Jeffrey Epstein & Keith Raniere – Brothers From Different Mothers?

Jeffrey Epstein

Prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) recently bailed out their counterparts in the Northern District of New York (NDNY) by charging, prosecuting, and convicting Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard.

MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere.

Now, it looks like prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) will do the same for the Southern District of Florida prosecutors who allowed Jeffrey Epstein to walk away from numerous pending charges there back in 2008.

Epstein was arrested yesterday evening at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey as he arrived on a flight from Paris.

At the same time he was being arrested, some 20 Federal agents were knocking down the door on his $50 million mansion on 71st Street to execute search warrants.

A doorman at the building indicated that even after his short stay in jail in Florida and his being forced to register as a sex offender, Epstein continued to be ”entertained” by “girls who came and went at all hours”.


According to three senior law enforcement officials, Epstein will face numerous charges for sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex during the period from 2002-2005.

That timeframe suggests that the charges might be part of a Racketeering count similar to the one that allowed EDNY prosecutors to bring in evidence of many of Raniere’s crimes that would otherwise have been barred by the statute of limitations.

Epstein operated his criminal enterprise a little differently than Raniere’s DOS structure.

Instead of threatening women with the release of damaging collateral, Epstein simply paid for what he wanted.

So, his underaged victims – some as young as 14 – were paid cash to give him massages and engage in sexual acts with him.

And they were paid even more if they recruited their friends and others to do the same.

Epstein alleged criminal activities took place in Palm Beach, FL – and on the Upper East Side in New York City.


Court records and media accounts from 2008 indicate that at least 40 underage girls had been brought into Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion for what turned out to be sexual encounters with him.

Epstein, who is now 66 years old, will reportedly be facing a prison sentence of up to 45 years (It’s hard to understand how the maximum sentence wouldn’t be life because of the charge involving the sex trafficking of minors but we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s arraignment to see the exact charges that Epstein will be facing).


Given the timing of events, it appears likely that the SDNY’s decision to go after Epstein is related to the success of the EDNY in taking down Raniere and his criminal enterprise.

Frank Report – which many credit as being the “key player” in taking down Raniere – had just started to focus attention on Epstein’s case and was already doing research on several follow-up stories.


Other aspects of the Epstein case are strikingly similar to Raniere’s case:

Epstein maintained homes in New York City and New Mexico – and on a private island in the Caribbean.

Raniere had access to a string of townhomes in Clifton Park, NY and villas in Mexico – and supposedly owns one-third of an island in Fiji.

Clare Bronfman purchased about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji.


Epstein had several women who were constantly recruiting more young girls for him – some of whom lived in Palm Beach and New York City and others who came from all over the world.

Raniere started out with a few wing-women who recruited young women for him – and eventually created DOS to guaranty a fresh supply of new slaves.


Epstein is being defended by Jack Goldberger, a top-tier criminal defense attorney in New York City.

Jack Goldberger

Raniere was defended by Marc Agnifilo, a top-tier criminal defense attorney in New York City – and Paul DerOhannesian, a top-tier criminal defense attorney in Albany, NY.

Raniere’s defense team: Marc Agnifilo [l] and Paul DerOhanessian [r]

Several of the women who were exploited by Epstein are being represented by Paul G. Cassell who noted: “With his money, Epstein was able to buy more than a decade of delay in facing justice – but fortunately he wasn’t able to postpone justice forever”.

Paul G. Cassell

Several of the women who were exploited by Raniere are being represented by Neil L. Glazer, an attorney based in Philadelphia, PA who specializes in mass tort litigation cases, who noted “It took a long time for the criminal justice system to deal with Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman – and we’re just getting started in terms of seeking justice for their victims”.

Neil Glazer

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  • In 2008, FBI head Mueller, crafted the Epstein sweetheart deal. Acosta merely rubber stamped it. Epstein was an FBI ‘asset’. So the fact that the FBI is trawling through his mansions means zero. They can cover up what they like and reveal what they like. The fact that the prosecution says there will be no further indictments means that all his elitist friends will have nothing to worry about – unless Epstein gets bitter and decides to spill the beans – but that will be his death warrant – as he well knows!

    Obama had eight years to do something about Epstein and did not lift a finger except to make sure all his corrupt men and women were running the FBI.

    It is not only the victims of Epstein’s personal depravity who are suffering. If he, as is thought, is involved in international sex trafficking, money laundering involving foreign banks like Deutsche Bank and God knows what else – all that will remain hidden! Human trafficking is the largest global industry after the narcotics trade. According to plausible research by Catherine Austin-Fitts, if the narco-dollar were removed from circulation, global financial institutions (including the cabal of central banks) would fail! Add sexual and human trafficking and body parts trafficking to that and you will see the reason that Epstein cannot be allowed to talk.

  • Now the bail decision will come July 15th, and Jeffrey Epstein waits in jail, and the delay was initiated by the defense to afford them 3 extra days to sort out their bail tactics. Meanwhile the feds are laying claim to Epstein’s multitudinous assets, and the prosecutors say to expect no “imminent” superseding indictments. Tra la la to the other fancyboy entitled pervs who play in Epstein’s cesspool. Right now they can still exhale, and this is the way it usually goes for the self-designated social elitists. No doubt some have already revised their own personal, social histories regarding Epstein. “I really don’t know him.”

    You can see by the expressions on Epstein’s face that he is going to keep trying to use dodgeball to beat the American court of justice. It’s questionable how long he’s going to be able to maintain this attitudinal smugness, though. He is trying to claim that some young girls, ones he recruited for sex, were “prostitutes.” The slop buckets of evidence which Epstein has left behind prove otherwise. The once-young girls are talking, too. Epstein might’ve already used his “get out of jail free” card during his last go-round of sex charges anyhow. He has used his interim free time to keep busy with same habits. He left his usual careless evidence behind again, too.

    Here is a guy so disconnected from being a good man that he remains oblivious to the harm he does, and he used his money to make his predatory sexual habits into an daily routine, redolent with evidentiary details carelessly scattered everywhere. He had staff handling his sex life and recruiting young girls for him. Then, if a suitable girl was noticed, she would be paid to recruit her friends, etc. Epstein ran these little industries in more than one location. So this case can be a geographic treasure trove for the department of justice, etc.

    With Epstein, there are a few similarities with Raniere, such as a prevailingly arrogant, above-the-law insouciance about either “doing wrong” or getting caught for it. Also, you can see a kind of obsessed sexual habitualism has taken over a huge amount of Epstein’s attention, on a daily basis and for many years. Again, similar to Raniere in behavior. These two men operated in somewhat different, but intersecting arenas, the cultist and the mogul. However they would make charming cell partners for one another. Imagine the kvetching!

  • “Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of “sexually suggestive” pictures of nude or partially nude young women and girls were found during a search of Mr. Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse”

    Just like Raniere, Epstein will be nailed by pix of naked underage girls…unless Epstein’s money and connections can beat the rap like in Florida.

  • What you fail to recognize is that human behavior is fairly predictable especially in how one goes about being a sexual deviant.
    The names change, the behaviors do not.
    It begs the question when will we become aware of a female who is similar to Keith and Jeffrey’s criminal behavior or is this only something men are guilty of and women are susceptible to?

    • Shadow
      Have you seen Epstein’s address book. It’s enormous and filled with important names in business, politics and entertainment world-wide. One of the contacts is my former neighbor, David B….who did some work for Epstein. If I were in his address book I’d be sweating it right now!
      My hope is that issue of child sex trafficking gets the attention it deserves and that children ultimately get more protection.

  • If the Epstein train wreck also takes down Clinton and Trump, I’m fine with that. The rich and powerful should not be immune to justice.

      • “President Trump is the reason Epstein”s cabal is going down.”

        Really? When Epstein was first tried, Trump said they were friends for years and both loved the ladies. President Trump put in his Cabinet the corrupt US Attorney, Acosta, who illegally gave Epstein a soft deal. Now when the Acosta/Epstein case resurfaced, Trump said I don’t know anything about the case and it was a long time ago.
        Yeah, Trump is pushing the Feds on this.

        • actually TRUMP is taking him out nice try tho …. keep shading pedos TRUMP WAS NEVER EVER EVER to the LOLITA ISLAND and only on one trip from fla to nyc….. nice try wont work

          even with the SDNY swearing to take trump down and COMEYS DAUGHTER running the show ….they wont win this….its out of their control and the more they attempt to get ahead of the story the deeper they are entangled within it

          unlike this attempt to pin everything on trump FACTS will rule out exactly who did what when and with whom and for how long and dots connect to dots connect to dots

        • -Lisa Bloom represented a woman, that claimed she was raped by Trump when she was 13. Bloom suddenly dropped the woman and issued a statement, that the accusation was entirely fabricated

          Opposition research firm Fusion GPS tried and failed to find evidence of a close relationship between then-candidate Donald Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, whose ‘Lolita Express” private jet ferried powerful clients to his private island, “Little St. James.”

          Trump kicked Jeffrey Epstein out of his Golf Club and banned him for life, when he found out, Epstein was hooking up with the 14 Year old daughter of an employer

          -Trump is NOT in the flight log to Lolita Island, not even once. He “hitched a ride” back from Daytona Beach TO NYC with Epstein’s son one time…and I have little doubt they tried like holy hell to get Trump to Lolita Island. Epstein assaulted a young girl at Mara Largo and Trump had him banned for life.

          Epstein’s black book aka day planner is NOT the flight log Trump would obviously be in Epsteins day planner as would any other number around Trump that Epstein could get his hands on.
          -At Epstein’s first arrest Trump went voluntarily to the police to give a statement and at the time the Police commented “He could not have been MORE forthcoming”.

          Opposition research firm Fusion GPS tried and failed to find evidence of a close relationship between then-candidate Donald Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, whose ‘Lolita Express” private jet ferried powerful clients to his private island, “Little St. James.”
          -Trump knew what Epstein was up to “he’s a fun guy, likes his girls young, really really young”. People held that against him as if it were some form of agreement when in fact, in typical Trump fashion he slapped Epstein publicly..iron fist in velvet glove. He was NOT a politician and he had to do business with these people and he still managed to say something about what he knew was going on.

          -James Patterson, no Trump fan by any stretch, laid it all out in his book, “Filthy Rich”. What people don’t know is who DJT has opened up Mar a Lago to on Monday eves for dinners on Mondays (traditional “closed” day for such private clubs): Veterans/LEOs & their families since he bought the place. HE was also the (probably) ONLY sober person throughout all those shing-dings attended by politicians and whomever else could afford those Charity functions thrown there. TOO many Charity Galas to count throughout the decades, and you can bet the best champagne & scotch were flowing.

          Epstein was arrested at the AIRPORT. POTUS speech slip? NO! Trump knew.

  • Slightly-Off topic news update!!!!

    Jeffrey Epstein allegedly would have girls sent to the hotel rooms of male acquaintances!!!!

    According to a Real Clear Politics article with a Miami journalist.

    This latest wrinkle in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal means that the “Lolita Express”, is just the tip of the iceberg!

    The link to the Real Clear article is below.

  • “Frank Report – which many credit as being the “key player” in taking down Raniere – had just started to focus attention on Epstein’s case and was already doing research on several follow-up stories.”

    Research will be a lot easier after the Second Circuit held that the summary judgment record should be unsealed in one of the civil lawsuits relating to Epstein.

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