Shadow: R. Kelly’s Sex Cult and how it ties to Nxivm defense

R. Kelly
By Shadow State 1958
The singer R. Kelly is being investigated by Cook County Illinois’ newly elected prosecutor Kimberly Foxx.
A District Attorney in Fulton County Georgia is also investigating R. Kelly.
Allegedly Kelly engaged in sexual relations with underage females, a charge Kelly vehemently denies.
Kelly has also been accused of engaging in Golden Showers with females.
My personal interest in this case is that for several years I lived within three miles of R. Kelly’s suburban Chicago mansion. It abuts the Olympia Fields Country Club. Kelly had to mortgage his mansion to pay his legal bills and lost the house in a bank foreclosure. That home is now owned by a member of the Isley Brothers singing group.
I was never invited to any of R. Kelly’s Pee parties. I happen to be the wrong skin color.

Why It Could Be Hard to Mute R. Kelly

The more recent allegations against Kelly, many previously outlined by the music journalist Jim DeRogatis on BuzzFeed News, revolve around what has been described as a sex cult. Kelly is said to have exhibited almost total control over women who lived or traveled with him, dictating their movements, when they could eat and when they could go to the bathroom.

Kelly’s lawyer told CBS that the women who lived with him were attracted to a “rock ’n’ roll life” and did so voluntarily.

“They were perfectly consensual relationships,” Greenberg said. “Whatever occurred, I’m not someone who should be judging, nor should any of us be judging, someone’s personal relationships, what goes on in their bedrooms.”

Kelly’s accusers say he brainwashes the women into submission, but cases that involve psychological control can be exceptionally difficult to prove.

Prosecutors can try to argue that a person is being illegally restrained when they have been threatened with harm if they leave. Federal prosecutors in New York have brought charges against the leaders of a group called Nxivm, alleging that they forced women into sexual slavery by demanding they turn over compromising material, such as sexually explicit photographs of themselves, as “collateral” that would be used against them if they left or spoke out publicly.
Marc Agnifilo, the lawyer for the group’s founder, Keith Raniere, said the government’s charges of sex trafficking and forced labor were “baseless and unprecedented.”
A former employee of Kelly’s said he would make women write false statements to incriminate themselves or their parents. The former employee described those statements, and sex tapes Kelly recorded of the women, as a form of insurance [collateral?] to stop them from speaking out.
The parents of one woman believed to be living with Kelly, Joycelyn Savage, say she is being held against her will. But in a video interview published by TMZ in July, Savage said she was not held captive and was “in a happy place with my life.”
Pictures of R. Kelly’s former suburban Chicago mansion.
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R. Kelly’s foreclosed Chicago-area mansion was purchased by Rudolph Isley, 74, a founding member of the Isley Brothers, purchased Kelly’s 14,525-square-foot Olympia Fields, Ill. home for a steal: $587,500.

The 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom mansion was worth as much as $5.2 million after construction on the home was complete in 1999, but fell into disrepair. It was appraised at $3.8 million in 2011.

Kelly’s attempt to sell it for $1.595 million on a short sale was unsuccessful. It was purchased by JP Morgan Chase for $950,000 at a foreclosure auction.

The mansion sits on a 3.7-acre lot and has a private lake.

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  • The part about never being invited to his Pee Parties just made me laugh so hard. Keep up the great work, Frank! Any of us with a brain love you 🙂 And happy new year!

  • He just had another concert cancelled yesterday (or the day before).
    Spotify no longer allows his songs as part of some type of playlist (I presume this significantly decreases his compensation from them).
    The man who controls 104 radio stations will no longer play his songs.
    Hopefully, parents are finally going to stop giving him their daughters in exchange for hopes of amassing debt notes and fame.
    His latest weird (20 minutes ??) tracks are showing a steep mental decline (from what i hear, not going to listen, myself).
    He also lost a mansion in Georgia he used to rent.
    The Chicago Trump Tower apartment is probably the last place left other than the studio, where escapees say he keeps girls in separate rooms with only a bucket for a toilet.
    Who in their right mind wants indoor plumbing ? I mean locked in a room with your own excrement is surely happening by free will, right ?
    The repercussions are already happening, and will gain momentum.
    I don’t think he will ever go to prison for his crimes. I think the last girls are so far gone, they will probably regurgitate that it is free will until the end.
    Soon his wallet will be as intact as his reputation, and I hope those last two girls, whose parents are trying to save them, make it out alive.
    Nobody needs to mute R. Kelly, because he is going to mute himself. In my mind, the only question is how many girls he is going to take with him, which is the sad part.

    • R. Kelly’s misfortunes could not happen to a better target.
      When he was first charged in 2003 it involved a girl who was allegedly 13 years old.
      Because the prosecution was unable to get the girl to testify the charges had to be dismissed in 2009, but the legal bills cost Kelly his suburban mansion.

      I was shocked a few years later when Lady Gaga did a duet with R. Kelly on Saturday Night Live.
      The song they sang was Gaga’s “Do What You Want With My Body”, a highly inappropriate song to sing with with R. Kelly.

      R. Kelly’s original case only involved one victim who refused to testify.
      NXIVM involves up to 150 alleged “slaves” in the harem and hopefully many will choose to testify.

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