G: Keith is ‘la grandioso’ narcissist

Keith Alan Raniere
Things narcissists do exactly as Keith did (just in case you’re in doubt that KAR is a narcissist)
By G.
Why was it important Keith Raniere portray himself as having one of the highest IQ’s recorded, if not the highest?
To establish an upper hand over others, that he looks at life a whole lot better than you.
The “I’m right, I can do that better, I know more than you” bit.
Why the collateral aka confessions, whether true or fabricated?
Narcissists want to figure out your weak spots, your vulnerabilities.
What better way than for Keith to couch it in terms of “this is for your betterment, to help keep you to your word. “
Yet he kept asking for more, building a dossier.
In the beginning a narcissist, such as Keith – as he did with Toni Natalie – encourages you to pour out your heart and soul, wanting you to learn to trust them. They may even openly state it that way.
But it is a pseudo nature of trust because all the while the narcissist is taking notes.
Keith soon got others to do this for him, with the graphic pics, the written confessions, always asking for more and the more being more outrageous.
Hearsay isn’t as good as self confession, embarrassing nude pics and handwritten confessions, is it?
Now the narcissist aka Keith knows your flaws.
Notice how soon NXIVM went from self-help to bashing the feminine sex? “Women aren’t loyal like men,” yada yada.
Now the criticism and judgement take sway. They will point out your flaws, your lack of character, that he knows who you are and you are not nearly as good as you think you are.
And you, you poor schnook, you thought they were talking to you in a loving and accepting exchange but that’s not the way a narcissist works.
Remember Nancy Salzman, his right hand gal?
After he used what he could from her, Keith did, as narcissists do, started to engage in tearing her down.
Build up, for a short time, then tear down. Classic narcissist. What we now term as cognitive dissonance. Probably added a bit of gas lighting for good measure.
This way the narcissist keeps you off balance, in fear, not knowing what’s next. What better way to keep power over others, eh?
Yep, Keith is la grandioso narcissist.
Usually, they’re just garden variety abusers, but Keith did those guys one better when he snagged the Bronfman money.
I wonder.  What is it Clare and Sara really get/got out of NXIVM and knowing Keith?
I would love to get inside their head.

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  • KAR is the ultimate “ME Monster”. From a comedy bit by Brian Regan: Id love to see KAR at the dinner table with Neil Armstrong. Keith: “Me, me, me! Look at me! I am awesome! Me me me! Oh, you did that, well I did it better! Me me me!” The ultimate S.T.A.N. (Shit that ain’t nothin). And then all Neil would have to say is “I walked on the MOON.” And Keith would stew and start fuming. We should just start calling Keith Stan.

    • Yes la is feminine in Spanish and I think appropriately being used to describe Keith. He is not masculine. Real men don’t rape children and women, or brand with hot irons or put them on starvation diets and sleep deprivation. Keith is not human! Dirt bag lowlife scum who will never see the light of day again!

  • Excellent observations g. Thank you. Heidi I do recall a piece Frank wrote about Clare where I think he got the sense she was rather shy and socially awkward. I could be misremembering but, if I am right, I wonder if that could have been an act to draw him in. You could be right, Heidi and she is also a narcissist. She is someone, given her wealth, is used to getting her way and her track record shows she will do anything to attain her goal. Her goal now is to be found not guilty.

    • Yes, I read that too, Leon, and heard it from Frank himself that Clare came off as a soft spoken, lost little lamb seeking direction from him etc. But even as Frank was telling me of their encounters — especially the astral projection dream Clare said she had about Frank — I was thinking, “Man, were you ever played.” He was even invited to live in Clare’s ranch house.

      My opinion, a certain number of the main squeezes were deliberately working Frank’s ego at KAR’s & Nancy Salzman (who offered herself to Frank) behest. Remember the “baby soft” deodorant commercial jingle that went “you can play hard, or you can play soft, soft will get ‘em every time.”

      Luring in short-term fall guys was KAR’s pattern again and again. In Frank’s case, Roger Stone and Steve Pigeon baited the hook, too. With the Bronfman $$$ and abundance of woman with little competition around, what mortal man could resist?

      Nancy specialized in agent provacatuer type NLP programming from the get-go.

      • I do remember that ad, Heidi, and it is true the soft approach does work well and money is hard to resist. Look how many people were lured into the web with sweet promises and once they were in and collateral was secured, the masks were off and the slaves had to do the bidding of their masters. Fortunately there were people like Frank, Toni, John, Sarah, Catherine who spoke out and kept speaking out until they were heard. The day of reckoning is drawing closer and the spider webs have all been swept out of the corners.

      • Hi Heidi,

        What is the “suicide module”?,
        I can not find any information about it on this website. Could you please leave a link to an article? I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Yes, great take on KAR’s brand of narcissism, G. I only observed Clare Bronfman for a couple of weeks at the Precision trial but don’t know if anyone else but Frank can or will respond regarding her on here. She’s a very good, very confident, casual liar, IMO. Not delusional or deluded. She followed her attorney’s lead and slid around some to get the “right” answer her attorney was soliciting from her — only way to detect she was lying.

    She may be a narcissist herself, IMO. She seemed to delight in the process of skewering her opponents. I wanted to feel sorry for her — help convince her Dad to get her out of the cult and show mercy on the Plyams — but just couldn’t when I saw how she enjoyed deceiving others — much as KAR does.

  • Computer Tresspass case Notes

    By Heidi Hutchinson. I will send this to your email as well, Frank.

    Frank might agree that a little lighter fare’s in order for tonight — a palette cleanse after a day of heavy-hitting (no pun intended) reports and retorts. Plus, Nice guy had some doubts about how a Joe O’Hara or Toni Natalie — intelligent and excellent as they are in their professions but who seem to lack super advanced high-tech skill — or even a complete tech nincompoop like myself — managed to come under any suspicion for alleged “computer trespassing.” My short answer: we were set up and computer trespassing isn’t anything close to hacking.

    Btw, no I wasn’t named in the original police report. I was identified later as the 4th trespasser they needed to find for the charges to stick and managed to stay unidentified until the statutes passed. No trick to that, I just gave up internet use when I finally figured out they were on my tail. And, boy, were they ever. Apparently, they needed to identify my log-in info or VPN to seal the charges on everyone else. There was also other “unidentified” mentions of me in Kirsopp police report over allegations that were totally fabricated, disprovable and were dismissed against other named, alleged perps.

    I’ve mentioned previously that Joe, Toni, a few of us involved in the 2009 – 2012 TU story were permitted to contact one another after giving our individual interviews. Mostly, we were in contact helping (trying to) other victims concurrently being chawed up in the NX litigation jaws, helping the TU tie-up some story angles by obtaining records and such and doing some crying, well, we gals were, commiserating and catching up.

    Toni, especially, was on a mission to save the “foundling” Gaelen. She had some horror stories about how KAR tormented her own son when they were together and was anxious to spare the “rescued orphan” from a similar fate. As Frank and Claviger have written about, even with a potentially kidnapped child’s life at stake, no one would investigate. Then, a miracle happened. An Albany State Trooper named Roger Kirsopp appeared to save the day. Toni was elated, we all were. Finally SOME law enforcement help. I remember dancing around signing with Toni the old Roger Ramjet theme song: “Roger Ramjet he’s our man, hero of our nation, for his adventures just be sure and stay tuned to this station! Now, come and join us all you kids for lots of fun and laughter as Roger Kirsopp and his men get all the crooks they’re after!”

    Little did any of us suspect the “orphan” was Kristin Keefe and KAR’s son and trooper Kirsopp was already working with Kristin Keefe, and the Bronfman sisters attorneys (Steve Coffee and Pam Nichole’s). I remember getting anxious when time went on and there were no updates on Gaelen. I guess I’ve always had my suspicions about Kristin Keefe and not without reason. I was also finding it hard to believe if a child were missing there wouldn’t be an amber alert going off somewhere. But Kirsopp never once let on that the cult’s story might not be true, or whether it did or didn’t check out. Toni provided all the elaborate details circling about the cult — that Gaelen’s parents had died in a car crash in Michigan. Barbara Jeske and Kristin Keefe traveled there to rescue the orphan, etc. The TU, Jim Odato, even folllowed up on it. But, again, Kirsopp just kept stringing us all along, pretending he was on the case while only making one against us, long after he apparently knew about Gaelen. I remember Jim Odato was mightily embarrassed he’d reported the misstatements that Gaelen was a fondling,

    Kirsopp was telling us to wait and be patient, that NX is going to do what all crooks do. They’ll eventually mess up and he’ll be there to catch them. We were left wondering how much more time critical does it get than a potential kidnapping?

    Kristin Keefe’s already filled in some of the blanks on public record. Kirsopp was making a case alright — against an evil band of computer trespassers who allegedly logged onto NX servers using a name and password generously doled out by the NX member or “contractor” mind you — remember they’re all independent contractors — who owned the account.

    None of us were under contract, had any privacy agreement or relationship with NX. In fact, as Toni Natalie purportedly told Kirsopp, she was doing due diligence to investigate Gaelen’s disposition when Kirsopp wouldn’t at least allay our fears about the “fondling” even Kristin Keefe later claimed WAS being gruesomely experimented on.

    Shortly after the TU story came out the raids happened and the computers were confiscated. This was not happy news for me even though my computer was safely lodged under the ocean. I probably exchanged a couple hundred emails during the TU story development. Those emails belied my greater role in investigating NX’s west coast affairs, especially, beyond Gina’s story I’d shared on record.

    I immediately retired my computer over a cliff when I realized the gravity of the situation.

    Still NX managed to find me online on rare occasion, before I just gave up on the web altogether after they bugged my router — who knew that was possible? I was often treated to word for word email and other content I’d exchanged with Toni, Joe and Jim Odato and some of it poised very threateningly. I was also often invited to Clifton Park under some ruse or another and only learned about “jurisdiction” issues from Frank.

    So, who were the true computer criminals and who were the hapless victims just trying to help prevent others from becoming so?

  • Frank, you remind me of a child reading the Hardy Boys series and seeing a fluke in some off-hand mention of a quality of stone which had nothing to do with the actual plot. The plot here is the American justice system – not your celebrity lesbian trysts.

        • What is that even supposed to mean, Scott? I hope you can grow up and behave like an adult one day….

          Perhaps you could explain why you find it amusing that a group of criminals thought they were entitled to harass, threaten and intimidate me. I had nothing to do with them, nor had I ever committed a single crime in my life. Why in the world would you take the side of criminals?

  • Excellent article.

    The Bronfmans? There are a lot of people out there searching for meaning in life or wishing to be part of a movement to better society. He seemed to offer it. I suspect he also capitalized on most people’s desire for power in one form or another. It might have been easier to swallow when he told them that the ends justify the means – no matter what.

    He must be very persuasive. Toni, astute as she is, asked him why, with his high IQ, he was running an MLM buying club with rather than aiming for something like curing cancer. His answer that he was using the MLM as a “platform” was very telling. It was a platform, all right, for him to get money, admiration and power. His next “platform,” NXIVM, was better thought out and more suited to his real purposes.

    Narcissists are a dime a dozen, but with the Bronfman money and his large, protective following, KAR was enabled to escalate his behavior as far as he wanted. Thank God he is stopped for now.

    • When Raniere was put out of business making money with Consumers’ Buyline, he decided to put more emphasis on his multiple partner sex life. Simple as that.

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