John Tighe: No One Will Hear Raniere Scream in Prison

John Tighe

[Editor’s Note: The walls of prison themselves are crying out for the truth to be known about John Tighe. Be assured. His day will come. And Frank Report will not retire or rest easy until every wrong that was done to him is undone.]

By John Tighe 

Where will Keith Raniere end up – at the last moments of his life? Regardless whether he lives for decades or only a few more years, it is believed – but not known for certain  – that he will end up taking his last breath inside the walls of a prison.

Therefore, I write this poem dedicated to him –  the man who put me behind bars.

He had the [Bronfman] wealth and resources and the power to corrupt to do what he did to me. Later, my friends, I promise you I will reveal all. For the moment, I must remain mostly silent.

But, for now, here is a poem to express what I feel about the end, the final days that shall come for Keith Alan Raniere.

THE BASEMENT (Where no one can hear you scream)

There is a place that inmates know
But none want to go
Where thirty years in prison meet
the end of the road
This is hospice in prison

They rest there alone
Their thoughts their own
As they cry and moan
No one can hear you scream in prison

The Grim Reaper comes by night
He is shadow in the light
This is death all alone
Far, far from home
No one will hear you scream in prison

Look, look closely Raniere
For this is your end
The question is when

will it come?
No question no one will miss you
no one will care

You won’t get a tombstone
Just a number and date
Your grave is ready
For a life full of hate
But you chose your path
This is your fate

Rest, rest easy Raniere
There’s none to help
No Bronfman
No Prefect
No money to burn
wait for the bell
There’s nothing to tell

No one will hear you scream, [save the devil in hell] in hospice in prison

John Tighe is a writer and the creator and editor of Saratoga in Decline. He is currently Federal Inmate 21508-052 at Devens FMC.

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  • Thank you, Frank for taking a stand to right the wrongs against John. I look forward to the day we can all celebrate justice.

  • Great poem! Full of images that I would never want to see in reality.

    I have thought many times of the children Keith Raniere fathered. Apparently one escaped the abortion mill called “healthcare.”

    Children, as they grow towards adulthood, want to know about their parents, both of them. I do hope his child will be able to realize his father was too busy being evil and satisfying his “sin nature” to be bothered.

    I have known and spoken with kids whose parents were in the prison system. These kids internalize their parents’ guilt and believe they, too, are bad. I pray this child will have guidance and won’t feel that way.

    • Kind thoughts, soccermom. I believe there are two sons who escaped being aborted.

      It seems KAR may be estranged from his own father, and from any other close relatives if they exist. His evil nature seems to push everyone away.

      I have asked before if anyone has ever witnessed him do one kind or selfless thing – for anyone. And handing a slave some cash to placate her does not count. No one has answered, so I take that for a “No.” You reap what you sow.

      • I don’t think that’s a given, in any way. There are children of serial killers who went on to lead normal and benign lives.

  • Frank – thanks for your commitment to justice for John Tighe.

    John – strength and good health to you! I am hoping for early release for you and exoneration.

    As for KAR – may he die in prison as you wrote, unable to harm another human soul.

    • his minions need to go away too and be stripped of importance power and assets <==since that is THEIR god they will feel this

    • As we can see–John has not changed- He has evil in his thoughts.
      He say Keith put him there. No John–you are a child porn guy-plain and simple. No one planted anything on your computer.
      Keith belongs in prison yes and you can get out after you serve your time. Than you will always be a registered sex offender.
      You be directly asked about your porn and how it got on your computer when you get out.

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