Confirmed: Allison Mack will plead guilty today at 11:30 am

Allison Mack appears to be crying near the Brooklyn Courthouse. Is she crying for her sad fate or because she misses Keith Alan Raniere?

It has been confirmed that Allison Mack is appearing before Judge Nicholas Garaufis today at 11:30 AM to enter a guilty plea in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al. We will have updates.

It is not yet known what charges she will plead guilty to and whether she will be entering into a cooperation agreement.

It is expected, however, she will be pleading guilty to two felonies and maybe more.

Per the second superseding indictment, she is charged with racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, and attempted sex trafficking.

She is facing up to life in prison on the current charges.

Her plea deal will almost certainly include at least one racketeering charges. The big question is whether she pleads guilty to a sex-related charge – which would likely force her to register as a sex offender.

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  • I hope the plea agreements of Mack and others include supplying evidence against Kristin Krook. She shouldn’t be allowed to stay free taking tax payer money and virtue signalling.

    • Shadow? is that you? No she didn’t, the court document clearly show that and there isn’t anything that shows otherwise.
      Atleast, try to read about this case before making silly statements.

  • Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker has a new piece briefly citing “Village” Diane’s reporting that Mack pleaded guilty to two counts, racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

    I’d thought that prosecutors wouldn’t have accepted anything less than a deal that included her pleading guilty to at least one sex-related count that would have resulted in her being a registered sex offender, so I called that wrong, though I still suspect that was one of the the sticking points that delayed her plea bargain until this late point. My guess is that prosecutors decided to cede that and are hoping that it’s most efficient to cut a deal with her now, and that they can get her on a sex-related charge in a new Northern District case later – which I hope bodes well for real effort being put into a
    prosecution, and perhaps expanded investigation, in NDNY.

  • Mack can cry at will. She will be using that ability later as she plays victim in TV interviews.

    And apparently, she can escape justice too! The feds must have proof and witnesses of Mack engaging in many sick crimes she will never be charged with. They DID NOT need her to prosecute Raniere.

  • …………One of the most important chapters of the NXIVM trial and all Scott cares about is some somones feet…..

  • I hope the DOJ didn’t allow her to get away with a deal that does not include one sex related charge.

    Allison Mack took over as Kaniere’s pimp. How can she be a victim when she became the victimizer of such heinous crimes.

    There will be no justice for the real victims if Allison Mack is let off the hook.

  • If she doesn’t plead guilty to the sex trafficking charges then we’ll know that she made a great deal in order to save her from paying for her more egregious crimes. I hope she gets at least 10 years in prison before she’s eligible for parole and being a registered sex offender is completely appropriate, she should never be allowed around teenagers, young women and children ever again. She is a pimp

    • Hum no, If she doesn’t plead for sex trafficking it means the AUSA weren’t that confident about this part of the case (it’s the weakest part, technically…)

      As for the length, who are you to hope she get 10 years at least? Let me guess, you are one of the “victims”…I belieeeeve you so much.

      The only people who have the right to hope anything in term of jail time are the REAL victims. Not someone who pretends to be it.

      • Or perhaps the EDNY prosecutors decided that it was in their strategic interest in terms of getting the real kingpins, Raniere and Bronfman, to allow Mack to take a deal when she wouldn’t agree to one that included sex trafficking, and then hope to get her on sex charges in a NDNY case. You don’t know what’s in the minds of the AUSA.

        Or do you think that Clare was just a victim, too? Just because she’s not cute, and doesn’t have a fan base, is it fair that she not get sympathy, too?

        • First of all, you are a moron, a complete one.
          I’m not gonna try to explain how wrong you are because you continue to blow BS like you have any kind of knowledge.
          The sex trafficking charge was weak, like it or not. If it was not the case, Believe it or not, she would not have been able to have that out of the plea deal.

          Second, i do have sympathy for any victims and that include Bronfman and Russell.She became a monster but was probably not.
          I don’t talk much about her because contrary to YOU , i write about the things i know or atleast understand.

          Bui you? Except the real monster of this case (like the Salzmans) , for who do you have sympathy?

    • As I noted in a comment I just made, she indeed escaped the noose on sex-related charges in the deal she made today – unless, it occurs to me, there’s some unusual additional stipulation for her to register as a sex offender. But its also possible that the EDNY made a strategic deal to get her plea and possible cooperation in this case, hoping to still go after her for sex charges in a NDNY case.

      I agree, her involvement in DOS, at least tinged with exploitation of young girls and tainted by Raniere’s philosophy justifying sex with underage girls, shows that she should be registered as a sex offender in order to protect society.

  • Damn, this is a nail biter! I keep refreshing for the update. What’s the hold up? Did they break for lunch before ruling?

    VillageDianne? Roberta? Toni? Tom? Josh? Whoever’s at the Courthouse check in!

  • No. She is a foolish girl who believed and trusted a man who was never worthy of her trust. It makes me sad that she will potentially loose her freedom because of it.

    It was so apparent in the expression in her eyes when KR was forcibly detained in Mexico – her uncomprehending disbelief.

    Or her pained expression while singing to KR on Youtube. I don’t think he ever considered her more than a valuable but “un-flushable” pawn.

    I hope she fully understands what he did to her. I hope she tells what she knows.

    I sincerely hope the judge goes easy on her.

      • Whatever you say…as guilty as Vanguard .
        You know nothing of this case , you started to spill your hatred long ago against Allison and just like another person over here , you never looked at any of the other defendants.
        This show the kind of person you are.

      • Not so much. It’s like Sara Edmonston talking about the collateral. She got tricked into giving some collateral because she trusted Lauren and believed the high sounding moral purpose of DOS; to be part of a group of badass bitches who were able to have a useful effect on history.

        But the second time … she was caught in the trap, and was expected to give collateral through coercion of potential threat of revealing first collateral. Once caught you can’t say no. That’s how the system worked and why it’s RICO fraud if I have the facts straight.

        In fact, the revealing of collateral should be the defence of any women in DOS.

    • “apparent in the expression in her eyes when KR was forcibly detained in Mexico”?! The photos and video from Mexico were grainy and awful – how can you read that much into them?

      And what about the video you left out, the one that’s in high definition and really gives a good look at her – her interviewing Raniere, looking at him lovingly, moved to tears?

      We’ll see soon what she admits to. It will of course be less than what she was guilty of, and may reduce the likelihood that we’ll hear testimony and see evidence in court, of the full extent of her misdeeds and crimes – though if Raniere goes to trial, especially on the sex-related charges, a lot of the worst may come out eventually.

  • Naw, she won’t cop to any “sex crime” guilt but may have to face bars on those racketeering chargers, anyhow.

    Nancy Salzman set the cap (or bar) for 2 counts racketeering, no official “cooperating,” I bet Ally opts for. Or maybe she’ll mix it up with a “wire fraud” plea the Feds might want to tap into some ill-got $$$$, nail another defendant on that RICO charge?

    Poor girl got so plea deal backstab bitchslapped by the dirty Salzman pac in this, I hope it backfires and goes harder on them than she, ultimately.

    • I’ll bet you a nice dinner, that Mack gets stuck having to plea to at least one sex-related charge. I don’t think the prosecutors will let her off, without having to cop to something that leaves her having to register as a sex offender, which I think is definitely the right outcome given what she did and was involved in.

      p.s. Serious about the dinner – I’d love to get the chance to talk over some details with you, sometime.

      • You owe me one, AnonyMaker. Have my dinner delivered at your soonest convenience, please. I eat gamey red meat.

        Btw, Allison’s plea is International multi-media, headline news and Frank Report scooped everyone on it, so far as I can tell. Just heard a 2 minute long National news radio report on it.

        Ms. Smallville’s hit the big time.

  • I do feel sorry that there are people that feel so bad about themselves and feel so lost that they get sucked in deep by manipulative, sick people. Then this becomes of their life. It is a sorry state of affairs but one must pay the price because a lot of people have had their lives ruined.

  • I am hoping she will have to plead guilty to at least one sex related charge and she absolutely needs to be registered as a sex offender for life.

    I also hope she gets quite a bit of prison time as well.

  • Thanks for the update Frank!!!!

    Well it’s raining in New York and it’s raining wherever shadowState is…..

  • Remember last year when there was speculation that she would cut a plea deal? She missed an opportunity and will pay dearly for it.

    I can’t help but wonder what if any pressure was applied by her family. Her collateral that she gave to KR was apparently potentially damaging to her family.

    Will they ever trust her or believe her, after this?

    I loved her character, Chloe Sullivan. But Allison Mack is a monster.

    • I don’t think she missed an opportunity. There were only a few charges pending and any offer that might have been on the table would only include crimes they identified at that time. The lawyers knew there was a considerable body of evidence that still had not been viewed. I suspect she was acting on her attorneys advice to keep her cards close until the entire case had unfolded and take it from there.

      I’m just astounded at the damage that has been caused to so many well meaning people. And regardless of what is said about Allison, or Claire or Lauren on the Frank Report, I’m absolutely certain they meant no harm at the time.

      • Mack could have plead about a year ago, and the deal could have included that no additional charges would be added. She definitely blew it. She could have helped the FBI/DOJ with their investigation and saved them a lot of time and effort, and prepared a much better case against the others, because they had a great witness along with the documented evidence. This is one reason why it’s better to plead sooner rather than later. She is also the 3rd one on the plea bus, so she will not get as good of a seat as the Salzmans.

        The lawyers almost always initially plead not guilty, because they want to see if they can wiggle out of the charges or hope the prosecution makes a mistake. Plus, it helps their billable hours.

        These people were NOT well meaning the very first time they sued somebody who left or found out Raniere was f*cking more than one woman.

    • I was in central booking, one of the many lock-up experiences I have. Rich or poor reality does not sunk in, for some it takes a day to a week before they realize the reality. Lawyers will give you a glimpse of your future and that’s the best you can get as first timer.

      Mack is in deepshit, this cult seems to be a blood in, blood out cult. In my opinion prison will make her better and a chance to vanish from the public eye so ( hopefully ) she can find her peace. If she opt for it in the far future.

      After prison, she should seek something else other than material things in order to find the solace of solitude. Maybe in order to conquer her own demons.

      She should start name dropping names, she should sing like a bird in order to drop that burden off her shoulders and to face her fear of living or dying. I’m looking forward to read her book in the future.

    • I watched a few seasons of that show with my nephew I think it was one of the better superhero shows to ever be on television.

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