Frank Report readers wait for the blog to get up and running again.

Frank Report Striving to Restore All Functions – Investigation Into Cause Continues

Editor’s Note: Thanks to the hard work of our IT staff and the WordPress technical staff, our “comments” functionality is working again. Still working to diagnose the cause of the problem – and adding a couple of additional security measures to avoid similar problems in the future. 

Please feel free to comment on earlier articles because we were not able to restore those comments. 


As Frank Report readers are undoubtedly aware, our blog has been experiencing some major technical difficulties since yesterday afternoon.

Initially, we lost all the posts – and all the comments – that were posted after April 30th.

Since that time, we have been able to access back-up copies of the deleted posts – and republish them.

But, as of right now, we have still not been able to restore all the comments that were deleted – and readers are still not able to post new comments.


Our IT staff is working with technical staff from WordPress to restore full functionality to the site as soon as possible.

They are also working to identify what caused the problem.

At this point, we are still not certain as to whether the problem was caused by an internal malfunction or outside factors.


Fending off invasive attacks is an everyday task for the Frank Report.

Most of those are fairly unsophisticated – and are easily thwarted.

But what’s happened over the course of the last day is highly unusual – and equally suspicious.

And it appears to be limited to Frank Report – and not any of the thousands of other blogs and websites that utilize the Word Press platform.


We’ll let you know as soon as this problem has been resolved – and, hopefully, be able to share with you what caused it.

In the meantime, if anyone has information that they wish to share with us – about this or any other matter – please send an email to:

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  • Please be very careful, and check everything on your hard drive. Not only that, but make sure that no other computer equipment that isn’t yours has mysteriously shown up.

    This is exactly how everything started (and ended) for John Tighe, the anti-NXIVM blogger (like you) of “Saratoga In Decline” who definitely ruffled the feathers of the powerful (like you), and had sudden mysterious computer problems with his blog (like you), before police in suspiciously close contact with NXIVM supposedly found “child pornography” on his hard drive. And like direct child molestation, child pornography is the “go to” way of setting someone up, because people charged with it are essentially guilty until proven innocent, since everyone is too horrified to think that the charges might be false.

    There is no doubt in my mind that John Tighe was the innocent victim of a setup. And I’m sure there must be lawyers and police who are either smart enough or know enough (or are personally involved enough) to realize the same thing. However, like the countless number of people throughout history who have shoved others into boxcars or otherwise cooperated with evil, they tell themselves “I was just doing my job” or “that’s the way the system works” or “it’s not my fault, I did what I was told”. And then they drink away the faint but persistent voice of what used to be a conscience.

  • The screw job Frank Report got with missing comments is nothing compared to the screw job Congress and the American people are getting. Frank lost comments likely via nefarious means while the American people have lost the Mueller Report.

    There is no reason why an un-redacted Mueller Report should not be available to Congress and the public.

    • Uh dummy the unredacted report is available to congress. Your deadbeat democrap buddies don’t want to read it. They would rather blow smoke up your nostrils into your empty head. The corrupt Muslim Brotherhood operative Hussein Obama and his criminal DOJ lead by crooked evil stains Holder and Lynch are now under investigation. Rule of Law is being restored by this current President and the cleaned out DOJ.

        • Justice Department officials chided congressional Democrats this week for ignoring a less-redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report made available to them, even as they pursue a subpoena for the full document and accuse the department of stonewalling.

          . Along with a letter denying access to the completely unredacted report and other files, the statement said that Democrats, including House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., had “refused” so far to review a version of the report with far fewer redactions

          .“Regrettably, before even reviewing the less-redacted version or awaiting the Attorney General’s testimony, you served a subpoena …” he wrote. “You served such a subpoena knowing that the Department could not lawfully provide the unredacted report

          Hey dummy it is illegal to release the fully unredacted report because of ongoing investigations. Also some of your democrat buddies names have been redacted and the dummycrats are trying to find out who is under investigation

          Nadler and Schiff are offering boob bait for bubbas like you.

        • Sounds like you are doubling down on stupid.

          Mueller is a lying POS. The whole investigation was a cover up for Obama Administration using our intelligence services to spy on political opponents. They used the obviously false information in a dossier paid for by Hillary’s campaign and the DNC, and prepared by Russian and British spies to justify their previous spying. One problem, they spied before the dossier was produced. That timeline is evident.

          Mueller and $35 million, with hundreds of subpoenas and millions of documents knew that. He purposefully dragged the investigation through the midterms hoping to effect the elections and take back Congress so they could remove the President because they didn’t like the results of an election.

        • Hey double dope I responded to your jibbershit before but Parlato is not putting out all comments. Your corrupt democrat buddies in Congress can go to the DOJ and see the report with only 3% redacted. That 3% percent are names who are currently being investigated and legally cannot be shown. Learn the law

    • Hey old timer, you better get another box of Depends. Your gonna need them. Load up on your booze and weed too while you are at it.
      XOXOXO Joe M

    • Hey double dummy

      Mueller cleared Trump of collusion and obstruction. He did bring charges against Manafort, a weasel who was sent into the Trump campaign, and the charges were about the money laundering actions involving Ukraine. NOT Trump.. I’d bet that MIfsud, Halper and some other players have flipped, too.
      John Podesta was referred to the SDNY. Greg Craig, a Hussein crony, was indicted. Cliff Sloan is next. There are plenty more redacted portions of the report, and they all will be revealed to involve the deep state cabal.

    • The shameful demands of House Democrats that an unredacted version of the Mueller Report be released has triggered an object lesson for them. There are good reasons laid out in federal law and DOJ regulations requiring that grand jury proceedings and the personal privacy of people who are not charged be protected.

      Mueller could not produce the called for conclusion. Barr had no choice but to present those conclusions while bending the law with a minimal number of redactions

      Now he is being openly attacked by the same people he acquiesced to because they won’t/can’t attack Mueller

      Among other items requiring investigation is, when was the collusion investigation complete or determined to not have occurred and its timing of the 2018 election. Wouldn’t it be a SCANDAL OF MAJOR PROPORTIONS if Mueller withheld the facts and findings until after the election with the obvious intention of taking the House of Horrors back and give the gavel to the wicked witch of the west? It would not surprise me for a second. This whole issue is a scandal and the rapid dogs in the democommie house are in heat!

      PS ole fella, the Ukraine is now back in the news where it belongs. The new change in leadership there is very ominous for your boy Biden and your girl Hildabeast. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago on this blog. and you hurled your goofy replies. Best you shut up and learn.

  • No surprise. The internet blogs are not overly difficult to compromise. Reason why fools like Scooter Johnson and others should not reveal their names or locations. Also the white hats monitor these blogs for information purposes that maybe put out as many intelligence agencies use blogs to pass coded messages.

  • Sounds like some CRIMINAL organization is trying to clean up any info on the Eve of Trial. So, the Jury won’t do research.


    Say it ain’t so!

    Sheesh. Merely trying to shut down the Frank Report, is only going to make us SUPPORT THE FRANK REPORT and come back Even Stronger Than Ever.

    These are definitely not Criminal Masterminds. ClareBear, spending $10 Million on a Defense where everyone pleas out.

    Keith making Kiddie Porn, keeping the vids, and making all the victims appear in the same pose on his bed.

    Allison, believing that VanCreep was her one and only. And that he was absolutely loyal to her.

    And then Keith hoping for a win at the Trial.

    Don’t worry. We’re still Alive and Kicking! The Frank Report will not be stopped!

    • KAR left Clifton Park in November 2017 and was not arrested until over four months later in March 2018.
      One wonders how much evidence was destroyed in those 120 plus days by the Flying Monkeys of NXIVM.

  • I thought at first that maybe a decision had been made to clean up all the Mack-related posts, in preparation for a week in which there will probably be the start of the trial, and a lot of mainstream attention. I do think her case, and her story, as well as hopefully eventually those of others involved, can provide insight into how high control groups or cults recruit and hold on to members, and create ends-justify-the-means driven environments where people do things that are hard to comprehend – but I think the subject has to be approached with some nuance, and avoiding any more sensationalism than absolutely necessary to attract attention.

    I always think of the example of Steve Hassan’s early book, Combatting Cult Mind Control, which was, I’m fairly sure, given that attention-grabbing title by the publishers, though the work itself gets more into dealing with undue influence by high control groups, in an approach that is nuanced and even sympathetic.

    • But also – it is suspicious that the site experienced problems right before the upcoming big week, though it might be just coincidental.

      And I should add my thanks to those working on the site. I know in general, that WordPress can be a pain to deal with at times.

    • Someone named “Joan” left a since deleted photo post over at the Underground Bunker’s Nx. section about 20 hours ago, too. It was a prostitutti/escort ad in a sylvan setting, unaccompanied by any words from “Joan.” Right away I thought of Raniere using his past life gobbledygook to tell a certain someone that she’s the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Was that the horsewoman of the apocalypse, Clare, who was anointed with this Joan of Arc bullcrap?

      For a couple of weeks now I’ve been amused by imagining Raniere telling Marc Agnifilo that Marc used to be Marcus Aurelius. Maybe Bronfman arranged for several of her compatriots to get lousy lawyers. That sneaky spinster! Obviously the natives are restless as the trial noose tightens very soon.

      • Flowers – thoughts? We could really use your expertise about now.

        Somebody said Sultan is behind everything. I’m not ruling out Frank doing it himself just to avoid my critical comments about shadow and him riding tandem bikes.

        Maybe Joan, Sultan, and Frank are one in the same?

        • I’m pretty sure Frank didnt petend his website was hacked….unless he thought it would generate more comments. Lol

          But if his site really was hacked, I wonder what the motive was. Since the hacker obviously knew the problem would be corrected eventually , what would be the point of hacking it?

          • To get IP addresses of certain commentors among a couple of other reasons

        • Thank you, Heidi. Your insights and remembrances are of great value to me, as an outsider learning the details. Also for me, your strength, courage and love are unforgettable. There aren’t enough thanks for this fortitude.

        • Double anonymous
          If they wanted to they could hack that information without shutting down the website and the comments section, though.

    • Excellent observation Scott! From now onwards, whoever will not bring candles and matches while attending the trial, will have no excuse for stabbing/dabbling in the darkness of America’s justice system! LOL



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