Bangkok: Nicki Clyne May Be Running Things Now, but DOS Is No Longer a Functional Group

Where did Nicki Clyne get the money to buy house for the sex slaves?

By Bangkok

Frank says that Nicki Clyne is running DOS now?

Frank is reporting bullshit again. He’s giving us HALF truths, as usual.

Nicki Clyne may be running things now, but DOS is no longer a functional group.

DOS is no longer capable of ANYTHING other than holding readiness drills at 3am with cell phones, LOL.

DOS has essentially been reduced to a girl’s club with a secret handshake — without any funding, goals, direction, leadership or even a single male left to copulate with these slaves.

If they remain in DOS they can’t fuck another man ever, cuz they made a lifetime commitment to Keith.

They’ll have to wait for grandpa Keith to be released when he’s 80 years old before they can fuck again.

Until then, they’ll be on a steady diet of eating pussy and not much else.

Here’s the reality:

DOS is currently just a few girls PRETENDING to be a coherent organization.

Why don’t they leave?

Cuz they don’t yet know what else to do.

Thus, pretending that everything is normal is their only option psychologically.

I’m sure they’ll hold meetings, sleepovers and sit by the campfire telling stories with each other. However, that doesn’t mean DOS is still functioning as a coherent organization.

You can’t recruit new slaves — not even from Mexico — into a PRETEND organization that has no FUNDING, no future and no influential members left. You just can’t.

There’s no base of operations in Albany anymore. There’s no place to house and train future members, cuz all that shit costs money.

Even the current ‘leader’ (Nicki Clyne) is so broke that she must share her home with lots of other adults, LOL.

Where are they gonna house future slaves in training, while they indoctrinate them? Not in a Bronfman owned property, since why would she risk being indicted again by allowing new slaves to be recruited using her properties?

What purpose will DOS have left?

Any idiot can text someone at 3 am and say “Ready M”. It’s meaningless.

It’s basically a bunch of waitresses texting each other every now and then.

DOS will fizzle out as members slowly realize there’s nothing left to do, other than text back, “Ready M” to a broke actress working at a Vegan restaurant.

Frank doesn’t wanna admit this shit cuz he’s too personally invested in taking down DOS and NXIVM. He therefore wants to make it seem as though DOS is running strong.

No wealthy person will EVER fund it again. Not here. Not in Mexico. There’s just too much risk of being indicted and extradited in the future, for new crimes.

Even Emi, who comes from the most powerful family in Mexico, is running scared now. LOL.

I can promise you that nobody will ever fund DOS again. Anybody promising to fund them is only trying to keep the current members from fleeing to the government’s witness list, LOL.

If Nicki Clyne wants funding, she better get a 2nd job working at Mickey D’s or KFC. Lord knows she’s got the experience for that kind of work now.

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  • While commenting on the current DOS situation, Shivani33 said “Right now some of Raniere’s first wives and future widows club could be scouring the bowels of Brooklyn and Albany looking for a new Keith.”

    I also had been pondering that absent Guru problem and the brand that will forever adorn their pubic area.
    The solution to the problem is to replace their Vanguard with another leader with the same initials.

    The first option would be to adopt the Finnish Formula One racing driver, Kimi Raikkonen as their new leader. Kimi is also famous for his pearls of wisdom including “For sure, sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing.” This seems to be the current DOS situation. There is nother quote from Kimi that Nicki and Co could aspire to. “Be yourself. If you try to be someone else, it won’t work. Whatever you do, you are not going to make everyone happy.”
    Kimi, of course, travels a lot so it would be expensive to follow him. He’s also married and I doubt that his wife would be willing to share him. The good news for Kimi is that he can drive fast when he sees trouble heading his way. Perhaps he would be too young for a group of slaves who have grown accustomed to an older Guru.

    The second, more mature option would be to choose the well known country singer Kenny Rogers. His lines include “Stay away from trouble if you can.” and “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold’ em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Always good advice when someone asks you to give them collateral which can then be used as blackmail material. Kenny is also married and has two sons so I doubt that he, or his family would be willing to entertain a group of DOS slaves, although he probably won’t mind them singing his songs.

    The third option for new leader is someone who has been there, seen that and got the tee-shirt. He’s also an older man and it’s doubtful that he’d be shocked by a group of DOS slaves stripping off in front of him. He wouldn’ t need Viagra either. I give you Keith Richards, who could possibly be immortal as it seems that endless amounts of drugs, alcohol and women couldn’t kill him. Nicki and pals did have Sympathy For The Devil once and Time Is On their Side, after all so why not choose a legend? Keef’s pearls of wisdom are too numerous to mention. He is also married and I’m pretty sure that his wife has put up with a lot. Who knows what she would think if a bunch of DOS slaves offered to worship her husband and become sister wives?
    And if the answer’s no?

    “You can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometime you might find
    You get what you need.

  • Just idly curious more than anything, but I don’t suppose anyone here knows whether Kristanna Loken (of Terminator 3 fame) is still involved with NXIVM in any way?

    • Integrated,

      “Kristanna Loken (of Terminator 3 fame) is still involved with NXIVM in any way?”

      Find out the paternity of Thor Loken and you shall have your answer…..

      • Now you are claiming Kristin Kreuk left even earlier to make her seem clean. Not only did she claim and lie about cutting the cord in 2013, we now know she was still with the cult in 2015.

  • Methinks you DOS protest too much, Bangkook. Who are you to guarantee there’ll be no further DOS funding anywhere in the world? That a promise we can take to the bank or would you prefer us to take it to the grave?

  • Was reading some early Frank Report articles and some anonymous poster claimed Kristin Kreuk staged “interventions” to get Allison Mack out.

    It has since been revealed that Kristin Kreuk was still a supporter of the NXIVM cult as recently as May 2015 when she was publicly thanked alongside Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts for their “encouragement” on said persons 5 day intensive that week.

    Seeing as Kristin Kreuk still supported NXIVM in mid 2015 and presumably beyond and DOS was exposed in June 2017, why would Kristin Kreuk try to get Mack out?

    It’s bullshit.

    • We really don’t know if Kreuk was doing anything, or if so what, when she was tagged on a single social media post in 2015.

      One of the alternate explanations I have thought of posing, was that she was just back trying to get people out. If there is a report she was trying to stage “interventions,” then that would make it plausible.

      Or maybe she was on an undercover mission for the RCMP – the FBI tried something similar with Scientology, and ended up concluding that the seeming victims of human trafficking were true believers who would only claim that they were there voluntarily if raided (think what happened with the FLDS in Texas), and so the operation was shut down with no action taken. That’s the fun of conspiracy theorizing – you can take some little thing and spin it into a virtually endless number of possibilities, many of them mutually contradictory.

    • Why not also “presume” that Kreuk was in DOS? Or presume she is still in DOS? Or that she is the new leader of DOS? Or that she sees Vanguard in jail for conjugal visits, and smuggles out his sperm to create the next generation of Vanguards?

      • Because we’re talking about what is to be presumed about that single social media tag in 2015. So all that has to be explained is the possibility that she had some brief renewed contact with NXIVM that point – or none at all, and the reference is just due to some fluke, such as someone who she initially recruited not realizing that she had backed away from the group.

        If she’d had any significant ongoing involvement, Frank’s sources wouldn’t all be saying that she got out in 2012, and there should be additional evidence of it. Involvement in DOS, or anything else significant, is obviously ruled out by her not showing up in any accounts of people still involved.

        So if she might – just might – have been around a single event in 2015, that would plausibly fit with her making efforts to intervene or get people out. It’s not a particularly strong theory, but neither are any others that have her continuing any involvement.

        I get that you don’t really understand evaluation of evidence. Were you part of NXIVM or some other cult that indoctrinated people to put beliefs over facts?

        • She was explicitly tagged along with Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts, who were both in the cult at the time. Lucas is still drinking the NXIVM kool-aid.

          Even if she wasn’t involved as much at that time, she was still supporting NXIVM after the pedophile revelations that happened in 2012.

          She was still friends with people who were in the cult. She never broke fully away from the cult as she tried to suggest in her statement and dealt with people in it on more than a minimal basis.

          Cults are secretive and they treat people who are in it differently than outsiders. The cult taught people to lie and hide their involvement and said it was fine for the mission.

          She refuses to talk about her past involvement because she doesn’t want it to affect her pretentious career like it did Allison’s. People who have nothing to hide don’t refuse to talk about their past involvement.

          She’s guilty and she knows it.

        • You are so ignorant spanky. Next, you’ll be saying Lucas Roberts and Mark Vicente were there in 2015 to get people out. You are mentally retarded.

        • “and the reference is just due to some fluke, such as someone who she initially recruited not realizing that she had backed away from the group“

          Erm, no…

          The guy said he “finally” did the five day intensive hat week!

          That is a beginner level NXIVM course and Kristin Kreuk coached many of them.

          She didn’t back away from the cult. She was simply filming a television show in Toronto for most of the time.

          Obviously, in her spare time, including the month she started filming the final season in May 2015, there she was with her fellow cultists being culty on a five day intensive.

          Your sad emasculated attempts to make excuses for the woman you want to insert your erection inside don’t work. You can’t claim it’s “some fluke”.

          Nor would Kristin Kreuk back away from the cult but recruit at the same time.

          It was not just her who was thanked, but two other top NXIVM coaches with links to the Vancouver branch. What they were thanked for, she was thanked for. The thanking was not for recruitment but coaching the intensive. It does not take three people to recruit someone.

          Put away that lube and get some fresh air.

      • The beetle stink is a toxic stench.

        There is no presuming going on. Your dream spank was thanked alongside two other NXIVM coaches for the same thing… encouraging him on his course.

        Not for recruiting him.

        One of the coaches acknowledged he was there in the comments.

        He was thanked for the same reason your dream spank and Mark Vicente was thanked.

        Your dream spank was still a supporter of NXIVM and Keith Raniere, coaching for him three years after being named in the pedophile expose. That’s gross.

        Kristin Kreuk was still happy to associate with NXIVM in a professional manner even post pedophile expose.

        She was not thanked for recruiting him. The only thing she could possibly be thanked for is being there in a NXIVM professional manner.

        Try not to have an aspergers meltdown spanky. You can not change facts with your sad apologist bullshit.


        Frank, why have you not posted an article based on this information?

        You asked for proof Kreuk was still with NXIVM in 2015 in the comments section and you have it.

        Now that evidence has come out she was still with the cult beyond 2013, that warrants an article of its own. Are you trying to protect the individual who posted the comment? You can always blur out his name.

  • Critical Review an Analysis of Bangkok’s Article:

    …………Bangkok’s article seems to be a belabored collaboration between a mentally challenged young adult and a remedial special ed. teacher.

  • “It’s basically a bunch of waitresses texting each other every now and then.

    DOS will fizzle out as members slowly realize there’s nothing left to do, other than text back, “Ready M” to a broke actress working at a Vegan restaurant.”

    Omg…Hilarious, Bangkok!

    • ““It’s basically a bunch of waitresses texting each other every now and then.”

      Not quite.
      The NXIVM elite are working sub rosa to revive the cult using Mexican and Bronfman money.

      “Clare Bronfman Has Secret Meeting With Nxivm Coach Vanessa Sahagun”

      “The Future of Nxivm
      What Bronfman and Sahagun spoke about is not clear, but it appears to have been Nxivm related. Speculation is rife among recently defected members that it was about how to keep operations alive in the US and Mexico.”

      “Former Nxivm members worry that Bronfman will resume Nxivm operations, with her assuming her role of Director of Operations after she completes her prison sentence. Her willingness to punish enemies of Nxivm with legal and extralegal methods have ex-members frightened about speaking on the record.”

      “With zealots like James Del Negro, the Elliot brothers, Esther Carlson, Nicki Clyne, Dr. Brandon Porter, Michelle Hatchette, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Omar Boone, Ana Risoul, Edgar Boone, and heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman and their money, one cannot yet claim Nxivm is finished.”

  • Bank Kok

    Straight on writing.

    DOS is DONE. Remaining followers are in shock and denial and haven’t figured out the next step of their lives

    FR needs clicks, so stories have to be written each day, truth of the stories is not the main concern or there would be verification of sources and rigorous editing etc.

    Will FR back an investigation into Tighe’s conviction or is that just talk to continue to get clicks?

    • SonOfBangkok,

      It’s all about the clicks? Do you think Frank is actually making any serious profit of of his website? He has staff. Seriously?
      Frank is not making any real money.
      Parlato and Krclaviger are actually doing something good.

      They have accomplished more than you or me or most of the other schmucks that comment on this website.

      • NANG …. the showmanship and teamwork scare the pee out of them ps well said

        us woke will make them go broke <==only way to cripple a cia limited hangout that loves child trafficking

        • ChickyRogue,

          I believe you are communicating with me in code.

          My orders are as follows:

          Stay safe.

          Stay calm.

          Please do not do anything.

      • I got no complaints with Frank. His determination was a key role in the take down of Nex.

        However, Bangkok was straight on. Nex is Nexxed.

  • The Vow is not weak. We are not weak. We will regroup. You will see the fulfillment. You will understand in time.

    • Pea: Keep the Faith and you can be the New Vanguard.

      Just avoid the stuff that brought down the old Vanguard.
      No Children.
      No Brandings.
      No Blackmail.
      No Sex Trafficking or Sex for Money.
      No Week Long Birthday Parties/ Orgies.

    • You said that little Keith would be found not guilty at his trial.

      Are you willing to wait 20 plus years for him, given that all his appeals will fail?

      Its more than likely that he’ll never be released.

    • Poor Piss-pot. You are so weak you’re DONE. Look at what you’ve become. Pathetic is too good a word for you feeble-minded Old Gals and your garrulous ways!!!

    • Maybe. Hopefully with an understanding that KR didn’t have your interests in mind, only his own, and a knowledge that taking”collateral” is immoral and coercive.

  • Hilarious Bangcock, ‘Any idiot can text someone at 3 am and say “Ready M”. It’s meaningless.’ ROFL – thanks for that!

  • Whilst the trial was ongoing. Nickvi said that Vangone would be found not guilty.

    Now she is saying he’ll win an appeal and be released.

    Even Nickvi won’t wait 20+ years for Raniere.

    No Raniere, no DOS.

    Even Nickvi will realise that in the end.

    • its an external expression of their collective feelings of self worthlessness

      money isnt shit when your spirit is broken and internal self diminished and THEN ADD peer group pressure

    • Exactly,

      What was/is their endgame?

      World Domination?

      If any of them had stopped and thought everything threw they would have had the realization that NXIVM was achieving nothing.

      Once you sign up you have to keep taking modules and audits(Scientology jargon). It never ends. No one ever achieves exalted status. There never was any finality.

  • To be honest, I doubt DOS is still in place…But Frank is running out of stories (he’s publishing anything (including my comments)).

    The trial being barely finished, DOS would be back? Suuuuure. Sentencing didn’t even occur for 1 of the defendants but DOS is back in operation! So believable. Let me guess, Sara is the wallet, this time?

    When I see something official (like undisputable proof), I’ll believe it.
    In the meantime, I’ll consider this as one of the fake stories with no true source written by Frank.

    Too bad, lately (before the fall back) , FR was regaining a little bit in quality.

  • This seems to me like a fairly ridiculous item, but perhaps it could serve to bring out a commenter who knows something about what is actually going on with the remnants of NXIVM and DOS these days.

    It’s also worth noting that this represents the problem of trying to keep a high control group or cult going, once its organization has been disrupted, and its reputation and mystique have been shattered. Who has the stature to lead it? And what attraction is left?

    Let’s hear from an actual expert:

    ‘”I don’t expect to see NXIVM continuing in any meaningful way,” said Rick Ross, head of the New Jersey-based Cult Education Institute and a longtime foe of Raniere. NXIVM pursued Ross in an unsuccessful 14-year legal battle that he described on the stand in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn earlier this month.


    “I have heard that there are splinter groups that are getting together that are extolling the philosophy of ‘rational inquiry’ as laid out by Keith Raniere,” Ross said. “Are there people getting together? Yes. … But they have no charismatic leader, they have no meaningful assets, they have no meaningful cash flow. I think that NXIVM will dissipate. I don’t think that anyone will step into the … power vacuum and reinstitute the group, and unite the group factions or people that are left in the residue of what’s happened.”‘

    What’s to become of NXIVM?
    After Keith Raniere’s conviction, shuttered organization faces uncertain future

  • What do you bet that Raniere didn’t mind a bit when one of his “slaves” had sex with man, woman or hyena if he ORDERED that sex to happen? Not to mention he would’ve simpered over hearing blow-by- blow, descriptive reports of any sexual espionage. “Just say mathematically what size his cock was! Not as big as mine, right?”

    Raniere’s whole possessiveness drama was most likely just one of his theatrically crafted powertrips. His love was only a fungus anyhow, so what did he care. Say he used various women as objects for sexual bribes or as the way to get potential leverage over somebody; it wouldn’t be at all surprising.

    Right now some of Raniere’s first wives and future widows club could be scouring the bowels of Brooklyn and Albany looking for a new Keith. This might be the only spiritual aspect of their new(ish) escort service business. Okay. Speculative escort service biz, but why be narrow-minded? These gals are still fairly new to psycho-sexual terrorism. Quite a few never knew they joined the club.

    Mistakes are bound to be made. Luckily the DOS slave with the cauterizing skills, Dr. Danielle Roberts, can always be ready to help with any DOS trauma that comes up amongst the troops.

    Like Pollyanna, these ladies can find happiness in knowing how good it really is for Keithy-Weethie to retire into martyrdom forevermore. He was getting past his expiration date and he has herpes. The world learned from trial testimony that his erections fizzle out like cheap birthday candles, and the world laughed. It is time for a new idol. This time DOS needs a younger and wealthier sperminator god. If they’re smarter than they were, DOS will go for the sperminator god six pack.

  • I read nothing in Frank’s articles that suggested he believed DOS was strong and viable, but only that Nicki had taken the reigns of what was left.

    • BKH,

      Bangkok’s articles are meant as offensive, satirical, and humorous. His articless are meant to be funny. Just like my review of Bangkok’s article. Hopes I did not hurt the young man’s feelings. 😉


      Bangkok, if you dish it out…..You have to be able to take it……

      “Can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.”

      • NANG,

        Not knowing the “personality traits” of the various regulars at this site, I am not in a position to form any opinion on either Bangkok’s writings or what others might say about them. I will extend this courtesy to him, you, and anyone else.

        However, I will point out I agree with what is said in this article minus the negative comments (if that’s what it is — maybe it’s just “humor”) to Frank. The NXIVM brand in the USA is damaged and DOS is just the child wondering what it will do without the parent. DOS serves no useful purpose now. You can get what they have to offer at any number of places at a much cheaper price. I believe Frank even made that point, howbeit indirectly, in the article he wrote about Nicki taking over. So, I don’t believe Frank and Bangkok are truly at odds regarding the future of DOS.

        There were claims by some that the NXIVM “self help” curriculum actually helped them, and there may be some who try and salvage that portion. But why? To what end? It seems the only reason this whole organization stayed afloat was because wealthy individuals were willing to keep pumping money into it. NXIVM wasn’t generating enough capital on its own to stay viable, from what I can tell.

        • Barry,

          There is no empirical evidence that NXIVM courses helped anyone. Why?

          ……..Because Nxivm is based on Scientology and NLP(Natural Linguistic Programming) two pseudosciences. There is no scientific validity to NXIVM “tech”.

          The “good” NXIVM has no measurable efficacy. In other words, there is no scientific study showing NXIVM worked.

          The claims,” people say Nxivm really helped them” or “Many individuals experienced personal growth”….. Who are these people? Where are all the people? Show me one valid study that investigated and collected testimonials. NXIVM never collected feedback from everyone – why?

          Over 16,000 people came through NXIVM’s doors….. If NXIVM courses were so wonderful, why aren’t more people outraged? Instead, it would seem about 30 or so individuals are upset…

          What do you think?

  • Critical Review of Bangkok’s latest article:

    Sadly Bangkok is a poor man’s Shivani.

    While Shivani writes masterfully with an incredible command of the English language, throwing out quips like Lebron James makes baskets……

    …………Bangkok’s article seems to be a belabored collaboration between a mentally challenged young adult and a remedial special ed. teacher.

    Another words Bangkok’s writing is like an aborted pig fetus still birth. Absolutely disgusting and a big let down.

  • “DOS is no longer capable of ANYTHING other than holding readiness drills at 3am with cell phones, LOL.
    DOS has essentially been reduced to a girl’s club with a secret handshake — without any funding, goals, direction, leadership or even a single male left to copulate with these slaves.”

    All DOS did when Allison Mack was in charge was hold readiness drills at 3 AM and punish members who didn’t respond to cellphone calls fast enough.
    As for your second point when did women need a man to have sex?
    While it might be more convenient there are plenty of women who have sex with each other.
    In fact in areas like Brooklyn, where Clyne allegedly shares an apartment it is quite the trendy thing for women to have sex with each other.
    As some women say, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

    “There’s no base of operations in Albany anymore. ”
    Radar On Line has published stories indicating that Clyne has been seen in the NXIVM Village in Halfmoon New York with young women driving around in a BMW.

    Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
    Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.
    May 20, 2019 @ 13:00PM

  • Bangkok, you are soooo wrong. Nicki isn’t qualified to work at KFC or Micky D’s … she has only worked vegan.

  • How can Dos exist without the “dominant” (*cough * cough * Bullshit) Keith Raniere? The whole point was that it was a sex club for him. Does Nicky think he’s getting out? What kind of drugs is she on if she thinks that? I’m assuming Keith won’t be getting any conjugal visits. Either way I think it’s a matter of time before someone shanks Keith in prison. They don’t like pedophile’s there.

    • “How can Dos exist without the “dominant” (*cough * cough * Bullshit) Keith Raniere? ”

      Face Facts.
      Raniere did not manage DOS even when he was still in Clifton Park.
      Raniere spent his time strolling around with girl friends as well as eating, sleeping, fornicating urinating and defecating.
      The DOS women did all of the real work.

      “I think it’s a matter of time before someone shanks Keith in prison. They don’t like pedophile’s there.”
      If Raniere is murdered in prison, he becomes a martyr.

      • if raniere is shanked in prison it will suit someone’s purpose who wants this very quieted down going forward but yes its in the process of already being resurrected
        they are so obvious

        • I am sure there are already people plotting Raniere’s demise so so he can’t spill the beans on El Jefe.

          And you’re right that they are obvious in their efforts to resurrect NXIVM.
          I just hope the government is not oblivious to that fact.

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