Source: I Had a Date With Keith Raniere – Pre-Vanguard

MK10ART's fabulous painting of the perverted Keith Alan Raniere.

By a Woman Who Once Dated Keith 

I went to dinner with this man, Keith Raniere, in Los Angeles in 1997. I think I met him on JDate.

He took me to Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian and ordered a very expensive bottle of wine. I was 27 [Keith was 37] and hadn’t had a lot of exposure to fine wine.

Keith also lit a marijuana joint inside the restaurant. I remember thinking that was very cool.

In fact, that’s the main reason I remember him. He had the best bud known to mankind.

To this day, I don’t know what that shit was, but it made you mellow, inspired insane laughter, and didn’t cloud your judgment or vision.

Keith was driving a convertible Mercedes. Maybe it was rented because I don’t think he lived in Los Angeles. In any event, he didn’t talk about himself in those terms, only about how great and smart he was. I’ll never forget his hair though; it made his head huge! I also can’t believe he’s kept it.

I remember we had a disagreement about why I wouldn’t have sex with him that first night.

He straight up propositioned me. No BS, just straight out with it. I hesitated because I’d never experienced that either. He started talking psychology and commented on his genius level IQ again.

He began lecturing me about doing what I want to do and how life is too short.

Obviously, he wanted to hit it and forget it, but I wasn’t ready to fuck a short, stocky guy I’d just met on JDate. So, he got a little snippity and he dropped me off at home without walking me in – a blessing, apparently.

He seemed pissed that he hadn’t been able to seduce my mind in our short time together and deemed me a loser not worth anymore of his time.

“Well, I’m 5’8″, and 5’11” with heels, Mister. It takes a lot to slay me if you’re not at least 5’11”. I didn’t say that to him, but that’s how I felt. Hubby is 6’4″, so Raniere remains the shortest man I’ve ever been out with.

If he had physically been my type, he probably would’ve gotten lucky. I had a great time on the date and he was certainly charismatic. But the way his personality changed so quickly it weirded me out. He immediately rejected me when I had the idea to possibly see him again, instead of sleeping with him that night.

That’s bold.

Was Keith Raniere a purveyor of top grade weed in his day?
Image result for marijuana joint
Keith Raniere had some fine bud, the lady says.

Artist conception of Keith Raniere with a taller woman on a date [not a real photo.]



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  • I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this BS. Frank, can you keep these delusional people with their fake stories off your blog? Not even well written.

  • 1997, wasn’t this the time where he was with Toni Natalie running a vitamin bussiness in Albany. I don’t think he was at all living in AL let alone drivig. Maybe Toni can say something about it.

  • Just one more thing to add to the healthy skepticism of this thread…

    The writer clearly said that the maybe Raniere lit up in the restaurant, not the restaurant bar with a smoking section.

    It is a laughable premise that anyone would be lighting anything up, let alone an illegal substance, in an “upscale” or even the dumpiest of restaurants in L.A. By the time the supposed date occurred in 1998, California was in full swing for some time of banning smoking inside restaurants.

    • Yep. The law went into effect Jan 1 of 1994. I know because I was living in CA at the time and worked at a restaurant. I went from smelling like smoke to not smelling like smoke overnight.

  • I call BS. Raniere didn’t smoke weed – ever. Didn’t drink either. And didn’t “go out to dinner” date like this – he was never about one night stands. He’s a narcissist about everything – especially sex. It’s more about garnering control, acknowledgement and extreme admiration for himself than actually wanting sex. None of this sounds like him.

  • So, was Keith driving without a license then? Was he not setting off radar detectors at age 37, but he did set them off when he was younger and when he was older? Hmmmm…..

  • Obviously Raniere had to make up all that BS about himself because, otherwise, how on earth good looking women would be interested in this arrogant, chunky, hairy, little nerd?

  • So where does a flunky like Raniere get a Mercedes, money for a very expensive dinner and the best marijuana back then? Could someone or some group with a lot of money have been setting him for his infamous career?

    • He was a total parasite. He got money and service from others. Never worked an honest day in his miserable, sorry life.

    • Scams and rich women under his spell – the story of his parasitic life. Cafritz (his pre-Bronfman source of wealth) and others seem to have been cuckquean types who took pleasure in enabling his promiscuous, polyamorous lifestyle – several if not all seem also to have enjoyed the women he brought home, getting to indulge their own bisexuality as part of the deal.

      But as someone has pointed out, there are some other troubling inconsistencies in the story.

  • ‘I think I met him on JDate.”

    JDate is for people who want to meet Jewish singles.
    Of course Raniere has romanced Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman and probably Sara Bronfman.
    All Jewish.
    Religion is no barrier to Keith Raniere so long as the woman has lots of money.

    While we’re on the subject this woman mentions that Raniere gave her some potent weed to smoke.

    How many of Raniere’s women were high on drugs when they did the nasty with the Vanguard?

    • Raniere wasn’t Jewish, but perhaps his plan all along was to attract Jezebel-type Jewish women that he could then convince that they were reincarnated evil Nazi men, and they owed him their total devotion to fix their karma.

    • Shadowstate,

      How dare you make an allusion that Vanguard would ever drug a woman!

      Vanguard either manipulated women into bed or raped them. He would never stoop so low as Bill Cosby (Sarcasm).

      “How many of Raniere’s women were high on drugs when they did the nasty with the Vanguard?”


      This woman’s account seems all together uneventful and mundane……

      …..And therefore totally believable.

      ……However there are a shit load of short pathetic shit buckets in LA.

      Mistaken identity maybe?

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