Nicki Clyne Bought Slave House for DOS Women – But Where Did She Get the Money?

Where did Nicki Clyne get the money to buy house for the sex slaves?

NXIVM is still open for Business.

By Shadow State

In an earlier report, Frank wrote that one of his sources said “there was about $820,000 in cash from Nxivm stashed in under-the-table payments that Nancy Salzman had control of just prior to Raniere’s arrest.[$520,000 was seized by the feds] What happened to the other $300,000 is anybody’s guess.”

Here is an intriguing coincidence.

We have a missing $300,000 from Nancy Salzman’s house.

9 Milltowne Drive in Clifton Park.

Nicki Clyne, acting as an agent for a company called Stinka LLC, [great name by the way] purchased a house at 9 Milltowne Drive in Clifton Park.

This house was intended to be used as a DOS sorority house and was to include a dungeon for the unruly, misbehaving sex slaves.

AUSA Moira Penza mentioned this house in her closing argument:

“And this is the testimony about the dungeon. 9 Milltowne Drive, the sorority house the defendant told his slaves to purchase. And you can see here the warranty deed dated October 25, 2018, with Stinka, LLC signed by Nicole Clyne. She is one of the first line DOS slaves.”

The house at Milltowne Drive cost $358,000 dollars.

Here is a real estate website listing that house was sold on October 25, 2018 for $358,000. Presumably, the new buyer is ignorant of who owned that property and what it’s intended purpose was.

But going back to the purchase — where did Nicki Clyne get that kind of cash to buy a house?  From all of the Comic Cons she attended?

As for the company Nicki was representing in the purchase, Stinka LLC, it is incorporated in Delaware but, according to records, its address to serve process is 557 Englemore in Clifton Park.

STINKA LLC is a business entity registered in New York under the legal form of FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. It can be found in the register by the DOS ID 5410048.  The company was established and set into the register on September 14, 2018. Its current status is ACTIVE.

Stinka LLC is listed as having the same process address as Rosa Laura Junco’s mansion.

Incidentally, Rosa Laura is Nicki Clyne’s old boss at the Knife Media. Rosa, like Nicki, is a first-line DOS slave. Keith Raniere is their direct master.

Frank Report correspondent Laura Darby says that Junco left her mansion some time in late May or early June 2018. Reportedly, Rosa Laura Junco, a top member of NXIVM, is hiding in Mexico, presumably vulnerable to indictment in the USA.  Don’t expect her to return to America voluntarily.

Keep in mind, as you view pictures of the interior of Rosa Laura’s mansion, that in 2016-2017, it was used to house teen girls from Chihuahua, Mexico, in order for them to be “mentored” and groomed in the ways of the Vanguard.

He was actively seeking virgins after Cami had an affair with Robbie, thus despoiling her virginal status.

Rosa Laura Junco’s mansion served as dormitory and classroom for teenage Mexican girls.  Several girls lived with Rosa Laura and others lived with human fright doctor Brandon Porter M.D. in a house Porter purchased with help from Nicki Clyne’s spouse, Allison Mack.

Below are photos of Rosa Laura’s home in Clifton Park, which is also the official address of Nicki Clyne’s Stinka LLC, and the home of horrors where Raniere arranged to have innocent teenage Mexican girls lodged to get them in place for his special mentoring.

We don’t know all the details, but reportedly some, or all of the girls left suddenly and it was a cause for alarm in Nxivm. An older sister of one of the girls told Frank Report that Raniere had acted in a sexually improper manner.

We also know from the trial that Rosa Laura was planning on offering her own teenage daughter to Raniere’s perversity.

The mansion of Rosa Laura Junco might have been the scene of many clandestine meetings.

557 Englemore Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

557 Englemore Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

557 Englemore Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

557 Englemore Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065
Hot tub for Vanguard to enjoy when he came over to enjoy Rosa Laura or perhaps one of the teenage girls they were grooming.
557 Englemore Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065
Nice area to dine on 500 calories per day. It is reported that Raniere put all the teenage girls from Chihuahua on super low-calorie diets. He wanted his virgins skinny so that their fat did not disturb his perfection.
557 Englemore Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065
It even has a piano for Vanguard to play.

557 Englemore Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

This presents a question about another DOS slave.

We know that one of the teachers of the Mexican girls in Clifton Park was Sahajo Haertel.  She is a German with a Hindi first name. She was once a member of the bizarre Osho cult, a sex cult popular over 30 years ago that seemed to have been involved in prostitution.

Image result for osho
Before Vanguard, Osho was the man who did the thinking for Sahajo Haertel.
Sahajo Haertel was a Rainbow nanny, a DOS slave and a member of Keith Raniere’s harem. She also taught Mexican teens in the ways of the Vanguard.

Sahajo attended Raniere’s trial, to support Raniere but was handed a subpoena by the FBI and did not testify at trial. Sahajo was recruited into NXIVM by Sara Bronfman and coached by Allison Mack.

Sahajo Haertel-Kozak is a fusion tribal belly dancer.Sahajo rose to become a Nxivm coach – with the rank of Yellow Sash with One Stripe.

In any event, a NXIVM front company, Stinka LLC, owned the dungeon house at 9 Milltowne Drive. This house was sold last October for $358,000. How about seizing the proceeds of that sale?

But who has the money? Is it Clyne? Is this how she is keeping DOS alive?

Where Clyne got the money to buy the house is unknown. What she did with the proceeds is also unknown.  We know she is operating DOS, with its remaining slaves and that costs money.

Could Keith Alan Raniere be Stinka?
Nicki dressed up one Halloween in a prison outfit – for laughs.

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  • “But going back to the purchase — where did Nicki Clyne get that kind of cash to buy a house? From all of the Comic Cons she attended?”
    Ok assclown, while it’s likely that it was Bronfman’s money, i remind you that Nicki was an actress…358000 is much for an actress with a running show.
    She was probably making way more per year. Also, you talk about 358000 which isn’t much for a house (nowaday anyway).
    What about the mansion that Lauren was living in? where the money case for this 1 millions plus house?

    “Keep in mind, as you view pictures of the interior of Rosa Laura’s mansion, that in 2016-2017, it was used to house teen girls from Chihuahua, Mexico, in order for them to be “mentored” and groomed in the ways of the Vanguard.”
    Unproved allegation, and you expect to make what point using a rumor? While the first part is a fact, this isn’t clearly proved and shouldn’t be even consider.

    “Sahajo attended Raniere’s trial, to support Raniere but was handed a subpoena by the FBI and did not testify at trial. Sahajo was recruited into NXIVM by Sara Bronfman and coached by Allison Mack.”
    Proofs? I’m not saying it’s not true but in court, i don’t remember hearing about this so proof of everything in this? (including the recruitement and coaching)

    Also what is the point there, old man? you dragged this girl in your analyse for what purpose?

    “Where Clyne got the money to buy the house is unknown. What she did with the proceeds is also unknown. We know she is operating DOS, with its remaining slaves and that costs money.”
    Exactly, like always, you know nothing.
    We don’t even know if she is still operating DOS, the sentencing not even being given, she would be leading the DOS slaves ?something others will likely go to jail for?
    It is nothing more than a rumor (possibly even a rumor made by frank to keep the story alive as long as possible)

    And another pointless story full of allegation with no founding…Typical Shadow’s story.

  • In looking at the interior of the mansion at 557 Englemore Road, keep in mind that since the Mexican girls were housed and taught there, presumably in the ways of the Vanguard and his sexuality, that interior is much like a crime scene.

    It is the planned location where those eleven Mexican girls were to be groomed for sex with Raniere.

    If that mansion is part of a sex trafficking scheme then it is subject to seizure by the US government.

  • I wouldn’t put too much stock in one source’s claim that there was $820,000, given the obviously sloppy money-keeping – it can’t even been called bookkeeping. Maybe it was never there, maybe it was taken out out for something a while back – and if it had been there, and information about it has made its way to us, then the FBI has to be aware of the claim about it, and either dismissed it on good grounds or went looking for the money, and wherever it might then have ended up would have been included and accounted for in the forfeiture actions.

    Those are good questions, though, about 9 Milltowne Drive and all the rest.

  • I don’t thnk the Osho group – Rejneeshis were particularly into prostitution. They certainly loved free love and you had to have an AIDS test before you could attend their group sessions (I had a sibilng who was a member; not that that necessarily makes me an expert).

    • They did organized prostitution and collected the money for the commune. Sex Slavery. I think your sister didn’t share the whole truth.

    • Here is an Australian TV interview with Ma Anand Sheela, the top woman in OSHO, talking about prostitution.
      (Eventually Sheela plead guilty to poisoning a government official in Oregon and other crimes.)
      Ma Anand Sheela – Funny Interview “Good Luck To you and your PIMPS”

      • A show called, “Wild Wild Country” on Netflix does an okay job piecing together the history of those times. They even have a recent interview with Sheela.

  • I drive by 557 Engelmore each day. Just in the past 6 months children swing sets and soccer nets have appeared on the front lawn….

    • According to the real estate site the property has sold only twice in the last 14 years.
      The last sale was in 2014, presumably to Rose Laura Junco.
      And the value of the property has been falling steadily.
      In fact the estimated value has dropped like a rock down to 800,000 dollars from 1.4 million.
      Here is the real estate sales history for 557 Englemore:

      Property History for 557 Englemore Rd
      This property was sold twice in the last 13 years.

      Estimated at $861,800
      Apr 11, 2014
      Sold for $1,400,000
      Listing sold by The Rubinger Team with Howard Hanna Clifton Park

      Oct 28, 2013
      Price Changed to $1,495,000
      Jul 12, 2013
      Price Changed to $1,545,000
      Sep 14, 2012
      Price Changed to $1,595,000
      Jan 10, 2012
      Price Changed to $1,695,000
      Apr 14, 2011
      Price Changed to $1,725,000
      Nov 1, 2010
      Listed for $1,799,999

      Jul 7, 2010
      Price Changed to $1,850,900
      Jun 9, 2010
      Relisted for $1,899,000
      Feb 13, 2010
      Price Changed to $1,899,000
      Oct 18, 2009
      Price Changed to $1,999,000
      Jul 4, 2009
      Price Changed to $2,095,000
      Oct 8, 2008
      Listed for $2,300,000

      Beds: 4House size: 4,818 sq ftStories: 2Lot size: 63598Garage: Attached GarageCooling: UnknownYear built: 2007Property type: Single familyStyle: MansionDate updated: 05/19/2019Units: 1Fireplace: Yes

    • Those swing sets and soccer nets were always there, Just moved. Let’s just say I have accompanied several film and news crews over to 557 since March 2018.

    • Nicki appears on the Frank Report using pseudonyms such as “Pea Onyu”, “Yolanda Cortez”, “Gabrielle Cortez”,
      Legatus Pro Tempore” and Blk Master Kusa.
      Nicki probably changes her pen names more often than she changes her underwear.
      That said Nicki does not much care for me calling me “stupid and annoying” even though I strive mightily to be nice to her.

      • I wonder how many retards you’ve been able to please throughout life, ShadowState! My bet is, not many! ☺

      • What a moron you are to actually trully Believe this whole Pea Onyu story…
        This shows the kind of person you are …old man.
        Following for years a troll is such a great achievement!

  • GREAT WORK, Shadow! This stinks to high heaven. This is exactly what KAR planned from the get-go. Keith’s Madman (Madison Avenue, NYC exec Dad, who “coincidentally” managed the Bronfman Seagram’s account) once told of how Keith conned all the girls at school and in his neighborhood in Suffern, NY by constantly calling them up and declaring his undying devotion and vow to each that they were his forever one and only. His Dad also spoke of how Keith promoted his own superior geniusness after taking a single test that found him to be a “gifted” student; exaggerated and used that dubious distinction to scam the local babes, as well.

    Into decades later, I believe Keith was still reinacting his teen years roaming his adult neighborhood at night deflowering virgins he began importing from far away lands when his local narcissist supply ran dry with the same juvenile tactics, billionaire backing, Salzman’s sadistic hypnotic skills and his ever more twisted, fetish needs to own the girls he conquered and the ground he forced them to worship him on.

    Others, such as the Mexican PRI party Elites and corrupt US political families seeking royal powers in fulfillment of their own agenda took advantage of Keith’s insanity in a grab for their piece of Bronfman’s American (cherry) pie. IMO.

    • Heidi:
      Raniere is clearly a case of arrested development.
      A juvenile delinquent if there ever was one.
      And in today’s world young women often compare notes about their amores so it is more difficult to pull off the trick of multiple simultaneous lovers.
      And his sickening conversations with Cami reveal him to be a pathetic Drama Queen.

      I am certain if Moira Penza mentioned Ms. Clyne’s activities in the closing argument that the US government is very interested in how NXIVM is being funded..

  • Just give shadow the keys to the kingdom. Stop being fucking weird, Frank. Just because we click on his articles and comment, doesn’t mean we read the drivel. I’m beginning to get embarrassed for you.

    • Nutjob,

      You are just jealous that Shadowstate1958 is now a correspondent. Move on Nutjob…..
      …..And take your circa-jerk parties with you.

      You god dam monkey spanker!!!

      Don’t expect me at your Saturday night Elephant Walk party.

      • Shadowstate finally writes about someone other than Allison Mack and you still berate him.

        What’s wrong with you ?

        • You read it? The shadowy boy who cries wolf only gets so many chances from me. I’m over reading made up sinister beliefs about Allison’s toenail polish. I’ll call out his bullshit every here or there, but skip over 90% of his misogynistic, repetitive, fictional takedowns of females that are clearly partial victims of KAR.

          I didn’t berate shadow (this time). He can’t help himself. But that was nice of you to have Frank’s back. Maybe it will inspire Frank to post a few more of shadow’s backlogged articles about Allison’s favorite Disney villains.

          • NutJob,

            No I did not read it!!!!

            Shadowstate was raised by a conspiracy buff.

            Nutjob you have as much chance of changing Shadowstate’s perspective as you do of convincing a Muslim that the sacred black stone at Mecca is just a meteorite…..

            Good f*cking luck!!!!!

            Shadowstate did not go to Disneyland as child he went to Harvey Oswald’s book depository in Dallas, Texas.

            Nutjob just read the following quote from Shadowstate:

            “I grew up in a family where my father believed as early as 1964 that JFK was murdered as a result of a government conspiracy.
            My first flight in an airplane was in 1967 when my family flew to Dallas to see where JFK was executed by government agents”,Shadowstate.

            We all had f*cked up childhoods. I’m not knocking you!
            Welcome to the club!

      • You need help? What a shadow fanboy come to the rescue…use your other nick all the time then because no one can consider you a “niceguy” while supporting a liar and jerk like Shadow.

        BTW he is as much a correspondent as I’m the king of England…he is a guest commenter (like some of my comment were published)
        The correspondent is the one who posted Shadow’s message…

      • The notion of being jealous of Shadowstate is as funny as anything I have read on the Frank. Oh, and correspondents use their real names.

    • Scott:
      Clyne stopped acting around 2010 except for a web series called “Personal Space”
      In today’s entertainment universe with infinite choices, web series don’t have big audiences.
      Living in and around expensive areas like New York City and Albany, it is clear that she probably does not have the cash to deal in lots of real estate.
      And recent news reports have Clyne driving around Clifton Park in a BMW.
      Clyne’s wife is in no position to support her financially.

      Clyne’s job at the Knife Media ended in 2018 and she did not get paid handsomely for that.
      Clare B. is not noted for her generosity.
      Clare Bronfman reputedly paid her 15 dollars per hour for that gig.
      Fifteen dollars per hour does not go very far in New York City.

      In spite of her valiant efforts, Nicki’s stand up comedy routine flew like a lead balloon.
      And Nicki stopped her Comic-Con appearances after Raniere was arrested.

      But according to New York State records, Nicki was the agent for Stinka LLC which owned the planned Dungeon House at 9 Milltowne Road.
      That house was sold for 358,000 dollars in October of 2018 with Nicki signing the warranty deed.
      I doubt if Nicki informed the buyers of who owned the house and what its future planned purpose was.
      And according to New York State records, Stinka LLC is headquartered at 557 Englemore Road, the mansion of Rosa Laura Junco.

      Is Nicki getting money from Rosa Laura, Clare or Sara?
      Running even a stripped-down NXIVM is still an expensive proposition.

      Nicki Clyne’s IMDB page:
      Actress (25 credits)
      Personal Space (TV Series)
      Show all 28 episodes

      2010 Godkiller: Walk Among Us
      Soledad (voice)
      2004-2008 Battlestar Galactica (TV Series)

      • Shadow: and do you know how much an actor makes? As long as their show is on a “major” network, the money is flowing (most of the time)

        She definitely could still be living on her acting money. But lets ignore the fact because it doesn’t fit your little story…

        • “Shadow: and do you know how much an actor makes? As long as their show is on a “major” network, the money is flowing (most of the time)”

          Is the Sy Fy channel a major network?
          Is the CW a major network?
          They’re now in a video streaming universe where there are thousands of channels and shows competing for eyeballs.
          Do you think that Hollywood’s money spigot runs eternally?

          How many people are clamoring to buy or rent old episodes of “Battlestar Galactica” and “Smallville”?

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