Guest View: Keith- Mathematical Genius or Gibberish?

Marie White's impressive painting of Keith Alan Raniere as 'Queef." Raniere reportedly adopted that name when he sneaked out to swinger's clubs in Rochester New York allegedly in company of a teller blond man. .

By Mildred V. Ransom 

Keith Alan Raniere made a living building on people’s trust. He got them to trust blindly and unquestioningly. This is evident in the math equations Keith writes on a whiteboard which we saw in a video presented in court in his trial.

Below is a screenshot of his so-called ‘genius deduction.

So brilliant. Keith Alan Raniere looks over his genius calculations.

It’s high-quality gibberish.

Let’s look at the five lines


With the exception of line 1, the other 4 lines do not follow the structure of an equation.

An equation– equates something. It has a left-hand side (LHS) and a right-hand side (RHS) that are connected by an “=” [equal to] sign.

Lines 2-5 are NOT equations.


The top line does have a LHS and RHS that are connected by an “=” sign. However, there are no constants or coefficients, making it an equation that has no answer.

If an equation has only variables with no constants, there cannot be a solution.

The second line is gibberish. Some characters put together. But NOT an equation. He is stating something is less than something. What is “to the power of” +?

The third line looks like an equation but in between the LHS and RHS, he has a “not equal to” sign. He is saying something is NOT equal to zero.

That’s not an equation or something to solve. It’s just a statement that they are NOT equal to zero. What is that absolute symbol doing inside a matrix that has a variable fraction? Is that for special effects?

Lines 4 and 5 are incomplete. They have only LHS that ends in a dash. Again, this is not solvable.

Now coming to the explanation of why Line 1 equations are NOT solvable.

They must have a constant to be solvable.

Here’s a simple example with a constant: Sarah has x apples. John has 5 apples more than Sarah. Together they have 9 apples. How many apples do Sarah and John have?

[X + x + 5 = 9  |  2x + 5 = 9  |  2x = 9-5  |  2x = 4  |  X = 4/2=2…… x = 2]

So Sarah has 2 apples, John has 2+5 = 7 apples. Together they have 9 apples.  The constants are 5 and 9.

What happens if there are NO constants?

Sarah has x apples. John has y apples more than Sarah. Together they have z apples.

[X + x + y = z  |  2 x + y = z  or x + y = z]

How do you solve this?  Without any constant, it’s unsolvable.

That’s what Keith wrote in line 1. They are all variables. There’s no solution to that.

He pretends to write complicated stuff knowing fully that NO ONE would question him. And if they did, he would give an unsatisfactory answer, and people would be afraid to ask more.


The world’s smartest man, Keith Alan Raniere, is asked how to find the end of the universe. He has, of course, a suitable answer.

In another video shown in court, Mark Vicente asks Keith, “How do you get to the end of the universe?”

Keith answers, “You have a universe. You are like in some sort of dense nebula or something like that. And the nebula is in the middle of a sphere that’s one light year in radius. So–”

Then Keith starts writing in a notebook for several seconds and the video ends.

Does he tell Mark how to get to the end of the universe? We don’t know, the video ended.

‘Keith Alan Raniere – he knows all, he sees all’ – by artist Marie White.


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  • Be aware that cherry poppin daddy (not) alleges he invented his own mathematics also. This might be the bullshit it spoke of.

  • Just dropping in to say that the second line has a blackboard bold Z with superscript +; that commonly means the positive integers, since blackboard bold Z represents the integers, coming from the German Zahlen. The + is not an exponent.

    Nonetheless, I agree it doesn’t make sense. (Admission: I’m not familiar with this website or whoever Keith is.)

    • The formula at the top was based on the idea that only the positive integers 1 and 2 could be solutions, so that means the second line could be related to the formula. The guy who proved it several hundred years after it was asked used some very obscure math to solve it. It could easily be applicable.

  • True story about the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini as told by Ernest Hemingway:

    The Fascist dictator had announced that he would receive the press. Everybody came. We all crowded into the room. Mussolini sat at his desk reading a book.… Mentally he was already reading the lines of the two thousand newspapers served by the two hundred correspondents. “As we entered the room the Black Shirt Dictator did not look up from the book he was reading, so intense was his concentration, etc.” I tip-toed over behind him to see what the book was that he was reading with such avid interest. It was a French-English dictionary—held upside down.
    Ernest Hemingway, Toronto Daily Star (27 January 1923)

  • Love this site. I genuinely think it is doing the best reporting on the NXIVM trial. But posting these painfully crude and poorly done art pieces really damages the legitimacy of the site, and makes it seem a lot less professional .

    • You must not have much of an appreciation for art. The painting at the top is meant to show how f*cked up Raniere is, he is a painfully crude and poorly done human being. Got it?

    • I hardly doubt some mediocre artist can damage the intelligent reporting being done on this site. You should see some of the other crap art painted by Marie she might be as crazy as Van Gogh. Don’t chop off your ear Marie

    • not a big fan of EXPRESSIONISM? well you can go back to your water lillies but hey dont criticise someone elses vision accept or reject but it should NEVER be censored

  • Was this his end of the world equation? I wonder if he has an equation about the outcome of his trial?

    The unsolvable line 1 must’ve had something to do with trying to figure out the problem with his limp prick.

  • I can’t believe this is the post that actually got me to comment, but just because something in math has “no equal signs” or “all variables” doesn’t mean it’s gibberish. The first set of equations is likely in reference to Fermat’s last theorem which is a very famous problem in mathematics that was proposed in 1637 and was unsolved until 1994. The rest looks like some attempt at set theory, although I can’t say if the notation is correct or it makes any mathematical sense whatsoever. The superscript ‘+’ sign is probably not meant to be “to the power of +” and probably means something like “restricted to positive numbers.” Also I doubt the [|x/y|] is meant to be a matrix and is more likely to have to do with equivalence classes. I have little doubt his mathematical genius is complete BS, but this analysis isn’t much more thoughtful. Would be cool if someone with this type of mathematical expertise could weigh in.

    • Yeah, and I’ll bet that the only math skills you have pal are addition and subtraction to your bank accounts.

      Or are you an unpaid flying monkey zombie who can’t even manage that? If you’d snap out of your trance and learned to multiply you’d know all NX ever tutored you to do was multiply money into their many bank accounts while fucking your kids.

      • Several people here have commented the same thing as I did. You can look all this up to verify. I have a statistics degree and took higher level math classes in college, which is how I recognized Fermat’s last theorem. I just said this post was not well thought out, not that Keith is a genius. And I’m not affiliated with Nxivm in any way. I just wanted to clarify the first equation is one of the most famous problems in mathematics, because it was a bit annoying to see everyone patting themselves on the back saying it’s unsolvable, doesn’t make sense because it has no constants, etc.

        On a personal note, I’m a bit disappointed to receive this comment from you as I’ve always thought you were one of the dwindling number of thoughtful commenters on this board and appreciated your point of view. (I’ve lurked here for a while, but never post.) But I understand a negative reaction if you interpreted my comment as some kind of defense of Keith, which was not and would never be my intention.

        • I apologize notonalist, I thought you were someone else on here (in the midst of another hacker attack or some form of blatant harassment on my household often accented by a comment on or email to FR). Not sayin’ it’s all related to NX, btw, but may be in the big picture. There’s a Mexican person already known to the police and served with a summons, who seems to believe the Puto PRI party can do more to preserve his immigration status than local authorities.)

          KAR had some promoters (pimps) around him out of their IT dept. freak show who remain at large — Ben Myers (son in law of Nancy Salzman), Steve Ose, Karen Unterreiner, Matthew Mu, Special K, Michelle Salzman, many Mexicans I don’t know well enough to name — who would know, as you do, that “equation” included a famous therum who probably researched it planning to steal and attribute it to KAR in addition to using such props to captivate girls who quit school to be tutored at the feet of the genius.

          Most recently these brainier, educated minions were filing lawsuits against major US corporations claiming Keith invented the tech behind their products.

          It’s no coincidence that Gina, my sister, was hacking our puter getting data on a “Telmex” project my ex was paid $8M by Carlos Slim Helú to develop with Alvin Toffler.

  • Most of this is first order logic as you learn in graduate math, not an equation as you would learn in high school.

  • Even I know that a mathematical equation has to balance on both sides, and I ain’t too bright. I mean, it’s right there in the name equation. Rainiere must have known there would be at least some math literate people among his minions, so he must have been doing this out of sheer contempt. Seeing how far he could go with these fools.

    Interesting that Vicente asked him such a basic cosmological question. I thought Vicente was known for the gee-whiz “science” documentary he made. One that was all about such deepities. Even more interesting that the great genius didn’t know the answer to this simple question, which is available in any of dozens- hundreds- of basic, popular cosmology, astronomy, and physics books. Even I know the answer to that one.

    Rainiere’s grift depended on people not asking questions. This was his minion’s fatal flaw: they never asked. Never questioned. Which is very odd, if they considered him a teacher. Isn’t that how teaching works? The Socratic method and all that? Encouraging students to ask questions. That’s how you get people to think and learn how to figure things out. What kind of teacher, what kind of guru discourages probing questions? A bad one, a phony.

    So why did none of his clown posse question his greatness? Well, they’re idiots, sure. But it may also have been after spending ten, twenty, a hundred grand on his nonsense, they couldn’t admit to themselves that it’s all hokum. They were in too deep, couldn’t admit they’d been hoodwinked. They were too invested.

    So they sat there while he wrote meaningless strings of nonsense symbols on a whiteboard, nodding sagely and saying nothing, while both Raniere and his acolytes knew perfectly well that these were strings of nonsense symbols.

  • He also used a rubic’s cube as a prop. He’d have everyone who walked through the door try to solve it and even those who could couldn’t do it fast as Keith. Practiced it a lot. I noticed in a video clip there was one on his desk at the library. Can’t believe that at his age he still using a fad from HighSchool to try to dazzle the ladies. I don’t think he ever truly seduced anyone in his life.

    • Dani’s testimony describing that horrible threesome with queef and Russell makes me think your correct about him not seducing anyone. Russell was reaching for Dani to help her not join.

  • Idiots are the people who believed in all that rusbish without thinking twice and enabled this abusive monster to the point that he didn’t even need to drive for decades.

  • Very often gibberish is mistaken for intelligent language/genius. Look at our politics. Keith is the product of a gullible and innocent society. gullible and innocent are not insults, but to men like Keith, they are.

    • Xcellent point, ION! Takes a strong man — like Mark V. to admit he’s been fleeced like a sheep, too.

      • Lol. That wasn’t me but that was a good one. It’s not that you have to agree with anyone on here, Bangkookery, DeezNuts, Scott Johnson ET AL but why must you oppose everyone in a manner that justifies KAR’s behavior and further humiliates his victims on a topic you so obviously don’t know the first thing about?

        You’ve already demonstrated your keen ability to wipe out the “competition” in a comments section on here and every place you’ve ever graced with your annoying, vapid presence including Twitter.

        There are court orders banning you from ever again visiting the websites of your former Amway distributor competitors. $50k was a small price for Amway to pay to get those orders and just get rid of you.

        If you’re the heroic MLM fighter you claim to be, why aren’t you all over NERIUM and Jeff Olson’s ass? They’re touting a poisonous, fountain of youth oleander cream that women of all ages smear on their faces under the guise of female empowerment featuring Olson’s own highly successful daughter and her “live happy” la dee da, oblivious is prettiest magazine. Talk about deeply cynical misogyny. At least Amway products aren’t poisonous and most require FDA approval unlike topical ointments that don’t even need a warning label. In fact, NERIUM — and yes I’ve wondered about the similarity in title to NXIVM — products are derived from Oleander fields originally grown under a federal government science grant to study the plant’s alleged cancer-prevention properties before being abandon due to the high fatality risks of ingestion but I know some cancer survivors who use it religiously bc someone in their upline and NERIUM’s promo material itself suggest it may yet be the secret cure the government doesn’t want to let anyone in on.

        Bet Olson got a real sweet deal taking those killing fields off Uncle Sam’s hands. And they’re creaming their poisoned victims and enemies in court all over the place.

        But we all know how Scott Johnson feels about cancer patients after he told one on here, Heather Anne, to die faster. And she was a Trump/MAGA supporter who made some sense.

        It’s also clear that like the playground bully in grade school you try to “Trump” the voices you perceive as the most vulnerable when they may just not be taking you on bc they don’t want to stoop to your juvenile level but don’t want to be punked by you in their failure to respond either.

        Again, I’m requesting that you kindly leave my name out of your bangkookery. That little skit you pulled as DeezNuts playing peek-a-boo I’m Dennis Burke or Sultan might be funny to you but for those of us who may really be set in his sights under one pretext or another for any shark to take a bigger feeding on Clare Bronfman or Emiliano Salinas’ piggy banks, it’s not funny for long.

        And if you think a pic of a man with a gun shooting Frank Report readers isn’t enough to get this blog shut down or someone thrown in prison, namely Frank, you better consider the backfire on Roger Stone for using weapon symbology as satire.

        If this were my blog with all due respect to Frank’s 1st Amendment love affair I’d have slapped restraining orders on you so hard and fast your head would still be spinning.

        This is your last warning to keep my name out of your posts before I do just that. Consider yourself officially on notice.

        • Do what? Comment about a commenter? Frank’s blog will not be shut down over someone’s comments nor will he end up in jail.
          Hyperbole much? There was a livestream of a mass shooting. It was self corrected and not because of any threats by the DOJ or even FCC.

      • I very much doubt that. I have an electrical engineering degree and was an officer in the U.S. Nuclear Propulsion Navy. I have probably had more exposure to math than virtually anybody else on this website.

        • That’s not all you were exposed to, Johnson, if that’s anywhere close to true. Why didn’t you know the name of that therum “Fermat’s Last Thermum” that a couple of educated math whiz’s on here recognized immediately?

          You didn’t even call it a “therum” — referring to it as an “equation” — which puts you at a lower, alleged “exposure” level (to math) than even myself — I gave up the second I knew calculators existed in the 8th grade or so.

          So, you were (allegedly) in the same nuclear sub program as my brother, Eric Hutchinson?

          What a happy coincidence!

          You must, at least, know OF Eric? In fact, Eric’s pic still graces the hallowed halls of Naval Headquarters in D.C., a fact I have included in several unpublished posts sent to FR over the weekend with verifiable facts on Eric. Eric was also a mad genius — though his IQ paled in proportion to KAR’s 240 by about 80 pts. or so which still put him in the normal genius range.

          Eric went AWOL and apeshit but was most honorably discharged none the less.

          Now, quick, off the top Schlock, what was what was the name of the famous General who ran that elite, top secret sub program?

          You have two minutes to answer after Frank posts this or your comment will self-destruct, sucker.

          • Heidi, I dealt mainly in engineering/practical math, not play/theoretical math. That is the reason I wasn’t familiar with it.

            And it’s spelled theorem, not thermum or therum. LOL

            Also, I called it a formula, not an equation. However, it is also an equation, because it has an “=” sign.

            Also, it’s not a “sub” program, as there are also aircraft carriers and there used to be nuclear powered cruisers as well.

            I never heard of your brother, was he the guy who escorted me into Admiral (not general) Rickover’s office for the interview?

            Hard to imagine he didn’t go AWOL and apesh!t after being around you.

      • Thanks Actaeon. Not an unfortunate hunter but a god after all. Keith & Nancy never let the primo slaves finish school except under his tutoring so they wouldn’t know. But their hackers can cut & paste pretty well. Not seamlessly but they’re good at key loggers right Clare?

      • NOTONALIST is right. It is not provable gibberish. Frank’s post is incorrect. The first line relates to Fermat’s Last Theorem.
        The last lines appear to be algebraic manipulation of that. The p-2 exponent seems to refer to the fact that Wylie’s famous proof of the theorem solves it for prime exponents greater than two (since even exponents had already been solved). See:

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