Longtime harem member Dawn Morrison still operating KAR-MA LLC – a Raniere-inspired MLM

Dawn Morrison keeps pn trying for Keith Raniere.
By A Person Never In NXIVM
I have been wanting to tell you for quite some time now that Dawn Morrison and I were in the same Networking group called CDSBN (Capital District Small Business Network).
This group of small business owners and leaders in MLM type companies used to get together once a month to network and get to know each other.  Each month, two businesses would get to present in front of the room.
I bet you can guess what business Ms. Morrison represented!  That’s right!  KAR-MA!  She was very pushy about her business as well.  She offered various services such as car detailing, cleaning, tire rotations, routine maintenance, and car buying/negotiating services (no thanks, I can hold my own when dealing with car salesmen!).
At the time, I honestly did not know she was a part of KAR’s harem.  She did tell me at one point that there was a self-improvement group in the area that could help those struggling in their business.  I didn’t give her the time of day.  I found out through the Frank Report of her involvement with NXIVM.
I had not seen her in a while and thought the publicity would keep her hiding for a period of time.  Then, this past autumn, she appeared at another networking event and actually won the door prize, a book called NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY by Bruce Tulgan.
She is still pitching KAR-MA and most others don’t have a clue.  I just recently mentioned her involvement with NXIVM to a fellow networker and that friend and fellow networker had a hard time believing me!  I pointed to the Frank Report and said, “search her name”!
The point is, she is still promoting KAR-MA and probably still not paying her taxes!
I just thought you would find this interesting and I have included a picture of her winning the book.  I have redacted the face of a fellow networker.   You have my permission to use this information and the photo but PLEASE don’t include my name.
Faithful longtime slave and follower of KAR – Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard, Master and Grandmaster.

In case you’re interested in getting Dawn’s services – you can check it out online.

Keith Alan Raniere


Here is what you get:

Benefits of THE KAR-MA CCC Program

The KAR-MA Continuous Car-Care Program insures that your vehicle, your investment, your baby is looked after once a month for all the basics: oil changes, coolant replacement, brake checks, power-steering, window washer fluid levels, tire pressure and more.

Other Benefits to your vehicle include:

  • Trusted insurance agents, if you need help with your insurance needs.
  • Car-care washing. We take extra care washing your car inside and out, every month
  • Serving as your advocate at the service provider. We get the best deals and steepest discounts possible.
  • Spare key service. Locked out of your car? No problem, give us a call and we’ll come over and let you in!
  • File kept of repair records. We keep a comprehensive overview and detailed records of all of your repairs, maintenance paperwork, insurance information as well as any warranty information you provide us.
  • Access to The KAR-MA automotive resource network. With trusted service providers, we’re confident that we can help service your vehicle, no matter what it needs.
  • Peace of mind knowing your car is getting special care — because we love your wheels as much as you do!



The idea for the KAR-MA LLC came about in 2005 when a few friends who share a passion for cars began brainstorming new business ideas. Dawn Morrison is the primary promoter of this vision. She is a lifelong lover of automobiles — BMW’s in particular — and brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge to this role. She started out doing her own oil changes and bodywork on her first car, a 1972 Plymouth Duster and has been hooked on cars ever since.

The KAR-MAMorrison2015_225edit takes care of your car. We hope you will let us serve you, and we are looking forward to showing you just how much we care about you, your vehicle, and your time.






What is not on the website is how the LLC got its unique name: KAR-Ma.

It anybody knows or cares to guess, please comment. I wonder why Dawn doesn’t say on her website.


See if you can find the “K” the “A” and the “R” on this exquisite body art etching by the artist Danielle Roberts D.O.
Dawn Morrison operated KAR-MA a company that takes care of you care for you – inspired by Keith Alan Raniere – who by the way said he could not drive a car because his brainwaves were so potent it set off radar detectors.

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  • I just LOL’d so hard when I saw the pathetic videos on her site. These cult members must really be hard up for a buck. Her home is currently in pre-foreclosure stages.

  • Dawn is a beautiful person and a loyal one and is one of the leaders in the tech. There is not a person here who would not learn a lot from her and not a commenter on the site that is as wise and learned in the integration of a being.

  • There were a lot of rich NXIVM folks.who had cars in Albany but didn’t live there.

    Dawn Morrison started a business to take care of their cars while they were out of town so the cars would be ready when they returned.

    Dawn was called the Car Mom, hence the name KAR-MA. She kept spare keys so she could get work done on cars to the NXIVM gang and started selling the service outside of NXIVM members.

    Dawn was never a successful seller of NXIVM courses but I think she was early on a part of KAR’s gals Pals. As she aged, we know he spent less and less time with her.

    • Rich and being in NXIVM don’t go hand in hand. Unless of course you are Clare Bronfman.

  • – Is it bad that I now want that service for my poor neglected car?

    – Come on Gin an juice, share a story.

    – Glad I have Scott’s blessing to sign up for Dawn’s car detailing MLM.

  • Oh Dear God, do not let these wicked Cartel crooks anywhere near your car — if ever get on their bad side they’ll give you a brake job alright!

  • Leave Dawn Morrison alone she’s a bigger loser than Tex Johnson!

    She wanted $70 bucks to check my oil and $150 to park my car in her garage. I told her bitch you’re older than my grandma you’re lucky if I give you $65 for everything. She’s got more mileage on her than a 73 Volkswagen Bus.

    • She must provide extra “benefits” for offering to check your oil for $70 bucks [sic]. Even Amway and other MLM scams don’t overcharge that much. By the way, I’m a massive winner, I’ve helped millions of people not get scammed by Amway and other MLM scams. America (and the world) you are welcome! https://youtu.be/_lQrlzECAIw?t=158

  • All of Dawn’s assets are in Edgar Boone’s name, including Kar-ma, so Dawn can skirt paying taxes and creditors.

  • That looks like a business probably based on setting up recurring payments – an angle that Scientologists and their businesses (and frauds) are known for, and infamous for because it’s hard to nearly impossible to cancel the service and get the payments stopped.

    I can’t believe that she hasn’t even changed the business DBA name – but then again, that may well be an indication that she’s a true believer.

    The first testimonial that pops up on the home page is from “Ben Myers President, Solsys LLC, Clifton Park, NY” – isn’t that out of date?

    And is Dawn herself running around doing oil changes, another of those living marginal lives doing menial work in order to pay for their “success” programs?

      • I thought that recurring payments scams – sometimes also known as continuity billing scams, try googling that – were reasonably well known, but apparently I should have specified that typically they involve getting people sold on non-essential services and then signed up for automatic withdrawal/charges, counting on a lot of people not bothering to cancel the charges or not being able to.

        It’s not absolutely clear now KAR-MA billed, though in this day and age it’s unlikely that they sent out invoices for $75 a month or whatever, rather than setting up credit card charges or electronic payments. But even fixed payment service plans like that are scam-y, or outright scams, based on the calculation that in the long run customers will receive fewer services than had they paid for them individually, and the service provider will be left with more profit. Again, these are the sort of activities that members of groups that put heavy financial demands on their members, and teach ruthlessness, like Scientology, are all too often found involved in.

        That she was going to MLM networking meetings also tells us something about her approach to business – and perhaps other angles of her business, that we’re not aware of.

  • Why this person doesn’t tell all of the other “MLM type” people about Morrison is beyond me. However, it appears Morrison’s KAR-MA business (and her business only) is legitimate, as she appears to have lots of external customers rather than mostly internal consumption, the hallmark of an MLM illegal pyramid scam, and probably what the other “MLM type” people are representing.

    • DumbAzz Cowboy,

      Dawn works alone. She is hard up for cash just like a certain fella in Texas reading this comment. Guess who that is moron?

      • Then maybe she can earn some extra cash by suing for libel, Since she doesnt operate a MLM scam, as is being reported here, she probably has a stronger case than Omar does.

        • Flowers certainly has an obsession for Omar. Why is Flowers always hating on Omar?

          Shadowstate has Allison Mack.
          Sultan of Six has Kristin Kreuk.
          Scott Johnson has Frank Parlato
          Flowers has Omar.

          Everybody has someone except for me. So sad.

          • Is it an obsession to want to point out what most keep ignoring – the fact that Omar continues to lie? Why does Frank bother to post anything he writes? Omar never addresses the questions other readers ask him, as apparently he has no way to explain the mistakes.

  • Hold up — setting nxivm aside for a moment — that is one of the stupidest names for a business I’ve seen in a long time. The customer testimonials on the home page are cringe-worthy not because of the content but because of the name of the company. Dawn honey – that is one big branding fail. And hopefully you weren’t using collateralized servants to do the detailing work, but I’ll leave that for all the others to comment on.

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