John Tighe: There Be Justice in Brooklyn Today

John Tighe,

John Tighe is in many ways my predecessor. He was operating a blog exposing Keith Alan Raniere long before the Frank Report was birthed.  His blog was called Saratoga In Decline. It is now offline – since his arrest – but one can see selected posts by visiting Internet Archive.

For his exposes on Raniere, John paid a heavy price. He is now in federal prison. State authorities, who raided his house on alleged computer trespassing charges, [ala a bogus complaint by Nxivm] seized his computer and much later they ‘found’ child pornography on it.

Everything about that was suspicious and Frank Report is dedicated to finding out if Tighe’s computer was infested with Raniere’s minions planting the child porn. With or without the help of certain state law enforcement officers.

I personally think Tighe is innocent and that the child porn was planted and a lot of money changed hands.  Frank Report will not stop publishing articles on this topic until we get to the truth.

We want justice for John Tighe.

Meantime, and this is a moment of pride for me, John Tighe, suffering as he is in federal prison, has written something for us – from prison, his first contribution to the Frank Report.

He wrote it while our common nemesis, Keith Alan Raniere is on trial in Brooklyn. It is in the form of a poem.  It is entitled There Be Justice In Brooklyn Today.

An innocent man? A life destroyed by NXIVM? John Tighe led away in handcuffs.

To me, this poem is important and meaningful, gut wrenching – for John is suffering – he is ailing – at the hands of the monster. He suffered as much as any of Raniere’s many victims – and that the work John started – for he had a great role in bringing down the monster – is headed at last toward a just and fitting conclusion: Keith Raniere will be convicted.

But let us not forget that John too needs justice and we must help him find it. Just as he was seeking truth and the end of the monster, we are now – that that end is in sight – seeking to help all the victims of Keith Alan Raniere and this must include John Tighe.

The monster enjoyed a laugh at the expense of John Tighe when he was arrested. But today, Keith Alan Raniere is hardly laughing. He is on trial and unlike Tighe, the charges are true and he is soon to get justice – in the form of a likely life sentence.For John, he needs exoneration. For the man who helped lead Keith to his punishment, it would be glorious if we could help exonerate him.  The saga of Keith Raniere may not end, should not end, until all his victims receive some measure of relief and compensation.

Keith is getting his, in Brooklyn. It remains for us to ensure John, now suffering in his prison cell, alone and ailing, also gets justice and his freedom.

Here is John’s poem:

There Be Justice In Brooklyn Today
By Federal Inmate 21508-052 

I grip the sides of the steel sink
And vomit the yellow bile
For my body is worn
And my stomach is torn
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

My cellmate complains I was punching the cell wall in my sleep
For my spirit rebels
For I’m living in Hell
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

We march in the morning rain
The sick, the old the lame
Slowly we stumble up the hill of pain
The unrepentant, the evil, the framed
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

You don’t eat much for a buck and a half a day
The fruit that won’t sell
The bread that’s too stale
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

There was a fight in N2
They found bath salts in the SHU
There’s a lockdown in J
And Cannibal Dave passed away
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

It’s springtime in Devens
For the forgotten and damned
There’re no trees and no flowers
Just heartbreak and towers
But there be justice in Brooklyn today
John Tighe is a former writer, creator, and editor of
Saratoga in Decline. He is currently Federal inmate
21508-052 in Devens Federal prison

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Frank Parlato


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  • The Governor can pardon John Tighe. In light of this trial, a decent lawyer can convince them of a set up.

      • @ niceguy,

        I’ve been meaning to post a response to your hunch (posted on another thread) that I’ve got an obssessed neighbor as an explanation for who may be responsible for some of the bizarre incidents that have and continue to plague my mortal existence and to put it in math jargon that is not a constant variable. It works in one equation but does not prove the therum…UNLESS the therum is expanding to include all the equations in which that variable does intersect.


        • Just a theory.

          The recent pool plunger post by anonymous is incredible creepy because obviously it means you are being watched by someone close by as I am sure you are well aware.

          Because of my wife’s profession, we have had to deal with crazies watching us occasionally over the years. It’s burdensome.

          My only other suggestion is to get a personal security dog or just a large breed dog. The dog is really just for peace of mind.

          Everyone we know out in the LA area seems to have a personal security dog.

          I guess it’s a thing with Californians along with having someone come to your house to detail your car and a housemaid/nanny from south of the border off the books.

          Unfortunately whoever ‘it’ is will be reading my posts so I can’t share what steps my wife and I have taken out of fear you have taken similar steps…. and are working with law enforcement.

          In other words I do not want to help the perpetrators slip the metaphorical net.

  • I hope there is a gofundme so that when John is released, he is set for a tremendous homecoming, and is set for life. Anything he writes is worth gold to any publisher once this saga is at long last finished. He’ll live out his days on this earth in the sun.

  • John Tighe’s indictment is available on pacer. Child porn wasn’t only on his computer, there were dvds, pictures etc, etc. Just because he wrote articles about NXIVM (a horrible group) does not mean he is an innocent man .

    • I’m sure those were planted based on a corrupt investigation. I’ve read other articles where the investigator has been accused of falsifying records and lying on affidavits.

    • Dox?

      If you have access to Pacer, please cite specifics. Almost no one here does, you might as well claim that the information is available at the end of the rainbow.

      • Everyone has access to Pacer, it’s free and open to public, just set up an account and pay the nominal fee for whatever you want to access…

        • “free and open to public, just set up an account and pay the nominal fee”

          That’s internally contradictory – “free” and “pay” are irreconcilable opposites.

          Anyway, it’s still up to the person making a claim, to actually document it, not put the onus on others to take action (or incur expense). If someone has seen it in Pacer, then it’s up to them to cite exactly what Pacer shows – along with proper references to the case name and number.

      • I agree with AnoyMaker. Parlato would have mentioned the other evidence or been less inclined to vouch for John Tighe if the “DVD’s and picture evidence” was true.

        • Parlato has his own agenda on this blog. He wants Tigue to be a hero to you readers which will support you readers totally believing himself. You all can’t be CNN viewers-can ya?
          Its plan and simple like someone expressed, if someone had planted the child porn on Johns computer, a computer expert could tell that that happened and his attorney could get it thrown out. His attorney’s was one of the best criminal attorneys in the Albany, NY area. So, john is yes a child porn guy.

          • Whow ,

            no such computer expert was ever allowed to examine the computer and the computer was promptly destroyed.

            Whow you should pull your head out of your ass or your boyfriend’s crotch…. And think clearly.

    • Amen. He didn’t even try to fight it. I read the articles. If everyone else fought it, why wouldn’t he? He plead guilty. He was caught red handed. I am disgusted that people on this site would support a person like this after everything they claim to hate about Keith. This site has become very sick mob mentality

      • Judy, you’re right. It would be awful indeed if he really were guilty. But there is some real doubt that he was. It seemed really convenient that they found all of that stuff the way they did. There were suspicious circumstances surrounding his arrest which you can read about here including the reason he didn’t fight it.

        Also, it doesn’t add up to me that he would be so doggedly determined to expose the evil doings of this cult, if he were dabbling in something as vile and sinister as child porn. It seems like throwing rocks when you live in a glass house.
        If he is guilty, I agree, he deserves what he got. But if he’s not, I believe the suspicious circumstances around his arrest should be thoroughly investigated.

  • I hope John Tighe’s name is cleared.

    John’s poem despite its melancholy nature is quite uplifting. Keith Raniere being brought to justice is John’s solace, besides his wife’s love of course.

    Reading the poem made feel like I was in the cell with him.

    I am glad for John that he will be out soon and be able to live to see Raniere incarcerated for life.

    I believe John Tighe was most likely framed. Certain aspect of the evidence and John Tighe’s previous lack of a criminal record do not add up…

    …..pedophiles seldom make it to John Tighe’s age without an arrest record or victims that come out of the woodwork after their perpetrator is safely behind bars. I don’t believe John ever worked with, counseled, or coached children sports.

    John Tighe just does not fit the profile.

    • John was a city labor worker. His father was Fire Chief. his oldest sister ( forgot her name) hated her father because he was abusive.
      She acted out in many ways during her older teens. She was known back in 1971 as the girl who was at the Who concert at SPAC and was on the lawn in her sleeping bag having sex with her boyfriend. Anybody that was at that concert knew about that. Johns wife is a cleaner at Skidmore college. She’s sweet, but so nieve. John never got attention from his piers when he was in high school and was lonely. When john was writing his blog, he critized the past Democratic mayor. So, everyday after he hung out at Uncommon Ground, he would go to city hall and suit down and talk with his buddy, the Republican Mayor. So, its easy to see that John who never got attention in his life was acting out with his blog trying to make something of himself. He was a registered Democrat by the way ,but used that only to infiltrate the Democratic party in Saratoga Springs. Al the people there ( active people in the democratic Party) though he was operating with all his marbles. John may have a few friends, but nobody will ever say that John was a down to earth guy that everybody respected ( not) Has anyone ever seen John smile? Think about it. He’s never been a happy camper and certainly no hero. He deserves to be where he is.

  • Horrible circumstances. I hope his Russian buddies provide protection for him. Prison is a special sort of Hell for a man convicted of child related sex offenses.

  • John is where he belongs and where you belong mr Frank Parlato. No one who fights the Vanguard survives. He will extract justice upon you all and also all the other deviants and criminals who chose to attack him.

    • /\ This one is in dos as she uses a capital J, small mr but capital FR and V for the men, so she is still following orders.

      John, as an aside, should know his tattoo was meaningful…

      So it was fated

      • This Anon ^ ^ above is also quoting my pool guy I was outside with and making a not-so-subtle threat very similar to many I’ve received that are being investigated by the local police. These flying monkeys are going apeshit once again. Sigh. Got any others tricks. Thank you for that insight inception. Really needed that!

        • Heidi,

          That is especially creepy. They know your communication with the pool guy or are watching your home.,

          The flying monkeys must be extremely agitated at this point because their Vanguard is going to prison.

        • Heidi,

          I have hunch that one of your adult or teenage male neighbors is obsessed with you, and looked you up the internet. The individual then decided to pretend to be a NXIVM lackey.

    • Pea,
      Today is Memorial Day in America.
      The day we remember those who died so that you, Pea, can have Freedom of Speech and Press.
      The day I remember my direct ancestor who died in the War of 1812 and was buried in an unmarked grave on Grenadier Island in Upstate New York.
      Pea, I hope you remember the sacrifices many good men and women made so that you can insult John Tighe and Frank Parlato.
      God bless you, Pea, and bring you enlightenment and peace.

      • It’s funny, while allison wants to demonize and talk about their victims, at other times when you realize that the story is more sordid than we know and you can not draw the line between victim and victimizer, you say all these women are Moral imbeciles, throwing overboard the afimacion of the victims of allison and other slave teachers, and sometimes come with this deadened treatment to Pea, YOU are all a case of a thousand faces as you need shadow.

        • ” when you realize that the story is more sordid than we know ”

          Keith Raniere could not have done 1% of the crimes he committed without his eager helpers in NXIVM.
          Many of Raniere’s crimes are listed as conspiracies meaning that Raniere had helpers assisting him every step of the way.
          And the sex crimes in which Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were intimately involved, were just the icing on the cake.
          Just read KR Claviger’s excellent run down of the crimes committed by the women of NXIVM
          and the many members of NXIVM who were never indicted.

          RE: Nancy Salzman
          RE: Clare Bronfman
          RE: Allison Mack
          RE: Lauren Salzman
          RE: Kathy Russell

          The first level/type that the NDNY might want to investigate are all the members of Raniere’s so-called “inner-circle” – minus, of course, those who subsequently defected and began providing information to the government (and those who are deceased).

          As detailed by the federal prosecutors in Exhibit GX-362 in the Raniere case, that would include the following:
          – Daniela Padilla Bergeron
          – Alex Betancourt
          – Nicki Clyne
          – Jim Del Negro
          – Monica Duran
          – Loreta Garza
          – Rosa Laura Junco
          – Jack Levy
          – Dawn Morrison
          – Ivy Nevares
          – Emiliano Salinas

          And, finally, another level/type that the NDNY might want to investigate are all the government officials and law enforcement officials in the Albany, NY area who did nothing to stop Raniere’s 20-year crime wave – or who, in some cases, may have aided and abetted him along the way.

          This would include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:
          – P. David Soares: Albany County District Attorney
          – Karen A. Heggen: Saratoga County District Attorney
          – James A. Murphy III: Saratoga County Court Judge & Former Saratoga County District Attorney
          – Richard S. Hartunian: Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of New York
          – Vadim Thomas: Special Agent in Charge of FBI Field Office in Albany, NY
          – Andrew Vale: Former Special Agent in Charge of FBI Field Office in Albany, NY
          – George P. Beach II: Former Superintendent of the New York State Police
          – Rodger Kirsopp: New York State Senior Investigator

          I would seriously suggest to the DOJ that there are so many potential defendants in this case that they appoint a Special Task Force to handle future investigations and prosecutions of NXIVM

          And Joe O’Hara’s law suit filed way back in 2012 lists many of the people in NXIVM who were already suspected of money laundering including Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk.

          PDF file of O’Hara vs. NXIVM

    • Wow. How sick. Keith is nothing but a creepy perv and really had a reign over Mack. You can tell how broke/brainwashed she is, to the point of crying because of how he told her it wasn’t just about her. She deserves what she gets as a punishment but Keith definitely needs to get a-raped in prison for years to come.

    • Listen closely, Nony and I’m sure you’ll hear how Ally’s being strung along. I get exactly where all the underlying sickness about SACRIFICE and head restraints is coming from and it’s sickening, true.

      • Heidi, Allison was one of the Flying Monkeys who attacked Rick Allan Ross who was trying to warn the world about NXIVM.

        “You might find all kinds of bad information out there, and I just want you to go in aware and informed,” Mack told her. “Rick Ross is just trying to [push us down].” The woman ended up in Nxivm for six years. “The mistake I made is that I believed Allison over everybody else.”

        “Rick Ross is just trying to push us down.”
        A direct quote from Allison Mack.


        • in that sense shadow, anyone who stayed after the lawsuit against “Rick Ross or joe o’hara would qualify as flying monkey, and in that sense nobody would be saved, since the recruitment was done by all.

          • That assume the person was aware of, or believed what was in the lawsuit. Just because an accusation is in a lawsuit doesn’t make it true and/or illegal.

          • That’s right.
            After 2012 and the Albany Times Union story about Raniere’s pedophilia everyone who stayed in NXIVM knew that Raniere was running a sex cult as well as a criminal gang involved in numerous crimes.
            And the law suits by Joe O’Hara and Rick Ross also informed the members of NXIVM that the group was a criminal racket involved in a wide range of crimes.

            For people like Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack to stand up in court and say they had no idea what Raniere was doing was a bald faced LIE!

          • This comment is full of fallacies, as are many comments on this website. I don’t get my local newspaper, I couldn’t tell you what scandalous stories are in there. Also, MLMers are told to ignore the news and if they happen to find out about a story to ignore it, because it’s obviously fake news. Many of the NXIVM people didn’t even live in the area. If they were never served, they probably wouldn’t know about the lawsuit. I didn’t know about Amway’s lawsuit against me until I was served. Bronfman and Mack never said they weren’t aware of various crimes in court.

  • John Tighe pissed off a lot of politicians in Saratoga County back in his day. I overheard some people in coffee shops, who were not Nxians, complaining about him – so he was well known. I would look into who would have cooperated with NXIVM to put him away. Everyone thinks he was framed but I think others were also involved.

  • Bravo, John. Great to hear from you. I followed your blog a long time. I wish you peace and soon, freedom.

  • Is John still sick, Frank? I remember reading that the only good of his getting convicted, was that he had access to medical care he would not have had otherwise for some illness. I hope he’s not still sick!
    Thanks for picking up the ball on this, Frank, i always remembered what you wrote about John and hoped there would be justice!

  • What can we do to help him get out? Please find out who to call write etc. I posted this on my fb page.

    • John could nor deny the child porn on his computer. Ask any computer security expert. Evidence can be obtained if anyone put something on your computer. If this is the case- John would not be in Prison. Writing that you think John was framed with this child porn is ” Fake News”
      This is what you want to believe. Its not a fact- John had his own child porn on his computer. He is guilty and he can’t be on any electronic device. How did anybody get his poem from Prison? If he sent anyone a email- he’s guilty on another crime.

      Maybe the best that come of all this hupla, is for John and Keith to be cell mates. That would be the biggest laugh. 🙂

    • Since reportedly saying he wasn’t guilty would be a violation of his plea deal (and result in a vastly longer sentence and far different accommodations), I don’t believe he has.

  • 😢. Thank you, John! Your archived blog helped Frank and all of us immensely to help see justice done in Brooklyn and perhaps in your beloved Saratoga, too. You are sorely missed and dearly appreciated.

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