Kristin Kreuk: Celebrity and Association With Allison Mack Draws Ire of Jealous or Rejected People

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island
Sultan of Six

By Sultan of Six

It would help to know exactly what Kristin Kreuk remaining a Nxivm “member” means.

I asked this well over a year ago when this term “member” was being thrown around by particular individuals regarding Miss Kreuk.

Before any type of discussion or debate begins about a subject, definitions and meanings of terms must be given. Otherwise it can devolve into arguments over semantics.

If none is given, then it can be assumed that the common meaning of the terms are in effect.

Kristin went on the record and said she left NXIVM. This means that she was part of the group in some constant capacity that a term like “member” delineates.

If you have a gym membership, then you’ve paid a fee for a particular period and are considered a member of the gym. If you renew your membership to continue it after the period ends, you are considered a member for the length of time that is a summation for all consecutive periods for which it is renewed, e.g., an annual membership paid consecutively for 10 years allows a person to state that they’ve been a member for 10 years.

If you break your membership for a period of four years within the middle of that 10 year period, then you can only be considered a member for six years at most.

Kristin said she LEFT the program. This term implies that she was part of the organization in a particular functional capacity and removed herself from it. It is a known fact she took and helped coach courses, making her both a student and a coach.

And as part of an Multilevel Marketing organization, she implicitly became a recruiter because that is what such a business structure entails when people become a part of it. That was the extent of her involvement.

It can be presumed that she was a member in the commonplace meaning of the term from June 2006 – when she took her first intensive – to early 2013 when she left. You cannot leave and be a member at the same time as this is a contradiction.

That she was labeled as a member in this article from 2015-2016 and that “she left in 2016” is also disingenuous unless proof is given of her alleged membership.

This clearly contradicts her statement that she left in early 2013, and effectively calls her a liar.

Because even if she benefited from EMs or some other Nxivm support during that period, such participation doesn’t necessarily make her a member.

As NXIVM was a legal business with a tax ID, she could have merely paid for some services rendered, e.g., had a few EMs done by Sarah Edmondson or someone else.

Kristin never said she severed any and all contact with the group in its entirety. Only that she had “minimal” contact since early 2013, which means the “least amount possible” after the fact.

Doing some one hour EMs a few times during 2015-2016 certainly qualifies for that. It is also clear from her statement that she had no hard feelings or disgust with NXIVM or its members until she found out about DOS, just like everyone else.

Like I said, she only made her statement because she kept being associated with “sex cult” due to her celebrity status and her Smallville connection to Allison Mack who was the key celebrity figure in the scandal.

Regardless, none of this has anything to do with any awareness of, recruitment for, participation in, etc., any criminal actions on her part that occurred while she was a part of NXIVM.

This periodic regurgitation and recycling of her association to NXIVM when the government never cared to get her involved and it is now over a month since the NXIVM trial concluded, is obviously rooted in impure motivations by particular characters, either to continue to sully her via guilt by association so they can attack her “virtue signalling”, feminist or liberal viewpoints, or whatever else draws the personal ire of jealous or rejected people.

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  • “her “virtue signalling”, feminist or liberal viewpoints“.

    Kristin Kreuk is a liberal for the same reason she spent a decade in an actual cult: low self esteem. They like to call people all kinds of “ists” “phobic” or whatever to feel righteous. People are genuinely sick and tired of all the hollow virtue signalling, insults and self righteousness of the left. They won’t listen to any view points that don’t go along with “white men = bad, everyone else good”. They never ever criticise anyone who is not a “straight white male”, even though there is a fuck load of material. That’s a juicy vein to tap into. Political correctness is not even correct. Everything the left spew out, you can debunk. That’s why they resort to insults because they can’t win with facts. Statistics and common sense over sanctimonious feelings and self loathing.

  • So, anyone who sees through the crap and calls a hypocrite a hypocrite is automatically an alt-right? Pre-labeling your critics as racists and homophobes comes in handy when your argument is softer than your dick.

    • They call anyone “alt-right” “white supremacist”, “nazi” “far right” etc if you don’t go along with their madness. The so-called “alternative right” is simply a reaction to something the freaks refuse to address. The more they insult people, slandering them and force their bullshit on them, the further people want to be from them. Why would anyone want to associate with a fucking cunt liberal or jealous foreigner who only create a toxic environment? They don’t want to listen to us, they want to silence us and deny us our own opinions and views, so they can all go fuck themselves.

  • Agreed Kristin is not included in this matter no matter how some bashers try to wish it true. They are stuck in a loop and
    can’t stop bashing. Good post Sultan. Kristin’s history in the early self help program has never been an issue in this case.

  • The SultanOfSix is back!!!!!!

    Fighting for Kristin Kreuk’s honor and the American way!!!!

    SultanOfSix’s detractors and critics label him a stalker…….

    Truth be told SultanOfSix is just a devout superfan!!!!

    Sure, SultanOfSix has a snowball’s chance in hell of scoring Lana Lange’s cherry pie, but you can’t blame a guy for trying……..

    ……..for-over 10 years.

    SultanOfSix is courageous!!!!

    He journeyed into NXIVM territory at the height of Vanguard’s power.

    Who does that?

    A deranged madman or maybe hero.

    Love him, hate him, or just don’t give a fuck about him….

    Everyone has agree SultanOfSix is man of conviction!!!

    ….And for that I salute you SultanOfSix!!!

    • Niceguy,
      Witty and entertaining you are but Kristin, in spite her physical beauty being exquisitely amazing, at least this forum shouldn’t attach to her so much importance. Why do so many people confuse tons of sex appeal with a well grounded reason to follow her life in such detail?

  • Was this supposed to make me feel, ok, kristin espoused some of these values, less, then some of these other creeps?

  • Kristin said she left the program; yes, just as Keith said he’s the smartest man in the world.

  • For fuck’s sake, what a fucking moron. Tried reading but after about thirty words, stopped. This fool genuinely needs psychiatric help, testosterone therapy and some pussy.

  • What a babbling idiot. She is a liar and a coward. The sultan, besides being a liar, isn’t liking the taste of his size 5 foot stuck in his mouth and can only try to remove it by more of his word salad babble. What an ass clown.

  • For fucks sake, I didn’t write: ‘It would help to know exactly what Kristin Kreuk remaining a Nxivm “member” means’.

    That was in the comment of AnonyMaker I responded to which I referenced which is why I prepended that above with “–”

    And really Frank? This is your fucking headline for the article? Something that was never implied at all and has nothing to do with 95% of the post.

    Stop being an “unfrank” dickhead.

    Pun intended.

    • So little gratitude to Frank for publishing your story. Your story wouldn’t make any sense without the first sentence. YOU are the one with the ending conclusion, why SHOULDN’T that be in the headline?

    • Dear Frank Parlato,

      I enjoy reading SultanOfSix’s intellectual sugar coated diatribes and I am sure you do to. I don’t want him leave again…

      Therefore, I beseech you, Frank Parlato…

      …Please don’t misrepresent the important and vital information SultanOfSix is sharing with Frankreport readers.

      SultanOfSix’s wisdom transcends time and space…..

      …..And even most people’s definition of commonsense.

      SultanOfSix’s articles garner more comments than even the great Shadowstate!!!!!

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