Jury questioning: Agnifilo seeks to ban jurors who hold ‘right to life’ views; Admits Raniere caused women to have ‘dozens’ of abortions

Pam Cafrtiz went to her grave childless - but not because she never got pregnant.

Happily, the New York Post – and it’s excellent reporter, Emily Saul – was at court today as lawyers for both sides of the case against Keith Alan Raniere were vetting potential jurors.

Two news reports came from Saul today; one on the possibility of Allison Mack testifying and another on a juror bounced from serving because he had right to life views.

Before the trial, we are finding out more of the horrors of living with or near Keith Alan Raniere – the man who claimed to be the most ethical and smartest in the world.

The trial is set to begin on May 7th.

It will come as no surprise to readers that during jury selection, it was revealed that Allison Mack may take the stand against Raniere.

Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, acknowledged it Monday, but Frank Report readers already knew because, as we reported, Mack signed a 10-page cooperation agreement with the Feds which includes her testifying against her former Vanguard.

Indeed, the length of her prison sentence may depend on how well she emotes of the horrors of the man for whom she recruited sex slaves – and for whom she did his filthy bidding.

A potential juror, identified as “No. 16,” – [the identities of jurors are shielded from the public until after trial] – told the court he’d read media reports about the case, including “some writings about the actress. At least, what happened to the individual,” [Saul reports for the Post].  “It’s not like I’m in the dark,” he said.

Raniere’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, said the man should be excluded from the jury, given his knowledge of Allison Mack, who was formerly a co-defendant in the case but plead guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy on April 9th.

“I think that person [Mack] might testify,” Agnifilo said.

It is not clear from the report if the judge agreed with Agnifilo and bounced the juror or not.

In a more interesting development during jury selection, abortions – and Raniere’s view of them – cropped up.

Raniere considered it to be a regular part of his sexual routine, his lawyer said.

Find ’em, feel ’em, mind fuck ’em, fuck ’em and abort ’em.

The Post reports, “The comment came as lawyers for both sides probed prospective jurors.

One of the questions on the 80-plus question juror questionnaire touches on prospective juror’s views on abortion.

The question is: “There may be evidence in this case about abortions. Would hearing about that type of evidence affect your ability to serve as a fair and impartial juror in this case?”

According to the Post, “One potential panelist indicated that he was strongly against abortion, writing, [on the jury questionnaire form] ‘I don’t think lives should be taken’.”

At a sidebar conference with attorneys and the judge – which was conducted out of earshot of the juror –  Agnifilo argued that the man should not be permitted to serve as a juror because, “as part and parcel of [Raniere’s] desire to have sex with lots of women, he used abortions cavalierly. There are a lot of abortions in this case,” Agnifilo said, “Dozens.”

Amanda Ottaway for Courthouse New added that the prosecution said, “This is not a case about abortion.”

When asked, the potential juror said, according to the Post, “he didn’t think he could put aside the bias he might feel if he learned that a number of women had legally terminated their pregnancies following sexual relationships with Raniere, and he was dismissed,” the Post reported.

Frank Report long ago reported that Raniere had caused his slaves and harem members to have numerous abortions.

It does not surprise me that Agnifilo admitted they numbered in the dozens. Here is a man who was constantly having sex with women and not using birth control. His slaves would never have been allowed to choose whether they wanted to keep the baby or not.

This stands in contrast in some cases to his promise to certain women that he would sire for them an avatar baby.

It is believed he ordered abortions for many harem women including Barb Jeske, Lauren Salzman, Karen Untereiner and Pam Cafritz.

The case of Pam Cafritz was especially sad. For years, she wanted to be a mother. But each time she got pregnant, Raniere told her she had too many issues to be a good mother and ordered her to have an abortion. She did.

Finally, when she was in her mid-40s- and got pregnant – she was desperate to have the baby, knowing she would not likely ever have the chance again.

Raniere again ordered her to have an abortion – an order than friends of Pam knew broke her heart.

Meantime, Pam continued to live menage a trois with Raniere and Mariana Fernandez.

Pam ultimately contracted renal cancer and as a fitting touch to her last days with Raniere, as she lay on her deathbed, Raniere impregnated Mariana – who conceived on or around the very day Cafritz died.

One close associate of Raniere told Frank Report that Keith probably had sex right in front of Pam [as he often did with Mariana] while Pam was dying just to torture her on her deathbed – for her to die knowing that while she died childless – Mariana would have a baby.

The child, Kemar, a son, was born almost nine months to the day after Pam died.

When Raniere was trying to make bail, he put in his bail application that he was so blue about Pam’s death that on the anniversary of her death he spent the entire day in their old house thinking about his lost love.  Probably he was with some young girl – maybe promising her an avatar baby.

When Raniere was interviewed by Vanessa Grigoriadis for New York Times Magazine, he frequently wept in front of her, she reported, when he spoke about the late Pam Cafritz.

Creepy scoundrel.


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  • I’m glad Raniere is stupid enough to trust his life to 12 people, who aren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.

    I said I thought I had food poisoning there once when I was asked about knowledge of a specific restaurant.

    Now I am smart enough to know how NOT to get called for it.

  • My body my choice is an illusion. A fetus is not an elective organ, like a kidney. It’s not a woman’s body. It’s a different human body.

    Abortions should only be carried out in specific circumstances.

    And monsters like hairy ape Keith should have his balls stomped on for every time he ordered one. His balls should also be stomped to mush for every statutory rape – 60 + times for Rhiannon, etc etc.

    What he truly deserves is the death penalty.

    • Somebody- Totally agree that Keith needs his balls stomped, repeatedly. He reminds me of that pesky neighborhood dog, that when you great him, he starts licking and then slobbering on your hand and arm, and then the embarrassing leg-humping starts.

    • “My body my choice is an illusion. A fetus is not an elective organ, like a kidney. It’s not a woman’s body. It’s a different human body.”

      While I agree with you we are talking about New York State where abortion is almost a religious sacrament.
      I doubt if an anti-abortion candidate could get elected in a state wide race in New York.

      Look on the bright side.
      The world is better off if the members of NXIVM do not reproduce.

  • So horrible how many people were abused and had to die only to fullfil this egomaniac’s wishes. And we are still finding out about more atrocities…

  • “as part and parcel of [Raniere’s] desire to have sex with lots of women, he used abortions cavalierly. There are a lot of abortions in this case,” Agnifilo said, “Dozens.”

    Not surprising to me. He and his crew were “with HER.” Abortion is their sacrament. It is not a “choice.” When there is truly a CHOICE you can choose without retribution.

    For example:
    “Honey, would you like cereal or toast for breakfast?”
    “Cereal, please.”
    “Okay. I have several kinds: Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Oatmeal Squares. Which do you choose?”
    “Oatmeal Squares.”

    See? That is CHOOSING.

    As for me, I would never choose abortion. This was simply a demonstration in real terms.

    • Worse than that, Soccermom, but good analogy for this serial killer.

      KAR loved getting the girls pregnant bc he felt more “potent” by impregnating them — much as he enjoyed the suffering forcing them to abort — inflicted on mother (emotionally) and child.

      They were forbidden to use birth control for that reason, IMO, though KAR often posited as if what was in his interest was solely in their interests.

      All these and more atrocities have yet to be recounted and counted in to this case — and that’s why some of us are so anxious about these sudden shenanigans — just when we thought it was safe…

  • This Raniere is a serial killer. Of course its not yet proven. I sure hope someone is going to expose this monster. All the missing girls, woman dying of cancer and now I read that he had unborn bases killed! God are we living in a third world country?

  • I had suspected abortions were handled the same way they are in Scientology.

    I wonder how so many women, over decades, fell under the sway of this cross eyed, box footed, hairy ape?
    One would think, after a year or so, you would wake up.

    Perhaps Allison screamed in the night for her aborted children.

    These are truly sick and disgusting people and they still reside among us.
    Nancy in Halfmoon and Brandon Porter in Waterford.

    Will no one rid us of this plague called NXIVM?

    • “Perhaps Allison screamed in the night for her aborted children.”

      Allison comes from a very liberal family where activities like abortion and gay marriage would be considered the same as Holy Sacraments.
      Besides from what I’ve seen of the members of NXIVM the human race would be better if they did not reproduce.

      • this is one of the most stupid comments you have made shadow, have a homosexual daughter, then they are supposed to do, tell your daughter “daughter we love you, but do not even think about claiming rights that only heterosexuals can claim”

  • I hope Mack realizes that by testifying she will arrive in prison with a reputation for being an informant. This may buy her some time off with the authorities, but being known as a “rat” or a “snitch” will go over no better with her future companions than Vanguard’s attraction to under age girls.

  • Babies gestate for 40 weeks. Almost 10 months. So if baby was born “almost” 9 months later it would mean Kemar was conceived before she died, assuming the baby was born on time. Gestation timing starts at the date of the last period.

  • Even pro-abortion people don’t agree abortion should be done as casually as taking an aspirin. It is intended for when the woman and/or man is too young/immature, not financially able to support the baby (adoption should be the option), etc. The reporter went out of her way on her twitter feed to insist abortions are not illegal, defending this evil behavior. She is disgusting.

    • You and your buddy Andy Cuomo ought to get along just fine. Maybe he can join you on your 1/2 watt radio program to dicuss your mutual love for infanticide.

    • Most people are not pro-abortion, they are pro-choice. The problem with this guy is no choice was given. While adoption is an option, I can recall horrific accounts of despicable things adoptive “parents ” have done to innocent children. So, again, it’s a very personal choice for many reasons.

      • Pro choice is pro abortion. It is the religion of the left. Abortion is their holy rite. First is was supposed to be safe and rare. Now it is if the kid pops out alive, smash their fucking head, nine months or not

  • Frank,

    I mentioned on the Frankreport I was neutral on abortion not pro or con because I am not a woman and I got attacked. Stating I am neutral does not mean I support abortion.

    I will be interested in reading all the posts on this article.

    • Anyone get attacked for anything around here…Don’t worry.

      I’m just like you, i’m neutral (for the same Reason, it’s not my decision to make…it’s not like i could be aborted anyway)

      For me , it’s the most reasonable position.

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