Bangkok: Is Salinas involved in funding the Vanguard Defense?

Carlos Salinas is rumored to be the head of the Mexican drug cartels - the boss of bosses.

By One Night In Bangkok

I think Shadow State is wrong about Sara Bronfman.  I disagree with his assessment that Sara Bronfman has more of a reason not to fund these lawyers than Salinas.

Look, every potential benefactor has a “public relations” reason NOT to donate money to any NXIVM defense attorneys since nobody wants the bad publicity associated with publicly supporting alleged sex slavers.

This includes EVERY BENEFACTOR, including Salinas and Sara Bronfman.

In fact, if Frank Parlato is to be believed, it was Salinas’ friend, Carlos Slim, who arranged a meeting between his own guy (Marco Lopez) and Bill Clinton to attempt an ‘intervention’ to ensure that his son Emi is not indicted.

Carlos Salinas does not want his little boy Emiliano [r] to be indicted like his co-conspirator Lauren Salzman [r].
Salinas is putting his son’s future far ahead of the other NXIVM defendants, which means he has a MUCH stronger reason than Sara Bronfman NOT to fund any defense attorneys for these alleged sex slavers (since doing so might provoke Clinton loyalists within the DOJ to stop shielding his son from indictment).

Emiliano’s wife is actress Ludwika Paleta. She is in an open relationship with Emiliano Salinas.

Let’s not forget, his own daughter-in-law (that bitch actress) put her Albany home on the market immediately after the bad publicity started, thus ABANDONING her Vanguard when things got tough. Emi is also keeping a low profile and not standing by his Vanguard, hoping not to be indicted.

The Salinas family has ABANDONED NXIVM already. They have no future in NXIVM. NXIVM is as toxic as nuclear waste.

So WHY THE FUCK would Salinas jeopardize his son’s future — and his own family name — by funding these alleged sex slavers at a time when his ENTIRE family is already taking steps to DISTANCE themselves from NXIVM? It makes no sense.

Salinas doesn’t need NXIVM. His son will NEVER again be associated with NXIVM. His bitch daughter-in-law already sold her home and will probably never return to Albany ever again. Emi and Betancourt don’t need NXIVM to poke each other’s buttholes if they wish to do that.



Alex El Duce Betancourt and lover Emiliano Puto Salinas
Keith Raniere told Alex Betancourt that he was Benito Mussolini. Did he say that Emi was El Duce’s lover Carla Petacci?

Does that mean Salinas won’t fund these attorneys? No, it doesn’t. He might. He could use a middle-man and ‘hope’ that the media never connects him to it. But why risk it?

Sara Bronfman has a stronger reason to fund them.

Let’s look at the facts here:

Is Carlos Salinas involved?

Salinas is a fucken dirty-ass politician and a lifelong corrupt asshole who has even fewer morals than Satan himself. However, he loves his son and any negative media (about his involvement in funding the defense teams of sex slavers) might put pressure on the DOJ to stop shielding his son, Emi. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Whereas Sara’s sister, Clare, is ALREADY indicted and has already pledged her public support for Vanguard AND, THEREFORE, there’s less public relations risk for Sara to fund these lawyers than for Salinas to do it.

As for Sara being ‘worried’ about being indicted herself if she funds these lawyers, that’s FUCKEN BULLSHIT because if Sara’s behavior in NXIVM warrants an indictment, then there will ALREADY be a sealed indictment waiting for her when she steps on US soil again REGARDLESS of whether or not she funds any defense attorneys.

She has no political connections to shield her.

The evidence against these alleged sex slavers is coming out no matter WHO their attorneys are; this damning evidence can’t be “silenced” by Salinas’ money so I don’t see any reason for him to get involved at this stage.

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  • “(since doing so might provoke Clinton loyalists within the DOJ to stop shielding his son from indictment).” – Bangkok

    I know you’re loathe to respond to questions, Bangkok, but you can’t just put out allegations like this — that “Clinton loyalists” are shielding Emiliano Salinas from indictment — without any shred of evidence to substantiate it. Much less make this apparent fantasy the basis of your argument.

    (You do this often, btw — base all your arguments on an outright false or entirely unsubstantiated premise.)

    What even gives you the notion that Emiliano Salinas is not going to be indicted, much less for the reasons that you claim?

    What would Emiliano be indicted for? What crimes was he directly involved in that he needs “shielding” over? Can you tell us anything about those?

    Per Jeff Peterson, Emiliano referred Dennis Burke & John Sandweg (Frontier) to Clare Bronfman to purportedly help Marianna Fernandez, and possibly other DOS “slaves” — as KAR et. al. dubbed them —immigrate legally to the U.S.

    Are you saying the Clintons were involved in this? How? Or were they in such a “meaningful relationship” (to quote Peterson’s conversation with Bill Clinton) with the Salinas family and PRI party that they owe Salinas’ the favor of shielding Emiliano from prosecution over crimes you assume he is guilty of in the U.S.?

    I don’t get why Emiliano had to refer Clare to Burke’s company at all (while Obama was in office, btw) if his family has such powerful sway over the U.S. DOJ
    “Clinton loyalists” (assuming, as you do, those unnamed officials control the DOJ) that he can go unindicted for any crimes he commits on U.S. soil.

    …Not that such an unofficial “pardon” hasn’t happened with Salinas family members committing crimes in the U.S. in the past. While Bush was in office, btw.

    Perhaps you would be less circumspect if your brash arguments had some substance rather than being entirely rife with your obvious attempts at manipulating readers through adamant but baseless conclusions.

    I.E. if you didn’t just beat your chest and throw your shit around like a rabid chimp caught in a corner.

  • Not to say Salinas is not pissed off at home his son. I am sure that is true. His son probably got a slap across the face from dear old dad.

  • If Salinas were truly involved, all of us on Frank Report would not be debating Salinas’s involvement…. Keith Raniere would have simply disappeared forever when he was in Mexico. Unfortunately, Salinas is not involved.

  • Lastly, Carlos Salinas allegedly conspired, according to most news reports, to rig his presidential election in Mexico. Seriously Bangcock, get a clue. Try doing some research. Salinas is worried? Salinas has bigger balls than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

    • Salina’s ball are like BB’s next to President Trump. Salinas knows this. Things are happening in Mexico that are going to get away from Salinas. Maduro is finding this out and Salinas will not be far behind.

  • Carlos Salinas?…..if Salinas were actually worried about his son; Salinas would just higher a team of high priced attorneys to cut his son an immunity deal in exchange for cooperation.
    Why spend millions defending Vanguard?

  • Carlos Salinas does not give a shit about Nexivm or AKR. Emiliano has built a wall between the US, ESP and his hiding place.

  • Eliminating them would be easier and leave more peace of mind then chance of paying for a lawyer that will most likely fail at an acquittal and also leaves each of them available for interviews and book deals

      • Who are you kidding Scooter. You were the one pushing your little buddy Ben’s bullshit. Take your hypocrisy elsewhere.

        That post has more credibility than the nonsense you crap out.

          • Bullshit scooter. Your defended your goofy buddy like you defend much of your idiotic bullshit. So phony spouting his own bullshit conspiracy crap and appeared on your 2 can micky mouse radio and you push it as gospel. Really scooter you are too much in reach of Mexico to be constantly shooting your big mouth off. These people like to torment just for shitz and giggles. Trust me they will also make sure Parlato knows.

    • This guy had a Police badge that was reported stolen from a Chicago police officer in 1978. His plane suffered a mid air explosion minutes after take off.

      The US miliatary would never shoot down a plane flying over a populated area. Plus, if the US authorities did want this guy, they would want to capture him alive.

      If it turns out that he was murdered by an explosive device placed on his plane, it sounds like an organized crime hit.

      Shadowstate may possibly have some information to share regarding organized crime in Chicago…. just a guess.

      • It happened in Yorba Linda CA. The plane blew up in midair. The Deepstate CIA faction wanted somebody dead for a reason. The faction does not give a damn about innocent life. Funny this comment would bring you out of the woods. This isn’t a fuckin game

  • However, if keeping Emiliano unindicted depends on keeping certain witnesses silent, what lengths would the Salinas family go to to ensure so? Bribery? Back channel pay to finance corrupt, high-powered attorneys?

    We know NX’s IT “consultants” like Ben Myers — Salzman son-in-law — were “investigating” and online NLP-ing Judges for collateral to use under such possible circumstances.

    If one of your own demons or acronyms, “DeezNuts” (as you’ve all but admitted, Bangkok) is right, Emiliano might even employ the use of brute force – in the time-honored Salinas tradition, according to Deez.

    • Considering that person’s only knowledge of NXIVM comes from this site, they are just throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks and trying to boost their fragile ego with an ineffective facade of intelligence.

      • Anonymous- yes they are just throwing shit out there, but I doubt the reason is to boost their ego. I think they have some other motive, but I’m not sure what it is.

        But I suspect Bangkok is one of the trolls who harassed me starting in 2013 (and is apparently not connected to NXIVM.) So, what is their agenda? I’m guessing they are politically motivated, but that’s just a guess.

        • It is real fuckin interesting that anytime Burke’s name pops up on here, you are throwing your own feces out there. Interesting indeed. Hey sweetheart……. this isn’t a fuckin game. You enjoy being a goof ball on here. but you are easily seen through. Better get yourself some more corn popped sweetie.

        • Do you have any idea, at all, how unlikely that is – but, once again, you put yourself front and center. Look at me, I’m Flowers and people are harassing me and using Frank Report to continue their reign of terror against me – Flowers – I am the one people should be looking at and feeling sorry for, so forget all about the real victims being written about here on Frank Report. Forget about the real victims of crime who have suffered great personal and financial loss – look at me, Flowers – and please let me have a connection to your group. It’s pathetic, sad and you need professional help.

          • I am the one people? Lol.

            Can you explain why certain posters here are so interested in me that they have have actually created fake SM accounts that they have used to harass my SM account? Why would they put in that much effort to try to scare me? And how did they even locate my account?

          • Get Help your tone is completely Bangcock sentence structure. “Do you have any idea”?
            Bangcock do you have any idea how obvious it’s you with so many of the personal attack posts? Bangcock You obsess far more about the commentators on Frankreport. Bangcock you are the one that needs help from boredom.

          • No, Flowers, it cannot be explained why certain posters have taken an interest in you and why they created fake SM accounts to “harass” you. Why cannot it be explained? Because it hasn’t happened. That’s why. It’s part of your delusion and why you need help. Ask yourself how many people you have harassed with these accusations? One? Two? Dozens? If you are accusing others then perhaps they are defending themselves and you are viewing it as harassment as part of your illness. Talk to people who really know you. Tell them your story and see what they think. Your paranoia could lead you down a road filled with trouble.

          • Hey “niceguy” I am not the others. Keep in your own ignorance. This is not a fuckin game. Best to keep your mouth shut than show your foolishness.

          • Get Help ,
            I assume you mean legal help? So that I can sue these individuals for criminal harassment?

            Yes, I did save the proof that certain people who post here have created fake accounts and contacted me on my anon SM account.
            And yes, other people do know that has happened. What do these other people think? They think the same thing that I do – that these stalkers are probably part of the same group who started harassing me on another forum in 2014.

            So that means that this group is now posting on this forum and pretending to be interested in NXIVM.

            Obviously they are the ones who need some help.

          • Flowers you are being deliberately obtuse and no, I did not mean legal help. I mean professional, psychiatric help. And when I ask if people around you know what you are up to online, I mean people who are related to you or a close friend. I do not mean someone you have met online during the course of writing your story of harassment on any blog you can find. I realize other posters have tried to steer you in the direction of admitting you have an illness, some have been gentle and others border on rude, but you should listen and do something to make your life better. Delusions can seem very real but if you invite people online into your circle, you are no longer a victim and when you lash out and accuse others of harassing you, as you have accused Heidi, or making reference that people posting on this blog are contacting you in other ways, you must expect these people to defend themselves and their reputations. You may indeed need legal help if this continues to defend yourself against allegations of libel. Just because you believe something is true doesn’t make it so.

          • Asap
            I believe you are the one who is being obtuse.
            I do mean that I have told friends/relatives about these harassers . Several people I know were already made aware of the issue because these harassers had previously made threats to sue me, and the harassers had also phoned my relatives to slander me.

            Documents served me, and phone calls to other people I know, can hardly be called a delusion.

            But perhaps all of us (including the lawyers I consulted) are totally delusional, and ASAP is totally rational? Lol.

          • Asap
            To win a libel suit the accusers would need to prove that the allegations I made against them are false. To win a settlement they would also need to show evidence that anything I said about them resulted in financial loss. They are unable to do either of those things.

            At most, they might be able to prove that I’ve called few names , which won’t win a libel suit, especially when revealing the reason I am angry with them would then expose their actions against me. They don’t want to do that, I’m sure.

          • Flowers I read that response you wrote to ASAP three times just to understand what you were saying. It sounds to me like you are harassing others and they are trying to make the people in your life aware.

          • Flowers I read your reply to ASAP three times just to make sure I understand what you’re saying. It sounds like these people you speak of are not harassers if they have called these people you know. And you say you are the one under threat of a lawsuit. It also sounds like you are aware of who these people are that they haven’t been hiding under some deep cover of anonymity. So who is harassing whom in this situation? It reads as though you could be the one in the wrong.

          • So, anon, you are saying that you think I’m in “the wrong’ for asking these criminals to explain why they have decided to involve themselves in criminally harassing me (and in harassing at least a few other people?)

            So, these people committed multiple crimes against me, but I’m wrong for exposing that? Why?

            Then I guess you’re also saying that you think Frank is wrong for writing what he writes here, and exposing people?

            Plus, I have never said that these people were totally anonymous. I said they were part of a large group of people, so of course I don’t know all their identities. But obviously I know some of them, otherwise how would I have been targeted by them in the first place? The harassment began BEFORE I had ever interacted online with them.

            And now some of them are apparently posting on this forum, too, as I don’t believe that random posters from Frank Report would try to locate my SM pages. Do you?

          • Flowers you try and find the SM accounts of the random people commenting on Frank Report as a matter of course so I guess, according to your logic, you are harassing them. The more you try to make yourself appear to be a victim the more villainous you appear.

            Your story is nothing like that of Mr Frank Parlato’s. He is a rational, thinking man who had business dealings with the people involved. To try and compare your story to his is disrespectful to Frank.

          • Disrespect person,
            Are you just pretending to not be able to read? Where did I say that I was trying to find the accounts of people who post here? I never said that. What I said was that someone who posts here was trying to contact me on SM. You have it ass-backwards.

          • No, Flowers, you are the one who got it wrong. I don’t believe anyone posting here tried to contact you on SM. I am saying you are the one looking at the SM of people posting here – like Heidi’s, Peterson’s, Frank’s, Scott’s – and then commenting on it. You were quite upfront about contacting Sylvia Tan when her name came up. You need a continuity editor to keep track of everything you say across all SM.

          • Disrespect,
            Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Its especially amusing when you make assumptions about what is going on in MY life, and then assume that you know more about my life than I do.

            Regarding the SM accounts you mentioned – Scott has repeatedly posted the link to his account here, so his account is hardly a secret, and I don’t interact with his account in any way.

            Peterson has also posted the link to his Twitter account here, asking that Frank Report readers read his comments, and so I did look at several of his comments, as have other readers here.I don’t interact with his account, either.

            I looked at Heidi’s twitter account (which is under the name she uses here), so it’s easy to find. Also, I have never tried to interact with her account.

            I dont know if Frank has any personal SM accounts. Once I did ask him about the Frank Report twitter page, but I don’t interact with that account.

            So, what point are you trying to make? That you think its illegal to look up or read someone’s SM account? Lol.

            The point I was making is that my name is anonymous on Frank Report, and yet someone who posts here is stalking me somehow. Why would they do that?

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