Bangkok: Allison Mack did not money launder through Swiss Banks

Did Allison Mack travel to Switzerland to launder money for her glorious Vanguard?

By One Night in Bangkok

Mr. Nice Guy recently posted an article about the possibility of Allison Mack taking secret trips to Switzerland to possibly engage in money laundering transactions on NXIVM’s behalf.

Even after several commenters destroyed his failed argument, including Heidi, he STILL attempted to defend his article by claiming that his ‘financial data’ was 100% accurate (i.e. that people can make anonymous transactions using anonymous paper instruments in Switzerland). He also claimed that his ‘Schengen’ argument (regarding passports not being stamped) allows people to make undetected money laundering trips to Switzerland.

However, both of his arguments FAIL because:

1) Swiss Banks no longer allow ‘anonymous’ numbered accounts. All ‘numbered’ account holders must verify their identity with a PASSPORT. Also, any non-account holders making large or anonymous deposits must also show their PASSPORT to the bank, thus making his “Schengen argument” meaningless since the bank will make a record of the passport holder’s visit/deposit (even if the border guards didn’t).

2) Swiss Banks are REQUIRED to verify the ‘source’ of any large deposits REGARDLESS of whether it’s cash or other anonymous “paper instruments” being deposited. Swiss Banks are REQUIRED to trigger a money laundering investigation when the source of funds is not positively established, which means freezing the account and notifying the Swiss Money Laundering Reporting Office (this is especially true for LARGE deposits from foreigners).

3) Swiss Banks are REQUIRED to verify the identity of anybody attempting to withdraw large sums of money. The same is true for anybody attempting to convert withdrawals into anonymous paper instruments because that’s an obvious sign of money laundering.

There are places in the world which allow anonymous numbered accounts, however, Switzerland just ISN’T one of those places anymore.

Thus, this whole Instagram photo hunt is a fool’s errand authored by an errand boy running errands for his wife.

PS — I didn’t think I’d be posting again for a while since I’m busy right now, but this clown needs to be neutered since he’s making a mockery of the Frank Report with such drivel. I actually felt my IQ drop 5 points after reading this drivel. It’s Heidi’s fault. She created this wackadoodle by encouraging him to post more articles.


The data below comes from a few Swiss Banking Sites (I capitalized some words myself).


A spokesman for the Swiss Bankers Association has been telling that Swiss banks are OBLIGED by legislation to stick to strict regulations when opening and handling accounts.

How “secret” are Swiss banks?
The high level of confidentiality Swiss banks offer both their domestic and foreign customers is NOT absolute and certainly does NOT shield criminals.

As a matter of principle, the rights to privacy can be SUSPENDED when a criminal investigation is underway, also in the case of tax offences, for example. Our aim is to protect the privacy of the honest bank client while EXPOSING criminals to the full force of the law.


There are very clear regulations in place. If a bank notices a SUSPICIOUS transaction or it has well-founded suspicions that something like MONEY LAUNDERING is going on, the bank is OBLIGED BY LAW to freeze the account and REPORT it to the authorities, the Money Laundering Reporting Office.


There are very strict procedures in place, so-called due diligence procedures which are basically “know your customer” rules. First the bank has to decide if it wants a business relation with this person.

…If it decides to go ahead, one basic question is:

Can you prove your identity?

The banks are OBLIGED BY LAW to verify the identity of the client so they will want to see some kind of official identification document. […snipped…] Are these your assets you’re bringing to the bank or do these assets belong to someone else? The bank is also LEGALLY OBLIGED to find out who the beneficial owner of the assets is or are.

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Mitch Garrity
Mitch Garrity
4 years ago

Anything is possible with NXIVM members
Even people that say they left. The whole Kreuk debate or whatever it is. There just isn’t evidence either way. She could be out or she could still be in contact with everyone and part of some plan that had nothing to do with the indictments, rebuilding NXIVM etc
I don’t understand the hatred or the fawning over her. Objectively, it’s all on the table

4 years ago
Reply to  Mitch Garrity

It’s the fact she lied and is being allowed to get away with it. Many questions have gone unanswered.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mitch Garrity


I agree

4 years ago


You forgot to mention how I was wrong about the passport stamp. You never followed up and explained.

Can you please do so in the comment section?

If your not to busy preparing for your next Larping tournament.


4 years ago

Wow Bangcock I am impressed you have finally done some research and investigating. Why do you not do that all of the time?

I am so happy that I was your muse, your inspiration. Maybe now you will use your new found investigative tools on your next article.

My comment was turned into an article. It’s impromptu. I will be issuing a full retort to you Bangcock.

I am doing rewrite money laundering Mack- Swiss connection 2.0. Like I have mentioned the article originally was a comment intended for Shadowstate, who seems to be into conspiracies and money laundering and Alison Mack.

BangCuckle I am honored to have been your muse for your article. You are probably very busy most days vacuuming your home or mowing your lawn for your parents or playing XBOX in your basement apartment.

I wish you the best you!!!

4 years ago

Oh, no, no, no, nixt, not, nein!

Heidi did not even ATTEMPT to poke holes in Niceguy’s Swiss theory!

Heidi was simply trying to provoke further thought or research and brace “Nice Guy” for the asshole attack she knew Bangcock would be hard at planning — indeed did — all night and morning long, apparently — once the vulture got a whiff of an opportunity to pick at it AFTER others challenged Nice Guy on it.

And, Nice Guy, DID already respond to most of the critiques including explaining his “stream-of-consciousness, on-the-go writing style.

Not all of us can sit on our cans all day wtg. to pounce on every passing FR typo like, say, Schlock can. Especially now that Twitter won’t have him.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Yes, but other than that, the coffee-induced rambling was spot-on, right?

4 years ago

Noted that Schlock commented within seconds after Frank put up Bangtot’s post. With a comment that neatly rounds off Bangkook’s asshole remarks.

…I’m going with “Bangschlock” on this asshole’s name going forward. Niceguy was being too nice with “Bangcock.”

Nice Guy even defended Schlock yesterday and this is the thanks he gets for it?

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