The Suicide Pattern of NLP – was it helpful to Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere?

Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect and Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard.
Below is forbidden NLP Pattern #4: the Suicide Pattern – of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
According to the authors, who condemn this practice, “This is a particularly nasty pattern that, according to NLP lore, has in fact been responsible for more than one person taking his/her own life.”
The desired outcome is to put the target into a confused and depressed state, ideally that of a person who will consider taking his/her own life.  In theory, for those using NLP techniques to destroy another person, a weak person can be guided into taking his/her life. A stronger person, if he/she succumbs to the Suicide Pattern, will experience depression; ideally, it will be dark and prolonged.
Nxivm’s Prefect, Nancy Salzman, claimed to be a leading expert in NLP. Her mentor, Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard, claimed to be expert at all techniques of influencing the mind, including NLP.  He claimed he employed only those that were helpful to people.
MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere ordering a woman to drink from a puddle. Raniere gave many such teachings such as running headlong into a tree, eating 800 calories per day for years, never sleeping for more than 4 hours at a stretch, getting branded on your pussy, and having sex with him in order to see the mystical blue light.
Raniere, it has been shown, borrowed or stole heavily from Scientology to create his Nxivm courses. He also, it seems borrowed or stole from NLP. Salzman employed it constantly.
But did they use NLP techniques to help people become depressed and despondent, and in some instances, where people were inconvenient to his plans, use it to help them commit suicide?
Several people who were close to Raniere seemed to have committed suicide. One was a bed partner who he raped when she was 14. Another was a woman he was practicing conversion therapy on and may have impregnated. Yet another was a brother of one his mortal enemies.
In addition to these, many people in his orbit experienced dark years of depression; some had psychotic breakdowns. Did Keith and Nancy employ the Suicide Pattern of NLP or something akin to it that perhaps Keith enhanced with his patent pending accretions to help guide any of their students, or Raniere bed partners, into depression or even suicide?
The NLP Suicide Pattern:
“I don’t know what’s been going on inside your head lately, (Name). Perhaps you need to do some introspection. Perhaps you need to look deep down inside yourself… explore the very essence of who you are… and I don’t know if you’ll notice… just how empty you are, deep inside yourself… so alone, so lonely. And when you explore that place, you only find memories of your failures, frustrations, and missed dreams… To the point where you ask yourself… this is it? This is what I’ve been living for? What an empty life!
These things you do to me… your life in general… only amuse you, but they miserably fail to address that deep longing inside of you… that deep, painful emptiness. That’s why you need to find someone to hurt. To go against.
Yeah (Name). Take your own life… and examine it. You might find yourself saying… This is it? This is all that I have lived for?
And you walk through life light… because you are walking empty. And likewise, realize just how empty and meaningless your actions have been… Now, I think you should go deep inside yourself and examine your own motives and realize that you are hurting yourself more than you are hurting me. It’s sad to see that you enjoy hurting yourself in such a manner, since you obviously got a thrill by cheating on me, but in reality, cheating yourself… out of a life… filled with joy and happiness.”
According to Bacak and Brother Mesmer, the popular application of the Suicide Pattern is with cheating husbands, wives, or lovers.
They write, “The Suicide Pattern uses weasel patterns to deliver embedded commands. There is a clever use of ambiguity in the pattern that in a more lofty context could be called artistic. This pattern may not seem that powerful, but skillfully delivered at the right time to the right person, it could be quite harmful. Note the exploitation once again of the ’emptiness’ or ‘black hole’ that is ‘deep down inside’ in parallel with the Void Pattern.”
Read the manual. I’m guessing that Keith Raniere studied the dark side of NLP – and then went out and practiced it.

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  • To be accurate, this isn’t a pattern, it’s a script. Although it does employ the Milton Model of language to be effective, I wouldn’t put it under the “NLP” category, as this script has a specific purpose, and it’s not in the interest of the listener’s happiness, health, and wellbeing.

    One thing of interest, is that whatever you say to someone else (including embedded commands) also influences the one speaking the words at some level. You get what you give.

  • Just wow! A pysch has been a long time in the field that’s messed up. Two greeds here or should’ve say 3.
    1. Money
    3. Lost conscious, anyone below her she have no respect for other people. That’s not pride but, shame. One day it will hit..

  • This is so enlightening and I agree with both niceguy and Heidi that Gina was not weak but open to suggestion from a person she loved and who she believed knew her inner soul and had her best interests at heart. Gina probably believed Keith would never do anything to intentionally hurt her and had her best interests at heart but we all know that wasn’t true. He was conducting some sick experiment to see just how far he could manipulate and influence people and didn’t care about anyone but himself. Gina trusted him and he betrayed that trust in the worst way imaginable.

  • Not to hog this thread but it bothers me that you say these techniques work on people who are “weak.” I think that’s not quite accurate. “Susceptible” is more accurate. And, IMO, even very strong-minded people can be made more and more susceptible over time, under certain circumstances.

    KAR & Nancy et. al. made all their victims more susceptible by fleecing them financially, seducing them, turning them against their own families and becoming their family, offering false hope to fulfill their dreams, tormenting and frightening them into submission, destroying their self-esteem and self-determination — their own self-will including, in some cases, their will to live.

    Gina was not “weak.” Gina was trusting, gullible, vulnerable, intent on helping others, always, and a truth seeker who could never find it because she was blind to evil, wore rose-colored glasses, believed humans were good and evil was something without not within the human spirit as it, unfortunately, sometimes is.

    • Heidi your sister and the other victims of Raniere and NVXIM “were and are” not weak. The people that believe that the victims were weak have never read a book on evolutionary psychology and or have read the many studies that have been done on cults and other groups and the physiological evolutionary adaptations that make people so susceptible.

      Many good people have been susceptible to cult like groups. People evolved to work together somewhat and conform to the group/tribe.

      I am sure that some people that read my comment will roll their eyes. They will probably think I am a “libtard”. I would say to the eye rollers….. why do liberals and conservatives exist in the first place? Did God make us that way and screw up? If one studies the most primitive tribes liberals and conservatives exist in almost equal numbers with liberals having a slight edge in population.

      I am actually a republican myself. Unfortunately most people whether they are liberal or conservative do not realize that they are genetically programmed via evolution to be one or the other or somewhere in the middle.

  • Very chilling stuff. The article is one Frank’s best it’s Illuminating and insightful.
    I skimmed read the “Manual” a portion of what is discussed is intelligence/police officers interrogation class 101. If you ever wondered why innocent people would confess to crimes only to be exonerated later read the “manual” mentioned by Frank.

  • Having basic understanding of how the mind operates helps to comprehend how NLP can be used. The subconscious instantly processes information the moment it is heard and relays that information to your conscious mind- at this point you become aware of the information that was processed.
    A simple example- as you sit there reading this comment on the Frank report you may not have been aware of the sensation you are feeling in your left foot, until I mentioned it. Now how is this relevant? If you pay attention to your mind and body you likely said something such as, I don’t have any sensation in my left foot, what the hell is this person talking about?? Ask yourself, how did you know you did not have a feeling in your left foot? Because your brain instantly checked if you had a feeling in your foot (as you were reading it) and relayed that information to your conscious awareness, at which point you became aware that you did not have a sensation in your foot. Perhaps difficult to explain.
    The language is unstoppable, Your brain must do anything it is told to, just to allow you to have a simple conversation, it’s just how it works. The subconscious is processing information before you are aware that it is happening, after the subconscious processes, the information is then brought to your conscious awareness. So be the time you have a thought, the process has already been completed.
    By understanding this is how your brain is operating, you can begin to realize how you can use your language to dictate what another person is going to think. Obviously there are other aspects of NLP, but hopefully this gives a basic understanding as to one way that NLP can be used.

    • That’s a really good explanation of how the subconscious mind works, Gin. There are times, too, I’ve learned, when messages don’t reach the conscious mind but nonetheless are received and stay in the subconscious. The subconscious can and does act on its own — on subliminal messages. Everyone’s probably had instances where they acted — maybe caught something that was falling “reflexively” — before consciously realizing what happened.

      In the 70’s, advertisers were “caught” deliberately putting subliminal messages in ads to increase sales. A picture of a hamburger, say, would have a barely perceptible image of a sexy, nude model placed in the bun — stimulating both kinds of appetites and subconsciously connecting or associating sex with the food advertised.

      KAR talked a lot about subliminal sales techniques he picked up from his Dad, a Madison Ave. advertising executive whose firm handled the Bronfman, Seagrams 7 account, coincidentally.

      From there we started exploring NLP as a subliminal sales tool for CBI but Keith always had other designs on using it to seduce, control and enslave.

      He once tried to have sex with me while I was asleep and I “reflexively” kicked him. When I confronted him about it with Gina he claimed it was just an NLP “twilight sleep” experiment and he knew I would kick him off — that he would never have gone through with it even had I not rendered his balls inoperable for sometime thereafter.

      • Thank you, Heidi. Your comment is correct-” some messages don’t reach the conscious mind”. In Hypnosis, this is referred to as bypassing the critical factor, which is the goal in persuasion and influence.

  • There is a full-blown “suicide module”(it’s actually called the “suicide module”) in “Rational Inquiry” — the formula Keith & Nancy applied to ESP / NXIVM students. I think it was modified some following Gina and others “successful” suicides to be less evidently pro-suicide but they didn’t even bother disguising the name of it.

    I KNOW they used Gina, experimented on her, to formulate the module and applied these and other NLP techniques on her. Part of Keith & Nancy’s NLP suicide techniques involved viewing disturbing, depressing films and images, gaslighting using actors and NX members to stage “scenes” at clubs they took her to and hypnosis techniques that put her into twilight, dream-like state. Some of this was done unbeknownst to her — she believed these were chance encounters, intitially. They also used the past life regression techniques to, in part, try to alter her sexual identity. And to convince her to take her own life.

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