Shadow: What Did Allison Mack Know About Pedophilia and When Did She Know It?

By Shadow State 1958
Before I launch into my post, I must mention that I must be hitting a raw nerve with Allison Mack’s Super Fan, Charger 426 Hemi1.
Here is a message Charger posted for me on Thursday.



Shadow state you can assume and speculate all you like just like others have to the point i just play along letting them believe what they want, but that’s all it is just speculation and assumptions. Your assumptions about me being an alias of the wonderful Nicki Clyne or that Nicki may have chosen my name and is advising or assisting me in the running of my page is nothing but rubbish and speculation. Any other questions you have about me is none of your business, but I’m sure you will keep speculating rubbish as that is all you’re doing with everything you write.
Yes, Charger, and everything you write about Pimp Mack is the Gospel Truth!
Please pity me, Charger.
Por favor, ten piedad de mí, cargador

I don’t have any friends who are pimps and hoes like Allison Mack.  I’m sure Allison Mack is the proverbial pimp with a heart of gold.

Charger,  even the Devil deserves an advocate.  Even a sadistic pimp like Allison Mack deserves a defender.  So, Charger, let your Freak Flag Fly.  And for your sake, I’ll pray that Allison did not contract Herpes from Keith Raniere.
BTW Charger, why don’t you visit the United States? Are you afraid of being indicted? Or have you already been indicted and it is under seal?
Charger, did you help transport those teenage Mexican girls from Chihuahua to Clifton Park?
Nicki Clyne’s famous Instagram picture that helped Frank Report reveal that she [and possibly Raniere] were in Puerto Vallarta.
And message to the wonderful Nicki Clyne:
You once called me “annoying and stupid.”  As an American I admit to being annoying. Being annoying is a Badge of Honor for Americans, something you Canadians would not understand.
But I am not as stupid as Keith Raniere.
Now, let’s cut to the chase.
In Slave Jane’s interview last autumn with Frank, Jane claimed that the women of DOS had no idea that Keith Raniere is a practicing pedophile. Raniere had sex with girls behind Allison Mack’s back.
FR: Did you ever meet Keith?

Jane: He disgusted me. He had no age limits. He lectured us on “the strength of women know no age.” If a 12-year-old feels desire, it should be just as respected as a 20-year-old. He shamed anyone who questioned the right of a female at any age to have her power. He would say,  “Are you denying this person’s female person power?”

FR: Did Allison and Kristin know Keith was OK with 12-year-olds having sex?

Jane: KK did not know, Mistress Ally agreed with the logic that females of all ages have personal power. She told me Keith has never fucked anyone under age.  His speech makes me think he did behind her back.

News Flash to Allison Mack!        
Any man who talks with approval  about sex with children is probably doing it. Sex with children is not a topic that ordinary men even talk about let alone approve of.
(What do you think of that, Charger 426 Hemi1?)
But there’s more evidence that Allison Mack knew of Keith Raniere’s proclivity for sex with children.
Last October, Pea Onyu (Allison Mack’s spouse) had a conversation on the Frank Report with a commenter using the name Ryanne S.
Here is the relevant part of the conversation taken from the comments section of the Frank Report.

Pea Onyu

Tell me troll, are you paid to post here or are you a true believer? Is your name a tribute to Ayn Rand or to the moon Goddess Rhiannon, who well serviced our Vanguard in her youthful splendor?
I don’t know Pea, because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name. Allison is the one who chose it, so ask her!  Who is Rhiannon?, I’ve heard that name mentioned before.  But Pea, you may finally be right about something! How about THAT Captain Shadow. Finally Pea gets something correct!!
Rhiannon was 12 when Keith started her on his mentoring program. He said he wanted to teach her algebra and Latin.

Assuming that was the real Pea Onyu last October 7 and she mentioned the moon Goddess Rhiannon who served our Vanguard so well in her youth, then Pea Onyu knows the story of Rhiannon and so does her spouse, Allison Mack.  And well they should since the Albany Times Union published the story of Rhiannon in 2012.

Pea Onyu has guilty knowledge of Raniere’s pedophilia and so does Pea’s spouse, Allison Mack.  They both know that Raniere raped a 12 year old girl some sixty times.
And both Pea Onyu and her spouse, Allison, knew about Raniere’s pedophilia and remained in the cult and even promoted the cult.

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  • I saw the unsolicited IG post directed to you, Shadow, (originally on IG not here) and my first thought was, “Hmmm, maybe he IS on to something.” It seems to me that if @charger426hemi1 was willing to address you directly (and not responding to you), it means you have at least hit a nerve.

    I couldn’t help but get hung up on the language used, though, and particularly, the use of the word ‘rubbish’. American and Canadian native English speakers rarely, if ever, use that word. It’s just not part of our dialects, written or spoken. However, an English English speaker, or one who has English parentage, would use a word like that. Perhaps someone with an English mother? This makes me surmise that this account could be a combo of Nicki and Claire (or Claire’s assistant Sylvie Lloyd). I don’t believe it’s just Nicki alone.

    For shits & giggles (I have no dogs in this hunt), I ran a picture of Nicki Cline through a new(ish) site run by those evil russians called I used the one where she is wearing the brown jump suit. I didn’t expect to get any hits back because searchface only searches photos posted to the social media site called Vkontakte (it’s like a Russian Facebook). Oddly enough, I did get a hit. It came up with this:

    Anyone know why Nicki Cline’s photo is posted to someone’s Vkontakte page? Looks like a pretty personal photo, likely in an airport based on the context. She is also with another person, who is making an Allison-like duck-face, but I am not sure who that is. What are FR commenters thoughts on this? You all can be pretty insightful (or inciteful lol) sometimes.

    I am not a detective, but I play one on the internet…

    • I have been on Vkontake a few years ago when I was arguing with a commenter who called himself “Stalinist.”
      He was a hard core Marxist who turns out to be related to the great Russian rocket scientist Sergei Korolev.

      You might be right about Sylvie Lloyd.
      Last I saw it was rumored that she had fled back to her native England hoping to lie low and avoid extradition.

      Charger is such an unabashed Allison Mack fan that it is clearly someone who is part of NXIVM and Nicki Clyne appears to be what is left of America’s NXIVM leadership.
      Nicki has serious ties to NXIVM Mexico.

      I enjoy it when people talk back to Charger and tell her to read The Frank Report.
      Charger likes to say no children were involved only consenting adults but conveniently forgets the story of Rhiannon or the story about the eleven .Mexican girls brought up to Clifton Park as recently as 2016.

      • Thanks Heidi. I did run a few more pics of non-celebrity members but I didn’t get any more matches. Still gotta wonder why the pic I did find is posted to the equivalent of Russia’s facebook.

  • Of course Kreuk and Mack BOTH knew he was a pedophile, they were named in the damning Times Union expose in 2012. Neither of them cared.

      • Many people left NXIVM because of it. Why would top people like them not? Both bitches went to Necker Island in 2010 to address the bad publicity of the Vanity Fair article. This expose two years later was even bigger. Also, both were named in O’Hara’s lawsuit the same month. Of course they knew they smelt like shit.

  • Frank,

    RE : Additional embarrassment for Kirsten Gillibrand.

    Did you or anyone that you know of cross reference all of the Saratoga NXIVM members with Kirsten Gillibrand’s public political donors?

    Did you only look at the higher up Nxivm members?

    • R. Kelly was just indicted for molesting four girls.
      Jim DiRogatis, music critic for the Chicago Tribune, has talked to sixty women who claim to have been molested by R. Kelly when they were girls.
      DiRogatis is writing a book titled “Soulless”about R. Kelly’s history of pedophilia.
      It will be published later this year.

  • Shadowstate,

    I think you write good investigative articles.

    I think this Charger426Hemi is Allison Mack’s Sultan of Six. No offense to Sultan. Charger seems ruder than Sultan of Six.

    I think Charger is a ‘red herring’. Maybe I am wrong. I just don’t see Charger being Nikki Clynne.

    Previously there have been many articles I thought you were right on the money.

    • The comparison is superficial and only viable to the extent of a fan defending the one he is a fan of.

      However, if Kreuk was still in NXIVM, I would’ve ceased being a fan a long time ago. That’s the difference. Kristin apparently has morals and values that conflicted with the behavior of the cult’s leader and also had the mind and enough emotional strength to keep a safe distance, not do anything illegal, and to extricate herself without controversy from the cult over five years ago despite having a number of friends in it as the controversy surrounding it continued to increase.

      I, for one, am glad someone who must have loved her – perhaps her father – helped convince her to get out so that she wasn’t too negatively impacted by it in whatever manner so she is healthy and happy, still financially well off, has a career, and is adding to it.

      • You have just made everything up to create a narrative you want to be true. Morals and values!? Safe distance!? Emotional strength!? How do you know? You claiming as fact she didn’t do anything illegal or even know about anything illegal, like you are qualified to state that. The more you talk shit, the more you power up the comments and send more traffic to Frank Report. You have absolutely zero knowledge of what went on in her culty little mind. And no matter how much you claim she left five years ago, the more dumb you look to those who know otherwise. Have you ever spoken to someone connected to NXIVM post 2013 who can easily contradict your claim? No, so STFU.

        “helped convince her to get out”

        You are an ignorant fanboy keyboard clown with zero knowledge. Shhh

        • “Have you ever spoken to someone connected to NXIVM post 2013 who can easily contradict your claim?”

          Don’t know why Sultan or anyone would have to talk to someone connected to NXIVM post 2013 when at least 3 of them publicly backed up Kruek’s statement along with Susan Dones and others quoted in news articles.

          For the record, my dear friend @MsKristinKreuk was never in the inner circle of #NXIVM. She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before shit got weird. She is a lovely person who should not be dragged into this mess. Thank you. #Cult #DOS #freedom #TRUTH — Sarah Edmondson

          Kristen quit in 2013. She had nothing to do with the sex cult branch. the people who were involved will be arrested in the next little while. KK isn’t one of them.– Maja Milkovich

          I 100% back this statement as an Ex-member of NXIVM. Thank you for sharing your truth Kristin –Kayla

          “She [Kristin] got out before it became really bizarre and wasn’t involved with anything sexual.” Susan Dones

      • What I have is a statement made by her that says she left approximately at such and such a time. The rest is what I presume to believe of her from what I know of her character and her personal and professional history.

        What I’ve read from you like a broken record on repeat are mere claims that say she is a liar backed by no evidence whatsoever. You keep alleging that so and so, someone in the know, or whoever knows otherwise, but provide no names, and instead say, go ask such and such or the like. On the contrary, Kristin had multiple people back up her statement, including Sarah Edmondson. When this is mentioned, you call all of them liars, then repeat this as if it is true. That the authorities don’t seem to care about Kristin at all, supported by the appearance on her social media accounts that she seems to be unworried and living a normal life as she works on a new show while taking classes at the same, point to the notion that she moved on from NXIVM a while ago and is not concerned about any possible legal repercussions to her due to her past association with the cult.

        I choose to believe her rather than some anonymous nobody who obviously has an ax to grind with her.

        Don’t cry.

        • Seeing as you are a stalker, contacting her father you creep, ask her directly on social media: twitter/instagram. Ask her what she was doing COACHING in Vancouver right before filming season 4 of BATB. Don’t cry stalker… ask.

        • If someone knows something about Kristin Kook in NXIVM, they don’t need to ask her.

          Challenge yourself stalker. Go to her twitter page and ask her why she was coaching two years (minimum) after she claimed she left. If you are willing to contact her father inappropriately, you can contact her via Twitter. Do it. Don’t argue with anonymous strangers in the comments of Frank Report, ask her directly.

          • Nice excuse. You keep claiming you know this about her. That isn’t evidence that you do.

            I’m not going to ask her on Twitter or Instagram so you can stalk me through another alias. Do you think I’m stupid? If I ask her and she says “No I wasn’t”, then what? You’re still going to continue to call her a liar. And If I ask her and she ignores me, then what? You’re going to say her silence is evidence that she’s a liar.


      • Sultan I sincerely apologize for comparing you to ‘Charger’. Seriously.

        Sultan your a super fan, not an asshole as far as I can tell, my apologies.

        Honest apologies.

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