On top of all else- Raniere had to endure brown water

A new bad condition that Keith Raniere had to endure for about a week was revealed by Marc Agnifilo at his recent bail hearing.

Keith has been incarcerated at MDC for more than 10 months and between Jan. 27- and Feb. 3, the lights and heat were off – during a Polar Vortex where outside temperatures dipped below zero.

Keith’s cell was reportedly 44 degrees. The commissary was closed. The water so cold it iced up in his cup.

He had to endure a smell from noxious fumes – the probable aftermath of a fire – as well as being on lock-down in his cold dark cell.

The smell was described as so foul that guards wore surgical masks.

And “No”, it is not true that the guards wore the masks because of Raniere, who, as readers know, has an aversion to showering, even between sessions with his harem and slaves where he would perform cunnilingus on them. At least those who were committed to not eating garlic.

The new bad condition, revealed by Agnifilo., on top of everything else is that “The water is brown sometimes for days on end. There’s (sic) issues with the heating, there’s (sic) issues with the food.”

And there are issues with the prison guards.

“Quite frankly, without being melodramatic, they let them freeze,” Agnifilo said to the judge about the guards, who he described as walking around in hats and scarves while inmates shivered in the 44-degree temperatures inside the prison.

Agnifilo’s comments about the cruel behavior of the prison guards should put Raniere in good stead with them, much as it will with Warden Herman Quay, who Raniere contradicted.

Quay said the men were not on lock-down during the cruel week of biting cold and having no electricity.

Raniere was pleased to contradict the warden, telling a judge-ordered inspector of the facility that Warden Quay was lying. He and others had been on lock-down.

The Warden was full of brown water.

As Toni Natalie told the New York Post,  “I don’t think anyone’s rights should be violated and everyone deserves to be treated humanely but considering the money and power [Nxivm] had, and the way they treated people for so long — karma’s a bitch.”

Although Agnifilo argued Raniere should be sprung on bail, the judge did not see it his way and denied Raniere’s bail motion.



Garaufis has denied the accused cult leader’s previous requests for bond, citing potential flight risk.

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  • Wah. Call the wahmbulance. I endured brown water voluntarily for two years living abroad. You’re in prison, scumbag.

  • I would think the brown water might assist KAR in pulling off that “Mexican savior” Cesar Chavez look he adopted so well for he and Ivy Neveres’ book cover and Mark Vincente’s Mexi-NX recruitment promotional reel — wherein Cartel farmhands who don’t look like they comprenden a palabra KAR’s saying (nothing out of the ordinary for perfect English speakers, either) adore their very tanned Caucasian master amid blasting bombs and gunfire.

    Just think, Burke, had that film been released, you could have really had a scapegoat in KAR and Mark Vincente for your ATF agent casualties of the “wide-receiver” or “fast and furious” gunrunning sting ops — apart from the “AZ Mafia” as you’ve implicated here on FR.

    I don’t believe in Santa, btw, but I am starting to believe in “Big Foot.”

    Brown water will suit both KAR and Dennis Burke just fine, especially if they wind up doing time with El Chapo. Better be long enough to prevent them from all planing a Mexican revolution they can blame on each other!

  • I want to see Vanguard suffer. However, the rest of the inmates are awaiting trial and the United States is an innocent until proven guilty country unlike China. Brown water is inhumane. A good number of those inmates are too poor to afford bail. I know I sound like a snowflake but that is fucked up.

    • I agree, niceguy. It’s easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater, because KAR and his known acts are so repulsive. Keith is receiving his due share of Karma, but you’re right – some others (not all, though) are simply awaiting trial and may, in fact be innocent. The conditions do sound appalling. And, no, I’m not a far left freak, either. Far from it.

  • Someone needs to educate Keith Raniere about what a Polar Vortex is and why it was so cold in NYC. It happened at the same time that the MDC had a fire. Ah, such is life, shit happens.

    Keith Raniere for his entire life has been waited on and had things handed to him. He’s had women work for what he says he earned. Men who are softened by cuddling are not prepared for prison. The guards and inmates are not going to cater to his needs, wants, desires and tantrums. Raniere was able to buy some ink pens off an inmate as they are not allowed to have them. Raniere used the pens to dye his hair. I’m still getting a good laugh off that one. Wish he could bye some red ones, we could change his name to Carrot Top.

    Keith Raniere via his attorney Marc Agnifilo has brought so much joy to readers of the Frank Report. Knowing just how miserable the great and powerful Vanturd is, is fracking enjoyable. As we know they, who have the most JOY win and right now many of us are finally winning.

    Thank you Marc Agnifilo. May you continue to let us know through you very expensive filings just how bad Keith Raniere thinks it is for him (and him alone) and may you and your team work hard to drain the Trust Fund as fast as you can. I can’t wait to see how many of you stick around when the fund goes to zero.

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