Guest View: DOS wasn’t sex trafficking; It was adults; It was consensual

MK10ART's painting of Allison "Pimp" Mack

“When someone says, ‘Give me naked pictures to blackmail you, if you ever try to leave,’ you say ‘no’!”

Guest View By JarMa13

Now Allison Mack is a victim? Interesting.

I say what I’ve always said: “Throw this case out of court.” These are adults.

When someone says, “Give me naked pictures to blackmail you with, if you ever try to leave,” you say “no.”

If someone says they’re going to brand you, you say, “Nah, I’m leaving now.”

The lack of accountability is staggering.

We don’t live in a world where people can be tricked into sex acts they don’t want.  No one was held captive.  And what is bullying someone into sex?

If I say “no” and you bully me into changing my mind, you will only lose me as a part of your life.

Sex trafficking is a prostitution ring. Even if they procured girls to sleep with the leaders, it isn’t trafficking.  And anyone is free to say “no.”

They didn’t hold anyone down and rape them.

I’ve had involvement with sex cults and the truth is, everyone who is there wants to be there.  Turning around and saying, “I didn’t want it, they made me…”

When did your legs stop working?  The ones that could have walked your ass out the door?

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  • Unpopular Truths: there is a growing and now established pattern of negating any personal accountability for any woman who voluntarily has sex with any man and then decides at some point, often decades later, that it was harassment, sexual assault or rape. This is ALL Bullshit!! Harvey Weinstein never raped anyone. Neither did Keith Raniere. These are stupid sometimes naive and mostly agenda driven situations in which ALL of the supposed “victims” were happy to provide sex to the man thinking they would get something out of it. They all were DTF when they did it.

    Only now, they are able to second guess the consensual reality and recharacterize the events as rape, with no evidence required other than a compelling story.

    • Raniere was found guilty of:

      Sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography with regard to minor victim “Camila”

      Sex trafficking of Nicole, attempted sex trafficking of Jay

      Identity theft against Edgar Bronfman, James Loperfido, Ashana Chenoa, “Marianna”, and Pam Cafritz

      Trafficking for labor and services of “Daniela”; forced labor of “Nicole”

      Conspiracy to alter records for use in an official proceeding

      Sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, racketeering conspiracy, and wire fraud conspiracy

      He wasn’t charged with rape of adult women. He did have sex with a minor female (15 yrs old) and take nude photos of her, and that does fall under sexual exploitation of a child.

      • In MOST states the legal age of consent is 16 or 17. In all of Japan, age of consent it’s totally subjective and has no bearing on anything., Just because someone was convicted of it does not mean they actually did it. It’s OK, I’m sure you believe OJ was innocent also.

      • So, for the people who didn’t read my initial statement, you agree 100% with everything I said. Thanks🤣🤣🤣

  • I went back and listened to Sarah Edmondson’s Escaping NXVIM podcast. While I know that there are questions about her, unless she is completing being untruthful about even small details, what she describes here both shows how women in DOS were manipulated, and how the brandings were not entirely consensual. I’m citing the very rough transcript provided, with some minor editing for clarity.

    This describes how Lauren exploited the trust of a personal relationship, and appealed manipulatively to Sarah’s ideals, and desire for personal growth and transcendence – a pretty classic example of the mechanisms of high control groups or cults:

    “Sarah remembers Lauren laughing as she first described it, “don’t think about it like a master slave relationship” she told Sarah. The master represents a devotion to something outside yourself, this is about being selfless, this is about challenging women not to be indulgent. Keep in mind also with Lauren you know she’s my best friend….
    Lauren knew everything about Sarah, women banding together is a force for good in a way that was covert as in under the radar. Like people don’t know who this group of women were that could you know do powerful things in the world like swaying am election or supporting a company boycotting a company and actually have real impact and that was something, those are kind of my values like having an impact in the world and as a force for good so I’m wow that’s sounds amazing you know. Great i’m in and she’s “great Sarah.” I wanted to know who else was in DOS. Who was Lauren’s master? She wouldn’t tell me. Lauren told me it was a secret but she did tell me that the whole group was women and that i didn’t need to know. And part of my journey in this program would be not asking certain questions and not knowing because i like to control things.”

    Then here, according to Sarah’s account, she was lead to believe beforehand that she was only going to get a dime-size tattoo with fine lines, of a symbol with an abstract meaning. This is, again, classic manipulative technique, putting her on the spot in a social situation, incrementally getting her to accept things, and exploiting a trusted relationship (extremely rough, my apologies):

    “This part is a blur. Dr. Danielle Roberts comes in and were introduced to her as the is the person who’s going to give us hard marker tattoo. Dr. Danielle Roberts is a medical doctor she’s
    a member of nexium who lives near albany What happens first i believe we’re asked to get naked again and Dr. Roberts has a stencil We’re supposed to place it on our body so that we can figure out where it needs to go so it’s underneath your underwear line
    so we could still wear a bathing suit and people won’t see it. And lauren tells us something about but their symbol for the four elements and there’s This is the horizon for air and this is the mountains for earth and it’s a symbol for the elements and for
    our strength and our connection to the you know earth is women or some bullshit The hardest part for me is just when i go through it like recognising so many opportunities that had just to run You know it’s so hard to explain to people why i felt like
    i couldn’t and so there’s no i’m talking about it it’s just mixed with all this like regret and shame of like just what do you think about making a stupid decision This feels like this were stupidest most awful decision i don’t like the symbol i say lauren this
    is a lot bigger he said this is not a dime size and she was like just brush it off like like she didn’t know how to measure like a hoe you know gets it you know and we asked to see hers and that’s when she didn’t take her
    pants down all the way but pulled it down far enough that we could see her is that it was like a awful red scar it wasn’t like the delicate lines of the at the traced pencil the stencil the first person lies down on the table
    And before we started we started by saying master would you grab me It would be in order That’s how like disembodied way all became we had to become todo
    through that amount of pain two things happened i’d pull lord aside and said i don’t want this mark on my body and she said you know why what do you what do you make it mean it’s a mark it’s a scar i don’t have any scars it but
    i’ve got a pristine temple here there’s no piercings there’s no tattoos i don’t want this mark of my body it’s ugly it’s atrocious it’s painful and it’s just this pain is a symbol of your commitment to yourself to the highest version of yourself you’re going to go through
    this and this will be a market your body that and she’s like it’s not a tattoo kiss tattoos you could take off this scar you’ll have forever because you’re always gonna be committed to your growth and to your to your highest self”

    • Listening to that podcast and the tone of Edmondson’s voice, she is pretending she is squeaky clean. She refused to say whether she should hand over all the money. People she knew were interviewed and called her out. She’s trying to protect herself while playing the victim card, pre DOS. She referred to the story as “my story”.

  • Thanks for this polite, alternative view that’s elicited so many thoughtful, intelligent comments. “Jarhead’s” said something similar before, I think.

    The complete and true story of NX that few know is all about deception, manipulation, mind control and behavioral conversion.

    Those who think this factor non-existent or that they themselves are immune to it are usually the most susceptible to these influences.

    Satan’s best trick was to convince the world he doesn’t exist. (Yeah I know Al Pacino said thereabouts in a movie I can’t recall the title of at the moment and have no time to look up.)

      • Almost, Pyriel! “Devils advocate” was exactly what I was thinking of except, alas, I was wrong.

        The film reference is from “ The usual suspects,” 1995. Here is some info I looked up online and thank you so much for your help:

        In 1864 “Le Figaro” published the tale “Le Joueur Généreux” (“The Generous Gambler”) by Charles Baudelaire.

        Mes chers frères, n’oubliez jamais, quand vous entendrez vanter le progrès des lumières, que la plus belle des ruses du Diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas!

        Translation to English:

        “The prettiest trick of the Devil is to convince you they don’t exist.”

        Movie Reference:

        “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

        Usual Suspects, 1995 Kevin Spacey as Kaiser Souza.

        • The other classic quote, based on a traditional saying, is from The Exorcist:

          “But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us.”

    • Well put, Heidi. This sentence is spot on – “The complete and true story of NX that few know is all about deception, manipulation, mind control and behavioral conversion.”

      I’d offer up the suggestion that this sentence be taken into consideration as we are tempted to brutally vilify those ex-nx without clean hands.

      I need to take this advise. I know Heidi does, too. Frank – uh, for sure needs to take it. And pretty much everyone else on FR should consider Heidi’s sentence before going Red-Ross on some of these blind-followers who did some really bad shit.

  • Why doesn’t anyone write about the famous actor who was in NXIVM who has never spoken out against what NXIVM has done. She didn’t leave until the bitter end?

    Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks

  • While I don’t think this author is serious, they do give us insight into the only possible defense that Keith can use at trial.

    Guess what?

    There is an entire industry — 100% legal — which is focused on people who get sexual pleasure from LEGALLY CONSENTING to being “blackmailed” or “extorted” by a Master (it’s called “FinDom” or Financial Domination).

    Not every case of FinDom involves actual ‘blackmail’. Some people engage in fantasy stuff only.

    *However, some of them do involve REAL blackmail and NOT pretend blackmail, without limits.

    In some cases the clients provide their “master” (or dominatrix) with lots of personal information, such as evidence of them cheating on their spouse (or info that could ruin their career if made public) —- which the master is authorized to ‘blackmail’ them with.

    When blackmailing such clients, the master will use this ‘blackmail material’ to get the client to pay them exorbitant fees, sometimes even draining their bank accounts.

    Other times, they’ll ‘blackmail’ the client into doing sexually embarrassing or kinky things (things they may not normally consent to). So it’s sexual too, not just financial.

    *I’m talking about REAL blackmail here, where the master has been authorized to release the blackmail material IF the client doesn’t consent to their blackmail demands (i.e. I’m not talking about “fantasy” or “pretend” blackmail scenarios).

    Is this stuff REALLY legal?

    Can Keith use this as a viable defense at trial?

    *While I’ve read that most of these arrangements have a ‘signed’ contract to protect the master, I’m still not sure if a signed contract can legally allow somebody to blackmail you into ruining your life and draining your life savings, and possibly engaging in unwanted sexual encounters.

    The actual ‘demands’ are usually not spelled out in the contract. The master has full discretion on what his ‘demands’ will be, such as draining your entire bank account or merely asking you for $50. It’s this “discretion” that gives these perverted clients their satisfaction. LOL.

    Since I’m not an attorney I really don’t know how well such a defense would work in federal court.

    BTW: I wouldn’t count on Claviger to tell us much about this type of defense —- since that fucker wouldn’t know how to interpret these laws any more than he’d know how to stop chasing ambulances.

  • Maybe this is trolling post is Agnifilo, or a proxy, testing out KAR’s defense arguments on us. It matches what we’ve heard from that camp already. Second verse, same as the first.

  • There are a lot of dumb bitches in NXIVM.

    Many consensually gave up collateral. Many like Sarah Edmondson pinned down other women and filmed it.

    There were also women who the were forced to do shit at the mercy of others, hence the criminality.

    Also, NXIVM is more than DOS and branding. They should all be punished.

    • Well that’s the point they all deserve to receive what they got, because they voluntarily became lambs for the slaughterhouse. In the end maybe KAR was right and there are no final victims
        only FINAL STUPID

  • You either need to take off your rose colored glasses or stop thinking the readers are that gullible to buy your line of Clare Bears horse shit.

    First, I dont believe you were ever a part of sex cult (other than NXIVM).

    I think your deep within the NXIVM Kool-aid drinking club and missing your Grand Vandaddy on KARS-in-jail Anniversary day.

    You’d have no reason to be posting on the FR and defending Allison Maxk otherwise.

    If you had been sex trafficked, you’d not tolerate any abuse of any kind whatsoever.

    Hop on your broom and ride into the sunset. If this upsets you. Call Namcy Salzman, I’m sure she’d give you an EM and you’d find out how this is all about your inner deficiencies

  • 12 years old is child rape ruth bader ginsberg etal pedos doing pedo peverted acts NXIVM and NYS need to be hosed not posed

  • Hi Frank Sorry if you’ve answered this already, but when you were living with Keith, did you meet Allison? If so, what did you think about her? Catherine Oxenberg doesn’t have very flattering things to say about her, but I assume Allison was already guzzling the koolaid by the time Oxenberg met her, but you would have been working with her to publicize the cult back when she had only been involved for a year or so.

    • I met her. Allison did not live in Albany at the time. She was nice and evidently just enamored with the cult teachings, and not with Raniere romantically. He didn’t seem to notice her much. He seemed more interested in Kristin Kreuk. But it was Nancy who seemed to have the closer relationship with Kreuk and Mack. If Keith was having a sexual affair with Kreuk, I did not know about it.

      • “He seemed more interested in Kristin Kreuk. But it was Nancy who seemed to have the closer relationship with Kreuk and Mack. If Keith was having a sexual affair with Kreuk, I did not know about it.”

        Omar Rosales said Kristin Kreuk looked up to Nancy Salzman. Kreuk also performed a NXIVM play for Salzman at her birthday.

        Frank, do you know when Allison Mack started getting sexually involved with the pedophile Keith Raniere? I remember on John Tigue’s Saratoga In Decline blog, he revealed Mack had bought a house on the same street as Raniere. He revealed the address and the price spent. I can’t remember the date but was this before or after Raniere and Mack started fucking? I also remember him writing about seeing Raniere and Mack walking together and possibly Mack trying to keep him out of view(?)

        Also, what do you mean Raniere was more interested in Kristin Kreuk? In what ways? Do you think it is likely that Kreuk did engage in some form of sexual/romantic actions with Raniere? It is most probable Raniere tried and had his female pimps encourage Kreuk to spend alone time with him. Kissing, blowjob, sex?

        The alias “Pea Onyu” claims Raniere “ravished” Kreuk. Another poster a while ago said that Kreuk had some “weird experiences” with Raniere. Someone also claimed Sarah Edmondson was involved with Raniere sexually/romantically.

        Then of course, the women being french kissed by Raniere like it was a handshake.

        What do you think Frank, do you think Kreuk did in fact do anything with Raniere like that?

        • You are way more sexually obsessed with Kreuk than Sultan is!
          Hey, Anon, you forgot to ask about anal.

        • “Omar Rosales said Kristin Kreuk looked up to Nancy Salzman”.

          One should be highly suspect of anything Omar Rosales writes unless it is backed up by a reliable source. Omar Noisy / FormerNexian is the “lawyer” whose license has been suspended for fabricating EVIDENCE in court. Even if he hadn’t gone around insisting that Sarah Edmondson was recruited by Kreuk and then lied on here claiming he never wrote that, why would anyone just accept as the truth anything from a person who makes up evidence IN A COURT OF LAW.

          “Frank, do you know when Allison Mack started getting sexually involved with the pedophile Keith Raniere?”

          Frank has written that Allison started sleeping with his former pedophile friend in 2010, 2012 and 2015 so I’m guessing he doesn’t actually know. He’s also written that Allison first met Keith in 2006 and 2007 so pick a year, any year.

          “Do you think it is likely that Kreuk did engage in some form of sexual/romantic actions with Raniere?”

          Frank said he met the 15 year old who was being raped by Keith and didn’t know she was being raped by him so I’m thinking his powers of perception in that area aren’t too great. However back in 2017, when this blog actually still had real insiders posting, a few made it clear that KR never bagged KK. Anonymous posts from people claiming to be friends in the know might not be convincing by themselves, but then there’s two of the locals who used to post here who said they saw Allison and other women walking with Keith but never Kreuk. Also since KR apparently liked to sue lovers who left him and those with information that could take him down, I take that as another sign KK was never one of KR’s women and really doesn’t know anything. Maybe when Kreuk turned down Keith’s request to head his OneAsian thing, he knew he couldn’t get her and gave up. Several of the former members have said Keith would test the women first. Piesse wouldn’t run into a tree or give up food, Edmondson I think wouldn’t play volleyball, Cat Oxenberg wouldn’t let Keith get involved with her sex film and none of them supposedly ended up in Keith’s bed either. Wonder how Keith tested Allison. Whatever it was, she obviously “passed.”

          • Shut up Sultan Of Scum. People would rather listen to an ex member of the cult instead of a mad stalker who actually went to Albany to stalk Kristin Kreuk.

  • This person forgets that organizations like NXIVM that hide cults rely on a slow process that builds a dependency over many years. The phrase “boiling the frog” comes to mind.

    No smart stranger with underhanded motives who expects a positive result for himself when it comes to changing your behavior is going to tell you right away to do something that conflicts with your current set of values. They’re going to slowly change your mind and take away those values from you over a long period, e.g., several months or years. This is how legitimate psychiatric methods such as CBT work. But it is also how brainwashing works.

    The people who run groups like NXIVM are going to try to to build a dependency between you and what they offer. They’re going to try to strengthen the relationships you have with others in the group at the expense of others who are outside of it and who may not agree with it. They’re going to try and burn into you the invalid belief that are no ultimate victims so that you can’t blame them for being fooled because you made a choice to go along with it. Sound familiar? The fact is, anytime you trust someone you’re opening yourself up to being fooled by them, and thus becoming a victim of them, because you can’t read the mind of someone, nor control or predict another’s behavior nor the future. There are also many other factors outside of your own control that don’t have anything to do with your choices that can make you a victim, e.g., you choosing to drive your car to work using the same path you always use only to be sideswiped by someone who wasn’t obeying the traffic laws.

    They’re going to use all the standard processes of destructive cults.

    Does it work on all people? No. Does it have to in order to be effective? No.

    This has already been explained many times.

    • Great points, and explanation.

      And it reminds me, I think it is important to keep in mind that the people at the top of the pyramid, so to speak, were trained in and adept at hypnosis and NLP, which can both be very powerful techniques for manipulating people, if not even controlling susceptible individuals. The leaders of high control groups or cults typically seem to have a background in some form of hypnosis, or be the sort of people to whom such techniques come naturally, and to use suggestive or hypnotic techniques and practices. This is another complex issue that our society, and legal and justice systems, have yet to really come to terms with.

      I discovered that one of the people who Nancy Salzman studied NLP with, even co-authored a book titled Overcoming Resistance to Persuasion with Neuro-Linguistic Programming – that certainly sounds as if it has sinister implications for those trained in the practice, using its techniques to manipulate people into accepting things they would not have otherwise.

  • Every new sexual act requires new consent.
    There is no such thing as an eternal vow that requires a person to have sex.
    Even a husband can be prosecuted for raping his wife or vice versa.

    Marital rape in United States law, also known as spousal rape, is non-consensual sex in which the perpetrator is the victim’s spouse. It is a form of partner rape, of domestic violence, and of sexual abuse.
    Today, marital rape is illegal in all 50 US states.

    Any consent obtained by force fraud, coercion, threats, intoxication, blackmail or violence is NULL AND VOID.

  • Well, there was a woman kept captive for a staggering, as per your word choice, amount of time. Women were also held down while being branded.. There are 2 strikes against your argument already. Let us also not forget the manipulation, and how heavily the tactics of nxivm weighed on these women One could certainly see how a simple “walk out” approach may not have really seemed like a viable option. These cults don’t prey on strong, independent, free thinking individuals with a concrete sense of self. Wouldn’t exactly get a great recruit haul from those kinds of people now, would they? As an outsider it is easy to take a cold, callous view on these things Nobody who wasn’t there can really know what was going through the heads of these women, and it’s easy to look at all the information handed to you on your screen and draw your opinion But the women who were there didn’t have all the facts

  • The issue here with cults or high control groups is undue influence, which our society and legal systems have yet to really figure out how to deal with – except when it comes to the very young and the very old, who we have come to recognize us exploitable and unable to truly consent. There is, however, some understanding, for instance, of Stockholm Syndrome, which was effectively taken into account in the famous Patty Hearst kidnapping and bank robbery case – involving the Symbionese Liberation Army, which could aptly be described as in many ways a high control group or cult with some fundamental dynamics similar to NXIVM, including a leader who treated the women in the group as his harem, and an ends-justify-the-means philosophy.

    There are all sorts of specific points that can – and probably will be – argued here, but I think the most obvious thing to point out is that the comparison to sex trafficking is a false one, and one that only makes the point of similarity: even in sex trafficking, the victims aren’t actually held in chains, and theoretically could just walk out the door, or ask a client to use their call phone to call the police. They are, instead, manipulated with false promises, and trapped by various sorts of coercion including threats to family, and in many cases “collateral” such as debts (NXIVM, in a way, combined the use of both of those).

    DOS thus actually operated in many cases very much like the sex trafficking that we recognize as effectively non-consensual. And we also have yet to hear the testimony of those most victimized, about what their experience was like, and just how means of coercion were implemented.

    • think the goal of KAR was either to keep them terrified of the release of the guarantee and feel the pressure to remain obedient or to make them insensitive, which in the twisted mind of KAR would be the way to cure their disintegrations that for their Logic means seeing things as he sees them.

  • Yes i agree we live in a free world no has to do anything they don’t want to it’s the way you are raised today i believe this

    • “the way you are raised today”? I thought that the “good old days” argument was that children used to be brought up to obey – and grew up to be adults who knew their place, and didn’t question authority, including particularly women who obeyed their men.

      50 years ago, abusive orphanages were still in operation, not just the infamous church-run ones in Canada and Ireland, but ones in the US that exploited and abused orphans (who, in the supposed “good old days,” were often just kids dropped off by parents who couldn’t afford one more mouth to feed) including using them for farm work.

      Barely a century ago, children were put to work in factories, who would now be considered too young to consent. Women were expected to obey their men, physical abuse of them was considered to be a marital prerogative and even cases of violence ending in their death were frequently dismissed, they remained in some ways legally controlled by their fathers and husbands, and couldn’t vote.

      Two centuries ago, children could be sold into indentured servitude, and adults were allowed to make similar contracts that are now considered to be too exploitative and abusive for anyone to consent to. Women were in many ways effectively property, similar to chattel slaves (if they weren’t actually enslaved), and in many jurisdictions couldn’t hold property in their own names even if single.

      In almost all the above historic situations, some sort of twisted argument could be made that individuals could have walked, or run, away if they had wanted (even slaves might make it to Canada). Clearly, it’s more complex than that.

      Our society, continuing to evolve away from primitive norms, just has yet to really even fully come to terms with issues of consent and control.

  • Bullshit ! You just want to justify your own behavior by establishing a new kind of « norm »… Whereas no one cares… And the bigots will never change their corrupts and hypocrites minds…

  • I doubt the collateral was requested under the terms at the top of this story. It was probably more along the lines of being loyal, peer pressure (everyone else is doing it), etc. This negates the remainder of the story.

    • Scott, you are definitely a top-notch contributor to Frank Report. Your analysis is spot on and you don’t pull any punches.

      Keep up the great work pal. And oh, btw there’s a new Twitter hack.

      If you change your birthday year to 2007, you can get new color profile, faster tweets, and built-in link shortening.

      Good luck and thanks

        • That was a joke dummy! If you change your Twitter bday to 2007, it will freeze your account.



        • DON’T DO IT SCOTT! I’ve heard changing your birthday to 2007 triggers some malicious software on certain accounts.
          As soon as I read Bubba’s post, I knew it was either a hoax, or Bangcock’s Dad was toting his garden hose and coming back for seconds.

    • Good point.

      Cults or high control groups – and similarly exploitative individual situations – typically involve dynamics akin to the boiling frog in a pot of water analogy. People aren’t at first asked to jump into an abnormal situation, but instead are presented with something that initially appears more or less normal and reasonable, and that only slowly becomes more pathological and even abusive.

      As I understand it, women in DOS were first encouraged to give relatively tame “collateral” as a sign of loyalty, the sort of thing that could seem reasonable, and isn’t totally outside what is now the fairly common practice of sending nude photos to lovers. Only further in did it start to become more sinister, and involve demands for more damning material once the group had initial leverage; it was not up front “Give me naked pictures to blackmail you with, if you ever try to leave” the way the apologist “Guest” tries to portray it.

    • I agree with what you say, Scott. I just want to add that these women didn’t know that collateral would not be asked for just one time. Collateral was demanded on a monthly basis. Even if you want to say the first time was voluntary, after that if became extortionate.

    • Scott,

      Your insights into human motivations are uncanny.

      I believe you are absolutely brilliant.

      Now when are you going to address the questions I have regarding your radio show and my appearance.

      I need to send information to the producers and co-host regarding your comments on Frankreport, so that the producers know that my questions are authentic, credible, and more importantly verifiable.

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