Bouchey: Disputes claim she is trying to take credit; praises other for helping to take down Nxivm

Editor’s note: A commenter using the name Jim Smith wrote the following about Barbara Bouchey.

“…I’ve followed this case for decades, read several court transcripts, news articles and watched media coverage. [Barbara] Bouchey’s story is forever changing and her story doesn’t match up with the facts.  There will come a time when the truth will be exposed. Ms. Bouchey has helped to expose part of NXIVM but now is attempting to take credit for single-handedly taking down the entire cult.”

In response Bouchey has written:

By Barbara Bouchey

The Times Union has indicated they will make the panel video available, and you can judge for yourself how the panel discussion went. It’ll also prove that at the end of the panel, contrary to what Jim Smith says, that I said:

“I want to thank all those that helped to make this day happen, and that it took a ‘village’ to take down Keith. I first thanked Toni Natalie saying how she fought for many years, next Joe O’Hara who was a consultant never backing down to bring Keith down, then Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente in 2017 taking risks causing hundreds to leave, Frank Parlato’s blog for creating a platform for information, Catherine Oxenberg’s love of her daughter using her passion and influence to have media shine a light on this, Michael Grygiel for slaying the dragon NXIVM by successfully getting the lawsuit dismissed due to their fraud, and Chet Hardin who was there for his many stories with Metroland.”

At that point, Brendan Lyons wanted to conclude things, and I was unable to thank Susan Dones for her bravery in taking a stand successfully beating NXIVM as well, and then the NXIVM 9 who addressed and confronted Keith, then immediately resigning which resulted the first revolution out of NXIVM.

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  • Barbara’s in denial, IMO. I hope it helps her with everyone else for me to say so.

    She’s getting better than when I first met her in 2011 but even this past summer we were still arguing over whether or not Keith could be a genius despite cheating on the only IQ test he apparently ever took. We also argued over whether or not she was “love bombed” — Barbara then vehemently denied being so — after she casually described the cruelest “love bombing” experiences I’ve ever heard of, including those excuses the harem made about why she wasn’t allowed in the accounting office for her own sake, over her own issues, etc.

    Denial can be a very strange, defensive, inflexible, delusional, sometimes hysterically self-protective state.

    What looks like a blatant lie or inconsistency could be “honest,” utter self deception. What looks like a bully taking over a conversation could be someone desperately shutting out truth or other realities they can’t yet face.

    It’s said you don’t know what anyone’s been through until you walk a mile in their moccasins. Pray you never have to tread where Barbara and many NX victims have been with the psychological torment Raniere, Salzman and their maenads inflicted.

    Barbara could try to understand how scary the prospect of NX continuing on in any way, shape or form is to other victims — those less in denial — for her part. But that would mean accepting the horrendous reality of what NX is and ever was: a sex & money girl trap schemed by filthy, thieving, power-mongering, misogynist pedophiles and nothing more. Ever.

  • I’m glad I did not waste my time, or money, attending this sham.

    Barbara, you are still drinking the kool-aid if you think there is a widget of good in NXIVM tech, most of which is plagiarized from Scientology, you are delusional.

    One hopes you do not attempt to resurrect any of it in any form.

    Sadly I think you or some other member might. I say this from experience in the cult I was in. The many incarnations from former cast off members exist to this day.

    On the balance sheet of life, NXIVM totals out to be a negative.

    Surely you know “goodwill” appears on every corporate accounting sheet. It has a numerical figure.

    What price would you place on NXIVM’S goodwill?

    I put it at zero.

    I believe many were right on their analysis of your interview with Megyn Kelly. You are still in love with Keith thus you think to find some justification for having parts of NXIVM live on.

    As for Nancy. One looks at the sum total of her life. Were one to weigh her heart against a feather the feather wins.

    Why you persist in defending any part of NXIVM boggles the mind. I don’t go around touting any part of the cult I was in. Why? Because the damage done to good people, the lies, far outweighs the minute good, if there is any.

    I understand you were used by the group, seduced by Keith, lost monetarily and I have sympathy for that.
    But for me not to challenge your protestations that some good can still be got from NXIVM tech…nope, I won’t let that stand without rebuttal.

    My unasked for advice is that you put this behind you, place a period on that part of your life and get on with living.

    • Much of NXIVM comes from NLP, and there is some research suggesting that NLP can have some positive benefits. Effective scams, including cults and high control groups, use some form of lure, often something that does benefit participants, at least initially.

      Nancy Salzman studied quite a bit of NLP, so that connection is obvious. I’d like to know how NXIVM got so much from Scientology, which I’ve never seen explained.

    • To g – NXIVM does total out to be a HUGE negative. But it wasn’t a straight line down. You even just acknowledged that your cult may have had some minute good. I don’t get the pressure to try to force us to lie into saying there wasn’t anything good in the courses. A lot of it was straight NLP (surrounded by your standard bowing and mission statement chanting). And I’m almost positive I’m not in love with Keith…

  • Facts are facts and I’m working on putting them together. Ms. Bouchey has said many things that do not line up with what has really happened. Not just with the Times Union Panel yesterday but in her posts.

    More to come…

      • NutJob,

        No luck such luck

        Scott Johnson’s answer to my question of whether he felt guilt or remorse in regards to his recruiting of innocent people is very telling.

        Scott gave the following answer, “I don’t fieel guilty about getting people involved in what I thought was a legitimate business. Why should I? “; interesting answer.

        Maybe Barbara should just go around quoting Scott Johnson.

        Barbara Bouchey actually cares about what happened in Nxivm and stood up and fought against Keith Raniere.

        Scott Johnson’s big claim to fame was joining a class action lawsuit. Scott basically signed on to the class action lawsuit and gave some testimony.

        Scott Johnson is a real investigating avenger.


        Scott is a tool.

  • Barbara remained an enabler all along. She is also guilty of many things. She claims that this obscure cult (it was a cult to Raniere since the beggining) was good, but then she left and suddenly things went rotten. I am not buying it. She should be investigated.

  • She did in fact say all of this at the end but, in truth, it wasn’t her concluding remarks that was giving the audience this perception. The overall consensus within 3 tables was that she took over and was taking credit. If anyone on that panel truly made this happen, it was Catherine. Who sadly we didn’t hear much from. Most of us could have done without the “zinging” (their words, not mine) between Barbara and Mike. I think Barbara had a large hand in bringing them down, because as she pointed out many times she was “in the inner circle”, but has been out for a while, and before DOS began.

    • Barbara got back into the fight the minute Keith was arrested. Then she fought like the devil to get credit. She does not rank as high as the better-known fighters of NXIVM. Sure she fought back against them from 2009-2015 because they sued the bejesus out of her. But when the real takedown fight began she was nowhere to be found and the group that united to take down Raniere – Parlato, Natalie, O’Hara, Oxenberg, Vicente, Edmondson – never heard from her. Once Raniere was arrested, she leaped in front of the microphone and proclaimed she did it all.

      • Miss Repre,

        How much should one person be asked to endure? Are you so noble? Are you a pious being? Barbara basically lost everything. Her court battle cost a fortune.

        If Parlato had not arranged the New York Times interview for Sarah Edmonson, Raniere would have the power right now to take Barbara to the “cleaners”.

        How much should she be asked endure for making an honest mistake?

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