Tension Between Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne

MK10ART's lovely portrait of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

By Shadow

I believe there is tension between Allison Mack and her spouse, Nicki Clyne.

While outwardly they might be quite friendly, there was always a rivalry for the attention and affection of Keith Raniere, their master and harem leader.

Some polygamous men view the sister-wife relationship as ideal. In the real world, I suspect, there is always tension between sister wives no matter how much they try to get along. [And to be fair to women, a polyamory relationship between one woman and multiple men is also likely filled with tension and jealousy by the males.]

But I think that for Clyne and Mack, the tension ran deeper.

I suspect, Nicki Clyne had a different set of friends than Allison did when the two were both active as First-Line DOS slaves.

Nicki likes Michele Hatchette and still lives with her, as the black woman’s slave master.

L-R First Line Slaves Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack – and lower-ranking slaves Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron, and Dr. Danielle Roberts. Did Nicki steal the three lower-ranking slaves from Allison Mack?


Michele Hatchette was formerly Allison Mack’s slave. She is now Nicki Clyne’s slave. Michele should feel proud of her unique status. She is one of the few black women in America who offered blackmail worthy material on herself in order to become a slave to a white man and two white women.

Michele was originally Allison’s slave, which made Keith Alan Raniere her grandmaster.

Keith Alan Raniere was no bigot. He was happy to have slaves of every race, color and creed provided they were slender, attractive, never ate garlic, did not cut their hair, or shave their pubic hair, gave him blackmail-worthy material and were willing to brand his initials on their pussies.

Allison, when taking a graphic nude photo of Michele for her own master, Keith Raniere – told Michele she had “a beautiful cunt.”

Nicki and Clare Bronfman

Nicki also likes Clare Bronfman personally. Nicki’s liking of Clare is understandable because Clare is a Bronfman and that family is still a big, influential family in Canada.

Nicki is a middle-class girl from the suburbs of Vancouver and Clare comes from one of Canada’s most elite families.  Remember Nicki went on a hiking trip in the Adirondacks with Clare.

Clare Bronfman with her employee and sycophant Nicki Clyne. 

While Clare can be a nasty, vindictive person, she also has a British reserve about her that some people like very much. If Clare were smarter and had a better set of friends and acquaintances, she might be a pleasant or at least tolerable person to be around.

And I see Nicki Clyne as more intellectually curious than Allison.

First-line slaves and spouses Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Nicki did attend university in British Columbia (Simon Fraser University and UBC) and when Nicki was 19, she traveled through Central America all by herself without an escort.

Allison’s friends were more likely to be people influential in the cult who were closer to Raniere.

And Allison complained that she has a hard time forming personal relationships with men and she appears to be drawn to men who are “bad boys.”

Today, Allison cannot legally talk to Nicki Clyne without attorneys present – as a condition of her bail agreement. However, Nicki might not want to talk to Allison anyway.

When Allison pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, she denounced Keith Alan Raniere in court before the judge.

Nicki, on the other hand, is steadfastly loyal to the great one. She now leads DOS.

This must be hard on Allison, who did so much to build DOS, to have her spouse Allison take over what should have been her role.

Allison [standing] Nicki [up a tree] and Kristin Kreuk [climbing the tree] all seemed to have a hand in trying to recruit young girls for the dog-like Raniere. Painting by MK10ART.
Nicki, meanwhile, seems prepared to die, or go to prison for a long time, for the DOS cause of branding women and blackmailing them to create a woman’s empowerment slave group, led by a man.

Nicki must be quite angry for Allison who became one of the first betrayers of the DOS movement.


Don’t Be Angry With Nicki Clyne

Editor’s Note: While some might condemn Nicki Clyne for continuing to lead DOS, Frank Report will always be grateful to her.

We had lost sight of Keith Alan Raniere in November 2017.  He had left his home in Clifton Park and was not showing up at Volleyball on Friday nights.

Raniere fled the US to go to Monterrey and Frank Report found him there.

Frank Report found Keith Alan Raniere in Monterrey with his harem slave/baby mama Mariana and their baby, the purported avatar child, Kemar. It made sense that he went to Mexico where they worshiped the mighty one.

Emiliano Salinas [green t shirt], his sister Cecilia Salinas [green shirt] and other Mexican Nxivm leaders [their rank designated by the color of their shirt] dance for their noble master, Keith Raniere. Orange shirts are proctors. Yellow are coaches. Greens are the higher rank. Days later, the FBI went to Monterrey, to the ESP/Nxivm headquarters in suburban San Pedro Garza Garcia, and asked to see Keith Alan Raniere. He wasn’t there at the moment.

Though the FBI left a card to call, Keith never responded to their request. Instead, he fled Monterrey and went into hiding.  We knew not where he was.

Nicki – we owe you one.

Then Nicki Clyne posted a splendid photo on Instagram. We identified the locale as Puerto Vallarta.  What was she doing in Puerto Vallarta – this Canadian girl, who was a well-known slave of Raniere’s?

Frank Report published the photo and speculated Keith Alan was likely nearby.

And lo and behold, Keith Alan was arrested shortly thereafter in Puerto Vallarta by Mexican Federal Police. He was found in a seaside, $10,000 per week villa. A number of his sex slaves were with him, including the lovely Nicki Clyne.

Thanks, Nicki.

They Inspire Poetry and Art


This lovely portrait by MK10ART of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne has inspired the warm poetry of Miss P.K. Cashmere.


Editor’s Note: This poem by Miss P.K. Cashmere truly captures the mood of DOS and its adherents.

Loving Vanguard Has Made Me Bananas

by P.K. Cashmere

From the Knox Woods subdivision in suburban Clifton Park,
The Executive Success Programs presents:
The branding of Keith Alan Raniere and the loyal First Line slaves of Dominus Obsequious Sororium!

Here on their beautiful gold, yellow, copper, steel-like pussies

are the pubic brand, sported from Downtown Albany to suburban Monterrey,
Overlooking the uptown section of San Pedro Garza Garcia!

Get branded with us, won’t you, and enjoy the sweetest slavery
This side of the federal penitentiary!
12 stories high and one-half blocks from the federal courthouse!

Ah, there’s gaiety, merriment, and readiness drills in Nicki Clyne’s townhouse nightly!
Now, to get things underway,
Nicki, Michele Hatchette and Samantha LeBaron offer to Allison Mack a medley of old standard favorites,
Commencing with “Your orange sash matches your prison outfit”; “Allison filmed her labia before branding;” “Vanguard has the word salad blues” and “Loving Vanguard has made us bananas.”

The branding with the lovely monogram performed scarifically by Dr. Danielle Roberts


Oh, your orange sash matches your prison outfit

Allison photographed her labia before branding

Vanguard has the word salad blues

Loving you has made me bananas


Oh, you branded your pussy that evening

While I vomited my 100 calorie miracle noodles meal

I asked Dr. Roberts for iodine

But I dined all alone


Oh, your orange sash matches your prison outfit;

You have a beautiful cunt, Michele; let me brand it;

Vanguard has the word salad blues;

Loving him has made us bananas


MK10ART’s paintings truly capture the essence of Nxivm, Raniere and his minions better than any photograph could.

Keith Raniere planned to have group blow job as a regular ritual of DOS. it did not come off because he was arrested.
MK10ART’s subtle painting of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.
MK10ART – Keith opened the slave’s eyes to true female empowerment.
This MK10ART painting was banned by Instagram.
Vanguard releasing the collateral.
MK10ART: Allison Mack will perhaps be better remembered for her work with Dr. Danielle Roberts than for her acting even.
MK10ART – Allison with Keith and Clare Bronfman brand a happy DOS slave.


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4 years ago

Obviously, Frank, you have no idea and are just making up lies.

Yes, there is tension between Allison and Nicki and both will soon be apart. I have known Allison personally for the last ten years and the last time I saw her was two years ago.

Stop making up lies about Allison.

4 years ago

Frank, you are as sick as Shadow…and please 3 stupid “article”, you are that out of stories?

“I believe there is tension between Allison Mack and her spouse, Nicki Clyne.”
And i believe you talk about something you don’t know, once again…I’m not saying it’s not true but you are getting too much stories out of your ass lately
Worst, you use disproved fact frequently (using statement made by shady source from before the trial and disproved in court)

“Nicki also likes Clare Bronfman personally”
Wait, i though you said Allison forced nicky to have sex with Clare !? oh wait , that was before the trial proved that it couldn’t be as Nicki wasn’t a slave of Allison and actually was a longer member in the inner circle.

“And I see Nicki Clyne as more intellectually curious than Allison.”
And i see you as a psycho pervert hiding in his basement…But i feel like my vision is more accurate than yours

“And Allison complained that she has a hard time forming personal relationships with men and she appears to be drawn to men who are “bad boys.””
Oh yeah…Chad was such a badboy!!! moron! you know nothing!

“When Allison pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, she denounced Keith Alan Raniere in court before the judge.”
Funny how you finally get that fact, you’ll get to it, eventually…stoping to lie is hard but recognizing a fact is already a good point

“While some might condemn Nicki Clyne for continuing to lead DOS, Frank Report will always be grateful to her.”
Frank ! Because of a few pics? while she did the same crime as Allison that you seem to consider to be a pure perpetrator (despite the FACTS that show she was a victim)…

“Then Nicki Clyne posted a splendid photo on Instagram. We identified the locale as Puerto Vallarta. What was she doing in Puerto Vallarta – this Canadian girl, who was a well-known slave of Raniere’s?”
Excuse me but puerto Vallarta is a touristic destination, no? That is a stupid analyze…Allison was in several country were Raniere wasn’t and so?

What an absurd article and the third from a nutjob (not counting the usual nutjob like you Frank or Joejoe) in the week end! What a loosy week it was for you Franky…

4 years ago

Um very interesting insights

4 years ago


Your insights and observations into the nature of the polyamorous bisexual relationship of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne are most riveting.

Shadowstate, I feel like you possess the kind of knowledge that can only be gained by watching 10 years of HBO After Dark and maybe a Lifetime movie.

I feel like you must be psychic to know what is going on with Allison and Nicki.

You should totally work for the Enquirer or Star magazine.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

“You should totally work for the Enquirer or Star magazine.”

The acts committed by Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne are so reprehensible and bizarre that the National Enquirer and Star will not even cover them.
No person believes that anyone could be as off the wall as Mack and Clyne.

4 years ago

Shadow: Get help man! seriously!

And nobody covers it because the story isn’t as sensational as it could be…especially now that we know that ONLY RANiERE WAS THE HEAD…Nobody knows or cares about Raniere…
So, why would they write something on it (unless they were obsessed like you are)?

Polly Want a Cracker
4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

By the constant “first paragraph in parentheses ” he should have been born a Parrot.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

“I feel like you must be psychic to know what is going on with Allison and Nicki.

You should totally work for the Enquirer or Star magazine.”

Lol, fully agree ! But in a way, FR is also a good place for psychic…
Except a few good sources, Frank published a LOT of BS stories

Most of them debunked since (thanks to the trial)

I remind we got from “Allison was the leader of dos, directing everything , mastermind behind it (and the branding) and violent ” to
“Allison collected collaterals” and “Raniere did everything”

Frank also published the fantastic Ben S. Mr ‘i’ll pass the lie detector even if it mean Nothing as it’s inaccurate’

Frank also use some source like ‘Crazy days and nights’…someone who was debunked YEARS ago and who actually admitted it was not based on facts…At one point, he even had a disclaimer about it

So in a way, Shadow is perfectly fitting with the other “staff” of FR.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Mr. Shadow, you’re amazing. You never met any of these people but you know all about their relationships.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Reality might differ from what you see looking at Shadow’s mind…

Like it’s a surprise that Mr. Knows Nothing is making his own story about their relationship…
He spends his days trying to create new lies permanently (also sometimes analyzes what is unanalyzable, drawing the wrong conclusions (often debunked), etc.)
I blame Frank for this…he is helping this old man to believe in his lies by publishing him.
Frank has no reason to do it but he does it, despite the negative impact on his “reputation” or what a sane person would decide to publish.

Mike Parker
Mike Parker
4 years ago

MK10ART’s paintings are always incredible. Each one is a masterpiece.

They truly capture the madness of these people better than any photograph.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mike Parker

So true, MK10ART is sublime.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mike Parker

It’s subjective…for me it’s like a child’s draw. Nothing good and a lot of defamation (Under the claim it’s “art” (matter of point of view…maybe because i can guess what MK stands for and what kind of nutjob Believe it))

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Drawing. a child’s drawing.

If its defamation you see, you must be a troll. Good luck with that, hope they pay you well.

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