Vanguard Back With His Home Boys – And Seeing His New Gal Pals

The Vanguard is finally out of the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) – and living back in the Sexual Offenders Unit.

That’s especially good news for him because it means that he’s no longer being threatened on a daily basis by the two guys that roughed him up a few times while he was temporarily in MDC’s general population (They were in the SHU the same time that he was – and, oddly enough, they were often scheduled for the same 1-hour per day out of their cells “free period” that he was).

And better yet, he’s back to ordering stuff from the MDC Commissary – which, of course, means that someone is putting money into his account again (Maybe that plea that the Frank Report made for donations to his account actually worked!).

Clare Bronfman

But it may not be Clare who’s sending him cash these days (Even though he used to routinely drop her name into conversations with other prisoners, he reportedly hasn’t mentioned her name to anyone for the past few weeks).

Instead, it may be one – or, knowing The Vanguard, both – of his new gal pals who are coming to visit him on a regular basis.

Both women are described as being in their 50s, blond, very attractive and very skinny.

So, while The Vanguard may have expanded the age-range of women that he’ll spend time with, they still need to be attractive and thin if they expect him to hang around for very long.

Raniere has bragged to some of his fellow inmates that both women contacted him after they read about him in local newspapers (They never visit him at the same time).

And as strange as that may sound to some readers of the Frank Report, it’s entirely plausible.

“Prison Groupies” actually exist – and the more media attention an inmate has had, the more likely they’ll be contacted by such people (Just wait and see how many men contact Allison Mack once she starts serving her prison term!).

For a little insight into “Prison Groupies”, check out this article from


Meanwhile, except for picking up some new gal pals, our favorite federal prisoner has still been experiencing several medical problems.

The limp is getting more pronounced as the entire team of crack physicians on MDC’s medical staff have still not been able to figure out the root cause of the problem.

Is it one of his square feet – or his back – that’s causing The Vanguard so much pain and discomfort?

Or does he just like getting out of his cell for more visits to the MDC Medical Unit?

No one seems to know the answers to these very important questions.


And the Vanguard’s tummy is acting up again – which is another ailment that, as of now, has gone undiagnosed.

So, he’s being tested for more allergies – and given more antacids to deal with his upset stomach issues.

But, alas, the medical staff have still not ordered that he be given hot sauce to put on all of his food – which is obviously what he needs.


Keith has also been telling anyone who will listen that Nancy, Lauren, and Allison were “fools” for pleading guilty to any crimes – and agreeing to testify against him.

As he put it, “They will pay for their sins a thousand times over – and be sitting in prison” while he is acquitted of all charges and walking free.

It sounds more and more like Keith is actually going to roll the dice – and go to trial on the seven charges he is currently facing in the Eastern District of New York:
• Racketeering Conspiracy;
• Racketeering;
• Forced Labor Conspiracy;
• Wire Fraud Conspiracy;
• Sex Trafficking Conspiracy;
• Sex Trafficking; and
• Attempted Sex Trafficking.

At least that’s what he’s been telling his home-boys in the Sex Offenders Unit.

And it’s not like Keith is a guy who is likely to exaggerate or overstate his status, right?


Those who interact with Keith at MDC are evenly split as to what his true state-of-mind is.

Half think he’s totally bat-shit crazy, delusional, and no longer in touch with reality.

The other half thinks that he is 100% rational – and truly believes, as he puts it, that he’s “going back home a lot sooner than anyone expects”.

Well, Keith, not to be a Debbie Downer, but here’s what I think:


I don’t know how long it’s going to take for that to happen.

But the only way you’re getting out of prison is in the proverbial wooden box.

You’re not tough enough to survive any significant amount of time in prison.

And, regardless of whether you take a plea deal or you go to trial, you’re going to end up with a longer sentence than you can serve.

Night, night, Vanguard.

Sleep tight.

Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

And dream of the freedom that you’re never going to experience for the rest of your life.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Seriously, what in hell is wrong with women who seek out inmates? I used to work with two women like that, and it never went well for them.

  • Sounds like ClareBear will wait to the last minute to try to save her A$$ with her CA$h. Won’t happen. She’s finally in a jam, where money will not get her out of it. I say she pleads last minute.

    Keith the Thief will go to trial.

    • I wonder if that relates to the excitement some men get out of cuckolding – which also seems to have been at work in NXIVM. I wonder, did SOP teach the men that there was something to be enjoyed in letting the leader have their women?

  • Rather nasty op ed!
    Why all the hate?
    What did Keith do to you? I understand Frank’s motivation as he directly suffered at the hands of RaineireSalzmanBronfman but what’s your reason for carrying around so much hate?

    • Anyone who posts under the name of “Anonymous” should be banned from this site, especially if they accuse someone else of “hate”, like the hate-filled pro-NXIVM moron above.

    • Where art thou dearest Bangkok?

      Oh, I forgot you can no longer post.

      Boo-hoo don’t miss you!!!!!!


    • This was not an Op-Ed but rather an update on what’s going on with Raniere at MDC. And while it’s harsh, I believe my assessment that Raniere will die in prison will prove to be accurate.

      Although he’s already been in prison for more than a year, Raniere has still not figured out how to survive in that environment. And, as his short stint in general population proved, he’s totally incapable of defending himself. That’s a deadly combination for someone facing a 20-year sentence.

      Trust me – I’d really like to see him serve a full 20-years. I just don’t think he’ll make it that long.

  • What kind of idiot women would want to visit a man who is so vile as Keith Raniere?
    Wonder if any of them are Pea Brain? That would be totally understandable.

  • Hmm…. Square feet, a limp, hunched over holding his bad tummy and Notre Dame Cathedral has suddenly burnt down. Could it be Quasimodo Disease?

  • I think this shows just why he will go to trial: in order to retain some loyal followers, new and old, Mr. “there are no ultimate victims”* needs to cast himself as the victim of injustice, martyred for his ideas by the Illuminati conspiracy. And he probably does have some degree of unrealistic or even grandiose belief that he will successfully avoid conviction, though it’s hard to tell to what extent that sort of thinking is at work.

    * Who has really played the covert victim all along, such as with his claims to devotees about his subtle energies being disrupted, perhaps even fatally, if they fail to obey and cater to him

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