Guest View: Let’s bring back stoning – and let all women ‘stone’ Keith

Editor’s note: This guest view refers to Clare Bronfman’s “Third Party Cooperation Agreement” attempt, where her lawyers, Mark Geragos and Michael Avenatti offered to provide information to the DOJ on another criminal matter, in return for a better deal for Clare in the Nxivm case. The plan seems to have backfired after Avenatti was arrested for trying to extort the Nike company – and Geragos ended up being identified as Co-Conspirator 1 in that case. 

By G, a former cult member

So Clare was/is attempting to make an end-run around the justice system by bargaining with information on another crime. Interesting how the idle rich think – and think their lives are worth more than ours.

I wonder….. Nancy, Lauren, Allison — if you thought Clare and Sara Bronfman were your true friends. Where is Sara now, hmmm?  And Clare? She wants to leave you swinging in the wind.

Allison, poor urchin that she is, will more than likely when she is paroled, spend her life as a registered sex offender.

They labeled themselves feminists, badass bitches. Yet – and yet – Keith used all of them, bent all of them.

Perhaps we should bring back stoning, allowing any, and all women to stone Keith in the public square, for all to see as a warning to others.

And, yes, I will cast the first stone.

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  • It really shows that Clare has a bad aura or bad ju-ju, as they say.

    Avenatti trying to make Nike CEO the scapegoat (in exchange for a lighter sentence for Clare), created the Extortion component of Avenatti’s criminal case. Because without the offer of the sacrificial snake (Nike leadership), then the phonecalls and Nike civil case is just a civil lawsuit with a threat of very bad press for Nike.

    Once Avenatti crosses the line, and offers up criminal dirt on Nike in exchange for Clare’s freedom, then it really becomes extortion. And Avenatti has an uphill battle, because who are the witnesses against him? The AUSAs in the EDNY case – since Avenatti is trying to broker a deal with them. Dirt on Nike in exchange for Freedom for Clarebear.

    I think the larger concern is that Geragos brokered this deal. So, there is a very real possibility that Geragos will get indicted later for conspiracy or wire fraud. I don’t see him walking away free if he was the one that linked up Avenatti, Clare, Nike, and the US Attorney’s Office in EDNY.

    • To say nothing of Avenetti’s karma…didn’t he or Geragos know better than to tempt Lesko?! Really, that’s where they crossed the extortion line — glad to hear there is one in this whole sordid plea deal business — right there in the light of day meeting with the DOJ (Lesko)?

      Does that work in other Federal districts? Or are these sharks so arrogant to believe it would have gone unnoticed with EDNY?

      Can’t wait for the blanks to be filled in on this rabbit ride!

  • I thought G claimed to be member of some other cult but never a NXIVM member. If true, how presumptuous of G to claim the position of #1 stone thrower. Shouldn’t that honor go to someone like Toni Natalie?

    • I think jane Doe 1, 2, 4, 9 should throw at the very least some stones on the steps of the court house that originally abandoned them.

    • Thanks, Snorlax! I was humming “everybody must get stoned” in my head but never knew the actually name of that tune.

    • Federal prisoners accrue 54 days per year of “good time”. Thus, if they don’t lose any of their “good time” for committing infractions while they’re incarcerated, federal prisoners will serve about 85% of their sentences.

      • What about other ways to reduce sentences?

        Pretty sure non violent offenders can shave a year off their federal sentence with RDAP —- even if they just pretend to be an alcoholic (since how the fuck can you document previous alcoholism). Anybody can pretend to need treatment for alcoholism.

        What about pretrial credit?

        Do federal prisoners get ‘day for day’ credit? Or do they get ‘double’ the credit for days spent in pretrial confinement?

        • Federal prisoners get 54 days of “good time” credit for time served (The recently-passed Second Chance Act increased that figure from 47 to 54), As I mentioned earlier, this amounts to a 15% reduction for those prisoners who do not lose any of their “good time” while they’re in prison.

          Although federal prisoners can get a 1-year reduction for attending an RDAP program, it has to be a residential program and not just an on-site one offered to inmates where they are incarcerated. Given that requests for residential RDAP far exceed the available number of slots, most applicants end up in on-site programs that offer no reduction in their sentences.

          Credit for pre-trial incarceration is done on a 1-for-1 basis. Although many have argued that places like MDC should be on a 2-to-1 ratio, no such change has been approved.

          With the enactment of the Second Chance Act, some prisoners are getting more time in halfway houses at the end of their terms. But with the federal jail population starting to dwindle, that change may not last for long.

  • Keith is certainly no worse than other past well -known criminals such as Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, so why are you advocating for such a severe punishment for him? Do you think all murderers, rapists or pedophiles should be punished that way?

    • The death penalty is largely an ‘illusion’ of barbarity.

      In actuality, it’s far more humane than life in prison.

      Granted, ‘death by stoning’ is not a humane way to do it. However, lethal injection is a pretty good way to go — and much less painful than serving decades in prison.

      Truth is, the death penalty is far less barbaric and less painful than having to serve the rest of your ENTIRE LIFE inside prison.

      Pros and Cons of Life Imprisonment:

      1) Waking up every day (for decades) facing misery, filth, rats, cockroaches and stinky living conditions.

      2) Waking up every day (for decades) facing gangs of hardened criminals who will force you to become their ‘bitch’ if you’re not willing to fight like a gladiator.

      3) Waking up every day (for decades) living in a steel cage with no hope of meaningful relationships, other than with Bubba the booty lover. There’s no ability to have a meaningful life in prison. It’s just endless misery for decades. That’s barbaric!

      4) Waking up every day — for the rest of your life — with no ability to have conjugal (pussy-related) visits.


      Pros and Cons of Death Penalty:

      1) Dying by lethal injection is actually painless regardless of the articles stating otherwise.

      *They use the same method that “euthanasia” counties use when giving euthanasia prescriptions to people with terminal cancer (if it were truly painful and unreliable, they wouldn’t be giving these prescriptions to average people). Truth is, the first drug painlessly knocks you out and nearly puts you into a coma (before the next drug is given which finishes the job quicker.) You just slip into a near coma and painlessly slide away into history.

      2) Once you’re gone, all ‘pain’ and ‘misery’ is gone from your life. Once your brain activity ceases there’s no more ‘pain’ or ‘thoughts’ of any kind possible. You’re in the same place that you were before you were conceived, which is nowhere.

      3) There’s no such thing as heaven, hell or God. Those are just fables made up by early humans, the same early humans who also invented the Sun God, the God of War and other fictitious Gods to worship. Thus, there’s no hell-fire to torment you. You’re simply ‘not existing’ anymore, just like future babies who have not yet been conceived. How is that painful?

      Now tell me, which option seems less barbaric?

      PS — The 5% of people who win their appeals and get a new trial (for capital crimes) are usually prosecuted a 2nd time and convicted again anyway. Very few people get off death row and simply go free. It’s too small of a figure to matter.

      Yes — a ‘few’ innocent people will get put to death this way, but hey, we already have tons of innocent kids starving to death each year while other Americans drive nice cars and live a life of luxury. Yet nobody cares about those deaths.

      In summary, the death penalty is far more humane than life in prison.

      That’s why I’m glad that Keith is facing life in prison, the most barbaric form of punishment possible. 🙂

      • Just to clarify:

        Euthanasia patients are usually given a drug that is taken orally (not injected), however, that same type of drug is ‘injected’ when the government is putting somebody to death. It’s the same general type of drug though.

        Injecting the drug works faster than taking it orally (drinking it) and is more reliable, as there’s no chance of the person vomiting the drug back up once they lose consciousness.

        Also, the government usually uses 2 different drugs (one after the other) — whereas Euthanasia patients usually get only 1 drug (not 2). But it still does the job painlessly. 🙂

        • Kok-off, why don’t we ask the prisoners themselves if they would prefer lethal injection over life in prison? It’s not the decision of a lying asshole such as yourself….unless you happen to be on death row right now, (which could be the case 🤔)

          • Lol, Flowers. That’s seriously occurred to me long ago that IT must be transmitting from prison where serving time for sex offenses judging by IT’s aggressive, misogynistic comments.

      • While very conservative, I do not believe in the death penalty because I have the exact opposite opinion stated above. Namely, I do not believe a single innocent death is worth the potential deterrent, as life in prison is indeed a severe punishment. I also believe a life sentence should be in an austere setting, not country club accommodations.

    • There’s no parole in federal cases – but almost every federal prisoner ends up being on proibation after (s)he is released from prison.

      • In other words, nearly all of your former clients wound up on probation after serving their jail terms — after using your services to lose at trial. 🙂

        • Look at it this way, Claviger. It’s more sane for “Kristoff” to be using you, Frank, Niceguy, Shadow, Sultan, etc., — male commenters — as animus rivals than using me, Toni and the other “Jurassics” as hateful, Anima projections.

          Methinks IT’s a bit more of a diddler than a goof — just like the Vanguard himself whose diddling fame likely drew such creepy clowns to FR to begin with.

          Odd how IT never attacks Scott Johnson, though. Odd how Johnson agrees with IT. What’s up with that? And the marked improvement in Scott Johnson’s politeness with IT around for Scott to get his insult jollies off.

          Thank God IT’s not Dennis Burke, after all, as IT would have us believe and Scott Johnson continues to attempt to convince me. But, maybe? Never know.

  • Without the assistance of women like Sara, Clare, Nancy, Allison, Lauren, Kathy, Pam and Barb, the Vanguard would not have been able to perpetrate one-tenth of the chaos he did.

    Pam and Barb are beyond human justice.

    The rest are all culpable.

    They all ought to be locked in cages at the zoo and put on public display.

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