Heidi: Allison Mack ‘I’m alone’ picture en-route to Switzerland may have pre-planned

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Here are top reasons Allison Mack may have Instagrammed herself alone while money-laundering in Switzerland:

– Collateral. Keith wanted self-incriminating evidence Allison acted alone in her Swiss mission. Allison dutifully provided the collateral.

– The Vow. Allison wanted to show she was not mounting any peaks or exploring any canyons in the Alps without KAR’s permission. She was keeping her “vow” of fidelity to Keith and, presumably, Nicki.

– Ho ho’s. Allison was in Switzerland auditioning to be the next “Swiss Roll” little Debbie girl. She cut the braids off but left the red hair.

– Sara Bronfman’s cheap ass. Sara refused to pony-up for a private car or jet for Allison’s lonely travels to Sara’s chalet — even though Sara claims she “loves HER girls.”

– Sara Bronfman’s no dummy. Because Allison was money-laundering, Sara didn’t want anything traceable back to her by providing any transport means for Allison, forcing her to take the train alone.

Allison’s “I’m alone” pic was also Sara’s idea.

Sara knew no one would — except “Niceguy” on FR — not even the FBI – would ever find out she owns property in Switzerland or link her to Allison’s Swiss activities, so long as there was an Instagram pic showing Allison alone on public transportation while there.

Great, thought-proving post and excellent research on Sara, especially, from Shadow and Niceguy both 🤗

Nice Guy and Shadow are most definitely on the right track following the social media travel logs to follow the money laundering, GBD/DOS recruitment trail, etc. !!

Interesting that NX hastily removed those tell-tale posts!

You gentlemen hit a nerve, for sure. I hope the FBI got the info before they did or will, certainly, subpoena the account records if they haven’t already.

Meantime, it seems there commenters who pick apart every typo to try to destroy every theory and it’s unfortunately. I think it is often done out of rivalry or spite. It is not right.

By the same token, certain posters seem to always skew the raw data to the same, preconceived conclusion no matter what else the data actually might indicate.

For instance, Nicki Clyne’s Instagram post — as FR reported — revealed the harem’s and Keith’s whereabouts in Mexico. Some here conclude Nicki was a dunce for posting it. But there’s also a good possibility that Nicki wasn’t told, didn’t suspect, that Keith was a fugitive or NX was under any investigation when she posted.

She was also joyfully chatting with iguanas — whether they spoke English or not 😆 —conquering her fear of heights, etc. apparently “oblivious” — as KAR himself teaches all females are — to the reality that they were on the lam.


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  • I like how you always manage to object a little humor into your posts – the Swiss Miss audition!

    Who knows why the pictures were posted? The collateral idea is a good one and it is suspicious they’ve been taken down.

    As long as the people contributing here just ignore the criticism the people throw at them this can be a good platform to discuss the case and, hopefully, encourage more people to come forward and share their experiences. Sharing can be healing and there are probably people who have no one to talk to about their experiences with NXIVM.

    • Why, thank you Dr. Festinger. I agree sharing can be a very effective, cathartic healing tool. Especially when the group consists of those who’ve suffered a similar trauma and there’s a cloak of anonymity for they who prefer not to be judged.

      The carpers on here are a pity. You mentioned they’re just negative attention seekers. The quandary is that when they get the negative attention they desperately seek, they’re still not at all happy about it yet make little effort to get positive attention.

      …Yes, guess it’s best to ignore and hope someday Frank will tire of wading through the weeds and yank VPN’s instead of each prickly little, fibbing, carping comment.

  • I can’t take someone serious who wears a hat like that.

    No – it’s not fashionable,regardless of whom told you such a fallacy.
    You look like a clown.

  • What in the world is that paragraph that is 4th from the bottom trying to say? This whole story looks like it was written by a 4th grader.

    • The whole story was culled from comments on different threads and probably hurriedly put together as a single article.

      If you want to help out, as I’m sure you do, why don’t you edit it to grammatical perfection and more to your liking. You can even add some grown-up words like: Shove it up your ass so far you can stick it in your sister’s cunt with your tongue the next time you eat her out.

      I’m sure that would be very much appreciated by all. Thanks!

      • Here’s the orginal, “Meantime, it seems there [sic] commenters who pick apart every typo to try to destroy every theory and it’s unfortunately [sic]. I think it is often done out of rivalry or spite. It is not right.” And here’s the corrected version, “Meantime, it seems there ARE commenters who pick apart every typo to try to destroy every theory and it’s UNFORTUNATE. I think it is often done out of rivalry or spite. It is not right.” Frank doesn’t post my comments on improper use of the English language. Count your blessings, it would be a full-time job on this website’s comment section.

      • “Shove it up your ass so far you can stick it in your sister’s cunt with your tongue the next time you eat her out.”

        I don’t understand the context Heidi, but you are a saucy minx.

    • Don’t we all, Mitch? Without having to necessarily conform? Glad you’re still around, even though I’m still a bit circumspect about that red pyramid logo thingy and something you once said to Flowers.

      • Because the authorities aren’t stupid or driven with malevolent intentions like some of the people who post here. They draw conclusions based on hard evidence that would link the two, and don’t consider unreliable sources such as innuendo, gossip, speculation, made up fantasies, etc., consequential due to the dislike or antipathy of a particular actress. They find anonymous sources such as “Jane” that provide such inconsistent stories comically non-credible.

        • GO AWAY stalker. You don’t have a damn clue what you are talking about. You have no idea whatsoever regarding the origins of GBD, what went into it’s planning, it’s intentions, what happened, who joined NXIVM, why it allegedly closed or anything else. YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT. You are obsessed with Kristin Kreuk and have arrogantly elected yourself her white knight spokesbitch. You have no clue if the authorities have even heard of GBD. Go fuck off back under your rock you hide under with your laptop and jar of vaselene you sad old loser creep. You have nothing to add and no information. Autism + stalking + no life = SultanOfStalk. Your posts are like a fart under the covers during a heat wave. Insufferable and unwanted.

          • Oooopsie, methinks Scotty’s got a typo. …Or do you think “seemingless” is a word?

            Thanks for correcting Frank’s cobble job on my piece, btw.

    • There is a Girls By Design – NXIVM union. It’s extremly suspicious what Jane the DOS slave said too about it. Just one girl from GBD recruited into NXIVM by Kreuk from GBD is disgusting. Your post smells a bit Asperger-y.

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