The Night Before…

MK10ART portrait of Keith Raniere in prison.

We’ve all had those nights before a big event.

The night before a birthday.

The night before the start of a new school year.

The night before a big test.

The night before an important game

The night before a first date.

The night before a trip to somewhere special.

The night before a wedding.

The night before the birth of a child.

Some of those nights are filled with anxiety – and maybe even a little fear – of what will happen the next day.

Others are filled with impatience for the next day to arrive.

All are filled with uncertainty.

For many, tonight is one of those nights.

Because tomorrow, Keith Alan Raniere – AKA The Vanguard – will go on trial.


Tomorrow has been a long time in the making.

At least 20 years – maybe even 30 or more.

But, at long last, Raniere is being called to account for some of his crimes.

Certainly not all of them – but enough to change his life forever.

Many thought tomorrow would never happen.

Raniere was undoubtedly one of them.

And why shouldn’t he have felt that way?

His con game had gone on for more than 30-years, albeit under different names, without any major problems.

Before he became Vanguard, Keith Raniere started a business called Consumers’ Buyline. It failed and went out of business.

He had control over vast sums of money.

He had numerous women who fawned over him – and who were always available to satiate his sexual desires.

He had women followers who procured other women for him – several of them under the age of consent

He had male followers who stepped aside to let him have sex with their partners.

He had mothers who willingly let him ravish their daughters.

He had no boundaries or limits – until suddenly he did.

There are still a few unanswered questions as we await the start of Raniere’s trial.

Who will testify on behalf of the prosecution?

Will Rhiannon – the woman he raped 50-60 times when she was 12 and 13 years old – be one of them?

Rhiannon was 12 when Keith started raping her. 

Will Raniere put on a defense – or simply try to undermine the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses?

Will anyone appear to testify on his behalf?

Will Raniere take the stand to testify on his own behalf?

Tonight, Raniere is back in the Special Housing Unit at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY (According to sources, that’s where he’s going to be housed throughout his trial).

Metropolitan Detention Center

Tomorrow morning – and every day of the trial – he’ll be awakened very early if he needs to be awakened at all.

He’ll then be given whatever breakfast is being served that day – or a styrofoam cup full of cheerios, a carton of milk, and an apple (That’s usually MDC’s brown bag breakfast for prisoners being moved before breakfast is served).

He’ll then be allowed to put on his “goin’-to-court clothes” – and transported to the U.S. District Court House in Brooklyn (In order to ensure he’s there in time for the start of the trial each day, MDC will likely deliver him there by 7:30 AM or so).

At the courthouse, he’ll be placed in a holding cell – and held there until his attorneys arrive.

U.S. Courthouse in Brooklyn, NY

After meeting with his attorneys in a small private room, he’ll be brought into Courtroom 4D South by members of the U.S. Marshals Service – and seated at the defense table.

And then the rest of his life will be determined by twelve strangers.


Sleep tight, Vanguard, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

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  • 6 am in Brooklyn, the monster is already on the move, possibly thinking this is his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate whatever bulshit he has in his mind to justify his madness and all the damage he’s caused. But we have Moira (Arya) Penza to use her blade against the monster, so he’s fucked. The only thing I’m not comfortable with is that there are only 4 women on the jury, I hope they are no machos.

    • That’s a reminder, I think Raniere is one of the types whose techniques work one-on-one – obviously, he has a certain way with women which is not at all obvious from the outside, something actually fairly common with gurus and leaders – and even in a seminar setting where he can control the environment. I think he’s about to find out the hard way that a courtroom is very different, where his ideas get challenged and real evidence is offered.

      The gender balance is more or less the reverse of what he was used to dealing with in NXIVM, so I think that will generally be to his disadvantage, particularly when the jury gets to deliberating. My guess is that there are one or two counts that both some women and some men might have doubts about, and even be somewhat sympathetic to him and his philosophy on.

  • I hear there is quite a connection to be revealed between NXIVM, Bronfman family and Justin Trudeau of Canada.

  • It’s been a l-o-n-g time coming for what is about to take place tomorrow. Nothing could be better.

    Many of us are happy KAR did not take a plea deal as we all get our days and weeks in court with Keith Raniere as the defendant.

    Finally some of the truth of what this monster has been doing will come to the surface during the next few weeks.

    Finally and hopefully those who have stood by his side and helped to destroy others lives will know the truth of what they have participated in.

    By what his defense team has said, KAR only hope at freedom is to do what he has done for decades – destruction.

    Now it is up to his legal team to try to destroy every witness testimony right in front of everyone while on the witness stand. Other than that, he has no defense. Good luck with that Keith Raniere.

    • I’ve also predicted that. This trial is a Hail Mary pass. He’s doing it because he can’t stand the idea of 20 years in prison. When it fails (and it will), he’ll likely commit suicide.

  • He’ll probably sleep well, believing he will hoodwink at least one juror. Failing that, he can appeal endlessly.

    • And who is listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book-
      None other than Edgar Bronfman, Junior, Clare and Sara’s half brother.
      mogul Edgar Bronfman, Jr.;

      • This is the only time I think I should thank Shadow for interesting information.
        The reason is that I have always believed in some things of compilation like the Illuminati and those things, I am always attracted to the attention of people as powerful as Edgar Bronfman father, let KAR get away with it, when being the a man so powerful and with a family connected to the mafia, politics and the world Jewish congress, it is simply disconcerting to know that this man who could have killed a thousand keen raenier in the breakfast, in the end did not touch a hair to KAR , it would almost seem that KAR was protected by an invisible and powerful hand, besides that we have that same mystery had already happened before with the family of pam cafritz, especially his mother who is very close to hillary clinton, again one does not know explains how it was that KAR did not end up in a carsel in Guantanamo being raped by soldiers and without anyone knowing his whereabouts, all this makes me think of something like a link with these families and things like the Illuminati. natis and if this is true I suppose this was not mere chance or negligence or lack of love on the part of their families but rather it was a sacrifice for a greater interest at least for them although I believe that Edgar Bronfman father if he wanted to protect his daughters and something or someone prevented it but in the case of buffy cafritz the mother of the deceased cafritz I think I doubt it very much I have seen some of his pictures with hillary and he has a very cold look in reality but they can be only my ideas, without embargome draws attention to Shadow’s publication on the name of Clare and Sara’s half-brother. Edgar Bronfman, Junior, especially his Hollywood reference
        mogul, I had already seen something about this guy in wikipedia about being CEO of Warner Music Group from 2004 to 2011 and that grated with the chance that two of the actresses who were recruited to operate groups in NXIVM, belonged to or worked for Warner Bros and then this is the story of this subject appearing in a black book by Jeffrey Epstein’s, so I’m wondering, it’s just me and my mind, a fan of comspirations or there are many coincidences together.

        • The Bronfman family has dabbled in Hollywood for decades.
          The Bronfman sisters, Clare and Sara, are well wired into Hollywood.

          At one time Edgar, Junior owned Universal Studios which is now part of NBCUniversal and part of Comcast.
          Ironically Edgar Junior’s dabbling in music depleted much of the family’s fortune.
          And Warner Music Group is now independent of Warner Media which is now owned by the phone giant A, T and T.
          For a while Edgar Junior’s son Benjamin was married to the Sri Lankan singer MIA and they have a son together.

          The recent history and consolidation of the entertainment industry is very complex.
          Here are some links.

          WarnerMedia is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate owned by AT&T and headquartered in New York City.

          Warner Music Group

          • interesting AT & T the channel has three shows dedicated to the cults. SLAVES OF THE CIECIOLOGY, DAUGHTERS OF POLYGAMY AND EXTREME CULTS AND BELIEFS.

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