Justice for John Tighe

John Tighe at Uncommon Grounds

Several readers have recently asked what’s going to happen to the Frank Report when the trial of Keith Raniere is over – and he has, hopefully, been sentenced to federal prison for at least 20-25 years.

While there are several possibilities – monitoring what the Northern District of New York does or doesn’t do in terms of investigating and prosecuting at least some of the other NXIVM-related crimes that occurred in that locale; focusing attention on other cases of injustice involving over-zealous prosecutors or, as in the NXIVM case, compromised ones; etc. – there is one thing for certain: the Frank Report will not rest until there is justice for John Tighe.


Most readers know about John.

He was a local blogger based in Saratoga Springs, NY who saw first-hand the negative impact that NXIVM was starting to have on his hometown – and who decided to do something about it.

And so he began publishing stories about some of the things the cult was doing – and named names as he did so.

Along the way, he gained the confidence of some cult members who provided him with detailed information about some of NXIVM’s illegal operations: e.g., the money laundering, the statutory rapes, the perjuries, the entrapment of public officials, etc.

Raniere hated the fact that John was getting accurate and timely information from NXIVM insiders (He was particularly incensed when John published a detailed report of the secret cabal meeting on Necker Island — and published numerous photos from the festivities).

Necker Island

He was even more upset that John was casting a non-stop spotlight on the cult’s activities – and showing up at NXIVM events like Vanguard Week to take pictures of who was there.

John published a list of all the local properties that NXIVM had bought up.

He published a list of all the tax lines involving high-ranking members of NXIVM.

And he published a list of all the NXIVM coaches – and documented the pyramid nature of the company’s operations.

He exposed the fact that the Rainbow Cultural Garden (RCG) operation was both an unlicensed daycare operation and an unlicensed school.

Rainbow Cultural Garden

He also revealed the fact that most of the nannies at RCG were unqualified to do their assigned jobs – and that many of them were in the U.S. illegally.

He wrote about the sham marriages that NXIVM set up so some of its foreign members could stay in the U.S. – and its other illegal immigration-related activities.

In short, he was unrelenting in his desire to expose the truth about NXIVM – in the same way that Frank Parlato is today.


And then on October 23, 2013, John’s residence was subjected to an early morning raid by a contingent of New York State Troopers led by Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp.

Rodger Kirsopp – He started out investigating NXIVM’s criminal activities but then, for some unknown reason, switched sides and began pursuing NXIVM’s enemies.

At the exact same time, other NYS Troopers were raiding the residences of two of NXIVM’s other major critics: Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara.

Based on eyewitness accounts, there were at least 15 NYS Troopers involved in the three raids.

And the alleged crime that led to all that firepower being deployed?

Illegally accessing the server that housed NXIVM’s website.

Just wrap your head around that for a minute…15 State Troopers conducting a highly-coordinated, early-morning raid in three different locations throughout New York State in order to seize the computers of three people who had allegedly accessed NXIVM’s website.

As we would later find out, the investigation into Tighe, Natalie, and O’Hara had started in the summer of 2011 in the County of Saratoga – which is where the server that hosted NXIVM’s website was located.


Several months after his computers were seized by Rodger Kirsopp and his NYS Trooper cronies, John Tighe was arrested on child pornography charges.

Shortly thereafter, John was also charged – along with Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, and Barbara Bouchey – with illegally accessing NXIVM’s website (Bouchey had dealt herself into the mix by accessing NXIVM’s website several months after she first learned about the raids on the residences of Tighe, Natalie, and O’Hara).

Faced with the possibility of a 20-year sentence – and trying to deal with a life-threatening medical issue for which he did not have health coverage at the time – John opted to take a plea deal that resulted in him being sentenced to a 5-year term at a federal medical facility.

The “good news” is that the John has received excellent medical care while he’s been in federal custody.

The “better news” is that he will be released from federal custody in the not too distant future.


But neither of those positive outcomes will ever make up for what’s happened to John if he is, in fact, innocent of the charges for which he’s been imprisoned.

Based on a reliable source who is understandably concerned about incurring the wrath of the New York State Police (NYSP) – and who has, therefore, chosen to remain anonymous – we are now raising questions that should have been asked a long time ago.

(1) Did one or more members of NXIVM inform New York State Trooper LaBaron from the Bolton Landing barracks that John had attempted to poison the drinking water at the Silver Bay resort during a celebration of Vanguard Week?

A sign posted at Silver Bay Resort.

(2) Was Raniere so enraged when the Silver Bay ploy did not result in John’s arrest that he ordered additional measures to be taken in order to shut him and his blog down once and for all?

(3) Was Ben Meyer tasked with the job of planting child porn on one of John’s computers?

(4) Did Clare Bronfman – and several other high-ranking members of NXIVM – provide false statements to Rodger Kirsopp about John?

Clare Bronfman – Perjurer Extraordinaire

(5) Why did Kirsopp not close-down the investigation when Jim Murphy, the then-Saratoga County District Attorney – and the Office of the New York State Attorney General – both refused to prosecute the computer trespass allegations against Tighe, Natalie, and O’Hara?

(6) Why did Kirsopp not raise any questions when the Office of the Albany County District Attorney suddenly indicated out-of-the-blue that it was going to start its own computer trespass investigation? At a minimum, why didn’t he ask how such a crime could have been committed in Albany County when the server in question was in Saratoga County at the time of the alleged illegal accessing?

(7) Why did Kirsopp arrange to have John’s computers destroyed as soon as he had entered a guilty plea?

(8) Why did Kirsopp and the New York State Police fight so hard to “wipe clean” the computers that had been seized from Natalie and O’Hara even though the computer trespassing charges against them had been dismissed?

(9) Who in NXIVM knows the truth about whether child porn was planted on one of John’s computers: Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Karen Unterreiner, Esther Chiappone, Siobahn Hotaling, Ivy Nevares, Ben Myers?

(10) Why during the course of his investigation of Tighe, Natalie, and O’Hara did Kirsopp meet and confer more than two dozen times with the lawyers representing NXIVM: i.e., Steve Coffey, Pam Nichols, and Mike McDermott?

(11) Why did Kirsopp not disclose the fact that the person who provided him with “evidence” of the alleged illegal accessing – Ben Myers – was, in fact, a member of the NXIVM cult (Kirsopp portrayed Myers as an outside computer expert)?

(12) Why did Kirsopp never have NXIVM’s server examined by the NYSP’s own forensic experts?

(13) How many other computer trespass cases have been investigated by the NYSP before – or after – this case?

(14) How many other cases of possession of child pornography that have been investigated by the NYSP only involved one file on one of the alleged perpetrator’s computers?

(15) How many other cases of possession of child pornography that have been investigated by the NYSP involved no file sharing by the alleged perpetrator?

(16) Why did Rodger Kirsopp shut down the investigation of child molestation by the son of one of NXIVM’s high-ranking members?

(17) Why did the NYSP not investigate Jim Odato and Suzanne Andrews for illegally accessing NXIVM’s server (They were both named as defendants, along with Natalie and O’Hara, in a federal civil lawsuit for computer trespass that was dismissed when it was determined that Clare Bronfman had perjured herself)?

(18) Why after helping her to escape Raniere’s clutches did Kirsopp try to hunt down Kristin Keeffe so he could charge her with stealing a computer that belonged to NXIVM?

(19) Why did Kirsopp include this statement in his report about John Tighe: “I contacted FBI, SA David Fallon regarding Federal Prosecution of TIGHE. Same advised that he has identified 50 images as child pornography, the videos received have problematic issues for prosecution since most of the videos are preceded by a banner indicating the models were 18 years of age. SA Fallon advised that federal charges would remain pending the complete review of the materials obtained from TIGHE’S residence.”

(20) Was Tighe aware of the problems prosecutors might have had in proving the case – or at least his intent – when he took his plea deal?

The end of Keith Raniere’s reign of terror is in sight.

But even when he’s shuffled off to whatever federal prison may well be his home for the rest of his life, the Frank Report will continue on.

No rest until we have justice for John Tighe.

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K.R. Claviger


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  • I followed the article until my eyes glazed over with detail. I get it. This guy was “hard core investigator” and “set-up” for the fall. But my mind keeps coming back to his tattoo: google translated, “It is all fate” (or by fate). Which leads ME to think this guy BORN into this role of shattering light upon immeasureable dark. Yes, SOME people ARE born for the roles they play in our common-space! I am NOT descrediting his very real complaints that need to be investigated at the ground level….only saying, for those who don’t “get it,” that there ARE NO VICTIMS! WE ALL AGREE (Soul Contract) to the roles that we play. That is my point. My only point. That said, this guy is DEFINITELY a “Winner” IMHO because he IS fulfilling his Soul-Contract.

  • WOW, this is a must read. What the filthy bastard Obama got away with is absolutely sick. Raniere has nothing on the filthy Marxist

  • You may have missed one possibility with John. In light of the existence of the Super Computer called HAMMER, created by Obama, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Chuck Schummer, Adam Schiff among others, to do a few things. First, it collected All Information on All Citizens of the U.S. as well as any of their Enemies in or outside the U.S. for First Control and blackmail but also for PLANTING evidence on the equipment of their enemies to get rid of them when all else failed. John may not have had enough private or personal information gathered from him, his records, Medical, Financial, IRS, Phones, Computers and so on that They went with planting information on his computer. You know there are high ranking officials in the U.S. Government that were involved with or compromised and any one of them may have used the resources of HAMMER to take him down or to plant whatever information they needed to make sure he went down for some crime. Judges, and other Government officials and Military have been brought down by the use of HAMMER and it still exists. The Democrats are all very familiar with it including Maxine Waters who in her brilliance let out the existence of this database and its use now and in the future on live TV. I have the video right here. It is on YouTube with few views but also downloaded by 100’s of Thousands of others downloading it for safe keeping. But Last I knew it was still available on YouTube. Okay, just checked it is still on YouTube with more views, most likely because we have been pushing it out a whole lot lately due to all kinds of other evidence proving the existence of HAMMER. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/s4c7BpwDFMo

    This super computer is first of all a violation of every Americans Privacy and violates our constitutional rights but it also contains data on more than just U.S. citizens but people all over the world. Just the data that can be collected off your smart phone and smart TV including video, photos and audio, which they can turn on and off at their will and collect whatever is going on in its sight or within reach of their mic’s. But Smart Phones record everything you do, go, buy, search, travel, everything and every place you go and everything you do. Yes your phone calls as well. It is all recorded and stored and used by HAMMER. If any politicians, especially Democrats, are involved or controlled or mixed up in Nxivm, then they have access to HAMMER and it can be used to do whatever they darn well please.

    Granted, there are other ways to plant information on a persons smart phone, computer, or any other device with storage, but with HAMMER nobody need to have access to your equipment for it to do whatever they want. It bypasses every security device and/or software you could possible put up to protect your equipment.

    Did you know Smart TV’s have a fake off mode? Yup, and they have mic’s built in and some even have camera’s but they really do not need it with the technology that is available with the screens they use in those Smart TV’s now a days.

    Just another possible source to check into as to how someone could be framed and nobody even need stop by your residence or business. It can be put on your phone as you are on your morning run or walk, while you phone is with you or not. Even smart phones still collect data when they are off, but not if you can still pull the battery. One big mess and a huge problem. Just more for us to make sure is cleaned up and in this case it needs to be dismantled and destroyed along with its data, backups, and Mirror sites or replicated data. Nobody should have such a database and system, it is just to much temptation to be used for evil and not good. However there is no good reason to have that kind of data on all the citizens in your Country, under any circumstance.

    Great Article ! And I truly hope John can get right back into what he did before he was setup.

  • Thank you for writing about John Tighe. I don’t remember how I found his blog, but I used to read it regularly. I thought the whole situation was suspicious when he was arrested. I am grateful you stand up for him.

    Perhaps when he is released, he can be a writer for you here on Frank Report. I’d like to see both of you hold local law enforcement accountable.

  • I love this article and I applaud the news. I was reading Saratoga In Decline long before I ever found the Frank Report. However, as much as I hate to say it, I suspect Raniere’s possible mistrials and post-conviction appeals will last for years to come. This blog will have plenty to do for a long time to come, in addition to helping John.

    Maybe one day it will become a more civilized place.

  • Intriguing. ? State troopers doing a raid? I didn’t think they had that type of authority.

  • Will he be called as a witness for the prosecution? He needs to be subpoenaed and asked these questions in open court under oath. And maybe he can provide answers to these questions. His own bank accounts should be part of discovery.

  • While Tighe is an interesting case, it is doubtful most of the questions above will be pursued, unless the NDNY pushes for them. It’s hard to imagine enough people will come forward at this point to help find the truth. Tighe is scheduled to be released in August 2020, so unless someone starts getting his input from prison now, it’s going to be a while before he is available. In any event, the news will be slow and sporatic.

    Another project to go after during the lulls in the Tighe case would be the MLM scam that taught Raniere everything about MLM scams when he was in it and before he started Consumers’ Buyline, AMWAY. Other MLMs are also scams, so the entire industry could be better exposed by this website. Here’s a typical Amway story, for those of you who think Amway and other MLM scams are harmless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHr2dpN4S6g&list=PL9Ul_gf5dVF1Z-uY8fXZf8MvTjfES9S3g There are millions of people being scammed right now by Amway and other MLM scams. I’m planning on having a woman on my radio show this Saturday at 8:30 pm Eastern time with another typical yet tragic Amway story that she’s still in the middle of, the number to call to listen live is 347-237-4097 and I promise I won’t force niceguy to say anything. You can also listen to a recording of the show within a couple of days or so at http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/scott-johnson-peter-mingils/

    • Scott, have you seen this Youngevity business, Joel Wallach’s latest MLM scam, can’t stand that shyster. He’s a maniac and a quack. The vitamins themselves may not be necessarily harmful, but the insane medical advice he gives out on call-in radio programs is harmful. I cannot understand how the FDA or the FTC doesn’t do something.

      • Yes, I’m familiar with Youngevity. It’s not that Youngevity isn’t being reported: https://www.truthinadvertising.org/?s=youngevity, it’s that not enough people are complaining, especially to the FTC. I asked an FTC attorney a few years ago why they couldn’t go after Amway based on the copious information on my website http://www.StopTheAmwayToolScam.wordpress.com and she said they need a certain number of complaints (naturally she wouldn’t name the number) before they do anything. If people don’t complain to the FTC, and it’s very easy to do on their website, nothing happens.

        The woman who is coming on my radio show today started her complaint as we were talking on the phone this week. We need more people doing this regarding all MLM scams, including Youngevity.

        But first, they need to understand what an illegal pyramid and RICO fraud are. An illegal pyramid is when little to no retail sales are made to non-distributor customers, which applies to most MLMs. A RICO fraud is related to tool scams, which is when most of the profit for the upline comes from the various things they sell to their downline, including meeting tickets, books, audio/visual recordings, website access, voice mail, etc., and they misrepresent most of their profit comes from the MLM itself.

      • P.S., the miraculous medical claims are necessary because the products are overpriced and therefore not only nearly impossible to sell the products to non-distributor customers, but also too expensive for the distributor themselves to buy for their own consumption unless backed up by a miracle cure of various ailments and the promise of future wealth by building a massive downline over time.

  • Partial justice, perhaps. Tighe will never get the years in prison back, but at least he received the medical treatment he couldn’t afford. Does anyone know whether he is currently living in the medical center or the camp?

  • Is it possible that Roger Kirsopp got paid off or got caught with his pants down with one of Keith Raniere’s women?

    Treats to expose his sexual photos to his wife could have been enough to cause Roger Kirsopp to go to any length to do NXIVM’S evil deeds for them.

    Roger stopping for a drink on the way home after a long shift at work, a sexy young lady saddles up to the barstool next to him can cause certain middle aged men do foolish things.

    One of Raniere’s women would on been e front loaded about Roger’s information about him provided by a PI hired by Clare Bronfman through Steve Coffey’s firm. We all know they are good at that.

    A shoe box or two, three full of some of that cash from Nancy Salzman house could of that been enough for Roger Kirsopp to turn a blind eye to what was wrong with the investigation?

    Roger Kirsopp needs to watch for that insulation from Nancy Salzman attic when he gives some cash to his kids for the ice cream man.

    Maybe he sound consider washing the money first to clean it up.

    Silly story isn’t it. This is pure speculation. I’m sure NXIVM would never stoop so low to go after their enemies.


    • So the branding was really a cooperative collaboration between Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.
      And all of you fools who insist that Mack was strong-armed into branding women are deceiving yourselves.

      At no point did Mack say that the branding was so horrible that it should be abandoned.


      • For any of you who don’t already believe that shadow is delusional, click on the above Rochester Democrat & Chronicle link and listen to the 3min 34sec audio that shadow is using to double down on his point that Allison is the brainchild of the branding.

        “I don’t know those are my thoughts” Exactly what Keith would say to someone after explicitly telling them what to do.

      • Did you miss the mention of others plural that KAR refers to in that audio?! Allison being AMONG the others who, apparently, got the brand by what sounds a whole lot like coercion, Keith-style, to me.

        And, in fact, the ear-whispering, repeat aloud method Allison was subjected to during her branding experience — to attach slave to master or to a painful belief with each painful, fearsome, stroke — sounded a mite too much like “coercion” to Keith, as well.

        Wouldn’t want to confuse “submission” with “coercion” now would we? So, the grandmaster wisely suggests, let’s just have you branding fools hold down their feet and HEAD and videotape all 7 strokes at varying angles to show “submission” not coercion.

        Btw, I heard Keith just hates that sexy number 7. As in the GBD “sexy 7?” Or maybe that ol’ devil number 7 that Jim Odato once pointed out was, entirely coincidentally, in the last digits of my, Toni Natalie and Gina Melita’s phone numbers?

        Shadow & co. If you’d ever get off Allison’s case you might have heard the more alarming concept of “human sacrifice” being introduced in the mix on that tape. In fact, it’s emphasized repeatedly by KAR to Allison — was he conditioning her? You think, maybe, possibly? Now, the branding is a “sacrifice?” Not just a submission and certainly not any kind of coercion — not on KAR’s part.

        And, here goes Allison again making a self-incriminating recording.

        Allison was the chosen one, alright. The chosen one to take the fall for this and God knows what else the madman has planned that the Salzman’s NLP and computer skills might assist him in getting away with so long as they can pin the blame on whatever other pretty sap they lure into their death trap!

        Is their a Vulcano suitable for virgin sacrifices on that fucking Fiji Island?!

        • “And, in fact, the ear-whispering, repeat aloud method Allison was subjected to during her branding experience”

          Is Ally Wack branded?

          “Jane” the GBD-DOS slave says she is not and instead has a tattoo.

          “Btw, I heard Keith just hates that sexy number 7. As in the GBD “sexy 7?””

          Also, there were plans for GBD to be relaunched when Kreuk claimed she had already left. Instead, Kreuk attached herself to a group called “I Am That Girl” in around 2014. I wonder if the founder of that was involved with NXISCUM…?🤔

          She went to a book signing to sign the persons book for impressionable teen girls, “tee hee”🤭


      • shadow again you lose yourself in your red cloud, this is no more than the testimony that lauren gave in court about how KAR instruct the first line slaves about the rituals that should be done to perform the brand ceremony, at no time makes it clear that allison is discussing something with KAR m so here is nothing new that Lauren has not already said in his testimony about the brand, the title is only the already sensationalist sensationalist that many media of little journalistic value like to use and given that the name of Allison mack even being in the mud sells more than the one of lauren and the one of KAR or any other woman of TWO inclincing the Machiavellian genius of nicky.

    • Excellent! thanks for the link.

      She’s fully complicit. This is a joint decision: two people eagerly looking forward to a branding ceremony. Ceremony, as if it were a wedding or a child’s baptism. Or a sacrifice, human or animal. Rainiere seems to gleefully reference this aspect of it, speaking of the “victim”, describing with relish precisely how she is to be held down. Mack seems a little less enthusiastic about this aspect of the ceremony, perhaps working over in her mind how this victimizing and torturing women ties in with her lauded feminism. Maybe, way back in her mind, she picks up on this man’s delight in subjugating and hurting women– a backsliding thought she is quick to extinguish. How could she suspect this great man, the love of her life and light of her eyes, of having such base urges. No! It’s she who must be at fault, for not understanding! So she hastens to agree with him. Wholeheartedly.

      Historical aside. There is in the annals the description of a Viking chieftain’s funeral, recorded by an Arab trader. There was an elaborate ceremony before the body of the noble man was burned. His horse was beheaded, his dog also, their corpses to be burned with his. One of his slaves, a young woman, his thrall, was ritually raped, each man who took her proclaiming that he was doing this for the man whose death they celebrated. The woman was sacrificed along with his animals, her body burned on the pyre with his weapons. This, of course, took place in the early middle ages, among people who were truly and proudly barbarians. And this is precisely the kind of thing that Keith Raniere and Allison Mack looked to as sources of inspiration and enlightenment. This is who these people are.

      This is why they’re going to prison. Because we no longer live in the middle ages.

        • No Actaeon doesn’t. All decent people are outraged by the crimes of NXIVM.
          And all decent people are outraged that a self-proclaimed feminist like Allison Mack would be complicit in these crimes.

          Heidi, you might read this comment before you go out on a limb defending the likes of Allison Mack.

          May 22, 2019 at 6:36 pm
          Lauren and Allie made some of us do horrible, horrible disgusting things. I only like men, but those two made us try every lesbian act you can imagine with them and others and we feel sick to this day about it. Never heard of ‘rimming’ or ‘fisting’ before meeting Mistress Allie and Mistress Allie but I feel soooo gross and used by those women :(. Please pray that they will regret what they done to so many nice girls. I feel no man will want me now am so ashamed

          • To Shadow and Actaeon – I m not defending Allison (except from you when you make inaccurate statements). I am simply stating a fact – that these horrors of NXIVM were Keith’s idea. Obviously, the women went along with his ideas. HIS IDEAS. This is fact. Not a defense.

            If it makes you feel better to pivot from “It was all Allison’s idea”, to “she was complicit”, then go for it. But you aren’t fooling anyone.

    • They were discussing the ceremony for the second level slaves. The story doesn’t address how the original idea came up to cauterize the Raniere front-line women.

  • With all of the computer crimes committed by NXIVM and its members over the last 15 years, including Nancy Salzman’s admitted hacking of Rick Ross’ computers, it should be no surprise that NXIVM is up to its old tricks in terms of hacking computers.

    NXIVM will not stop even with the convictions of Nancy and Lauren, Allison and Clare, Kathy and Keith.
    NXIVM will only be stopped until at least half of the cult is eliminated by conviction and incarceration for long periods of time.
    Three or four years just won’t cut it with these NXIVM terrorists.

    NXIVM must be treated for what it is.
    Not just an ordinary criminal organization but also as a TERRORIST organization.

    One of the stories just this week described how Nicki Clyne is still cruising around Clifton Park with young women up to no good.
    Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
    Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.
    May 20, 2019 @ 13:00PM

    Allison Mack ’s wife has been lurking around upstate New York nearby the Smallville actress’s former home and NXIVM sex cult headquarters, RadarOnline.com can exclusively report.

    Former neighbors of the Smallville star claim that Clyne has been galivanting around her old Halfmoon, New York neighborhood Opens a New Window. with young women believed to have been involved in NXIVM as well.

    “Nicki Clyne is driving around in a white BMW picking up girls on Flintock Lane where she once lived with Allison,” an eyewitness told Radar.

    “It’s crazy because there seems to still be a lot of NXIVM women getting together around here and they aren’t hiding,” the eyewitness continued.

    Former neighbors of the Smallville star claim that Clyne has been galivanting around her old Halfmoon, New York neighborhood Opens a New Window. with young women believed to have been involved in NXIVM as well.

    “Nicki Clyne is driving around in a white BMW picking up girls on Flintock Lane where she once lived with Allison,” an eyewitness told Radar.

    “It’s crazy because there seems to still be a lot of NXIVM women getting together around here and they aren’t hiding,” the eyewitness continued.

    While NXIVM reportedly shut down after Raniere and Mack’s arrests last spring, neighbors watching Clyne and other NXIVM members out together in Halfmoon is worrisome Opens a New Window. , a source tells Radar.

    “They’re up to something,” said the source. “We wonder if NXIVM is still running behind closed doors.”



    The news from Half Moon gets worse.
    There is constant activity around the NXIVM properties.
    And someone is still driving Allison Mack’s Navy Blue BMW around.

    Allison Mack’s Ex Neighbors ‘On Edge’ Over Actress’s Possible Return To New York
    Residents of Halfmoon claim bizarre activity continues as trial rages on.
    May 16, 2019 @ 5:51AM

    Allison Mack ’s former neighbors in upstate New York are “still on edge” about the Smallville actress’s possible return to New York as the NXIVM sex cult trial rages on, RadarOnline.com can exclusively report.

    Residents of Halfmoon, New York revealed to Radar that they are “freaked out” over the ongoing “bizarre activity” in the neighborhood where the actress formerly lived.

    They even revealed that Mack’s vehicle – a navy BMW – is still being driven around upstate New York while she remains under house arrest in California.

    “Someone comes and takes the car she used to drive a few times a week before bringing it back,” a resident told Radar.

    Radar revealed photos of Mack’s former house of horrors Opens a New Window. where the branding of NXIVM females allegedly took place.

    The residents also raised concerns to Radar about the foot and vehicle traffic in the Halfmoon neighborhood, where NXIVM founder Keith Raniere also lived. Radar previously reported that eyewitnesses often saw Raniere walking the streets with young women at night.

    As RadarOnline.com readers know, Raniere is currently on trial for seven charges, including sex trafficking, racketeering and sexual exploitation of a child.

    “Neighbors here are all still on edge because there are constant black cars going by the NXIVM properties,” a resident explained.

    Additionally, non-NXIVM residents in Halfmoon told Radar they do not know who to trust in their own neighborhood.

    “It’s never slowed down here since they all got arrested,” a resident said.

    The fears also include Mack’s possible return to upstate New York. Mack, 36, pleaded guilty to racketeering charges to escape heading to trial with Raniere. She is expected to be sentenced in September.

    Raniere’s trial in federal court in Brooklyn began on May 7. His attorney Marc Agnifilo described the alleged sex slaves’ lives within the organization as “fun” and “idyllic” in his opening remarks Opens a New Window. .

    The trial is expected to last six weeks.

  • Wow, what a fantastic choice for next effort Frank! Small correction about the year of the raid – 2013 not 2003

      • This John Tighe guy was arrested for having child porn on his computer and it was published that maybe NXIVM planted it. I always thought was an interesting part that maybe it was planted by Rinere and his clan. So, I checked this out with a computer security expert guy that I know that used to actually work for the State Police. He explained that it is easily verifiable on a computer if a document was sent there by another computer or not. I even checked with another computer expert that comes to our company to do security stuff for our computers and he agreed. He said this can be determined even if the hard drive was erased. So, The part about the question if someone planted this child pornography on Tighe’s computer is only “Fake News” journalism. I’m no friend of NXIVM, but the truth is the truth-Tighe had his own child porn on his computer. He had a very good defense attorney for his case and if it was planted by another party, that attorney would have been able to get the charges completely dismissed.

        • This doesn’t mean anything. Even if it is accepted that what your “expert” security guy said is true, it only means that you can eliminate the notion that child porn was *sent* to his computer from elsewhere. It doesn’t eliminate the notion that anyone who had access to his computer, either prior to seizure, or after the fact, could have easily just planted it directly.

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