance for cult leaders and the people who enable them. I’m not talking about the sheep. I’m talking about the other wolves that willingly perpetuate the fraud for the reward of money, power, and/or elevated status over the common ranks. These knowing enablers also need to face justice, just like Jodl, Ribbentrop, Keitel, and others. Without loyal lieutenants, Raniere would not have been able to hurt so many people.

      • I’d rather not say, Scott. Thankfully, my departure had a significant impact and denied the company and the leader the momentum needed to move to the next level. Also, he never found Bronfman-like sisters to bankroll his shady scheme. That’s why the Bronfman’s need to be held accountable.

    • As I’ve said before, it’s not surprising based on what I heard from a couple of his former personal assistants long ago.

      From the article:

      ‘Another former staffer identified only as Lou reportedly told BuzzFeed she was shown a training video in which Robbins told a woman to twist her own nipples and say “Calling Tokyo” as a way of “breaking her pattern.”’

      That sounds like just the sort of thing Raniere would do, trying to claim an imposition of his sexual predilections and desire for dominance, as supposedly providing some sort of growth opportunity for victims.

        • They described an atmosphere of sort of mundane exploitation and sexism, lots of young women overworked and underpaid, but nothing that rose above that. It left me with the clear impression that Robbins was not really living values of empowerment of others and respect for their contributions, and instead was more a sort of typical huckster or guru. Thus I’m just not surprised to hear that it went a step worse than that, all too sadly common in situations of powerful male leaders and gurus.

          That was also decades ago, back in a time when women weren’t really free to speak out about anything other than perhaps the most blatant and egregious sexual abuse.

  • “I suspect many people laid low hoping you would stop the reign of terror on Nxivm after Raniere was convicted; that you’d let them get on with their lives“

    This blog is a “reign of terror”? I wonder what this nameless insider would think of the army of flying monkeys that Bronfman unleashed on people who tried to escape?

  • People get what they deserve. If they were gullible enough to believe that a huckster like Rainiere could “show them the way” vis a vis their spiritual emptiness, then they are already hopeless.

    @ Frank: Screw ’em…keep nailing the bastards!

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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