Trustee and writer on trusts expresses doubt about legality of Nxivm defense trust

By John Kettler

This is in response to your article: 
Prosecution Alerts Judge To Lies Told By Counsel For Legal Defense Trust
I am a highly experienced Trustee for an Irrevocable Common Law Trust, Charles Arthur Enterprises, which specializes in inheritance education, but particularly Trust education. 
I am putting together an article about the Nxivm case to educate our subscribers about this important and relevant Trust case, a task in which Frank Report and Artvoice’s excellent investigative work has been enormously helpful.
The Irrevocable Trust is the secret weapon of the super rich, a weapon jealously guarded for centuries. The Legal Defense Trust, formed as a result of the NXIVM criminal case (an altogether real horror story), offers an exceedingly rare glimpse into this rarefied world.
Various articles I’ve seen in putting together the Trust Newsletter showed stupendous deficiencies in terms of what elements should be appearing in the Nxivm defense trust, based on various reports, starting with any mention of a Trustee in most of the reportage prior to your referenced article.
What I feel might help your work are two mind-blowing and unprecedented books we put together based on over a decade of research on the history of inheritance and of the Irrevocable Trust especially.
These books are titled The Art of Passing The Buck, Volume One: The Secrets of Wills and Trusts Revealed and The Art of Passing the Buck: Volume Two, Trust Blueprints. They are available through our site at 
The first is a historical and legal primer, the second a manual and workbook which rigorously sets forth every carefully sequenced step and provides copies of the associated forms and document examples.
They will arm you with vital information known to very few attorneys, judges, CPAs and financial advisors and will detail all the components which must be present in order to establish a legally valid Irrevocable Common Law Trust, which is what the Legal Defense Trust is, based on piecing together all the reporting to date.
From my perspective as a Trustee for decades now, it’s eminently possible this Trust may not even be valid, since it may well lack one or more elements without which it is void de novo.
Imagine the ramifications of such a discovery! Have no doubt that both books would be hugely beneficial to your work and that your readers in general (presumably having high school and up educations) would all benefit from the first work. Some, possessed of the necessary foresight, drive, concern for family, resources, contacts etc, may, after reading the first, wish to dive into the difficult but rewarding process of creating what the super rich have and assuredly don’t want any but them and their rich minions to know about, still less have: the secrets of creating, maintaining and expanding dynastic wealth! 

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Frank Parlato

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4 years ago


You do a disservice to readers by publishing an article such as this one.

The “Sultan Devotion Mathematician ” article has more merit than this article written by a greedy opportunist.

Dear Writer,
If anyone needs shitty legal documents they can just go to Legal Zoom. You are a 2 bit shyster.

4 years ago

Had high hopes of an interesting article when I clicked on this. Disappointing.

Get every dollar you can
Get every dollar you can
4 years ago

It would be great if you pointed out the reasons why you believe your point of views instead of trying to sell your books.

Most readers of the Frank Report want the “beef” of the legal case and the background of the “players in this case. We don’t want to buy a bunch of books, read a bunch of blogs about other MLM scams, about other people being scammed by other scam artists or people obsessions with certain members of NXIVM like KK.

So Mr. John Kettler how about giving this another go. Write a story of how you believe this Trust Fund in the state of NY has issues backing it up with your experience and if people want to buy your books for their own research they can. Don’t dangle them out there for us to have to pay to “maybe” find out why it might be an issue.

If not, you just another scumbag lawyer trying to make a buck here and there

4 years ago

How very socialist of you.

4 years ago

Agreed w Annon. Are you a licensed attorney?

Not all states are common law. Certain states have their own quirks.

Best bet is to find a licensed attorney in your state, Board Certified is better, that specializes in trusts.

4 years ago
Reply to  DeezNuts

As DeezNuts will surely agree, it would also be a “good bet” to make sure your licensed attorney hasn’t been disciplined by his State Bar, such as the disgraced former federal prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke, who represented heiress Clare Bronfman in the Nxivm case.

In an enforcement action by the Arizona and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations, Dennis K. Burke, Arizona Bar No. 012076, admitted to violating Rule 42, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., specifically ERs 1.6 and 8.4(c): “It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.” Details of Burke’s disciplinary case were filed in March of 2014.

As seen by the results from his noteworthy career, Dennis K. Burke is a legal and technical genius. He can also help you configure your VPN, in case you need to assume more than ten false identities on a blog as part of a sock puppet online fake identities scheme, in an effort to manufacture fake conversations with hopes to steer federal prosecutors towards indicting your enemies instead of indicting you.

With Burke’s technical skills and by using a cheap VPN with hopes to cover your tracks, maybe no forensically identifiable information will ever show up in server logs, and you’ll get away with it.

By the way, DeezNuts is one of Dennis Burke’s many fake aliases he uses to post on Frank Report, now that he is under federal investigation and has little else to do with his time.

Viva Executive Success!

4 years ago

Hopefully this guy has already gone to the Feds with this information.

4 years ago

If you are a “highly experienced trust attorney” why are alleging things without documented proof and instead trying to sell your outdated books about secret methods of the rich and powerful on this site?

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