Clare’s birthday message – she is 40 today

Today is Clare Bronfman’s birthday. She is 40 today.
It is not likely a happy day for her – for she will be in court today as the business of her trial on criminal racketeering charges commence  – with jury selection today.
On her last birthday, Frank Report published a birthday message to her from a group of ex-Nxivm members who knew her well.
This was three and a half months before she was indicted and 13 days after her Vanguard was arrested in Mexico. Clare was with him at the time.
The message last year read:
“Clare, you have made quite an impact in the world, that is for sure. It’s extremely likely that soon you’ll be in an orange jumpsuit behind bars. So, in the spirit of ethics, we feel it’s important to take a minute to reflect on your life so far and the impact you have had.

“We believe that holding you accountable for your actions, and giving you open, honest feedback, is the best way we can help you in your growth right now, at such a crucial time.

“You have used your father’s fortune to destroy the lives of so many victims of your Vanguard. This has had effects that you can never heal in this lifetime. It is a moral imperative that you recognize this immeasurable ethical breach and do everything you can to heal it.

“What are the effects of your actions – past, present and future? What are the damages?

“Can you feel the pain of the people who have suffered and had their lives and families destroyed?

“How deeply can you feel the pain?

“What would be the worst thing, if you really sat with that pain, and felt the amount of damage you have done? What will you do to heal this?

“We believe the best course of action – and the most noble thing you could do right now – would be to walk yourself on into the FBI, tell them the truth, and spend the rest of your life dealing with these horrific consequences.

“If you truly acknowledge what you’ve done and accept the reality that your Vanguard is a disgusting, selfish, suppressive little coward, there may be some kind of redemption for you. You may need to spend much of your life behind bars, but at least your soul will finally be free.

“Will you do what’s right, or will you take the easy path of still pretending your Vanguard is good and pretending you are saving the world with all your destruction? The choice is yours.”

It seems to me that had Clare heeded this message last year, she would be in a far better set of circumstances than she is today.
Still a birthday is a birthday and when it is hard – and not happy – is when people need to get good wishes.
Readers do please comment on this post, wish her well on her birthday.
My wish for her is that she recognize what she has done and try to undo it. Try to heal herself and restore what she took from others.  She may followed a madman and is perhaps mad herself.  Hope she gets cured.

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  • Frank – You sent Clare a very appropriate birhday message last year but I think Allison Mack’s birthday present to Clare today sends another pretty good message.

  • Happy 40th Birthday Clare!

    I hope it’s dawned on you that no one ever truly loved you. Tragic for the innocent child you once were.

    You channeled that pain to lash out at anyone that upset you instead of buying the best psychiatric help money could buy.

    The silver lining is prison will provide the environment and structure you need to get better. You’ll learn what objectification, demoralization, lack of agency, fear and no control feel like which might spark needed self-reflection. That’s not a cruel wish, it’s the cure for your affliction: Affluenza. You’re just another Ethan Couch.

    Get your GED, teach inmates to read and better yourself.

  • If the photos are of today, it looks like Clare’s mummy accompanied her on her birthday court appearance

  • Clare, nay you get a life long sentence for your birthday so we can be happy.

    I’m blowing out your candle as I push post comment.

  • She and her sister are being sued for damages in civil court. Hopefully the righteous payment to victims will hasten both sisters’ acceptance of karmic debt paid, thereby righting a little of the wrong they have inflicted.

    • The Bronfmans are probably in for a decade or more of being tied up in civil suits, in large part because they are the “deep pockets” – Clare in particularly may well end up with pretty much an empty pocket, other than a tiny fraction of her original fortune that is tied up in trusts and would be doled out to her for living expenses. That’s pretty fair karmic comeuppance, given how they spent more than a decade using their wealth to try to unjustly punish others.

  • Go hang yourself clare. Before you do I have a question. That picture of you with pea brain (n.clyne). Was that your entry in the world’s homeliest lesbian couple contest? You know the one with your curled lip pumpkin smile.

    Let you eat cake, and choke to death on it as well.

  • You pay for their attorneys and this is the loyalty and thanks you get. You are the fool if you surely thought you could control matters. A memorable birthday. Here’s to you and your idiocy.

  • Happy Birthday, Clare!!!!!!!

    Clare, think about the positive side of prison, once you get out you will have actually accomplished something for the first time in your life, you will have graduated from the school of hard knocks.

    Now, that sounds like an accomplishment better than some silly sash and a bullshit title.

    Prison is like prep school except you cannot drop out until you graduate.

    • Actually, what would be more noble: she could take all of her wealth and give it to those she scammed and sued over the years. Then self-immolation to save our taxpayer dollars from locking her up for a few decades.

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