Shadow: Nicki Clyne – the Smartest Woman in Nxivm?

Nicki Clyne leads DOS

By Shadow State

This is in response to comment by John, who wrote, “I noticed in The NY Post’s coverage they mentioned that Nicki Clyne urged Lauren Salzman to go through with the [group] sex ceremony. It’s interesting to see Clyne’s name mentioned again, especially in this context. Now, it’s probably just me, but does anyone find Nicki Clyne’s heart-shaped face and her unnaturally perfect half-moon “Life is Good” smile just a bit creepy? She looks more like a cartoon image of a human than the real thing.”

Nicki Clyne, former actress. DOS slave.

Here is my frightening thought to disturb your late night dreams:

I believe that Nicki Clyne is probably the smartest woman in NXIVM.  She is a devious Machiavellian woman.  Sometimes smart people act the fool to disarm their competition.

Nicki Clyne knows how to act goofy when she is really three chess moves ahead of the competition.

Nicki Clyne and Clare Bronfman 


First Line DOS slaves and legally married women – Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne. Did Nicki turn informant and sell out her spouse Allison to the FBI while they were in Mexico?

I believe Nicki set things up for both Allison Mack, a human with a dunce cap for a brain, and Lauren Salzman, another spineless, brainless NXIVM drone, to be video recorded as Raniere was arrested.

Of course, both women are sado-masochists too wrapped up in their fetish to think what’s happening around them.

The shot was framed so that Allison Mack would be in the picture and Lauren Salzman’s name was deliberately mentioned by Nicki in the narration.

Now Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman are inextricably linked to the NXIVM sex cult and Raniere.

Both women are convicted felons.

Meanwhile there is a report that Nicki is tooling around Half Moon in a white BMW with a posse of girl friends. Viva Executive Success!

Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.

Allison and Lauren are LOSERS and Nicki is a survivor.

And when the full story is revealed, I think we will find that Nicki was working with both the FBI and the Salinas family to bring down Raniere, Mack and Salzman.

When NXIVM is rebuilt by the Mexican elite, Nicki Clyne will be on hand to receive a major post in the new organization.

Shadow: Is Nicki Clyne very dumb or very devious?

Aren’t all the NXIVM women supposed to be empowered women? Independent, modern women.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack give each other a fine hug. Both are convicted felons now. 

The young woman behind the cash register of McDonald’s has more steel in her spine than Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman put together.  And to top it off the McDonald’s cashier has more brains in her head that Mack and Salzman.

But there is one woman in NXIVM who is empowered: Nicki Clyne.

‘While the vapid Allison Mack and bland Lauren Salzman were dreaming up new ways to degrade women, Nicki Clyne was likely working with the FBI and the Salinas family to bring their sado-masochistic House of Cards down.

Video Player


The schmucks, Allison and Lauren were set up by Nicki to be on hand when Raniere was arrested [see film above which Frank Report released to the world].

Nicki had her camera rolling to record the festivities.

Viva Executive Success, Nicki!

Yes, Nicki will be in on the rebuilding of NXIVM under Salinas management.

While Allison and Lauren will be asking passers by, “New in town, Sailor?”

Nicki was at work supporting the group sex ceremony for Keith Alan Raniere.

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K.R. Claviger

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4 years ago

Nicki Clyne, or Grace Park-

4 years ago

NXIVM damn well better not be rebuilt.
The tjing is rotten to the core.

4 years ago

Wow so much delusion…When i think about the amount of time i was said to prove my point (and still now, even while what i said is verified in court) and you can go wild and i’m sure your girlfriend anonymaker will support this idea.

You might take the time to read the court info (while wearing your tinfoil hat) because there is NOTHING showing that Nicky is actually cooperating (and seeing she is back in halfmoon, i doubt she ever did).

And excuse me- are you complaining about the Allison’s apologist (which is proved to be justified) but are actually supporting those who still plan to do the crimes-

You seem admirative to Nicky (“the Survivor”…sic)

Funny how when you believe(d) Allison was behind everything , she was a stupid monster but when someone else is in place she is the smartest person…

You need some serious help, and quick because you are losing it!

Oh and about your answer to Yolanda, STOP WITH THE SEX TRAFFICKING !!Allison is not charged with that crime anymore. Like it or not, there was Nothing solid to prove this !

While we are at it, just completly shut up, everyone will be happier without you over here and we’ll be able to concentrate on the FACTS.

4 years ago

During the Fifties 15% the members of the Communist Party in the US were paid informants for the FBI.
When J. Edgar Hoover would say there are 10,000 Communists in America, he did not add that 1500 of them were working for the FBI.

By 1957, membership had dwindled to less than 10,000, of whom some 1,500 were informants for the FBI.

4 years ago

If Nicki is cooperating with the FBI, how will she then start NXIVM again with the Mexicans- Shadows’s conspiracy exists only in his head. Meanwhile the leader of the Society of Protectors is free to

“briefly attended meetings”!?
“briefly attended meetings”!?
4 years ago

“Smallville” star Kristin Kreuk previously denied being involved in the sex cult, but admitted to briefly attending Nxivm meetings and not witnessing anything nefarious at the time.”

What nonsense.

Briefly attending NXIVM meetings!- That’s it!-

No, Fox News. Kristin Kreuk was a formal coach and recruiter, she used her fame to fight off the cult tag, she knew Keith Raniere was a pedophile as she was named in the Feb 2012 expose that revealed that she knew about financial crimes as she was named as a likely future defendant in a criminal lawsuit against NXIVM, her name and face were all over the Necker Island articles that spoke about crimes (others named in those articles were named in the lawsuit), she never formally left the cult. She broke up with her cult boyfriend at some point in 2013 and spent the remaining two years filming a television show in Toronto. She was even coaching in Vancouver the same month she went back to Toronto for filming. Ask Lucas and Mark. She was still coaching in 2015 and that is a fact.

to Briefly
to Briefly
4 years ago

“Ask Lucas and Mark. She was still coaching in 2015 and that is a fact”

Yes, Briefly, why don’t YOU ask Lucas and Mark to post here to verify this fact.

4 years ago

“Briefly attending NXIVM meetings” is NOT a quote from KK, that is just a Faux News misquote, so relax.

4 years ago


You are either on some serious Acid or in dire need of a Clonazepam…..

“Nicki will be in on the rebuilding of NXIVM under Salinas management.”

Will House Stark or House Lannister be helping Nicki Clyne-

Will NXIVM be rebuilt in Westeros or in Narnia-

Oh what wicked chicanery is at foot!!!!!

Winter is coming…..

….and something sinister lurks in the shadows of are States…..

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

NXIVM is still operating.

Prosecution asks if Nxivm is still operating

‘They’re baaaaack’ – Actually NXIVM Has Never Gone Away – Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman & Omar Boone now lead Nxivm

Longtime harem member Dawn Morrison still operating KAR-MA LLC – a Raniere-inspired MLM

Society of Protectors is alive and well – and so is Nxivm

4 years ago

Hell, maybe she thought her way out of the mess and saved herself a conviction and a ton of women being duped/ branded in the process. I’m okay with that.

4 years ago
Reply to  Linseed

I consider this the most likely scenario. Previously someone with insider information noted her as the “front line” Dos slave with the most doubts outside of India, who we know has broken free and is working for the feds. If Nicki has cooperated and is just playing the part to not tip off KRs defense it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Or maybe she is setting herself up to take over the rubble of the organization. Time will tell.

4 years ago

Ya know…this is really an interesting twist if it’s true!

4 years ago

While we’re on the subject of Nicki Clyne I might note that Nicki recently commented on the Frank Report using yet another alias.

Nicki now calls herself ‘blk master Kusa.”
blk master Kusa
Kusa is a Japanese word that can mean Ninja.

Here is her Gravatar page:

The 36 is Nicki Clyne’s age.

Her name on the Gravatar page is:
“Nikicat Kusahere”

Nikikat Kusa is sure close to Nicki Clyne.

And here is her avatar:
A picture of a blonde haired woman wearing glasses and with bluish eyes.

Using this alias Nicki made two comments in the early morning hours of May 21.

First comment

blk master Kusa
May 21, 2019 at 12:39 am
dumb ass canadien ruin god thing
too bad
shack was not available

she cuddle up to anyone in whistler

This first comment refers to Sarah Edmondson.

Canadien is how a Francophone says Canadian.
Many English speaking Canadians are conversant in French.

“she cuddle up to anyone in whistler”:

Whistler refers to Mount Whistler a ski resort near Vancouver.
Second comment:

blk master Kusa
May 21, 2019 at 12:37 am
you so prissy

vanilla fudge
you people in here are yeshiva types

you worse than vanguard
attack other opinion
you all jealous and wish to be vanguard lil girls

notice this attitude here
our our opinion
you here to listenUS
shut the hell up

who the hell are you people
outside queens
sodom n gomorrah

you all ex vanguard lower level skanks
lower level
vanguard got u all
little skanks
“vanilla fudge” is a slang term for a sex act which you can google.

“you people in here are yeshiva types”
A yeshiva is a seminary for Jewish Rabbis.
Some of Nicki’s NXIVM friends in Brooklyn are Jewish

“outside queens” refers to to the New York City Borough.

Both comments can be found in this story.

Nicki Clyne arranged to take down Raniere, Mack and Lauren Salzman but she is still loyal to her Vanguard.

Perhaps Nicki is crazy like all of the women in NXIVM but her rivals Allison and Lauren are now convicted felons forever tied to Keith Raniere in the worst way possible and Nicki is free to enjoy the company of her girl friends.
Viva Executive Success!

Yolanda Cortez
Yolanda Cortez
4 years ago

Myself and Nikki have communicated with coded messages for years. Shadowstate has almost solved the puzzle, the clever little detective, but there are still pieces he has not yet found.

4 years ago
Reply to  Yolanda Cortez

You might tell Nicki that she has been mentioned in Crazy Days and Nights.
And it is not good news.

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019
Blind Item #13
A few enterprising leaders, including a former actress, of this former cult have started an escort service using some of the still brainwashed former members.

If this item is true, Yolanda, please tell Nicki to stop what she is doing before she ends up like Allison and Lauren.
The Feds are serious about sex trafficking.
I have nothing against sex between consenting adults and maybe someday it will be legalized as a commercial activity.
But until it is Nicki could be skating on thin ice.
Please for Nicki’s sake convey this message.

Here I Am To Save The Day

Hey MK10 art if you are reading, How about a rendition of the sultan (Sabre drawn) defending his dream spank Kristin K.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

How about an imaginary painting of Shadowstate- Twould be fitting 🙂

4 years ago

Here’s my photo

comment image

4 years ago

Does she have enough white paint for all the disgusting low testosterone semen- The creeper has ejaculated at a minimum 3.70 pounds of jizz over his fantasy spank. The c*** risks a serious case of wrist sprains, if he hasn’t already.

The Judge
The Judge
4 years ago

I stopped reading after the first picture 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

4 years ago
Reply to  The Judge

Might I suggest some Pepto Bismol for an upset stomach-

4 years ago

No. Clyne is not devious or brilliant, but she’s smart enough to know better than break the law.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

” but she’s smart enough to know better than break the law.”

That makes Nicki head and shoulders smarter than Allison and Lauren.

4 years ago

I watched a couple of episodes of Battlestar Galactica yesterday, but knowing what we now know, it was a slightly surreal experience. Will she play any part in the current legal proceedings? If, has been alleged her marriage to Mack is a sham, will she be allowed to reside in the US indefinitely? There is a very loud silence regarding Nicki Clyne’s legal position.

4 years ago

Very Disturbing News from Half Moon, New York.

Allison Mack’s Ex Neighbors ‘On Edge’ Over Actress’s Possible Return To New York
Residents of Halfmoon claim bizarre activity continues as trial rages on.
May 16, 2019 @ 5:51AM

Allison Mack ’s former neighbors in upstate New York are “still on edge” about the Smallville actress’s possible return to New York as the NXIVM sex cult trial rages on, can exclusively report.

Residents of Halfmoon, New York revealed to Radar that they are “freaked out” over the ongoing “bizarre activity” in the neighborhood where the actress formerly lived.

They even revealed that Mack’s vehicle – a navy BMW – is still being driven around upstate New York while she remains under house arrest in California.

“Someone comes and takes the car Opens a New Window. she used to drive a few times a week before bringing it back,” a resident told Radar.

Radar revealed photos of Mack’s former house of horrors where the branding of NXIVM females allegedly took place.

The residents also raised concerns to Radar about the foot and vehicle traffic in the Halfmoon neighborhood, where NXIVM founder Keith Raniere also lived. Radar previously reported that eyewitnesses often saw Raniere walking the streets with young women at night.

As readers know, Raniere is currently on trial for seven charges, including sex trafficking, racketeering and sexual exploitation of a child.

“Neighbors here are all still on edge because there are constant black cars going by the NXIVM properties,” a resident explained.

Additionally, non-NXIVM residents in Halfmoon told Radar they do not know who to trust in their own neighborhood.

“It’s never slowed down here since they all got arrested,” a resident said.

The fears also include Mack’s possible return to upstate New York. Mack, 36, pleaded guilty to racketeering charges to escape heading to trial with Raniere. She is expected to be sentenced in September.

Raniere’s trial in federal court in Brooklyn began on May 7. His attorney Marc Agnifilo described the alleged sex slaves’ lives within the organization as “fun” and “idyllic” in his opening remarks Opens a New Window. .

The trial is expected to last six weeks.

NXIVM must be treated for what it truly is.
A terrorist group run by terrorists.

4 years ago

Those of you who think that NXIVM is dead are wrong.
And hacking into computer systems to boot.

One of the last topics I was posting on involved Nicki Clyne.
It turns out that Ms. Clyne has popped up again by appearing in Clifton Park driving around in a white BMW and picking up young women.

Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.
May 20, 2019 @ 13:00PM

Allison Mack ’s wife has been lurking around upstate New York nearby the Smallville actress’s former home and NXIVM sex cult headquarters, can exclusively report.

Former neighbors of the Smallville star claim that Clyne has been galivanting around her old Halfmoon, New York neighborhood with young women believed to have been involved in NXIVM as well.

“Nicki Clyne is driving around in a white BMW picking up girls on Flintock Lane where she once lived with Allison,” an eyewitness told Radar.

“It’s crazy because there seems to still be a lot of NXIVM women getting together around here and they aren’t hiding,” the eyewitness continued.

As readers know, Raniere is currently on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court for severe charges including racketeering, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of a child.

While NXIVM reportedly shut down after Raniere and Mack’s arrests last spring, neighbors watching Clyne and other NXIVM members out together in Halfmoon is worrisome Opens a New Window. , a source tells Radar.

“They’re up to something,” said the source. “We wonder if NXIVM is still running behind closed doors.”
What could Nicki Clyne be doing galivanting around in a BMW with young women in Half Moon?

Well it turns out that the Hollywood gossip site “Crazy Days and Nights” has a possible answer.

“MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019
Blind Item #13
A few enterprising leaders, including a former actress, of this former cult have started an escort service using some of the still brainwashed former members.

Well who could this former actress involved in the escort service be?
Could it be Clicky Nine?

The Crazy Days and Nights readers have some good answers.

Tricia13 said…
Allison Mackey

11:45 AM
Tricia13 said…

11:45 AM
sandybrook said…
Ali Mack nxivm

yepthatsme said…
Where there is a will there is a way, where there is a P**SY there is pay!

11:46 AM
Jimbonius said…
Now this is a group that knows how to keep the party going!

martel said…
So it’s a spin-off cult?
Different name, same brainwashed sex slaves?

12:28 PM
.robert said…
They are probably just looking for men that are vulnerable to blackmail so they can go after real money.

Franee said…
Nicki clyne

1:06 PM
Brayson87 said…
+1 Franee, I didn’t even know Mack had a wife. Cally from Battlestar Galactica!

“Former neighbors of the Smallville star claim that Clyne has been galivanting around her old Halfmoon, New York neighborhood Opens a New Window. with young women believed to have been involved in NXIVM as well.

“Nicki Clyne is driving around in a white BMW picking up girls on Flintock Lane where she once lived with Allison,” an eyewitness told Radar.

“It’s crazy because there seems to still be a lot of NXIVM women getting together around here and they aren’t hiding,” the eyewitness continue

One of the last comments I made yesterday was to Yolanda Cortez (aka Nicki Clyne) telling her that if Nicki is up to her old tricks she could be in trouble.

Free Speech Forum
4 years ago

One wonders if US wars lead to terrorism, refugees, debt, and tyranny.

Ghost of JFK
Ghost of JFK
4 years ago

The deep state military industrial complex thrives on war. They are finally being dealt with

4 years ago


4 years ago

The Smartest Woman in Nxivm? Nicki Clyne. or Grace Park?

Coincidence Theorist
4 years ago

Disturbing, most of us out in the hinterlands got the impression that NXIVM was toast, finis, adios. Bears watching, hopefully the 80,000 still sealed dockets queued up in PACER will provide much more insight once unsealed. I’d hate to think that smarmy anti-Trumper Salinas stands to benefit from the human wreckage piling up at Raniere’s manacled feet. Frankly though, another way to look at this is that Salinas is just another dot to be connected in a complex landscape of deeply entrenched elite evil, for example, dots connecting the sex trafficking and compromise operations NXIVM was likely involved in to the other cartel lines of business, which seemed to flourish under globalist Salinas’ leadership. We know MS13 was sponsored by the deep state, as their post-Mafia internal pool of muscle and wet work operatives.

4 years ago

there are no coincidences …..reddit r/coincidencetheorist {catchy persona} ;0

4 years ago

Salinas , both father and son, are graduates of Harvard University and both are in tight with Bill Clinton and the Globalist elite.

Just Facts
Just Facts
4 years ago

Absolutely 100% correct. Nice to see some awake people here among a heard of simple minded sheep.

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