Breaking News: Vanguard in Solitary Confinement!

[Editor’s Note: Following a beating administered to Keith Raniere by several inmates, Raniere has been moved out of General Population at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. The technical name for where Keith Raniere is now housed is called the Special Housing Unit or SHU. It is akin to solitary confinement insofar as Raniere is confined to his small, locked cell 23 hours per day. He is allowed one hour out per day for recreation outside of his cell. He is handcuffed for the entire hour. He is also accorded, as is true for all pretrial detainees, the right to visit with his attorneys. When they visit, Raniere is stripped searched and an inspection is made of his anal cavity – on the way to the attorney’s visitor’s room and stripped searched again when he leaves, prior to going back to his cell.]

By K. R. Claviger

And so it begins…

Being incarcerated is hard.

Being incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is harder.

Being incarcerated at the MDC and being hated by your fellow prisoners is the hardest.

But that’s what Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard now faces every day.

And here’s a little advice for The Vanguard: After you get convicted – and there’s a 97% chance of that happening – your next prison is not going to be any better.

Welcome to Hell on Earth.


Raniere’s brief stay in MDC’s general population is over – and he’s asked not to be put back there.

For the next couple of weeks, he’ll be staying in MDC’s Special Housing Unit (SHU).

That’s because he was involved in an altercation with a couple of other prisoners.

Actually, “altercation” may not be quite the right word to describe the incident involving Raniere and a couple of other inmates.

No more than “boxing match” was the right word to describe what Mike Tyson’s opponents were in when they fought Tyson.

Raniere was badly beaten. He was knocked to the ground and kicked in the head. He did not start the fight.

In any event, regardless of who’s involved in an “altercation” – or what caused it – MDC’s policy is always the same: Throw everyone who was involved into the SHU for a couple of weeks while things get sorted out.

The SHU at MDC is an especially harsh place to spend time.

Prisoners in the SHU are in lockdown 23 hours per day. No television, very limited visitation rights (except for attorneys), very limited phone privileges, showers only every 4-5 days (which won’t bother Raniere), very limited commissary, no extra clothes, no locker to store things in, no windows, no library privileges (a cart of books comes around once a week or so), and on and on.

His food – in pre-measured portions – is brought to him at his cell, often cold and with no extras ever accorded.

Just prior to the “altercation”, Raniere had asked to be moved back to the Sex Offenders Unit because he had been verbally threatened by several other inmates in general population.

He was living in great fear for his personal safety.

As often happens in prison, Raniere has been outed for what he is: an arrogant, cult leader who raped underage girls, branded women with his initials, had criminal charges brought against his enemies, and pissed away millions upon millions of dollars.

None of those are considered positive attributes among prisoners.

Which is why the other prisoners in general population started fucking with him so much.

Calling him “Gushing Guru”, “Keith Manson”, and “Fuck Boy” – and those are the nicer nicknames.

Stealing or breaking his glasses over and over again.

Throwing his rolls of toilet paper into the trash.

Making sure his commissary order is the last one that’s delivered.

Refusing to sit with him.

Refusing to talk to him.

Making him fearful 24/7.

In other words, treating him exactly the way he deserves to be treated.

The American criminal system may be need of some serious reform – but every once in a while, it works just fine.

And so, the once mighty and arrogant Vanguard is now just a shell of his former self.

Not eating very much – which explain the weight loss that several observers noticed at last Thursday’s Status Conference.

Continuing to experience very high blood pressure – and, more recently, a rather severe stomach virus.

And sobbing in his bunk almost every night.


Given Raniere’s deterioration over the past eleven months, it’s hard to imagine him actually making it through a 15-year or 20-year sentence.

But given the fact that his backstory will follow him wherever he ends up serving his sentence, you can be sure that every day he does survive will be unimaginably miserable.

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  • In 2003 a Carnegie Mellon paper was published on the Carnegie Mellon website outlining how NXIVM or as it was known at the time Executive Success Program was a cult…….I guess everyone that ended up in NXIVM never happened to do any simple web searches and discovered this paper. I googled “executive success suicide module”, nothin about suicide in this particular paper.

    Anyone that had any involvement with Keith Raniere since 2003 and read this article or scanned it would have realized what NXIVM was about.

    A lot of people from New York Law enforcement, Hollywood actors, and some “consultants” conveniently ignored the truth or were complicate and or profited financially.

    I would love to give a lie detector to a number of officials, attorneys, and consultants as to whether they read the article linked below.

  • For those who were never tortured by Keith Raniere and his band of criminals, you have no understanding what it means to read this post.

    For those who helped in his torture and are responding to posts you don’t like, go fuck yourselves.

    Everyone has their own journey, their path to follow to deal with the ballet of Keith Raniere and what he has done to harm others.

    What he is facing now is his own doing, his own karma and he alone is responsible for his actions. Prison is not club Med and he put himself there. His actions, attitude, and mindset brought on the beating he got. You cannot do the things he has done, go to jail and not get a beat down as he had.

    He’d most likely be out on bail but he alone decided to run to Mexico and hide. The DOJ and the Judge did not buy his lie of why he left Albany.

  • Ok Keith, you obviously have several disintegrations due to moral invalidation we need to address. I think you need to drink from a cesspool, then run off a cliff. Who’s with me?

  • Wishing more violence/cruelty/hatred upon someone begets more violence/cruelty/hatred and loneliness/isolation upon oneself.

    KAR deserves to be accountable for his deeds, and if he is, he deserves redemption. At the same time, his victims deserve healing and wholeness.

    Those who wish bad deeds upon anyone, just takes on to themselves the karma of those they hate.

    • There’s a difference between wishing evil on someone – something that KAR allegedly often did in addition to actually planning it – and finding some smug satisfaction in what appears to be the just desserts for the one who did so. People who do the latter are typically just finding resolution to some form of indignation.

    • Whether there is any degree of karma from those making comments here is immaterial. Prison has its own karma, in the form of inmates and how they prey upon other inmates who committed certain crimes, child rape being one of them.

  • Couldn’t of happened to a more evil man. Finally a group that doesn’t buy his bullshit.
    Now he might have an idea of how all those people felt who he has stalk all these years.

    • Yes, too bad the bad guys had to deliver justice, almost all of the nicey-nice “good guys” didn’t have intestinal fortitude to stand up to Raniere & Co. You got what you deserved for your silence.

  • I thought Keith was a West Coast Judo Champion?

    What about tying the 100-yard dash? Can’t he out run or Karate chop the other inmates.

    Oh well. Seems like more Foreshadowing is happening.

    • Foreshadowing, yes.

      Sources say, as a first time white collar offender, you probably wouldn’t end up being denied bail if and when charged with immigration fraud crimes from the NXIVM case, Dennis. Yet then again, you don’t know exactly what your charges might be, despite your attempts to come off like you know everything about everything. Reality is, you don’t know a thing.

      If and when Fast and Furious is re-opened? That’s another story. Murder charges might land you in a similar place as Vanguard’s current digs.

      Just keep telling yourself, rationalizing it won’t happen, while snorting your new favorite medicine of choice. Your new “clients” in Mexico know something both topics, don’t they, Mr. Burke.

  • I don’t care about the beating….

    My worry is Raniere will be moved to a regular general hospital where so many prisoners have found ways to make an escape.

    If you google it…prisoner escape from hospitals is a frequently occurring issue. Most of the time the prisoners are apprehended. Raniere has many more resources available, if he did manage to make a break, to get out of the country.

    He would just have to have a boat ready at wharf on the Hudson and he is gone.

    When you have a millions off dollars surreal Hollywood movie type events are possible.

    Remember Guzman’s escapes…

    A getaway yacht on the Hudson is not a stretch…

        • That guy is probably a hardened criminal. Raniere wouldn’t have a clue how to pick his handcuffs, and would be wearing an ankle bracelet as well. I’m not going to lose any sleep over this issue.

          • when I watched Silence of the Lamb’s and Hannibal Lecter got out of handcuffs with a cap from a pen, I thought it was bullshit….
            Handcuffs are actually fairly easy to pick.

            The lock does not have normal tumbler and pins like a door lock.
            In fact handcuff keys are universally standardized.

            So life actually imitates art.

            Look it up.
            And I am not going to further argue on this stupid subject

          • Well, if it was in a movie, it must be true. Instead of biting off someone’s face and using it as a mask, he would put pizza (with hot sauce) on his face and try to sneak out.

    • He wrote the suicide module. He and Kristin Keefe and, later, Nancy Salzman applied it to Gina and others such as Kristin Snyder and, I believe, even tried to apply it to me.

      There’s a way out. No need for poor Vanguard to suffer so.

      • Hi Heidi or Frank,
        What is the ‘Suicide Module’?

        When I do a search on Frankreport or Google nothing comes up.

        I am sure I am not the only reader wondering the same question.


        • Part of the 16-day intensive. Students “ponder” the ethics of suicide. Keith doesn’t think like us mere mortals. He ponders!
          It is a bunch of pseudo philosophical mumbo jumbo with students thinking suicide is OK.
          16 days of BULLSHIT!

          There was no logical ethical philosophical teaching. It was all twisted to conform to Keith’s master plan to sanitize his way of life. Lies are ok, sex with children is ok, starving women is ok…….

          • Anonymous,

            Many individuals seem skeptical of new accusations being leveled at Keith Raniere… Every time I learn something new…
            I think what is Keith Raniere not capable of?

            I think it very likely Keith Raniere’s has committed other unknown crimes. He may not be the smartest man in the world but he is a highly intelligent sociopath.

            If the opportunity presented itself, can Frank or Heidi say for sure whether or not Raniere would have murdered someone and made them disappear?

            Raniere is a sadist after all.

          • Raniere has shown he is capable of physical violence. He beat Toni Natalie and raped her.

            People seem to dismiss the possibility that Keith would kill someone. Keith is only soft and weak when it comes to other men.

  • I think the 97% conviction rate is low, as it is based on all cases. In Raniere’s case, there is so much damning evidence the Feds have that 99% is probably a low-ball number for him and his cohorts.

    • Tex2,

      You make intelligent comments like the one above; and then you spew forth a vitriolic attack laced with scorn at some individual sharing something heartfelt and deeply personal.

      Faith’s loved ones are trying to find out what happened to her.

      How would you feel if your wife or child or mother went missing? Tex2 do actually have anyone in your life you love?

      Scott Tex2, you are an adult human male that lacks the most basic level of empathy.

      There are actually primates that have more empathy than you possess.

  • I sense another motion for bail being granted will be forthcoming, if not a motion to dismiss all charges.

  • Karma is a bitch. Was he thinking about those women told to fight during Vanguard week? Who is the strongest badass bitch?
    Not Keith the Vanguard!

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