Writer claims Michelle Knuttila saved horse such as the one picture here from the slaughterhouse pipeline.

[Frank Report is dedicated to airing both sides of an issue. Since we have had several articles condemning Michelle Knuttila, lately of HiCaliber Horse Rescue, it seems only fair to allow at least one defender to voice her opinion. This is done in the interest of fairness. Undoubtedly people will respond and some I am sure will disagree. This too is good and I will publish the dissenters opinions too.]

By Joan Tetzel, 

I am a true horse lover.

uninformed horse lovers across the country are making a big deal about a wonderful but now closed horse rescue operation in Valley Center, California, called HiCaliber Horse Rescue.

Their ignorant criticisms fall under two categories – alleged cruelty to horses – including euthanasia and alleged financial fraud crimes allegedly perpetrated by the operator of the Rescue Center, the much maligned victim of their attacks, Michelle Knuttila.

The false animal cruelty allegations range from neglecting horses after purchase, not providing food or water, transporting it to the ranch in unsafe conditions, making horses live in unsanitary environments, not giving them proper medical care and unnecessary euthanasia.

All of it is false.

But let me ask you this simple question:  What would have happened to those horses if Michelle had not stepped forward to rescue them?  Most of them would have wound up in the slaughterhouse pipeline – suffering terribly.

Michelle Knuttila is a hero to horses.

Yet the vicious attackers – which now I must include Frank Parlato – created controversies surrounding HiCaliber which caused her so much harm. But the true victims are the horses. Never forget that.

And just as earlier unfair reports seem to have triggered bogus investigations by the California Veterinary Medical Board, the Attorney General, the San Diego DA, Humane Society and the Ontario Police Department,  Parlato’s report, with his large readership, and his bogus allegations, I heard, may have now triggered a federal investigation. And everyone knows how unfair and corrupt the FBI is.

How much grief does one woman deserve? This woman saved over 1000 horses. Now you want to see her in jail?

Michelle Knutilla was 100 percent dedicated to the protection and rescue of abandoned and abused horses. She went out of her way to save horses. She strained and sweated and pleaded with people to get the money to save horses at livestock auctions, local shelters, Craigslist postings, owner surrenders and other reputable rescue organizations. Not to mention owners who sold her horses that were too sick or too lame or thin to be accepted for sale even at the auctions.

She took in the horses that nobody wanted. Who else would take them all in?

If there is a heaven for horses and people who love them, then Michelle will be the archangel there.

And the horses were comfortable and properly secured for safe transportation. Sometimes – in order to save more horses, a horse like the often mentioned Galle had to suffer a tiny bit. But how much more Galle would have suffered if Michelle did not come to the rescue.

Galle was lame and could not bear weight on one of her legs. But Michelle did not create the lameness. Critics said she should have called a vet on the spot – but what could the vet do in the parking lot of the auction? It is just nonsense. She had to bring Galle to HiCaliber where the horse could be cared for or if the vet said it was unavoidable to humanely euthanize Galle.

And how wonderful are Michelle’s videos. She tugged at the heartstrings of thousands of good people – getting them to do something for horses. People who never cared or thought about the suffering of horses before suddenly became aware that horses suffer and much like people..

Michelle is a saint in this respect. A messenger of goodness and greatness for the protection of horses.

Michelle was busy creating live videos of sick and suffering horses from the auction, raising money to save more of them and this is bad?  How do you think horses are to be fed and care for without money?

Vets and feed stores charge money.

Once the horses got to the ranch they were so happy. It was a haven compared to where they came from and where they would have otherwise gone – the slaughterhouse pipeline.

The pens were decent for the most part. Sure there was manure. If you have horses, you will have horse manure. Horses are used to it.  It startles me how all these vicious ladies attack Michelle, but what have they done?  Did they offer to clean up horse manure? Did they ever rescue a horse?

Why didn’t they do more than complain on their computer keyboards while sitting on their backsides? Why didn’t they help?  They criticized us and asked what kind of a horse rescuer would allow their animals to live in unsanitary conditions? Well what kind of horse rescuer would do nothing to help us while we were saving hundreds of horses?

Then the critics condemned us for euthanizing horses that could not be rehabilitated.  Michelle taught us that euthanizing is a form of rescue in itself.   It makes sense to do it expeditiously to save the poor creatures from pain and suffering and save on expenses (which is not a bad thing – for every dollar saved is another dollar used to save horses].

Michelle told me that gunshot euthanasia is the fastest, quickest, stress free method for the horses that we cater to.  Euthanizing saves them from the slaughterhouse pipeline to Mexico, where they are treated brutally, hung upside down alive, starved on the way, then killed with multiple strikes or shot anyway after being terrorized.

Michelle, with all the love in the world, came gracefully before the horse and whispering to it messages of love, quickly and humanely shot it ending its terrible misery. If I were a horse suffering so badly I would rather see Michelle before me than be ripped apart at the slaughterhouse.

In most cases, Michelle gave the horse extra time to live and gently led it to the great beyond. I pray there is a horse heaven for these beautiful dear creatures.  And I know that Michelle never euthanized a horse that a veterinarian did not first declare was beyond hope.

But even if she did not Michelle knows at least 90 percent of what vets know. She performed surgeries and administered medicine which saved horses lives.

A lot of people (other than Michelle) are against buying really harmed horses from the abusers, Michelle sought out abused horses and saved them. Some of them she humanely euthanized.

And people who donated got their money’s worth. They saved the suffering horses from the slaughter pipeline.

Sure Michelle sometimes uses colorful language. So what? This is just sexism. If it was a man no one would say a word. People are just jealous that she does so much good that they have to pick on her over little things. Someone condemned Michelle because she made a video of chopping and cooking horse testicles.  But the horse was castrated by a vet. Normally wasteful people would throw out the testicles. But they are healthy and considered a delicacy in some lands. So she ate them. To me this is wisdom. This is not wasting. It is not like she cut off the testicles to eat them. They were cut off as part of an appropriate medical procedure.

In 2016, HiCaliber reported over a million dollars income but they only had $27K left over after all the heavy expenses of running such a wonderful enterprise.  There was absolutely no salary or compensation for Michelle. This selfless woman who sacrificed her life to caring for horses without pay, is now accused of fraud by her critics.

The critics claim she used a few dollars on late-night fast-food and bar tabs, etc.  This is no badge of fraud.  You have to entertain potential partners and donors and others.

How hard it was for Michelle with the enormous expenses in maintaining horses and euthanizing them.

But her critics won the day. They got her closed down. Shame on you Shedrow. For shame Jennifer Marek. For shame Barbara Benson. You closed her up alright.  You say good riddance but because of you tonight somewhere a horses is headed to the slaughterhouse that Michelle might have saved.

She could have been the biggest horse rescuer in the nation. She had that much talent and love.

She could have ended the slaughterhouse pipeline. But her jealous enemies would not stand for it.

Sometimes I wonder if the anonymous Shedrow is really an agent for the slaughterhouses?

Maybe not but Shedrow refuses to identify herself. She succeeded in closing down a wonderful horse rescue that saved 1000 horses and would have saved 1000s more. Now those horses are going to the slaughterhouse.  if she is not an agent for the slaughterhouses, she should at least charge them a commission. Michelle Knuttila was on the way to closing down the slaughterhouse pipeline from California to Mexico.

How many horses did Shedrow ever save?

How many of the horses, that Michelle would have saved, went to the slaughterhouse this week?

Michelle might be the Angel of Death for poor horses.  But Shedrow and the others – and I include Frank Parlato (who already destroyed a wonderful self-help group and destroyed the acting career of beautiful Allison Mack and many other women) – as part of the cadre I call “the Demons of Death.”

Go away Frank. Stop writing about Michelle.

Let us all get on board and support getting Michelle back in the horse rescue operations again and stop the slaughterhouse pipeline. We can do it.  Donate to Michelle.

Love you Michelle!

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  • Omg seriously…I cant get the frying up the testicles. I’m not sure that’s legal in the United States and to video tape it. So many things she needs to go to jail. Disturbing.

  • Are you high? Or is it just the koolaid?
    I’ll answer your most pertinent question.. “How many horses went to slaughter that Michelle would have saved this week?”

    The honest answer to that is none. Zero horses had the destination from the sale of going to slaughter in Mexico. That’s not how slaughter works,and to add to that point the crippled/injured horse numbers have went down basically 100% at that yard since they left. Coincidence? I think not.
    If this was a real response from a supporter, honestly you should stop. You aren’t doing your “savant” any favors. Go to a place with real horses, and really learn about them from someone who will take payment to teach you. Not scam your money to jerk more tears on the illogical.

  • Is anyone actually taking this seriously? I mean, this a joke right? This is some of the funniest shit I have read in weeks!!! I was literally laughing at my desk as I read this earlier today. Standing ovation. Please, take a bow. Comedy and satire at its finest. However, if this is in any way, shape or form meant to be taken seriously then I have totally underestimated the power of Michelle’s cult leadership qualities. Kooliade be spiked with LSD, dudes!! You trippin’ balls!

  • I just threw up in my mouth, this is a pathetic Village Idiot Blindly following a cult leader almost of the same magnitude as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker…

  • Joan. Do you realize that in two sentences you proved three of the hater claims?

    “But even if she did not Michelle knows at least 90 percent of what vets know. She performed surgeries and administered medicine which saved horses lives.”

    M herself only ever claimed to know 30% as much as a vet and we all know how bullshit that was. She is not legally allowed to perform surgery, Joan. That’s called practicing veterinary medicine without a license and is not only illegal, it could also be considered animal abuse. Inhumane.

    Remember Johnny Cade? She raised money for him to receive veterinary care but she only consulted with the vets. That’s fraud. If he had been a patient under a vets care, they would have provided her with the saline solution she was looking for. But since JC was not under the vet’s care, they would not give them their stock.

    You village idiots are so delusional and naive and gullible.

  • Are you crazy? You think this is “good”? Where is the evidence of her claims? Wow…. Good? All of the articles condemning KNUTilla are evidence based facts. There is nothing here but the unrealistic obsessions of a groupie who has not produced anything but the rant she is a “horse person”. In the interest of being fair, frankreport, you allow this? I guess I will just move on….

  • Omg, with all the proof, you truly are an idiot

    And soooooo painfully obvious that you haven’t got a clue about horses.

    Sit down and shut up already.

    • You read in there where she said “Michelle told “her so if Michelle told her it must be true… what is sarcasm by the way

  • Does this twit realise with the ongoing investigations Michelle cannot take donations. She is the Angel of Death. She is a sociopath. Drink somemore of the koolaid. The property was similar to a concentration camp and Michelle was Hitler. When one is euthanasia certified, you are taught to let them go with digity. Not fear. Not mockery. DIGNITY.

  • Yes. MIchelle performed surgeries and provided vet care that a LICENSED. Vet should have , and the way rhe ranch was ruined speaks volumes . Who lives rhst way ? And when was Michelle EVER out cleaning pens and stalls and doing rhe day to day care for up to 200 horses ? Oh wait she had volunteers to do what little got done for rhe horses. Michelle and the rest should NEVER be allowed to own animals again .

  • Goodness…. Delusion, ignorance and flat out stupidity.

    “But even if she did not Michelle knows at least 90 percent of what vets know. She performed surgeries and administered medicine which saved horses lives.”

    She herself only claimed to know 30% and we all know what a reach that was. Want to know what is 100% though? That it was illegal for her to perform any surgery. Period. So that’s why the Veterinary Board is looking into her.

    And she definitely shouldn’t have been performing any surgeries because she always raised money for the VET to do it. So that’s an example of fraud – Raising money for a vet and doing it herself.

    Oh. And remember Johnny Cade? She tortured that horse for what, nearly a week, before they fucked up the IV and killed him. That’s animal abuse. If she had had a vet, they would have given her the saline she begging for – Hurricane or not.

    They just wouldn’t give their stock to someone who wasn’t their patient. **Please reread that sentence until you understand the concept**

    So Joan, where can I send your Horror Girl Hater Badge, because you just became a member by providing evidence of her fraud and abuse.

  • Michelle was going to shut down the slaughterhouse pipeline from Mexico to Canada….??
    Apparently this devoted fan of Michelle’s has no idea how many horses are sent weekly to both of those slaughterhouses.

    Most of the horses Michelle rescued would have never ever been on the slaughterhouse truck anyway due to the fact that they were sick crippled or too damn thin.
    There is no money for the kill buyer in sending a thin horse to the slaughterhouse.

    This person has no credibility with me.. she has done no research on how slaughterhouses or kill buyers do business.

    I for one am glad Michelle is out of the picture.

    • So much this ^! It’s been proven time and time again (even from the kill buyers themselves) that that are going to fill their quota and that it is the healthy, fat horses that get sent…

  • Sorry, but even were all the handwringing histrionics about Michelle being a victim (she’s not) anyone who defends NXIVM as anything but a predatory cult cannot be trusted or believed. A “wonderful self-help group,” my ass.

  • Two things – 1. slaughter buyers will not buy skinny horses to ship to slaughter. Pretty elementary – skinny horse = no meat, no meat = no money. 2. Did you, dear author of this tripe ever SEE Michelle shoot a horse? Did you SEE how these horses bled out and “ran to heaven”? I have seen good head shots – minimal blood, no “running to heaven” and dead on impact; and bad head shots – gushing blood, downed horse, not dead & thrashing for many, MANY minutes. There is a reason Michelle came up with the “running to heaven” thing, and it wasn’t because of a good, instant head shot. And an extra bonus – “horse lover” does not equal “horse owner”. Most of us wanting her gone are in the latter category.

  • Dear Frank:

    Publicaly posting this just took away what little credibility you had as an actual journalist…
    It isn’t anythin like being fair to post “the other side” when in doing so, you post lies.

  • Pathetic post, complete with pirated picture. (typical for HC) The horse pictured had nothing to do with HiCaliber. Ever. The horse was rescued by a legitimate 501(c)3 in Roseburg, Oregon – Strawberry Mountain Mustangs. You can find pictures of the before and after here:…/ This blog is a poor attempt at regurgitating everything that Shedrow has already exposed. Old news in tabloid form.

  • This was entertaining!!! “Michelle taught us…” You sound just like a brainwashed cult follower. Thanks for confirming she illegally practiced veterinary medicine by performing surgery on horses! I bet she is so glad you wrote in defending her.

  • THIS was entertaining!! “Michelle taught us” Yep. Sounds just like a brainwashed cult follower. Thanks for confirming she illegally practiced veterinary medicine by performing surgery on the horses. I bet she’s glad you wrote in defending her!

  • “If there is a heaven for horses and people who love them, then Michelle will be the archangel there.”
    You should do some research into angels. Angels were God’s army. Angels didn’t just deliver messages. They carried out God’s orders, even destroying cities and their inhabitants. People were afraid to gaze upon an angel because the angels were so fearsome. Humans cannot become angels and Michelle Nutella is certainly not doing God’s work. She is however pretty fearsome if you are a horse.
    You are so obviously Pea Onyu.

  • Pathetic post, complete with pirated picture. The horse pictured had nothing to do with HiCaliber. Ever. The horse was rescued by a legitimate 501(c)3 in Roseburg, Oregon – Strawberry Mountain Mustangs. You can find pictures of the before and after here: This blog is a poor attempt at regurgitating everything that Shedrow has already exposed. Old news in tabloid form.

  • So, Kool-Aid drinker, did you see the paddocks? Falling fences? Cribbed stalls/fences? 6′ high God only knows how wide manure piles? The erosion that could have been solved by a call to the county FOR FREE? The scores of vets who refuse to work with her because of unpaid bills back when she was claiming to be netting close to $1M A YEAR?

    How about the bones in the manure pile? The fact she was “euthanizing” animals in sight of other animals? “Euthanizing” with the wrong caliber weapon? “Euthanizing” incorrectly (as evidenced by the insane amount of blood generated from a kill shot).

    I could go on. While she wasn’t paying her bills, she was buying from horse traders and making sure she kept up her nails, hair, crazy lip injections, designer make up, Starbucks habit, and BWM car payments. She never missed a meal, but it’s critically obvious that the horses missed many and they also missed out on fresh water.

    You lot need a therapist. Seriously.

  • “She performed surgeries and administered medicine which saved horses lives”. Pretty sure that this is called practicing without a license. Heard it all before, nothing new in that boring diatribe. 😉

  • “It startles me how all these vicious ladies attack Michelle, but what have they done? Did they offer to clean up horse manure? Did they ever rescue a horse?” Yes, many of them ARE rescues themselves who condemned Michelle’s activities, but you already knew that. “But even if she did not Michelle knows at least 90 percent of what vets know. She performed surgeries and administered medicine which saved horses lives.” Aside from the fact that it is VERY evident to anyone who knows anything about horses that calling her a 30% vet was stretching it, thank you for outlining her illegal activities by doing so. May your Koolaid always be cold.

  • Oh my lawd another true idiot follower! This is actually pretty hilarious. Oh and btw, she will NEVER have another horse killing lot again.

  • What ever she is drinking, taking or smoking I would like some.
    1 – Joan Tetzel – Did you ever step foot even once on the property to see the actual conditions of the pens, barns, paddocks or the houses? Photos and video do not lie, over $4,000,000 worth of damage to the property? That is suppose to be humane rescue? SMDH
    2 – Joan Tetzel – Do you even know anything about the proper care of horses? Not 1 single photo did I ever see anywhere showed a horse in good health before, during and certainly not after HC got their claws in them.
    3 – Joan Tetzel – How far under her spell are you to still not see what Michelle actually is? Hope you wake up at some point before it is too late.

  • Dear Joan,

    Thank you for publicly stating you know Michelle performed her own surgeries. According to the California Veterinary Medical Board, that’s illegal. I’m sure they will love having more evidence.

    ❤️ Ingrid H

  • There is distinct connection between pedophilia and horses.

    All of the worst people are heavily into horses.

    I believe they feel capable of murder when they know they will euthanize such a large animal that depended on them.

    I believe they are epigenetic throwbacks who are essentially antihuman enough to nurture their desire to literally ride people down on horses.

    Mankind is a sad animal.

    • Did you bother to read what you wrote?
      Pedophelia and horses go hand-in-hand?.. really?
      You ride people down on horses and kill them ?…WOW..JUST WOW

    • You never know Scott, you never know! The repetitive gushing was torturous to read! Then at the end (yes I got to the end of this tripe) “…Frank Parlato (who already destroyed a wonderful self-help group and destroyed the acting career of beautiful Allison Mack and many other women)…” Maybe a Pea wannabe!

      • Pea Onyu is someone claiming to be in Keith’s DOS cult. They post long winded repetitive, unbelievable posts about Vanguard and all the great things he does for humanity. They are entertaining posts to say the least. Frank sometimes publishes these comments as their own articles. They garner further funny comments. Some believe it’s just a troll having fun, some believe they are really part of the cult but there’s nothing new in the posts, all things that have been read hear so I think it’s funny satire like this latest article defending this Michelle.

      • Pea Onyu tends to defend the indefensible, even defending Raniere’s taste for underage girls. Pea is either completely delusional or an attention seeking troll. Her claim to be a loyal DOS slave is undermined by her admitting that criminal acts took place. No loyal DOS slave would want to, or be allowed to undermine the defence of the defendants. Here is the latest incarnation of Pea Onyu.

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