Guest View: Kristin Kreuk ‘likes’ Tweet supporting Lorena Bobbitt – Do you not see the irony and your hypocrisy Kristin?

John Wayne Bobbitt and Lorena Bobbitt were an American couple, married on June 18, 1989, whose relationship made world-wide headlines in 1993 when, after years of being raped, beaten, and sodomized by her husband, Lorena cut off his penis with a knife while he was asleep in bed.

By Double Standards and Bullshit

Kristin Crook liked this on twitter:

Do you not see the irony and hypocrisy Kristin? You were named in the February 2012 Albany Times Union expose that exposed your sick leader as a pedophile with women coming forward talking about being raped as little girls. A police report was published. You didn’t care one bit about Gina Hutchinson, young Rhiannon, Kristin Snyder or any of the other victims.

Stop pretending you give a flying turd about victims.

I can’t stand these irritating celebrities on twitter virtue signalling and pretending to care about “causes” to show off, be liked and feel righteous. They boil my piss. For you to carry on with your sick cult like nothing happened just makes you vile. Pedophilia is disgusting. So is rape. And you pretend to fight a pedophile on a television show when you were being called out at the same time!? You are no victim. How on Earth can you attach yourself to “women’s rights” when you are such a hypocritical coward?

With all these male celebrities being accused left, right and center of “misogyny” or some other “phobic” bullshit for a comment decades ago that wasn’t even that offensive – and being slandered for it by the sanctimonious liberal press, YOU deserve being exposed too, seeing as you are significantly worse for supporting a kiddy-fiddler.

Let it be known, you supported a pedophile rapist. So did Allison Mack.

What’s wrong with a little branding if you support a pedophile? It’s not that far off to support a pedophile then go on to brand other gullible women. Gross. If you supported the pedo-cunt, what else did you support?

This is what you ignored:

Kristin Kreuk plays a lawyer who risks her career to bravely fight for justice and expose villainy on the taxpayer-funded Canadian TV show Burden of Truth.

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  • Frank I’m a fellow italian . If there are underage girls involved, then fry all their asses. But if this is a sex cult of adult women, then they are just mental midgets who deserve what they get. I’m sorry if someone is mentally weak. Sack it up birches and get off your synthetic depression drugs and take control of your lives. I have zero sympathy for mentally weak people. We are all given a clean slate to start with. On the other part, just thinking an innocent looking woman like Kristen Kreuk was in a sex cult makes me realize she has to be a total animal in bed. I would love to run in to her, have a few drinks and show her my 10 inch friend. At her consent of course. She can ride off into the night with me…literally. so get off her case. She’s just a hot f..Ing piece of ass.

    • Someone from Kreuk’s Girl’s By Design NXIVM project said she was recruited into NXIVM by Kristin Crook thru GBD. She said it was a “feminist approach to BDSM” and that Kreuk had a “master” and was a “sub”. That she is into BDSM.

      Also, Kreuk does not have any ass. She’s as flat as a pancake, just like her mosquito bite boobs and acting delivery.

    • Kristen was never part of the “sex cult” called DOS which was a secret group within NXIVM. She was part of NXIVM and left years before DOS even formed in mid-2015.

      • The sex cult started WAY before DOS, and there are plenty of other crimes from the timeframe Kristin Crook was in that are probably being investigated.

      • And who are you? She doesn’t have to have been in DOS to be called out. It’s the pre DOS stuff that counts. And you don’t know shit. She was spotted with a branch in 2015 when DOS was first formed. Hence she told porkies to the world.

      • It sounds like all of you are clueless. You don’t know who wrote it, because Frank decided he wouldn’t require people commenting to use their real names, or even a consistent fake name tied to a fixed avatar or social media account.

        • Tex2,

          I knew you were the alias Scott, not just by your logo Texas gif, but by your wry satirical comedic humor with one exception (You should only pick on people that have it coming and not pick on good innocent people who have been victimized in someway); most everything else you say is funny and or pithy.

          • Bangcock has a rather unique writing style almost like a fingerprint. I would bet money on it being BangCuckle.

          • Frankly, I don’t care to spend energy on such nonsense of trying to guess who wrote something. It’s not worth my time and effort.

  • Where is the hypocrisy? Who says she doesn’t really care about victims?
    You make a lot of assumptions about what Kruek believes, when the truth is you don’t even know what she’s told investigators about Keith. If investigators think that she’s guilty, then they will indict her.

    • If Kristin Crook really cared about victims, she should come forward with everything she knows about NXIVM. She hasn’t done it publicly, so she better have done it privately with the FBI/DOJ. Otherwise, her “disgust” statement from several months ago is as empty as most of the comments on this website.

      • That’s what I said Scott – that we don’t know what she’s told investigators. The writer of the article is making assumptions about Kruek but we have no way to know what Kruek has talked about with investigators, or if she’s been told by investigators not to speak out publicly about Nxivm.

        • You make assumptions about people all the time Flowers – you assume people commenting here are harassing you. You assume you’re never wrong. You assume people care about your opinion 😐

          • The assumption that you’re a harassing asshole is hardly a baseless one, Bangkok/Clicky.
            I don’t make assumptions- I investigate theories based on concrete evidence. Some of my theories pan out, and some don’t.
            For example- the reason Bangkok writes these posts could be because he really is a jerk, or he may do it as a type of distraction. I haven’t made up my mind on that yet.

          • I’m an harassing asshole? 😂 I think not but it’s a good description of yourself. What is this concrete evidence of which you speak. Seems to me you’re standing on the tectonic plates in Vancouver and they keep shifting beneath your feet as your story changes and the list of people you accuse of harassing you just gets longer and longer. Take a look at yourself and ask if you’re much better than the people in NXIVM trying to ruin lives. 🙂

          • Who is on this long list of harassers, Bangkok, and where are you getting your information from? Now I’m trying to ruin lives?….this is news to me. Lol.
            My story keeps changing? I don’t where you get your ideas from, but my story has never changed.

  • Yep, I couldn’t agree more. Whether or not her “crimes” if any ever come to light, she’s still an absolute hypocrite for how she portrays herself publicly.

  • “I can’t stand these irritating celebrities on twitter virtue signalling and pretending to care about “causes” to show off, be liked and feel righteous. They boil my piss.”

    The cure for your boiling piss: Don’t seek out celeb twitter comments…unless you actually DO enjoy your piss being boiled, which I suspect is the case.

    And the TU article would be troubling to anyone who read it, but TU’s circulation in 2012 was between 80,000 in 2008 and 40,000 in 2018, and probably zero in Vancouver and Toronto. And even if “Crook” or other brainwashed Espians read it they would say it must be a lie or the police would have done something.

    • The number of readers is irrelevant. NXIVM went after the journalist as they were threatened by the expose. They went after John Tighe too, a small time blogger. People quit NXIVM after the expose. Others, like Kreuk ignored it. She also ignored being named in a lawsuit the same month and the same month also, being exposed for being on Necker Island two years earlier where money laundering plans were discussed. Not to mention the suicide notes, testimony of many women violated by Raniere. The enablers are all scum.

      • Of course the number of readers is relevant, and so is the direction from Raniere & Co. to not read/watch the news or believe it if they hear about it. It’s how MLM scams work. I should know, I was in Amway. IDIOT.

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