Shivani: Raniere May Have Little to Offer to Negotiate a Better Prison; What Has Bronfman, Mack, Salzman Already Told to Make Deals?

MK10ART's painting of Keith Alan Raniere where he presently resides.

By Shivani

What bargaining info does Keith Raniere have left anymore?

Does he even know? I doubt it.

His habit of inveigling his posse of minions to do his dirty work has led to multiple arrests and plea bargains, along with personal confessions, much of which hasn’t been made public.

While Raniere sat locked up for over a year awaiting trial, investigators were tracking through wads of materials for nuggets of applicable, provable evidence. I think most of that substantial backlog of incriminating evidence hasn’t even been dealt from the deck yet. For example, just think of those who made plea bargains and didn’t get called to testify.

Now please pull up a chair, and let’s talk about everything that Clare Bronfman has told federal investigators and/or prosecutors. What exactly do we know about that?

How about what we know is zilch so far? We do not have the tea on any of that.

What has Clare Bronfman said? To what details has she confessed, and what was her demeanor? There’s a conspicuous yet tacit information vacuum about how Clare Bronfman is working things out for herself. She, of all people, could steal Raniere’s bargaining thunder and not bother to let him know about it, ever.

The quietness is similar with the non-testifying matronly Prefect, Nancy Salzman. Throughout the post-arrest saga, she’s been Bronfman’s muted, possibly indentured Tonto. Not even a word, awaiting the prison docket. Meanwhile, during Raniere’s trial, Allison Mack was exposed by nearly everyone who testified, and that left her with no grounds to open her mouth in court.

Predictably, it might never be revealed what Clare Bronfman has told prosecutors. At this point in her life, Bronfman might need a ghostwriter to form a complete thought for her. Or she might be a coherent sociopath, planning acts of vengeance. Regardless, she and her family have lots of coins to buy her plenty of anonymity.

What about the other co-defendants’ unpublicized admissions? What has Mack proven, admitted or acknowledged while plea bargaining? And how shredded is her credibility? She has made herself into a thirtyish woman placed in her parents’ custody. She’s being electronically monitored as a confessed criminal who was forced into involuntary retirement and awaits prison. Even still, she might have had lots of involvement as an ambassadress and tour guide for Raniere’s sexual interests.

Did she name names?

Maybe some of the other women involved (and a few men) have already named names concerning officials or others who got bribed or blackmailed by Raniere’s group and how it was done. There could be a trainload of that info already in prosecutors’ hands, but some behind-the-scenes “train conductors” might not want to risk opening Pandora’s box.

Raniere is likely to have no idea what dirt has or hasn’t been offered up by someone else before him. So many specific details haven’t been available for him to examine. We don’t know what the prosecutors, investigators and the judge know in its entirety. What we know is only what has had to be disclosed so far.

So it’s back to “give up your delusions of getting out.” What does he know about stoicism? Probably only that he hates it. He will have to quit being a nag, a whiner, a hypochondriac and a hairy little bitch. Come on. Do you really think he has it in him?




MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere.  Mk10ART also quotes Kipling’s Law of the Jungle as a caption for this work:                                                                                    Now this is the Law of the Jungle – as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back –
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.


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  • “What Has Bronfman, Mack, Salzman Already Told to Make Deals?”

    Lots of dirt on each other.

    There really isn’t much honour amongst thieves.

    According to reports, Allison Mack is is absolutely terrified of going to prison, so she’ll cough up anything that might keep her out of jail or shorten her sentence.

    Bronfman is tougher and harder, but equally desperate, I expect.

  • MK10ART — Your color scheme, especially, on that piece is nothing short of genius!

    Hope it’s not sold out before I am. Please save me a copy and I’d like to commission a piece on Gina Hutchinson if FR could arrange that it would be most appreciated.

  • I don’t think he will admit to anything or provide any information that might reflect badly on him.

    In his suicide watch cell, in his anti suicide smock, he still believes he is the best of Albert Einstein and Gandhi, but better.

    He’ll take that to his grave.

  • Juval Aviv ring a bell, Keith? Or don’t you want to play a little volleyball and enjoy a conjugal visit now and then? Greee8 post, Shivani. Thank you!

  • As the Avenatti debacle revealed – highlighted by Bronfman’s fainting spell – Clare has clever if not even devious lawyers working to trade any information they can to get a better deal for her. If there are possible charges looming, they’re almost certainly working overtime (and billing for it).

    She also seems like someone who wouldn’t hesitate to throw people under the bus – unless she had some real lingering devotion to a cause or person. I expect her ultimately to go on a PR campaign to rehabilitate herself as a “humanitarian,” and one possible tack to try to put NXIVM behind her would be to be seen as doing whatever she could to see the guilty punished, positioning herself as someone who was taken advantage of and then tried to do what she could to make things right (we heard a similar narrative from Lauren Salzman).

    Mack could also be facing, or caught up in, renewed charges in the NDNY related to the sex crimes counts dismissed in this case, and so she may indeed have reason to spill the beans.

  • Which of the NXIVM gangsters were involved in deciding which perceived enemy they would attack?
    Who carried out the attack and by what means?
    What harm was caused to the targeted individual?

    What restitution could be done?

    Where is the money?

    Not the loose change from Nancy Salzman’s house. The big money, the millions.

    Who knows where it is?


  • If people were killed, he has bargaining info. If he gives it up, hole him up in a place where he himself won’t be killed. If he plays ball, extract the bribing of public officials info.

    • He certainly does. If not, why would he lie about the “reasons” behind Kristin Snyder’s disappearance (drug dealer involved – a classic!), or alleged photos he possessed of her at the Grand Canyon after the disappearance? In my mind, that points to guilty knowledge. I believe she was “made” to disappear. However I’ll allow I could be wrong. Maybe Raniere just didn’t want NX to get a bad rap by having a suicide to the courses.

  • Raniere knows where a few skeletons are buried.

    Here’s the thing: NXIVM did not operate in a silo. All the talk about indictments has focused on members of the organization, it has not focused on any of the people networked to the organization.

    It may be true that Keith doesn’t have anything to offer about the Bronfmans beyond what’s already known. That doesn’t mean he has no more information to offer about people he consulted with, or who Nancy advised, or people who’s islands he partied on.

    Trying not to avoid speculating about other people connected to NXIVM. Just understand that Raniere is facing a very long stretch and, internally, feels desperate and betrayed. Details about others tend to come out at these moments, it could be a motherload for US Attorneys. Watch for delays in sentencing.

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