Lauren Salzman: The Horrors of Raniere Continue

Rosa Laura Junco a first line DOS slave helped usher Lauren Salzman into DOS.

By Dianne Lipson

Lauren Salzman testified today – her second day on the witness stand.  She had much to say about Keith Alan Raniere and his brainchild – DOS.

Lauren was wearing a white top and black pants. Her clothing was loose. She is thin, but not emaciated. Her hips look quite thin.

She was examined by Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar.

Lauren testified:

Lauren Salzman.

Growing DOS

Keith Raniere was pushing for DOS to grow quickly. At first, he wanted 100 people, then pushed Lauren to get 100 people in her slave group alone.

“He was pushing me specifically to have 100” slaves, Salzman said. She had six.

Salzman said “every person who becomes a slave should make a whole list of all the people they know — mother included — who should be enrolled.”

Raniere’s involvement was to be kept secret to all but first line slaves.

Raniere recruited eight first-line slaves and considered them his slaves. Each of the eight recruited slaves, in separate lineages. Those slaves in turn recruited more slaves.

Keith wanted “sorority’’ chapters across the country, and to recruit “people of power and influence”.

“I think he envisioned that there would be thousands or millions of people in it,” Lauren said. “We might be able to have a candidate, a DOS candidate, for political office.”

Keith Raniere’s first line slaves.


Better collateral

DOS required a “lifetime of obedience to your master,” Lauren said.

Women offered “collateral” such as naked photos or false information about themselves, for example, that they had been prostitutes.

You were not considered enrolled in DOS until you had completely collateralized your life, had been branded, and wore the collar.  [The collar was a piece of jewelry – belly chain, necklace or anklet – that you wore 24/7].

When women ran out of actual collateral [they had to provide new collateral monthly] Keith told them to be creative. He suggested they “stage crimes” and videotape them to incriminate themselves.

Who thought up branding?

Lauren testified that, after Raniere’s arrest in March 2018, a DOS woman told her that the women did not come up with the idea of branding.

“The women didn’t choose it — who would ever choose it? … That’s crazy,” the woman told Salzman.

It was Raniere’s idea.

Sorority House

The daughter of Mexican billionaire Alejandro Junco — Rosa Laura Junco was a first line DOS slave. She bought a “sorority house” at 9 Milltowne Drive in Halfmoon NY [a suburb of Albany NY.]

They held secret meetings and took nude group pictures to send to Raniere.

Lauren said she felt jealous of the other women while taking nude photos because Raniere was no longer having sex with her but was having sex with almost every one of the other seven “first line slaves”.

It was “painful” because she had to undress and pose “with the people he was choosing to have sex with instead of me.”

In the sorority house, Raniere wanted a dungeon with its own jail cell.

“He said (the jail cell) was for the people most committed to growth. They would get locked in a cage.”

Raniere also wanted “sex torture things” such as nipple clamps, handcuffs and a net.

The Dungeon

The dungeon was to be in the basement of the sorority house and was to include a cage in which women were to “surrender,” in the interest of personal growth. A woman might be locked for hours or days or longer.

[This was never executed because Frank Report revealed the existence of DOS and recruitment stopped in June 2017]

Dani Padilla said she ordered items for the dungeon. But when DOS became public [in June 2017 through the Frank Report] Dani cancelled the order.

Lauren felt concerned about being locked in the cage since she didn’t know how long she would be locked up. But that’s the whole point of surrender, Lauren said.

Still, she wondered, ‘What if you had to go to the bathroom when you’re in the cage?’

But complete surrender meant you had to be willing to go through anything.  If someone didn’t want to do something, it showed they weren’t committed to their growth.


Raniere wanted members to respond to “readiness drills,” 24/7.  Readiness drills require a slave to respond to her master by text within 60 seconds any time day or night or be punished.

The aim of the drills was to teach slaves that responding to a master was the most important part of a slave’s life.

How Lauren got to join DOS

Raniere invited Lauren to join DOS when they attended the memorial for Pam Cafritz who died in Nov. 2016. Cafrtiz was his top wing woman.

Keith approached Lauren and said he wanted to bring their relationship closer together. He asked her, ‘What are you willing to do for your growth?” Lauren said anything.

He said she would be approached by somebody. That person was the billionaire’s daughter, Rosa Laura Junco.

Rosa Laura told her that Keith started DOS because of a struggle that had come up. It was the suicide attempt of Camila [the woman who Keith first starting having sex with when she was 13 and took naked photographs – now in evidence – of her when she was 15].

Keith felt that DOS would prevent this kind of problem from occurring in the future.

Lauren’s first collateral was rejected because it had to do with the force feeding of drugs to a woman who had taken an intensive. Lauren had participated in force feeding the woman Valium because she had a psychotic breakdown after taking Nxivm classes. She was given Valium to put her to sleep instead of bringing her to the hospital where there might have been some bad publicity.

The problem with this collateral was that Keith had overseen the force feeding of Valium that Lauren had participated in.  Keith wanted the woman to have Valium and felt if the woman fell asleep, she would be lucid again.

This was therefore bad collateral because it implicated not only Lauren but Keith.

Rosa Laura suggested Lauren submit naked pictures. Lauren didn’t want to do it. Rosa Laura said she had done it herself.

Lauren was impressed because Rosa Laura was a very conservative person. [She was married at the time with children and was the daughter of the world-famous newspaper magnate and Mexican billionaire Alejandro Junco de la Vega].

Lauren took the naked pictures.  Rosa Laura then explained to Lauren about DOS.

She said ‘we’re all slaves to something. We could learn to serve our issues, or we could learn to serve our principles.’

The pubic brand was to memorialize the commitment on their body to become a noble person. You had to go through painful hard experiences. The idea, Rosa Laura explained, was to overcome pain for our principles.

Lauren found this compelling.

Rosa Laura showed Lauren her own brand and that it was Keith’s initials. Lauren agreed to be branded.

Lauren’s additional collateral included turning over to Keith everything she owned. This was memorialized on a document.

Punishment and Penance

Penance is something in DOS which is supposed to be painful or difficult. It was to build consciousness about upholding your values. Penance could be a cold shower, planking or standing barefoot in the snow. Bare ass paddling was a form of penance.

Failing at readiness drills required penance.

Keith’s idea was that all DOS slaves had to be on call 24/7. To test this, masters would text their slaves at any hour [frequently in the middle of the night] and the slave had to text back within 60 seconds ‘ready M’ [M for master. Slaves kept their phones at their bedsides, with the ringer on maximum volume.]


Lauren said DOS women had to punish each other at Raniere’s behest, sometimes through “paddling” on their bare buttocks with a leather strap.

One time “he called in and wanted to make sure we were flicking our wrists hard enough. It should be something that really hurts,” she said of the paddling.

“It didn’t sound like anything I ever wanted,” Lauren said. “These things started to become scary for me. I was concerned about failing.”

Keith sometimes oversaw the paddling.  He wanted to make sure the women doing the paddling flicked their wrists in a certain way so that the paddling would really hurt.

Daniela Padilla – of Mexico. A first line slave.

Daniela Padilla, a first line slave, told Lauren that Keith paddled her personally, because of her pride because she was arrogant and not humble.

Lauren was really scared to learn about his. She didn’t want to be paddled. Dani also said that Keith kicked her when she was on the ground and it was painful.

Lauren thought that she really didn’t want this to happen to her. Raniere said acts of penance in DOS “should be something that really hurts.”

The secret DOS Guidebook

There was considerable discussion about a DOS manual or bible, a book, which Lauren worked on, working off transcripts of what the Vanguard said.  The book was meant to be kept in a secret location and secured in a way that it couldn’t be removed by anybody.

It contained the secret DOS teachings of Raniere.

Prosecutors projected onto a screen excerpts from the manuscript.

Lauren helped edit the DOS guidebook, which referred to women as “miraculous excuse finders.”

Lauren’s interpretation is that women are coddled by society by men.  Women have to become self-reliant like men. If they have reactions to things, it is because they are women.  Women always find excuses, saying they can’t do something; they can’t do things. It’s accepted by society. But there should be no excuses for women.

Here are some important teachings from the book of Raniere:

Your highest desire must be to further your master.

If you believe something must be, you allow for no excuses.

The most important lineage is your master and slave lineage.

You must constantly contemplate that your master is better than all other people.

You must rather die than break your word to your master.

Your collateral should be so distasteful that you would rather die than have it released.

You should do one act of self-denial every day in honor of your master.

You should surrender yourself to your master.

It doesn’t matter what you think about a command. It matters that you obey.

It doesn’t matter if you understand the command. It matters that you obey.

Your greatest joy is to surrender completely your life – mind, body and possessions for unconditional use of your master.

You should be completely exposed and completely vulnerable.

Always make your master look good.

The best slave derives the highest pleasure from being her master’s ultimate tool.

The joy of obedience is far greater than the distaste of any command.

Lauren explained her view on being such a slave: If you were concerned about what you were ordered to do, that was your pride. A slave should only care about furthering her master.

Lauren said you’re always looking to make sure you’re making your master more successful and potent. You should be proactive on this.

You should always look for opportunities to be a tool for your master as the greatest opportunity for growth in yourself.

Lauren said you serve your master as much as you can regardless of what it is.

Lauren said that was to build joy in obeying, no matter what the command.

If you were asked to run outside naked, you shouldn’t worry about that. Just obey.

Lauren’s interpretation is that you should do the command before you question the command.

The book taught women not to be hung up on “goodness or badness.” Lauren’s interpretation is that getting hung up on goodness and badness is limiting. You should be able to transcend your social indoctrination regarding goodness and badness.

From the DOS book: You must give your master your very best, the highest quality you could offer. A good slave gives the master a competitive advantage.

Lauren said in DOS Keith wanted to find intellectual people. When you enroll somebody, you give your master a gift.  Your slave was your master’s slave.


More on Lauren’s testimony tonight.

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  • Odd thing about our girl Lauren. She indicates that Raniere came up with the branding idea, noting ” the women didn’t choose it – who would ever choose it…that’s crazy”. But yet she still chose to be in DOS even after the branding, and after Raniere began having sex with all the other slaves except her, after he wanted more collateral from everyone, and after he wanted more slaves recruited.

    So when do you suppose Lauren would have finally drawn the line? One can almost assume that had this whole cult not been exposed, Raniere could very well have gone even deeper into his amoral abyss with Lauren, Mack et al right by his side.

    So much for “Rational Inquiry” skills! It sounds like nobody inquired rationally about anything their beloved vanguard demanded.

    • I was also wondering why Lauren went through with DOS after she testified that she didn’t want to be branded, let alone participate in DOS activities. But of course by then, she had spent nearly two decades with NXIVM and Keith so she was mentally in deep. And probably afraid of negative repercussions. I wonder if any of the attorneys will ask why she went along with DOS and allowed herself to be branded and what her answer may be. I know a lot of people on here say there is no such thing as brainwashing, but there is certainly something that occurs over time that previously logical people come to be like those in NXIVM with a slow and steady indoctrination meant to skew the logical processing centers of the brain.

    • Jarhead,

      Excellent point…”When would have Lauren drawn the line?”

      My opinion is helped kept someone in a room for 2 years….. What is she not capable of?

  • Look what Mark Vicente had the audacity to post to Instagram:

    Calling other NXIVM freaks complicit and soulless.

    The cunt has been given immunity so that he won’t face punishment for his crimes and for being COMPLICIT, yet he projects his bullshit like he’s cut from a different cloth. He got his own mother involved with financial crime.

    What a fucking cowardly pretentious cunt dickhead.

    • At least Vicente was part of the solution, not some “Anonymous” jerk posting on this website, too scared to stand up for theselves. Besides, these immunity deals are used all of the time to nail the top of the organization. LOL

    • I didn’t think it was so out of line, I assumed that he is being attacked by remaining true believers, and responding to that.

      It may be a bit sanctimonious of him, given as long as he was in – but he did also get out once there was incontrovertible evidence that inexcusable things were being done even to members.

  • It was “painful” because she had to undress and pose “with the people he was choosing to have sex with instead of me.” Do chickens feel this way?? How about hogs, cows, geese?? This is such an obvious case of greed, evil, pride and abuse. I am sure I don’t understand the mindset of anyone who would be willing to fulfill the obligations of a Raniere harem member. As low as I have ever felt about myself I was never so low as to become what these women are.

    • As someone who was on the outskirts of the organization(s) for over a decade (never enrolled but constantly surrounded by people who were), nxivm appeared to prey on and reel in women at a time in their lives when they were the most malleable and were at their lowest self-esteem. So many late teenagers and young adults who were so impressionable and needed purpose. Look at any classic love story where one would do anything and be anything for the other person. Now combine that other person with someone who is extremely manipulative and appears to have all the answers to all of their questions about life. Keith made sure that these women had nothing else, but him. He made sure that they felt inferior in every possible way, so that they would do whatever he said for the purpose of “personal growth.”

      I’m sure I’m “defecting” when I say, what a terrible, disgusting excuse for a human being.

  • Very contradictory principles.If you want women to take responsibility and not make excuses (one principle) then the last thing you do is set them up in total obedience to the person over them!

    • Only “Island home” Marc Agnifilo is interested in preserving is Clare & Keith’s fugitive refugee island in Fiji…

      delightfully appointed with amenities such as a lear jet landing pad and 4-poster bed for the happy, refugee couple.

      • ..until a cyclone comes and smashes that four poster to tindersticks and they are hurled like rags into a boiling sea..

      • Agnifilo may aspire to own a chunk of the island. I expect that Clare and Keith’s interests in it will have to be sold off to pay the lawyers.

  • Oh no Lauren perjured herself….everyone (shadowstate and Anonymaker) know that it’s not Raniere who created the brand! it’s Allison!

    She said it (sort of) in a (forced) interview!!!! Lauren knows Nothing. Only shadow and anonymaker know!

    It’s also confirming that the violence and punishments were never Allison’s idea and that it was Indeed to punish the first line…not the other slave
    This explains why there were no violence complaints against Allison…despite what Shadow pretended (oh boy, were you right with anything shadow?)

    On a more serious note, this is extremely disturbing and even if I don’t have much compassion (usually) for Lauren as she was the one (with her mom) that did the “Hypnotic” part and was behind a lot of crimes, it’s hard not to feel bad and sad for her and the others.

    Raniere was always a monster but he got so far in his Madness!

    Let’s hope that this will help a lot to make sure that he spent a long time in a cell.

    In the meantime, I think I’m gonna be sick (i did expect that it would be disgusting but it’s hard to read the cruelty and violence this guy put people through)

    • “She said it (sort of) in a (forced) interview!!!! :

      And Allison will have the opportunity to explain her New York Times confession under oath.
      In any event Allison Mack eagerly and willingly went along with the branding and in that way Allison Mack is a CO-CONSPIRATOR.

      You might take some time out from your busy schedule to learn about the CRIME OF CONSPIRACY.

      • Shadow, the jig is up. If you are incapable of walking back all of the incorrect things that you presented to us as “facts”, then simply STFU.

        • I find the comments section much more interesting and easier to decipher the actual truth by scrolling past shadows biased comments. I think if she stuck it up his ass , he is the one who broke it off. He should take his personal vendetta somewhere like Twitter or Facebook. It doesn’t belong here. Just scroll past it, it works for me and I’m not missing anything!

          • Shadowspank is obsessed with Allison Mack. The Brown Beetle spanker is obsessed with Kristin Kreuk.

      • Yeah yeah, try hard to convince anyone…but except you, everyone now know the role of Allison and it was just to be set up and destroyed.

        IF you weren’t that stupid nor blindly Following your hatred, you’d see it but you and your girlfriend Anonymaker show how obsession can be unhealthy.

        Leave her alone and get a life old man. You lost, (not just your mind) !

    • It’s Mack and Raniere who would really know, and we have yet to hear from either of them.

      One of the interesting questions that’s been raised, is whether Mack’s initials are really in the brand, or if it’s just Raniere’s and its a coincidence that Mack’s can be seen in it. If I recall correctly Salzman has just said it’s Raniere’s initials, so if Mack’s are in it too, then she doesn’t actually know the full story of the origins of the brand.

      I looked at pictures of the brands again, and it seems pretty clear that Mack’s initials are there in it, and it’s not just a complex version of Raniere’s initials. So it seems that, once again, we may be seeing the compartmentalization of information even within NXIVM’s inner circle.

      There’s certainly not been anything confirmed about Mack’s role yet, and if anything this raises more questions – including reminding us of the question of why her initials would be in the brands unless she has some sort of key role that we don’t yet fully understand.

        • Not quite sure what you’re getting at there.

          Sarah Edmondon’s indeed ended up pretty messy in the pictures of it healed.

          In the fresh brand photos it seems pretty obvious that the AM is there, though if anyone thinks there is a good case to the contrary to be made, I’d be interested to hear it:

          The brands do seem to have varied in how they turned out, and maybe some were even different.

          • Interesting theory, PeaceMaker, on the brands. I’ve never thought there wasn’t an AM blended into the KAR brand but to me that’s another indication of a set-up used to make Allison �far more so than the others �complicit if not completely responsible for the branding.

            The December 2017 staged NYT interviews with Gregoralis PUBLISHED AFTER ALLISON’s arrest months later screams “Mack set-up.”

            Allison was not even asked (at least not on the record) by Gregoralis if she had a brand herself. Allison offered that she had a “meaningless” tatoo or “tramp stamp” on her inner thigh.

            My guess is Allison does not have a brand � all the better to set her up as a cruel mistress who can dish it but not take it and as a grandmaster on par with or exceeding KAR, Nancy or Lauren in implementing what Allison falsely “admitted” was her idea.

            Gina, my deceased lil’ sis, started getting tattoos of Buddhist symbols befitting the Goddess consort KAR � her God mentor � “recognized” her to be and she once told me he had an inexplicable fit of jealousy over her fucking tattoos he initially endorsed (until she developed an unrequited crush on a monk � and I’ve never known why KAR didn’t go similarily Apeshit when Sara Bronfman was discovered in a hot tub with one of the same Rinpoche’s Gina also spiritually and intellectually admired just a few years later, btw.)

            There are indications some investigators also believe Allie was “taking the fall” � a Nx module � and dozens of clues this was indeed the case.

            I’d say highlighting the AM in the brand in media reports may have been exaggerating the misinformation � that the branding was Allie’s idea and she superseded Lauren & Nancy in authority over the slaves.

            If it had been one of Allie’s slaves who blew the whistle instead of Lauren’s slave, Sarah Edmondson � and maybe if Allie hadn’t run into her childhood pal at CBC � I wonder if Lauren may not have escaped arrest altogether.

            Lauren has lied on the stand claiming she didn’t know “AM” was in her brand, IMO, when it’s head on apparently more obvious than KAR seen sideways. That spells Allison Mack set-up to me. Lauren also told Sarah and others that it was a symbol of the elements so she must have missed the KAR, too. But to me that spells PERJURY.

          • Perhaps Allison Mack’s testimony will clear up the question of the initials in the brands. Until then all we can do is theorise. As far as we know, the initials may be for Keith, Rosa Laura, Allison and Marianna.

          • Good point, Pyriel, that it could be several initials – there are more possibilities than just the two.

            I expect that ultimately we’ll hear testimony about it, but that’s not certain.

          • It could also be how deep the cauterizing was done in different parts and/or how it scarred over. We have heard a template was used to outline the “procedure,” so in theory all of the scars should be nearly identical from that perspective. I think Raniere wanted all of the credit, he wasn’t good at handing it out to others.

      • Just show us how stupid you can be when EVEN LAUREN say the opposite of you.
        You are a sick moron who knows Nothing AND despites the PROOFS continue to imagine BS stories.

        The fact are revealed Everyday a little more and you and your boyfriend Shadow are clearly shown to fail.
        But continue to make a fool of yourself.
        It would be better if you were a troll but i doubt you are anything but a moron enraged for 1 Reason, Allison was an actress and therefore she was a monster.

        You are pathetic and everytime you post, you are even more pathetic.
        IF if if… that is your think, sane people care about fact and Lauren (first line, long time executive and way more implicate than Allison) knows them…but continue to Believe you know better than anyone.

        Noone sane still Believe that Allison initial were in the monogram…she was branded herself!!! why to remember her name? moron!

    • Mack may have come up with the idea and Salzman isn’t aware of it, or Mack could have been trying to cover for Raniere. We won’t know until/unless Mack testifies, and even then it may not be clear without some additional evidence, as they are all known liars and felons. This is why Mr. Shadow destroys his own credibility, he jumps to conclusions, and so do you! LOL

      • Not only do we not know who might have been covering for who, we still don’t know who really even knew what due to Raniere’s deliberate compartmentalization of information, used to keep women in the dark about each other and to play them off against one another. Speaking of Shadow, as much as there may be actual conspiracies of a sort in the real world, it’s the sort of mundane and even crude things we’re seeing here, including the machinations of Raniere’s inner circle – and how it ultimately falls apart due to human foibles and overreach, and gets exposed.

        As I pointed out in a comment above, Salzman seemed to be saying that the brands were just Raniere’s initials, but looking a couple again I think it’s very clear that A and M are there as well, and it’s not just a fancy KR – does anyone seriously doubt that it’s the initials of both, and thus that Salzman apparently didn’t know the full story.

        And as I pointed out to Anonyme/Frenchie just the other day, they and Shadow are two sides of the same coin.

        • get a life Sherlock, by Calling me Sherlock, you just proof that you only Believe your BS and yet , you are wrong.

          I’m fed up with answering to a low life like you because it’s feeling like a lose IQ points everytime i try to get to your level.
          You are amongst a minority , I Don’t have (nor anyone) anything more to prove to you because nobody cares about your flawed opinion (especially when it’s full of lies…
          Atleast, you still have shadow and scoot, but conversation will get boring fast between you three.

      • We know since pretty much the beginning it’s not Allison’s idea…
        1. Forced interview (it’s coming from the interviewer)
        2. Coercion against Allison
        3. At least 3 of the dos member believed they are behind the branding
        4. SMS and email that the authority are CLEARLY ACCUSING RANIERE

        But continue to support the few morons who knows Nothing (like you).

  • How could Lauren think Raniere was ever committed to her after all those years of putting her on ignore?

    She should have left, spent time with her dad and stepmom, and her old high school flame.

    • “How could Lauren think Raniere was ever committed to her after all those years of putting her on ignore?”

      Lauren, like all of the “ladies” of NXIVM, is stupid.

      • Shadow though, that dude is S-M-A-R-T. Pretty much everything he’s ever typed is now being proven to be either incorrect, or a flat out lie. So what are you, shady one? A liar or dumb as rocks?

    • Raniere was ecstatic that Lauren had enrolled Sarah Edmondson as her slave.

      That meant that Raniere could order Lauren to order Edmondson to fuck him.

      I think it had long annoyed Raniere that Edmondson wouldn’t fuck him, or fall for his line that now she could never fuck anyone else.

      Turns out that enslaving and branding Sarah Edmondson may have been Raniere’s dumbest move ever.

      • dumb ass canadien ruin god thing
        too bad
        shack was not available

        she cuddle up to anyone in whistler

  • To ‘stage crimes’ as collateral?? What? Horror movie directors can take notice and borrow some really really unique ideas in imbecility from this bespectacled scum bag! The most appropriate punishment for this specimen is medieval torture applied at regular intervals for the remainder of his days. It is the only morally right gift society can ‘make’ him accept in spite of his screams.

  • All of these first line slaves are the most culpable of all of those who were ensnared in DOS. They have no excuses for enabling the VanFake and his sordid behavior. They need to look inside themselves and see why they could rationalize away the deeds they were committing because they can’t just blame him. They had direct access to what he was all about. God gave everyone a mind to think with and a heart to feel with. Yes, even VanFake who just decided to keep feeding it with darkness.

    We are the company who we choose to keep. If you choose to hang out with assholes, then you’ll eventually become one of them. If you choose to hang out with people who are truly noble, then you’ll eventually begin to behave like them.

  • Camilia was suicidal…..
    ……. which obviously is a theme with many of Raniere’s relationships.

    When I first read about Heidi’s sister’s suicide I felt very badly for her sister. I assumed Gina may have had some underlying mental health issues and perhaps Raniere had some involvement.

    I am now completely convinced Gina was driven to suicide by Keith Raniere.

  • This trial is being held in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City.
    Not in Omaha or Boise.
    What is so special about New York City?
    It is the home of a group called “The Lesbian Sex Mafia.”

    Lesbian Sex Mafia

    The Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM), founded in 1981, is an informative support group in New York City for lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, and transgender women. The group strives “to organize for [women’s] sexual desire as strongly as we have tried to organize for our sexual defense”[1] by promoting uninhibited sexual expression through fantasy role playing, bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, fetishes, costumes, and alternate gender identities. The group strongly upholds the principles of confidentiality, safety, consent, and a woman’s right to explore her sexuality as she chooses. The group is not affiliated with the real Mafia in any way, but the name was deliberately chosen “in the same spirit of humor as the Ladies
    Sewing Circle and Terrorism Society.” Its outrageous nature served as a self-reminder to the group of their uncritical pursuit of personal liberation.
    Lesbian Sex Mafia was founded by Dorothy Allison and Jo Arnone [4] and made a name for itself as an early advocate of sex-positive feminism. The LSM was responsible for organizing a radical “Speakout on Politically Incorrect Sex” rally at the 1982 Barnard Conference on Sexuality in the midst of the feminist sex wars.[5][6] The group was also a subject of a documentary by the German filmmaker Monika Treut, Bondage, the first of four films in the Female Misbehaviour series.

    And the Lesbian Sex Mafia has its own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
    From the LSM Inst5agram page:

    Because cheeks were made for blushing”

    If New York City is the home of a group like the Lesbian Sex Mafia which promotes BDSM as sexual expression, then it will be more difficult to convict Raniere on the basis of his prediliction for this type of activity.

    • Shadowstate…..

      Did you happen to read the the testimony today?

      Raniere kicked women and there were no safe words.

      Lesbians that are into bondage are probably not into men kicking women 1/2 their size.

      Shadowstate keep your Sondom Gomorrah meet Cankles act in your closet.

      Fire & Brimstone?

      I would love to know what sins you have committed…..

      ….. or would I be horrified to know?

      • you so prissy

        vanilla fudge
        you people in here are yeshiva types

        you worse than vanguard
        attack other opinion
        you all jealous and wish to be vanguard lil girls

        notice this attitude here
        our our opinion
        you here to listenUS
        shut the hell up

        who the hell are you people
        outside queens
        sodom n gomorrah

        you all ex vanguard lower level skanks
        lower level
        vanguard got u all
        little skanks

      • Niceguy,
        It is not my fault that New Yorkers chose to turn their state into Sodom and Gmorah.
        Nor is it my fault that the women of NXIVM chose to live in Sodom and Gmorah on the Hudson.
        Nor is it my fault that the most popular book among women in the last decade was 50 SHADES OF GRAY.

        Fifty Shades of Grey has topped best-seller lists around the world, including those of the United Kingdom and the United States.[17][18] The series had sold over 125 million copies worldwide by June 2015 and has been translated into 52 languages,[19][20] and set a record in the United Kingdom as the fastest-selling paperback of all time

        It is the fault of the stupid women who joined and stayed in NXIVM to the bitter end.

        Oh and Dani Padilla said to Lauren that Raniere kicked her.
        Did Lauren actually witness this kicking incident or is this hearsay?
        Why doesn’t Dani Padilla return to the US to testify to this kicking incident?

        • Shadow:
          There are BDSM clubs closer than Brooklyn. There’s one in Stephentown, NY- a legal, incall, training dungeon & B&B resides on a sleepy country road along a picturesque stream in the woods. & that’s just a legal one that advertised in the mid-2000’s. (Legal = nothing NYS considers sex & for that, consult a NYS adult entertainment attorney)

          Dominatrices that travel to & from NYC take Amtrak Upstate & get chauffeured to clients. I know very little about traveling dominatrices beyond there’s a demand & the pay is fantastic. I imagine Keith could have had a dominatrix shipped to him to train the ladies just as easily as his clothing magically appears. It’s not a complicated process to hire a dominatrix or an escort in the Albany area. Many colleges = many desperate college girls. Supply & demand + dirty politicians = deviant’s playground.

          Doubt Keith passed a background check/interview for any local swingers or bdsm club (legit clubs protect members from human waste like Keith) but the Kink Next Door, Mack, could have & then maybe they’d allow her “boyfriend.”

          Abramovich lives fairly close to Stephentown but she’s 5+ years after my time in that area. Locals are less aware of her than conspiracy nuts 3,000 miles away. Serpico also lives nearby as do the Lokens & their beautiful orchards.

          There’s a Waldorf Steiner farm & school off the Taconic Parkway between Chatham, NY & the Mass border about a 70 minute drive from Clifton Park. It’s closer to Hudson. Didn’t Keith attend a Steiner school (though farther downstate)? Funny, Mitch McConnell’s daughter was a teacher at Hawthorne Valley briefly & tied kids up with belts in her classroom. It was a huge scandal.

          You want to research some of the area’s finest, check out Sweet Cheri TV aka Cherilyn Fontaine aka the level 3 offender. Or Farrah Nayka Ashline the notorious scammer turned tantric dakini. Her paintings & selfies on Insta amuse me.

    • You could just as well argue that it would be difficult to convict Raniere in Salt Lake City, where polygamy and notions of women submitting to men have a certain level of acceptance.

      I think such generalizations are very questionable. In the case of New York, an urban populations might be more permissive in general, but more sensitive about the subjugation of women, and then anyone specifically familiar with BDSM would recognize that DOS operated without full, informed and ongoing consent.

      • more sensitive about the subjugation of women,

        The only reason New Yorkers care about the so called subjugation of women is because they hate President Trump and they will use any excuse to bash Trump.

        So all these New York Libertines have turned into Puritans to batter Donald Trump, aka the Republican Devil.

        • Shadow, it seems like you’re really drinking the conservative conspiracy theory cult think koolaid today.

          Women’s rights did not start in New York a couple of years ago – though some might trace it back to Seneca Falls in 1848. And many New Yorkers dislike Trump because he’s a fraud, and have been affected by his various bankruptcies and business deals gone sour; and because he’s a poseur who has been slowly squandering his inheritance Bronfman-style* – though the real sharks in New York real estate have enjoyed suckering him, if you want a conspiracy you should be looking at who the people are who have been manipulating Trump.

          Making falacious and false generalizations is another symptom of such thinking. For instance, in a typical turnabout of what some might assume, it’s actually the Bible Belt that consumes the most online porn:

          The Top 10 Horniest States
          1. Mississippi
          2. West Virginia
          3. New Mexico
          4. Oklahoma
          5. Arkansas
          6. Louisiana
          7. Kentucky
          8. Texas
          9. Alabama
          10. Indiana

          BDSM is most popular across the rural heartland, with Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont and West Virginia being the leaders:

          The red states of Florida, Mississippi and Louisana are right behind New York in consumption of gay porn, along with the rest of the Bible Belt:

          * I went over this in more detail recently, but the simplest thing to look at is that Trump claimed to be worth $5-6 billion in the mid 1990s, when the stock market was 1/5 of what it is now and New York real estate prices were 1/3, with prime properties close to 1/5; so he’d have to be worth 3-5 times that, or $15-30 billion, just to have kept up with the market averages, but even he can’t plausibly claim to be worth more than $9 billion, which is probably still vastly inflated.

          • Hey buddy you have been drinking the liberal kook conspiracy theory kool aid for years. How about that spygate lil fella. Obama gonna be in deep shit for that conspiracy. By the way your bullshit stats totally unprovable. Yea the horniest states lol what a dumb post.

    • It’s not the activity of sexual bondage itself; it is the coercion, involuntary servitude and blackmailing involved that make it evil.

      I live in NYC and it does not appear to be a hotbed of sexual perversion any more than anywhere else. I’m sure people in any suburb or the middle of Nebraska all have the same sexual interests. Sexual experimentation and diversion is a universal concept.

      What i find disturbing about your post is the segregating of lesbians as a deviant category and as well as a regional bias against big cities and urban culture. Our country is built on diversity and respect for individual rights. Something that Raniere ignored and something that you might wish to learn more about.

      • Clifton Park looks like any other suburb.
        Does Clifton Park look like Sodom and Gomorrah?
        Everything is done behind closed doors.

        And at next month’s Gay Pride Parade, there will be marchers for NAMBLA.
        The North American Man Boy Love Association.
        The highly moral New Yorkers who believe grown men should molest 12 year old boys.

        • I long for the day when you were “Captain Obvious”.

          Fuck you Scott for tricking him into giving us his opinions.

        • Shadow, you seem to be on a tear of easily falsifiable cultish thinking today – I debunked a couple of things in a comment that might take a while to show up because it has links.

          I googled the supposed NAMBLA connection, and all that I can find is that there was some controversy over whether they or sympathizers participated in gay pride events over 30 years ago – after which they were banned. And the burden is actually on you to back up extraordinary or even preposterous claims. Are you familiar with the internet and anti-cult group saying Dox (documents, evidence, links) or STFU?

          Even if there were something to it, it doesn’t say anything more about New Yorkers in general, than could be said about the heartland from the fact that many brutal and homoerotic serial killers from middle America, such as the BTK serial rapist and killer who liked to bind and torture his victims and who was from Wichita, Kansas, or the infamous “Plainfield Butcher” Ed Gein, who has inspired horror movie characters from Psych to Silence of the Lambs, who was from Wisconsin.

  • WTF was/is Rosa Laura Junco thinking? It is no wonder the Knife Media failed since she was too busy involved in a master/slave relationship with a fucking psychopath that took up to ten hours of her week. How did she even go home and face the husband (Luis Montes?) of her young children? That’s right, she sent her oldest two kids off to boarding school and entrusted the care of her young children to the MDS’s of Rainbow. We know at least one of the nannies was allegedly another slave Sahajo probably right under Rosa Laura’s direction.

    Forlorn aka For- Lauren always always always wore over sized clothes to hide her shape. Amazing she only appeared to suffer from Body dysmorphic disorder and not a full blown eating disorder. I actually feel sad for her. Lauren obviously did horrible horrible things but she was so indoctrinated at a fairly young age she really didn’t have a chance. (and yeah, I get she was 22 but at that age most young people are trying to establish themselves and are still looking for direction and often still semi-dependent on parents).

    IMO and at this point in the trial, Nancy deserves more prison time than Lauren. Lauren at least has signed a cooperation agreement with the US Attorney. Let us hope this is the beginning of her making amends to those she has harmed.

    Anyone who has followed this story for any length of time knew, Keith was escalating. Catherine Oxenberg feared for India’s life which she recounts in her book. As outsiders it was really hard to believe some of what was written in Frank Report but it is all being proven to be true and worse.

    Will we ever find out where the body of Pam Cafritz is?

  • So Raniere and his top female slaves suffer from arrested development.
    That’s true of almost every fraternity brother and sorority sister on major college campuses.

    Google Images of Fraternity/Sorority Paddles.…6127.11676..12116…0.0..0.127.1295.15j2……1….1..gws-wiz-img…..0..0.d0OvyQblb6U

    Kappa Theta Epsilon Fraternity Paddling×500/5f7863a0d05a1ad063737601273d366c

    From EBay
    Sorority Paddle with holes in it.
    24″ Homemade Stinger White Lexan Novelty Greek Sorority Paddle w/ Holes & Strap

  • Can Pams body be exumed to see if she had been overdosed. There is a lot of deaths surrounding Keith Alan Raniere. In my opinion this man is a murderer but can any one prove it? Plenty of motives around the untimely deaths of Heidi’s sister and Pam plus The young Snyder Girl.

  • Keith is blind Lauren is the sexiest girl out of all the dumb slaves. Allison is 2nd. To bad Keith ruined them with his nasty STD

  • And these women didn’t see anything sketchy about all this? The road to self-reliance being to serve your master unquestioningly? All the getting naked, the S&M business, that didn’t strike them as weird? They accepted it as the legitimate path to empowerment, self-mastery and a successful and happy life? They accepted and believed it?

    • Yes, that’s the weird thing – self empowerment, helping women be independent (perfectly good self help goals) but supposely through obeying without quesiton a master? How could anyone buy into that?

  • So Camilla was suicidal? There’s a kind of pattern around Raniere’s sex toys no? Camilla was a teenager when Raniere took her, like Gina.

  • It sounds to me like Raniere was becoming isolated, and bordering on delusional. While he might have continued to get on with DOS for a while longer had it not been for celebrities bringing attention to the branding – a sad commentary on what it took to bring attention to longstanding abuses – it’s unlikely he would have been able to grow it much larger without attracting attention due to the scale of abuses. I suppose he might have looked at the FLDS in the Southwest, or the similar LeBaron polygamous clan in Mexico that he had some connections to, and thought that somehow he could get away with something similar, but I think that fails to note that he didn’t have the same sort of longstanding and deep collusion of the local establishment and perhaps even sympathy from the populace, and that things are changing in the 21st century anyway.

    And is it possible to get much more twisted than the idea that “He said (the jail cell) was for the people most committed to growth.”? I really hope that more is revealed about the mindset of women who bought into that, but I still suspect that they will turn out to be an unusual group, just as it’s only a minority who get involved in things like BDSM in the broader society.

    • It takes all kinds of people to make a world.

      I’m temped to say it’s inexplicable, how any person could sell that notion of a BDSM dungeon cage. But people can be weird. And these women just about take the cake in that department. I think it actually is explicable, and it isn’t even necessary to invoke any kind of mental disorder or syndrome. People have odd quirks, sometimes very odd. This was a select group, filtered from the much larger but still selected group of NXIVM members. A small percentage filtered out of a small percentage. Salzman testified she was supposed to get 100 slaves, she never managed more than six. Very, very people are so foolish.

      • Having done Outward Bound, been in the military including Special Operations, participated in some of the lower-level courses of a group sometimes cited as a precursor to NXIVM, and spent a fair amount of time practicing Buddhism, I can appreciate that there is a certain value to discipline, obedience, and pushing one’s boundaries. Those are also all things that can be taken too far, and even abused or exploited.

        I can see how the basic idea started out, that there was value in submitting to the authority of a teacher, and learning to discipline oneself to become stronger and more focused. How that got twisted as far as it did in NXIVM is pretty bizarre, but not entirely inexplicable.

        • been in the military including Special Operations

          Too funny. Were you KP or more likely latrine duty? You, Johnson and shadow, the triage of pompous goof balls who never shut the fuck up.

          • Actually, I was sent out with SF A-Teams because I was jump qualified, and had civilian mountaineering experience (beyond just Outward Bound).

            I was a specialized training officer, sorry if you don’t appreciate my continued penchant for teaching. I’ve long been interested in a related spectrum of phenomenon that runs from investor behavior through financial frauds and into high control groups or cults, and am trying to both learn about the interesting new example that NXIVM presents, as well as to share some perspectives from a lot of study and decades of observation.

  • Sorry, can’t help myself. Jim Jones had a pit dug in Guyana in which to place those who were disobedient. He also freely practiced corporal punishment and humiliation. He too demanded embarrassing collateral (written confessions) and the surrendering of personal assets. He controlled the diet and excruciating long work hours of his followers. He too woke them in the middle of the night and they were expected to instantly gather. He took control of a child he had sired after his lover defected, and the child ultimately perished in the mass suicide.

    Despite what is being claimed by the defense, if you read between the lines, Raniere’s saga is about much more than a perverted sex club with consenting adults…

    • Yes, I’ve been thinking that all day. Even the marines stopped corporal punishment, and they allow the trainees to get a full, uninterrupted nights sleep during basic training.

      • No way those connections are a coincidence. I’m ready to add Jim Jones to the list of Ayn Rand, Scientology, NLP, Landmark, etc etc.

    • Used to live in the Appalachian mountains , my neighbors had relatives who were at WACO. There are similarities. All the people slept in one building . Koresh slept on the 2nd floor. When the little girls turned 12, they were sent to his room. The family was seventh day adventist. Some of the women were very pretty. Perhaps he chose them because they were already brain washed by this church? They believe very strongly in God, man and women are there to serve them…that order.. This was NC and many other fundamental churches believe this way too. Have read somewhere on this site that Frank Raniere lived in Ark. when bill clinton was gov. He moved to NY when hillary ran for senator. Since the clintons are also heavily involved with pedaphilia (podesta emails) I am wondering if the govt. used these people for experiments……as mkultra is a proven thing carried out by CIA. Did anybody ever find out what nazi experiments were all about? Never have read what exactly they were for. But really don’t think Frank Raniere could have gotten a pass from law enforcement for so long without the whole thing having govt. stamp of approval……..think Jim Jones and David Koresh were too….when these people are no longer needed or helpful, I think they just kill them.

    • Similar to the FLDS group under Warren Jeffs – increasingly restrictive diet – no sugar, no junk food (not that those things alone are bad – most of us eat too much of them) etc etc, women getting very thin, some put on prozac, long hours of work, babies separated from their mother, men sent away, girls got up the middle of the night to marry when disorientated, men working day and often night on church building projects – if you don’t get enough sleep you cannot function properly and you get sick. Classic torture technique. Constantly being told the world is about to end (KR didn’t do that bit) so people are on edge, sell their businesses to give to the church as life will end on XYZ date etc.

  • This gets worse and worse. I never imagined this kind of escalation. I’m sure he was not at this level in his CBI days. When I see this kind of progression, I become more and more convinced that he was on his way to eventually outright killing a female – or ordering it done – once he got sated and bored with these current acts of domination and torture. No one can doubt that he is exceedingly cruel and lacking in empathy or any human emotion.


    • Escalation is a good way to characterize it, used in describing predators.

      As I noted in another comment, it was certain to end badly. I was envisioning that it would simply be exposed if he attempted to scale it that large – one of the things that would have brought it down would have been multiple defectors telling shocking stories, but that could also have lead to trying to kill someone attempting to leave .

  • Keith approached Lauren and said he wanted to bring their relationship closer together. He asked her, ‘What are you willing to do for your growth?” Lauren said anything.

    All of these NXIVM Knuckleheads are Masochists.

    And here is the real shocking news about NXIVM.

    Raniere had political ambitions to use his DOS slaves to seduce, compromise and blackmail foreign leaders in Mexico.
    Emiliano Salinas would be elected President of Mexico and Raniere would be the power behind the throne.

    What Raniere planned was remarkably similar to what American Vice President Aaron Burr planned in 1806.

    Burr conspiracy
    The Burr conspiracy was a suspected treasonous cabal of US planters, politicians, and army officers in the early 19th century. The alleged cabal was led by Aaron Burr, the former Vice President of the United States (1801�1805). According to the accusations against him, his goal was to create an independent country in the center of North America including the Southwestern United States and parts of Mexico.

    Both Burr and Raniere were from New York State.
    Both Burr and Raniere were womanizers.
    Burr’s daughter, Theodosia, recuperated in Saratoga after giving birth to a son.

    And here is the kicker.
    Aaron Burr was acquitted for treason in a famous trial.

  • Pretty sure these people are messed up for life. Good luck having a real relationship. This shit will leak into your relationships. It sounds to me like Lauren still believes and supports all of it.

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