Bangkok: Dennis Burke is not POSTING on this site

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, - Does he post on this site anonymously?

Is Dennis Burke lurking about the pages of the Frank Report – using various aliases?

In response to a post, “Noisy Mouse: TOP 10 THINGS Keith Raniere can do to keep warm in Prison”,  an anonymous commenter wrote:

“It is truly bizarre, putting it mildly to bear witness to Dennis Burke submitting awkward chummy posts to FrankReport under what has to be at least six – more like 9 – pseudonym account names, (we lost count a while ago) ostensibly hoping to gain points with Frank Parlato.

“We know Burke desperately wants to control whatever aspect of the NXIVM dialogue he can. I guess the hope is that one of the aliases might start to gain positive traction, allowing Burke to somehow steer the conversation with one of his fake accounts as a result. As his role in the whole fiasco becomes more evident, he’s displayed increasingly desperate behavior.

“From being a one time big-shot U.S. Attorney, to staying up late nights apparently drunk posting on Frank’s blog with a small army of fake accounts, taunting prosecutors with certain aliases; trying to make nice through other aliases, while watching his own name surface in the prosecution’s documents as a subject in the NXIVM investigation. What a difference a few years and a series of bad decisions make… that he’s been outed as a lawyer for the Sex Cult, the University of Arizona must be proud of Dennis Burke!”


In response to this comment, one of our most frequent contributors of late, One Night in Bangkok, has responded and requested that I make it a post. Since several people have claimed that Bangkok is, in fact, Dennis Burke – it seems fair to give Bangkok space to make his case that Dennis Burke is not posting on Frank Report.  Bangkok’s comments on Heidi’s concerns about Burke and Nxivm are his own and not, obviously, the opinion of the Frank Report.  

By Bangkok AKA One Night in Bangkok AKA The Retard

According to the laws of common sense, there’s approximately a 0.00% chance that your detailed theories about Dennis Burke posting here are actually true.

Actually, that figure is closer to -1% (negative 1%) since giving it a 0% chance is simply too generous. LOL.

Look… It’s a free country and it’s your constitutional right to believe in conspiracy theories about Dennis Burke posting here. There’s no law against adults believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy either.

However, in all seriousness, I’m not sure that you’re adding to your credibility by repeating these insane sounding “fantasy theories” about Dennis Burke being Bangkok or Santa Claus or whoever. Those child-like theories have about as much basis in reality as claiming that the Easter Bunny is posting here under the moniker ‘Frank Parlato’.

I completely understand why Heidi keeps making these claims (about Dennis Burke posting here) because she’s been legitimately victimized by Keith and NXIVM for so many years that she’s built tall walls around her regarding all things related to NXIVM (i.e. Keith has victimized her so much that she now fixates on NXIVM and their attorneys 24/7 and truly believes that every negative experience in her life — including every negative post against her — must be guided by NXIVM personnel as part of a conspiracy to bring her down or silence her criticisms).

However, although she may have LEGITIMATELY suffered from NXIVM and their attorneys in the past, I’m not sure that most NXIVM attorneys would even know who she is today since she poses no risk to Keith or Clare in their upcoming trials (especially when compared to the many other witnesses lining up against them).

Thus, it makes no sense for anybody associated with NXIVM to spend even one minute thinking about Heidi Hutchinson AT THE CURRENT MOMENT, especially in the context of their upcoming trials where Keith and Clare are facing years in prison and probably couldn’t care less about Heidi at this moment in time.

Do you really think Clare is thinking about Heidi right now?

Guess what?

Clare is preparing for the fight of her life at trial and is facing years in prison, but Heidi is not a part of that trial. Thus, attempting to ‘intimidate’ Heidi would not help Clare or Keith one bit at their trials.

Keith DOES NOT BELIEVE that silencing his critics — like Heidi — will set him free from prison because he’s ALREADY been indicted and he can’t be set free unless he wins a full acquittal at trial, or at least hangs the jury a couple of times in a row. Same is true for Clare Bear’s trial .

Heidi has ZERO impact on Clare’s trial or Keith’s trial. No matter what Heidi does (or doesn’t do) between now and then, Clare and Keith are facing years in prison if convicted. They are obviously worried about prosecutors, evidence and JANE DOE WITNESSES testifying against them at trial. They are likely NOT worried about old enemies from the distant past like Heidi Hutchinson right now.

However, with Heidi I can at least ‘understand’ her need to speak about conspiracy theories regarding Dennis Burke being Bangkok or the Easter Bunny (or whoever) since she has experienced the bad side of NXIVM in the past.

…But when OTHER posters repeat such nonsense it only makes you [anonymous] sound borderline insane and might be better reserved for the next episode of The Twilight Zone. LOL.


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  • Bangkok: I am not Dennis Burke! I am not Dennis Burke!! Okay. If you’re not, then how would you know he’s not posting here? You just like to talk.

  • Bangcock dating websites work you should try one. Dating websites did not exist when I was young. I am not being flippant with you.

  • Bangcock, one last thing;
    I suspect that your infatuation with antagonizing Heidi Hutchinson is born out of your sexual frustration and lack of attention from the opposite sex. Therefore by antagonizing Heidi Hutchinson you receive the attention so desperately crave from a woman. Even though the attention you receive from Heidi is negative, nevertheless it is still attention. That is how I know you have no female companionship.
    You should try dating sites. Some of my friends have actually met their wives that way. Honestly.

    Goodnight Bangcock and good luck!!!

    • This is incredibly accurate. Enough to wonder if niceguy is a Phoenician. It’s known Dennis Burke has little female companionship. On a web page, it said he was fifty something years old yet still living at his Mother’s house in Phoenix.

    • Nice guy, how do you know what sex Bangkok really is? And how do you know they prefer the opposite sex? Since Bangkok is such a drama queen, it makes me wonder….

      • Flowers,
        I am assuming Bangcock is a man yes. Yes Bangcock may be a woman. My guess is that Bangcock is man because most trolls are men.
        If Heidi, out of no fault of her own, had not posted her photograph I believe Bangcock would never have become so preoccupied and infatuated with her. Heidi is an attractive woman anyone with a set of eyes can see that. So my guess is Bangcock just like a young adolescent grade school boy teases a girl, he has a crush on to illicit a response and get attention, Bangcock is well. Bangcock is just a harmless lonely guy. End of story. Bangcock probably in real life is not such a bad guy. Having an alias allows him to take on the persona of an asshole.

    • Appreciate the compliment, niceguy. But if you saw me on a frantic morning before coffee and face paint you might have a different view!

      FYI, this might help your analysis:

      “Bangkok” was commenting on FR (under other alias’) long before I was — and long before Frank put one of my FB pics up. (In the first FB pic FR pulled I had the accidental “strawberry” hair color, recently described to police but I asked Frank to change it to the “blond” pic, also described to the police as a possible alternative hair color: “strawberry or blonde.”)

      “Bangkok” was always about discrediting and attacking others— especially women on here (potential “Jane Does”) who had anything REAL to say about NX, KAR. He attacks females in a very misogynistic manner — in an obvious and, sadly, sometimes effective effort to shame them and silence them from sharing their stories. He lies, twists facts, mistates comments made to form false argument, he uses mockery and, yes, NLP techniques, subborns others to agree with or back him, like Scott Johnson often does (although Scott closely rivals Burke in their asshole-likenesses), stirs conflict like a pro, etc.

      Bangcock went after “Just Saying” hard, for example, practically accusing her of prostitution for getting discounted NX courses because of her looks. (Ironically, Bangkok was prol trying to prevent Just from detailing the nexus of a crime NX is charged with. In Just’s account, KAR was proferring the value of the courses for sex. Burke, er, Bangcock — who represents Clare AND NX itself — went berserk and came on here with stories about “hot” girls he consulted on the topic of a “tootsie” like Just boasting about her looks online…IMO trying to make an example for any Jane Doe that might dare follow suit.

      He failed. A real GBD “Jane” appeared, anyhow, and spilled it.

      Most appallingly, Bangkok’s gone out of his way to offend AUSA lead prosecutor, Moira Penza, with deeply misogynistic cuts.

      In his Deez incarnation, Burke slandered the bejesus out of Jeff Peterson.

      I don’t have time now but for many compelling reasons I, too, conclude that Bangkok, etc. and Dennis Burke are, in fact, the same troll. He may have accomplices. Likely Scientology / Senor Mickey Mouse / Anima types.

      Finally, Burke’s already mentioned I’m far too old for him and “off my rocker,” so I doubt this is sexual motivated. Unless, Burke’s understandably suicidal and wants to hook up with someone he was prol once paid to investigate as one of those “criminal minds” inventing branding stories and out to assasinate KAR, which caused him to flee.

      You’d have to be nuts to lust after anyone that short of a 6-pack. Lol.

  • Bangcock you are an excellent troll. No matter how many times I have insulted you… you have yet to respond. Bangcock you possess a level of self control I have never seen in a troll. I was wrong about you.

    You do not live in your parents apartment.

    You are a young white male,20 something, professional without a girlfriend. If you were actually getting laid regularly you would not be trolling so hard that is obvious.

    I ask only one favor Bangcock. When this trial is over along with the sentencing hearing and Raniere is prison for the rest of his life ( Life? He is 57 if he gets 20 that’s effectively his life. Not to mention prison knocks about 5 years off your lifespan)
    Can you please let me know if I am right? Thank you.

    • Burke/Bangcock is not 20 something. Sans girlfriend, sounds right. He is a 56 year old professional, attorney by trade. Criminal lawyer. Should come in handy for him considering it’s recently surfaced Burke is a person of interest in the Nxivm investigation. Prosecutors described an alleged scheme to aid and abet procurement of fraudulent visas to enter the United States for Mariana Fernandez, the Mexican national mother of Keith Raniere’s child in which Dennis Burke and John Sandweg, esq. appear to have had a role.

      • You can tell someone’s approximate age by the social references they make. “One Night in Bangkok” was released in 1984.

  • Despite the fact that they are readying themselves for the trial, I certainly do not think KAR will EVER forget those that helped get him into the position he is in now. Part of what got KAR there in the first place was his inability to LET IT GO (Haha how applicable that FROZEN comes to mind). If anyone knows how to hold onto a grudge, it’s KAR and if he could work out a way to pay someone back or disrupt their lives, despite what he has going on, I bet he would!

  • Bangkok likes the sound of his own voice. It’s interesting this poster continues to engage in the back and forth and now is asking that his writings be put forth as articles on Frank Report. Someone seeking the spotlight and antogonizing others to respond in order to warrant yet another post. There are very intriguing personalities posting here.

  • This is all probably true…its also probably true that Bangkok has written under many aliases on Frank Report for long time.
    I’m betting he also writes replies to his own posts to contridict what he said earlier.
    You still haven’t explained why you’re trolling this forum, Bangkok. Why are you so interested in a story that doesnt involve you?
    Obviously, you’re not.

  • “Bangkok: Dennis Burke is not POSTING on this site”

    Yes, he is. Those of us who knew Dennis from years of working with him recognize his writing and temperament. It’s him.

  • I haven’t picked sides on this one yet. Us in the Frank Report Peanut Gallery simply don’t have enough info. to make an informed guess as to whether or not Burke is posting on this site under aliases. That qualifier being said, I can’t help but wonder about this statement:
    “They are likely NOT worried about old enemies from the distant past like Heidi Hutchinson right now.”

    If Keith is not worried about old enemies from the distant past, why was Frank Report specifically called out in the 2nd bail package motion? (Reference: Looks like Keith is worried about past enemies.

    • The reason I am following this trial is exactly what Toni and Oxenberg said at a hearing press conference “this is a rare opportunity usually men like Keith Raniere do not get prosecuted before a tragedy like Jones town happens”. I am just paraphrasing.

      Usually, men like Raniere either gain too much power and become non-prosecutable; or they kill themselves and take their followers with them.

      There is a second reason

  • Since Keith is busy, it’s good to have Bangcock here as the new “smartest guy in the room”.
    This was 2 minutes I’ll never get back

    • Save your brain cells and click on comments if you are curious about what anyone else has to say about it. Then the only garbage you have to endure is scrolling past Flowers and Scott Johnson’s comments or any of Bangkok’s other obvious aliases.

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