MK10ART treats on the topic of Rhiannon – the 12 year old Raniere raped 60 times

The wonderful artist Mk10ART has done two exquisite paintings of Rhiannon, the little girl who Keith Raniere raped repeatedly after telling her mother he meant to teach her algebra and Latin.

Here are the comments MK10ART made about her paintings of Rhiannon.

The burden of locking Keith Raniere away weighs on the shoulders of a 12-year-old child.

When 7th grader Rhiannon was left in the care of Raniere, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske, her mother thought Rhiannon was being tutored by the “Smartest Man in the World.”

Keith did not want either of them to receive proper medical treatment.

Who is Goddess Rhiannon?

Goddess Rhiannon is a Welsh Lunar Goddess whose name means Great Queen.

This Enlightening Lady is strongly associated with Equines.  In Rhiannon’s story, horses play an important role.  Rhiannon first captures the attention of her future husband while upon horseback.  He cannot resist her beauty, nor can he resist the temptation to catch her as she rides like the wind upon her magnificent white horse. Her story later takes an unjust turn and she is falsely accused of murdering their son. Rhiannon is sentenced to carrying visitors to the castle from the outer gate on her own back, while announcing her crime.  The child was eventually found and Rhiannon was vindicated by Truth.  She was cleared of the crime and returned to her rightful status.

Rhiannon bore the burden of her punishment with grace and dignity.  Here, she brings us the equine energy of endurance and the empowering promise that Truth and Integrity will always prevail.  The Goddess gives assurance that the natural state of the Universe is balanced, just and true.  Therefore, any energy that is out of balance, any energy that is unjust and/or untrue will eventually realign with the natural balanced state of the Universe.


This is from the Frank Report

Rhiannon was a 12-year-old girl who was [statutorily] raped by Keith Raniere. Rhiannon was part of his harem when she was 12 years old. She ran away from the harem and was put in a juvenile home. Keith Raniere escaped charges. She was raped an estimated 60 times by Keith Raniere.

Her mother tragically introduced her daughter after Keith Raniere, 30, said he wanted to tutor her in algebra and Latin. He claimed to be the smartest man in the world. He actually had a secret agenda – to have sex with the child.

To cinch the child-rape scheme, Raniere’s top wingwoman, Pamela Cafritz, lured the unsuspecting girl to Raniere’s and her house on Flintlock Lane in Clifton Park. The pretext was that Pam needed to have the young girl walk her dog twice a day.

It did not take long for the persuasive Raniere to seduce the child. But, after awhile, she became terrified and fled from him. Raniere was not agreeable to her unwarranted departure. He threatened her. He started stalking the girl. She ran away from home, believing she was safer ‘on the run’ than at her home where Raniere might be able to find and kill her.

She was ultimately found by authorities and assigned to a juvenile home. From there, they learned her terror was induced by Keith Raniere. Police were called in and they told the girl that in order to arrest him, she would have to entrap him by wearing a wire and getting him either to admit to earlier rapes or get him to possibly attempt to rape her again. She had just recovered from cancer and, at age 13, she was just not up to participating with law enforcement in an entrapment scheme against the person she was terrified of the most.

She was the third female to develop cancer soon after spending time with Keith Raniere.

TU Comments #3: Mother of Raniere-raped 12 year old & sister of Raniere-provoked suicide


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  • “Goddess Rhiannon is a Welsh Lunar Goddess whose name means Great Queen.”

    Sylvie Lloyd, aka Charger 426 Hemi1, is Welsh.
    Lloyd is a common Welsh name.
    Over one hundred years ago the British Prime Minister was the Welshman David Lloyd George.
    Lloyd George was born on 17 January 1863 in Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, to Welsh parents, and was brought up as a Welsh-speaker. He is so far the only British Prime Minister to have been Welsh[4] and to have spoken English as a second language.

    Hey, Sylvie Lloyd aka Charger, how do you feel about Keith Raniere raping a 12 year old girl with a Welsh name?
    Raping that girl over sixty times!!!!!!!!!

  • I knew about Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske dying from cancer but I didn’t realise that Rhiannon also had to fight it. As if she hadn’t had enough suffering.It seems too much of a coincidence that both of his enablers and his victim should develop cancer. I hope Rhiannon can find justice and closure in the future.

  • Asking a 12 year old to be an agent of LEO to build the case is absurd. It was just an excuse to send her on her way and back to danger while protecting Raniere.
    A civil suit should have been filed against the dept and the individuals.
    I haven’t read of further investigation or questioning. Just wear a wire or we can’t do anything. If more was done I missed it.
    Definitively not normal procedure or one that would be approved

    • She had already been raped 60 times, and LEO would have been staking out the location and listening in live. That is how Raniere could have been caught, not protected. Probable cause has to be established before arresting someone, not just a story from a 12 year old girl. Otherwise, it would be out of control and violating everybody’s Constitutional rights. Instead, Raniere continued his crime spree for a couple more decades. The bad guys know most people won’t stand up to them, that’s why they get away with so much for so long.

      • I didn’t say arrested. This is not how investigations work. Especially with minors. Especially with rape. Life is not a movie or tv series. Wires are rarely used in investigations.

        • Building a case leads to an arrest, assuming enough evidence is obtained. Wires were proposed to be used in this case, no matter how rarely they’re used. But it’s great you support the side that led to more crimes being committed. Great job!

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