Shadow: NXIVM is a society of predominately female degenerates and one Dirty Old Man

By Shadow State 1958
The statement quoted below encapsulates everything one needs to know about NXIVM.
“The government plans to admit evidence that Bronfman, Mack, and Russell recruited and groomed sexual partners for Raniere, within and outside of DOS – and were aware of and facilitated Raniere’s sexual relationships with underage victims.”
Adults, women, and men have an obligation to protect children, girls and boys.  Is that a radical notion in today’s  America?  Even Vladimir Putin, the KGB leader of Russia, understands the simple fact that a good society defends its children.
NXIVM is a society of predominately female degenerates who exploited girls and women for the benefit of the female hierarchy and one Dirty Old Man.
“‘Dirty Old Man?’, I resent that,” says Keith, “I’m not that old.”  From artist Marie White’s painting “The Branding Table”.

Let’s examine NXIVM’s champions of “female empowerment:

Allison Pimp Mack
Lauren Pimp Salzman

Clare Pimp Bronfman

Kathy Pimp Russell

Pam Pimp Cafritz [deceased]

Barb Pimp Jeske [deceased]
Not one of these women has/had any sense of shame for their misogyny except for shame at getting caught.  And many of these women were involved with and facilitated child molestation.
Allison Child Molester Mack
Clare Child Molester Bronfman
Kathy Child Molester Russell
Pam Child Molester Cafritz
Barb Child Molester Jeske
Not one of these women has any sense of shame at helping Raniere molest children except shame at getting caught.
And what do I see about the lack of shame in NXIVM?  Constant harping at Kristen Kreuk, a woman who at least had the good sense to get the hell out.
Keith Raniere will spend the rest of his life in a cage, as he should.  But the women who enabled and facilitated Raniere’s crimes should also be caged like wild animals for the rest of their lives.
Allison Mack taking care of children.

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  • The world became complicated when feminism broke out, when it became mainstream female behavior changed, divorce becomes rampant and keeping a gf in the relationship is most challenging. Today, blowjob and sex is plentiful in the first six months of the relationship. As time pass those will be scarce, it takes a god to keep a girl in the relationship.

    Something can be learned from here, KAR knows feminism well, well enough that women he have sex doesnt mind him having sex with other girls ( even underage for this matter ), they dont even mind jumping together in Keiths bed for a threesome/foursome etc. The fact is obvious here, women will spread it and will work for it and will work for your bidding as long as you have the right bait or the right way to manipulate them. To top that all they will come to your defense. Of course a lot of men would love this kind of ability. Western men would love to have a wife that will spread it willingly according to his preference, western men would love to have someone working for his desire and would come to his defense. I just realized the fact that women is not want they say they want, the face dont matter, physique do not matter as long as one can tickle their brain the right way. Meaning, women’s psychology did not evolve that much. Women for centuries has their major role in the society, that is to please men and they are build that way and they’re very good at it. KAR’s history prove that point, both in the social aspect and scientific aspect.

    Of course there is a trade-off if one wants to have KAR’s ability to please and control women. A man should be eloquent, gentlemen’s manner, extremely nice ( sorry bad boys we’re not the trend anymore ), and you have to have Satan’s ability of deceit, charisma and be entertaining at all times.

    One thing is certain here, women in general prefer deceit over truth, that’s the wat to their heart and they would love you for it. It took KAR one inception to win these women’s heart that idea was to build a ” better world “. The idea was good enough to run as bait to women for decades, for decades women cultivated the idea and KAR was their guidance. Women acted willingly for that cause, sacrificing childrens/minors life, nevermind innuendo and the best part is – they would gladly spend their resources for that.

    Things I learned so far:

    Women never honor their vow in marriage, they see it more as a right given to them by men and society. Therefore, they dont commit to this ritual they prefer to commit everything they have for a good cause and you have to give them the chair which can voice out in meetings. In return, the man can have his sexual desires fullfill in bed and his fantasy ( like; fucking her in a public elevator ) .

    Women prefer to run things deceptively, they want to run prestigious position but they want a man to guide them every step of the way. For some strange reason a women’s logic is deeply tied to her emotional needs, mens logic is deeply tied to reason. Women’s guilt is based on words not on action. When their words fail them the way they saw it fit, they tend to suffer guilt in silence.

    Lastly, it seems that women has more patience and perseverance than men. For instance ” KAR better world ” can hang on women’ head for infinity. They see the goal as a flawless goal when reached.Meaning once the better world is present, the better world will linger for ages, something only God can achieve. Men on the other hand prefer to eliminate the enemy/threat in any manner, men also has more flexibility to achieve the goal. Men prefer to achieve the goal ASAP.

    In all this means that chivalry is dead, men these days should accept the true nature of women. Men should choose if it wants to be a alpha male or the beta male, men should accept the fact that women are all cunts, sadly their heart and sex performance solely belong to the alpha male. That alpha male is not the bad boy type, that alpha male is the nicest, deceptive man in town with the gentleman manners.

    Forgive my manners, i have no excuse for it. Ideas flow much more that I can right and I find it hard to express it in a succinct manner. And when or when not to elaborate.


    I know everyone here is excited how this will end. I myself want to know that, a lot of ideas from opinions for readers here. The case seem to hammer KAR and Mack, because of that i’m relying on mack on how she will fight back both legally and deceptively ( behind the scenes ). In my opinion mack has more capability to fight back than KAR. In this way NXVIM personas like Mark, KK, Nikki etc. Will have their share of shame as it should be. KAR do not have the will and the leverage to fight back to get even to the people who are not part of the trial.Women’s scourge was a saying for a reason. Im simply betting on that fire within Mack for maximum NXVIM damage.

    Thanks for reading!

    • High control groups or cults work by self-selecting to some extent, and then further winnowing people out. It’s complex, and so it’s not entirely valid to say that those who get in or stay in are necessarily less smart, or more gullible. But they’re also not necessarily entirely typical, and so the women of NXIVM aren’t a good basis for generalizations, particularly the ones in the inner circle – just look at them, they are certainly not representative of women physically and ethnically.

      Such groups, their teaching and philosophies, typically appeal to a desire for easy answers, pat generalizations and certainty about the world. It’s a mistake, inside or outside of indoctrination and groupthink, to make generalizations such as about “the true nature of women.”

      • These women are feminist, that alone is good enough to generalized women. I have been to many countries, I’m from a third world country. Feminism is a disease this is seen and has been for decades in the mindset of females, traditional or not these females like the ” idea of ” even wedding as a bait they will fall for it. Women are not monogamous these days, even the traditional type.

        I was compel to write the long comment because I thought that the more educated they get or the more money they have they become complex species. But this is actually a wrong notion, of course a lot would disagree. Looking at this in a birds eye view, mgtow men are proof of this, the problem is women love to have a clean reputation for the public eyes. They would take the secret and lies to their grave even if would burn the whole world.

    • So everything Raniere was teaching about women withis SOP is true? Thank you for the enlightment Ka-lel. I was waiting for years for a bright man like you telling the universel truth about woman.

  • So basically NXIVM is the same as all religions?

    Good discovery gang.

    You owe yourselves for proving that your parents, your ideals, and the circus churches you support are the very predators preying on your families generation after generation.

    No amount of ‘sexual healing’ prevents adults from preying on children.

    Adults are predators of children in every aspect.

  • Would have to disagree with you Shadow State on your presumption that the women who Keith lured in and manipulated were predominantly degenerates? I think you owe an apology to Heidi and her family, and to contributors of this blog who have also suffered undue torment for speaking out.

    • “This former A- list mostly television actress turned sex trafficker/cult leader is hooking up with at least two people to pay for her legal defense. One is a shocker.

      Thank you, Villagedianne.

      Unfortunately, Crazy Days, Crazy Nights does not reveal precisely who these two people are who would foot Allison Mack’s legal bills.

      The speculation is mostly that Allison Mack is getting legal help from Michael Avenatti and paying for it with sex.

      Since Avenatti now faces his own legal problems, it is unclear how much help he could give her.

      Speculation also mentions Gloria Allred, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

      • shadowstate1958, I don’t know if Enty (proprieter of Crazy Days and Nights) was referring to Avenatti. But I do wonder if Avenatti was, at one time, extracting similar favors from Stormy Daniels.

      • Dumblesnore said…
        She’s fucking gross. Still not sure how someone who looks like they work at the customer service counter at Target and who was on a WB network show is A- list, but whatevs.

        Shadow State said…
        Shadow State
        Dumblesnore, you’re insulting the customer service workers at Target by comparing them to Allison Mack.

        Dumblesnore said…
        You are correct, my apologies lol

  • What about Catherine Oxenberg? She for sure knew from the TU series about Keith’s rape and pedophilia but, as Frank has said, she slithered silently away leaving her own daughter who she recruited and paid to be in the cult, to be fucked by the criminal. Frank said India was grooming children for Keith when she worked at the Rainbow Gardens. Since India was originally named as CC-2, might she now be charged along with Allison? What about Michel Chernitzky who also ran Rainbow and was screwing India when she was in her early 20s and he was almost 40. According to Frank, he was still one of the high ranking members supporting NXIVM as late as August of last year.

    • Frank did not say that about Catherine and India…please. A commentor once said something thereabouts.

      This is the problem, Frank, where FR readers emotionally attribute what’s said to YOU or to your belief system for allowing it to be said…Amidst a determined effort to make you look like a mascalzone anyway. And that’s, truly, one of my worries about your just letting the off-putting comments roll on here.

  • Still waiting for Barbara B. to tell the world what good there is in NEXIVM. She also claims KAR was a good man.


    • Good is what you think it is. And some people have very modest ideas of good.
      Then you can ask good for whom and in which respect? And when you realize
      that good is not good for everyone? Who cares?

      But it would be nice if the good at least includes the absence of criminality.

      • No, she didn’t mean it. Your defense of her is SHIT.

        Crohn’s disease is a fucking intestinal disorder that apparently has no cure, as per Google.

        Crohn’s disease causes a life of disgusting diarrhea, according to Google.

        That means you can’t cure it with positive thinking or by drinking a milky white substance.

        It’s not a psychological issue, it’s a physical issue. Dummy.

        Just like you can’t cure cancer with baloney NX tech. No sane person would believe that.

        If Barb told you she was ‘cured’ (by Keith’s technology) then it means one of three things:

        1) She never had Crohn’s disease in the first place.

        2) She did have Crohn’s disease — which means she still has it, since it can’t be cured with psycho-babble tech (it actually has no cure, as per google).

        3) She’s bonkers.

        There is no other possibility, you gullible twit. 🙂

        Let’s see Barb produce REAL medical records from a reputable doctor that confirms she had Crohns but was then cured afterward. Medical records from Brandon Porter or Danielle the Quack don’t count.

        I doubt that Barb truly meant it. Get a clue Heidi. I sometimes feel my IQ drop after reading your silly sounding posts. 🙂

        • This is the only time I’ll most likely agree with Kristoff, the jerkoff.

          A lot of what Barbara Bouchey says is total BS. I spent a few years around Bouchey and she never mentioned any medical conditions.

          Raniere, the great and powerless Vanturd, can’t even cure his eyesight. How is it he can cure anything else. He said he could if he had the time. Well, Mr smartly pants has a lot of time on his hand now.

          Maybe he’s too busy cleaning the peanut butter out of his shoes these days.

  • What about Karen Unterreiner – who we’ve heard noting about lately?

    Is that her very obvious at the far left of the photo, with bare feet and sheer leggings, looking longingly and as if she might be trying to get Raniere’s attention?

    • I am wondering about Karen as well. She had a significant role since Consumers Buyline days. She is probably a witness for the prosecution.

      • She had a significant role since long before Consumers Buyline days. And she should be include in the list for facilitating acquisition of underage partners for Raniere.

        There are probably a few more that were forgotten as well – but Karen is probably the longest standing member of the Pimp Brigade.

        • Yes, it’s true Karen was KAR’s original business partner and “pimp.” She knew about the underaged conquests, drove KAR to rendezvous with them, let KAR diddle with them under her own roof, in her own bed.

          Karen also lied to the girls that there were no others when she was, chiefly, one of the “others” and propagated the “genius” KAR myths to hook them into Keith’s “mentorship” orbit.

          If anyone should have known Keith wasn’t a genius it was Karen. Karen’s an esteemed RPI graduate — rare for a female in the day — with a GPA higher than KAR’s, I’m sure.

          I’ve said this before but if I know Karen Unterreiner at all, she jumped ship first with a hard evidence drive for the Feds, to boot.

          Karen’s much more driven, ambitious than she appears but may have also been a true believer, IMO, when it came to KAR curing or empowering the girls through his sexual energy, helping overcome their jealousy and penis envy issues, etc.

    • Karen Unterreiner must have cut a deal with the EDNY right away. Out of all the inner circle criminals, Karen was the smartest.

      Karen was also an outcast and outsider of the Raniere Criminal Organization. She most likely knew the house of cards was going to crumble and when it did she’d flip.

      To leave before that would have been legal hell for her. She watched others go through it for decades.

    • That’s a good issue you raise. Besides Raniere’s inner circle being biased in favor of size 0 women who looked like they could still be teenagers, there was almost no one of color except for some upper class Mexicans of relatively fair complexion, and probably predominantly European background – you can even tell by some of the surnames like Betancourt, and his latest baby mama Fernandez is hardly any darker-skinned than any of his Jewish concubines.

    • Look up Michele Hatchette, one of Allison Mack’s branded slaves. Although as is the case on this site, her name is often misspelled so best to look up “Michelle”

    • Consider yourself lucky that you weren’t approached by Mack and one of her girls on your college campus! Idk why you would complain – there’s some experiences better left alone.

      • Interesting thought, Ben and another person stated NXIVM visited Yale, but I haven’t heard they visited any HBCs. Now we can add racist to their list of crimes.

  • Can people who swore to protect and serve do their duties? Can anyone do a “good” job and spank all of these assholes lawfully?

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