Heidi: How NYS Trooper Kirsopp pretended to be investigating Nxivm while really seeking out Raniere’s enemies

Rodger Kirsopp - he seemed to be after Nxivm high crimes but instead was after Nxivm enemies.

By Heidi Hutchinson Nice Guy had some doubts about how Joe O’Hara or Toni Natalie — intelligent and excellent as they are in their professions but who seem to lack super advanced high-tech skill — or even a complete tech nincompoop like myself — managed to come under any suspicion for alleged “computer trespassing.”

My short answer: We were set up and computer trespassing isn’t anything close to hacking.

BTW, I wasn’t named in the original police report. I was identified later as the 4th trespasser they needed to find for the charges to stick and managed to stay unidentified until the statutes passed.

No trick to that. I just gave up internet use when I finally figured out they were on my tail. And, boy, were they ever. Apparently, they needed to identify my login info or VPN to seal the charges on everyone else.

There was also other “unidentified” mentions of me in State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp’s police report over allegations that were totally fabricated, disprovable and were dismissed against other named, alleged perps.

I’ve mentioned previously that Joe, Toni, a few of us involved in the 2009 – 2012 Times Union story were permitted to contact one another after giving our individual interviews. Mostly, we were in contact helping (trying to) other victims concurrently being chewed up in the Nxivm litigation jaws, helping the TU tie-up some story angles by obtaining records and such and doing some crying, well, we gals were, commiserating and catching up.

Toni, especially, was on a mission to save the “foundling” Gaelen. She had some horror stories about how KAR tormented her own son when they were together and was anxious to spare the “rescued orphan” from a similar fate.

As Frank and Claviger have written about, even with a potentially kidnapped child’s life at stake, no one would investigate. Then, a miracle happened.

An Albany State Trooper named Roger Kirsopp appeared to save the day. Toni was elated. We all were.

Finally, SOME law enforcement help. I remember dancing around singing with Toni the old Roger Ramjet theme song: “Roger Kirsopp, he’s our man, hero of our nation, for his adventures just be sure and stay tuned to this station! Now, come and join us all you kids for lots of fun and laughter as Roger Kirsopp and his men get all the crooks they’re after!”

Little did any of us suspect the “orphan” was Kristin Keeffe and KAR’s son and Trooper Kirsopp was already working with Keeffe, and the Bronfman sisters’ attorneys (Steve Coffey and Pam Nichols).

I remember getting anxious when time went on and there were no updates on Gaelen. I guess I’ve always had my suspicions about Kristin Keeffe and not without reason. I was also finding it hard to believe if a child were missing, there wouldn’t be an amber alert going off somewhere. But Kirsopp never once let on that the cult’s story might not be true, or whether it did or didn’t check out.

Toni provided all the elaborate details circling about the cult — that Gaelen’s parents had died in a car crash in Michigan. Barbara Jeske and Kristin Keeffe traveled there to rescue the orphan, etc. The TU, Jim Odato, even followed up on it. But, again, Kirsopp just kept stringing us all along, pretending he was on the case while only making one against us, long after he apparently knew about Gaelen.

I remember Jim Odato was mighty embarrassed he’d reported the misstatements that Gaelen was a foundling,

Kirsopp was telling us to wait and be patient, that NX is going to do what all crooks do. They’ll eventually mess up and he’ll be there to catch them. We were left wondering how much more time-critical does it get than a potential kidnapping?

Kristin Keeffe already filled in some of the blanks on the public record. Kirsopp was making a case alright — against an evil band of computer trespassers who allegedly logged onto NX servers using a name and password generously doled out by the NX member or “contractor” mind you — remember they’re all independent contractors — who owned the account.

None of us were under contract, had any privacy agreement or relationship with NX. In fact, as Toni Natalie told Kirsopp, she was doing due diligence to investigate Gaelen’s disposition when Kirsopp wouldn’t at least allay our fears about the “foundling” even Kristin Keeffe later claimed WAS being gruesomely experimented on.

Shortly after the TU story came out, the raids happened, and the computers were confiscated. This was not happy news for me even though my computer was safely lodged under the ocean. I probably exchanged a couple hundred emails during the TU story development. Those emails belied my greater role in investigating NX’s west coast affairs, especially, beyond Gina’s story I’d shared on record.

I immediately retired my computer over a cliff when I realized the gravity of the situation.

Still, NX managed to find me online on rare occasion, before I just gave up on the web altogether after they bugged my router — who knew that was possible? I was often treated to word-for-word email and other content I’d exchanged with Toni, Joe and Jim Odato and some of it poised very threateningly.

I was also often invited to Clifton Park under some ruse or another and only learned about “jurisdiction” issues from Frank.

So, who were the true computer criminals and who were the hapless victims just trying to help prevent others from becoming so?

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  • Truly frightening stuff.

    The TU articles and the O’Hara lawsuit might have caused some espians to leave…but any members who heard what was happening to you, Toni and others, wisely would have kept their heads low, kept silent and hoped that the NX-wolves stayed away from their door.

    I find it amusing that many commenters “bravely” say members during this time should have stood up and confronted the evils of NX…ignoring that back then things like this were known to happen to those who did.

    It is so easy to “virtue signal” about what OTHERS should have done…

    • It is easy to “virtue signal” what others should have done when you stood up to a multi-billion dollar/year company and kicked their a$$ when they sued you.

  • Sinister!
    No better way to create a police state put “law and order” candidates into office and to give police too much power to curtail individual rights and freedoms with no accountability over their actions.

          • Boy, smarty-pants, that would be great but the 4 LAWYERS WHO RAN FAST and QUIT IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR CASES- MINE AND MY BED-RIDDEN DAUGHTER – were not willing to be attacked or grossly abused. They are the ones who told us the attacks were coming, change all passwords and they were attacking our mail. So, any other suggestions, you seem to know? These trash-holes have embedded themselves in our POLICE DEPTS – COURT HOUSES – BUSINESS OWNERS – GOVERNMENT OFFICES AND COUNTY, CITY and CHURCHES anything to do with our children. Unfortunately, I know all these horrific NXIVM CULT LEFTOVERS TRASHOLES theirnNames addresses, and phone numbers – dated them – hung out with them – did business with them, LIVED WITH THEM. I am amazed as to why they are still allowed to run around this city. Just yesterday I found yet another victim a young boy they drugged – raped and put out to prostitution (I have known this child since he was a young boy). He is now in prison, labeled a pedophile. IS THERE NO END TO THIS GAY PEDOPHILE GROOMING PROSTITUTION CULT in the Capital Region? You cannot leave behind 18,000 members and they are gathering new members daily, that we are just ok let them stay and continue to attack our community. If nothing else, LOOK AT THE CHILDREN’S FACES, THEY NEED OUR HELP.

    • Law and order candidates have nothing to do with it. The disregarding “The rule of Law” by the elites is the problem. When the Clintons and their gombas have a separate form of justice than the rest of the nation then you end up with this evil corruption.

  • Heidi,

    Thank you so much for sharing the back story leading up the computer trespassing charges.

    Heidi, it’s like you and the others were characters in a suspense psychological-thriller movie. You and Toni must have felt like you were trapped in a nightmare.

    I can not imagine what it must have been like when you realized the police were trying to frame you and everyone else.

    The ordeal that all of you were put through is enough to give anyone post dramatic syndrome. Seriously.

    • Yep, yep. I wasn’t on the Mexican prison kidnap list but Toni was on the phone with me 5 minutes after the Mexican interviewer first made contact wondering if she weren’t being set-up! And when my Mexican worries began to manifest with greater and greater certainty of the source — I called Toni demanding the FBI’s hotline number at the top of my lungs. There were some poignantly funny exchanges and hopefully will soon be all in the past.

  • What a nightmare. Has the harassment from the Mexican contingent slowed at all ?? I hope so. Surely people are starting to realise this isn’t just going away.

    • Slowing down, Just. But sometimes what’s set in motion rolls up on it’s own momentum to bite ya in the butt, anyhow. Getting to the bottom of it — that last hoax — before it gets mine. I’m worried about Frank and those cases that went to far already.

  • Corrupt cops, set up your enemies, accuse them of fake manufactured crimes, use law enforcement as a weapon.

    Sounds like “Trooper Kirsopp” would get along well with Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, the disgraced former federal prosecutor Dennis K. Burke (aka DeezNuts and several other aliases on this blog)

    • “Corrupt cops, set up your enemies, accuse them of fake manufactured crimes, use law enforcement as a weapon”

      Sounds like what the corrupt Clinton-Obama regime did to President Trump.

      One has to wonder how much Bronfman money ended up in Kirsopp’s ass pocket as well as some of his co-workers and superiors. Until those people end up with Raniere in prison, playing Butt Darts, there will be no real justice

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