Festinger: Allison Mack will follow her Vanguard to the ends of the earth!

By Leon Festinger

I believe Allison Mack is too far gone to be saved.

She is in Nxivm for the long haul and I think she believes in her Vanguard and will follow him to the ends of the earth. It’s so, incredibly sad to see a life wasted this way.

I also believe Allison doesn’t have a penny left to her name; that she signed it all over to her ‘master’ when she left her life as an actress and fully committed to NXVIM. She is responsible for hurting others and must pay the price for that, but I don’t believe she thinks she’s done anything wrong.

She was walking along the striped path and doing the Vanguard’s bidding, she was trying to grow his movement for the betterment of all is what I think she believes.

I think Keith and Nancy are different stories.

KAR is all about his own self gratification both carnally and financially. He gets a charge seeing people, especially beautiful young women, hanging on his every word and accepting his arbitrary punishments for whatever transgression either real or imagined.

It appears that Nancy is greedy, so the money was most likely her motivation, but she also probably enjoyed the mind-control she had over the underlings in NXVIM.

I can’t comment on the Mexican contingent since I haven’t read as much about that faction but there is probably another group of mindless followers there with a smattering of leaders who will take them for all the money they have and used them to recruit others.

I have been ruminating about the Kristin Kreuk debate that flares up here from time to time. How deep inside the organization was Ms Kruek? How much did she know? Was her outreach to tweens a recruitment tool? When did she get out? Is she out or is she just waiting for the dust to settle and she is part of the rebuilding plan?



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  • I much appreciate this post seconding “g’s” and others thoughts on poor Allison’s state of mind by “Leon Festinger,” a poster who obviously has very astute insights into “cult” psychology, human psychology in general.

    I’m sure many share my enthusiasm in having Leon’s and many varied perspectives to consider on these most intriguing, complex ‘psychological’ topics.

    Speaking for myself, I know sometimes it’s difficult for “survivors” of mind control manipulation to entertain other opinions at all on any topic…😄

    So, thanks Leon for expanding on this and adding your interest in how deep Kristin Kruek was steeped in the Kool-Aid.

    I believe, yes, the degrees to which anyone was mentally captivated do depend some on the answers to the questions you pose about KK. I’ve often tried to measure that very difference in my own mind comparing myself to Gina and other long-term devotees.

  • Why do you guys continually post repetitive information?
    Are your lives that vapid that you recite the same sensational nonsense over and over because you think you have created a bond with others here?

    It’s rather sad and pathetic. You really should find new hobbies.

    No – this is not some Nxium supporter. This is a person who understands new material from old. Get some new material.

    • Red why bother commenting if “we are wasting your time”? Is it not a waste of your time to comment on other people commenting…

      I am afraid you are trapped in your own enigmatic paradox.

      You should listen to the Joe Rogan Experience.

  • Yep, I agree. She’ll continue onward in her delusional KAR world. She has to. What else is left? However, I’m an optimist. I sincerely hope she serves her time (5-20 years) and comes back to the world a changed woman. Lives out the rest of her life to the fullest. Even helps others who’s shoes she was once in. Speaks out about cults, writes a book, etc. Marries and has a full life. I can see it happening. But not any time soon. Change, real change, takes time. Maybe one day she’ll surprise the world by owning her mistakes and choices and crimes. I believe people can change.

  • Again….regurgitation of my thoughts I stated from the beginning.
    Leon, I thought better of you especially because of your chosen alias.
    You disappoint me.😐

    In the end we shall all be privy to how this plays out.

  • This blog is becoming a retread of the same topics, Allison Mack and her loyalty to KAR and Kristin Kreuk is she or isn’t she still in Nxium.
    No facts just opinions and fluff zzzzzzz…….
    I could give a rats ass about Allison. She is an airhead that is going to prison for a long time
    Kreuk is a D actress that no one really cares about. She is not getting the Academy Award for portraying a champion of female victims.

    Let’s get some real journalism with some facts about the case status

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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