Guest View: We should consider the Rat as being possible two persons

By Alexandre Trudel

I think Niceguy’s comment on the post about the Rat should be taken seriously:  “I think the Rat spoke the truth of what they knew but pretended to be someone else to deflect away from his or her actual identity. That is why there is poor spelling and the point of view reads like 3rd person. Someone probably confided in Rat and Rat decided to go public”.

Then we could consider the Rat as 2 persons in one: the one who wrote the message to John Tighe and the one who gave all the information to the Rat. The first person (the Rat) was not part of the inner circle (but close) and was probably a Mexican citizen who left the cult after the confession he or she heard and passed to John. The Rat’s informant was someone in the inner circle (aka part of the harem) for a long time and who knew almost everything about Raniere’s criminal activities. She did confess out of anger or disillusion.

So to me, the Rat’s identity is not the most important question: it’s the Rat’s informer that matters the most. Who could it be? Pam Cafritz? Very unlikely. Nancy? I doubt it because she wasn’t there during the Consumer Buy Line era and they were no interests for her to denounce. That left 3 persons: Karen Unterreiner, Kristin Keefe or Barbara Jeske. We come back to Frank’s speculations made here:


Early harem members and purple stripes Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz. Both dead before age 60.

Jeske is not part of Frank’s analysis, I don’t know why. In this post, Frank eliminates quickly  Kristin Keefe: “Evidence points to the fact that Keeffe was plotting her escape from Raniere even then and had to be careful about Raniere tracking posts. Plus Keeffe had Raniere’s son in her care which made her vulnerable to Raniere’s vendettas. She had to be super careful and certainly not take foolish chances by posting gratuitous and vengeful posts.”

It’s a good argument, but what about if the Rat’s informant DIDN’T KNOW that her confessions were going to be used on John’s blog? That would explain why the Rat has to hide his informer’s identity and play as he was the one speaking. That would protect Kristin or Karen from Raniere’s anger.

Because we know that Kristin Keefe was a close friend to Gina and was taking her distance (in secret) at the time the message was published, it seems to me that there is some chance that Keefe was the one hiding behind the Rat. Also, we know that Keefe talked a lot after her exit (she contacted Bouchey). Before, she worked closely with (corrupted?) Rodger Kirsopp to help NXVIM to fight his enemies. And strangely it’s Kirsopp himself who helped Kristin to flee out with Gaelen and erased her traces. What about if Keefe was, in fact, the one behind the Rat’s words and that Raniere finally understood that (for sure he did everything he can to found out who was the Rat). That would become a serious reason for Keefe to panic and to ask Kirsopp to help her to exit.

Karen Unterreiner has been with Keith Raniere since he was in his 20’s. She brought him scores of women and helped him secure underage girls too.

Or maybe the Rat is Daniela Fernandez? It sounds crazy, I know she was imprisoned at the time, but perhaps she had access to a computer somehow and revealed the things Keefe, Pam or Unterreiner confided to her?  That would explain the “come back to Mexico” sentence.

Questions to Heidi: Why do you link the Rat with the Chart found in your sister’s car? Why are you sure that Buddist chart wasn’t written by Raniere (or your sister)? Do you think Keefe could be behind it?


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  • Thanks One Night for the shout out. Frank and the crew do a such a great job of analysis and commentary. I usually do not have anything insightful to add.

  • I think “The Rat” is a liar regarding his alleged role in the death of Gina and Kristin.

    The rest of you are being taken for a ride.

    Based upon The Rat’s OWN WORDS, there is NO CRIME to investigate regarding the tragic suicide deaths of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.


    Because according to The Rat, no actual murder happened.

    The Rat only claims to have “encouraged” them to commit suicide which is not a federal crime.

    Likewise, encouraging somebody to commit suicide was ‘probably’ not a state crime back in 2003 either, since it only recently became a state crime in many states.

    However, even IF it was a ‘state’ crime back in 2003 (even if it was prosecutable) the statute of limitations would have run out by now since it’s not murder, it’s merely encouraging somebody to commit suicide.

    *So there is NOTHING for Federal or State officials to investigate with regard to the tragic deaths of these women, contrary to what Frank and others keep trying to imply here.

    But it doesn’t end there.

    You know what?

    In my opinion, The Rat is a liar and a delusional asshole who likely had no role in those suicides.

    The Rat doesn’t sound credible since why were NO DETAILS about Snyder’s suicide provided by this “Rat”?

    If The Rat were truly involved in Gina’s and Kristin’s suicides, he’d have been able to provide unreleased details about these events which the public doesn’t know about.

    Especially for Snyder’s suicide, since no body was recovered and lots of mysteries remain.

    The Rat didn’t provide SQUAT about any of these details BECAUSE he’s most likely a LYING SACK OF SHIT.

    Frank is not being a good journalist by letting certain members make bogus accusations suggesting that a murder or a prosecutable death offense has taken place.

    Until I see evidence, “The Rat” is just another Pea Onyu.

    Until I see evidence, The Rat is just another LYING SACK OF SHIT who’s trying to pretend he’s somebody more important than he really is.

    Just like Pea Onyu PRETENDS to know Keith and Clare and Kreuk, yet in reality Pea has never even met these people. Pea is just a lonely woman sitting at home and wishing that she was intimately involved with these people.

    Pea refuses to provide a SINGLE piece of information that’s not publicly known about these people.


    Because she only knows what she’s read about them publicly.

    The Rat and Pea Onyu are both liars. They are both sick wackadoodles who need mental treatment.

    As for the claims about Keith raping or having sex with underage girls in the past, I think that’s probably true since Keith is a sick fuck for sure (in my opinion).

    *However, without EVIDENCE provided by the VICTIMS THEMSELVES (or a 1st Hand Witness) it’s not gonna be prosecuted.

    So kindly stop spouting this BULLSHIT Frank, unless you see a REAL CRIME that can be realistically prosecuted with real victims or 1st hand witnesses ready to provide evidence.

    Stop giving credibility to these wackadoodle conspiracy theories.

    What’s next? An “Area 51” connection to these suicides? lol

    • *I refer to The Rat as a “he” just for convenience (i.e. could also be a “she” obviously).

  • I would add this about Kirsopp. For him to rescue Kristin was win-win: by helping her to escape the cult, he would look like someone not corrupted by NXVIM’s interests (maybe at the beggining he really belived their crazy allegations of computer trepassing? That’s possible… if he didn’t create false evidences against John Tigue of course, that would made him officially corrupted). He could then be liberated from NXIVM’s mess and looked like the good cop. Again, it’s all speculations, but maybe one day Kirsopp understood that helping NXIVM was becoming dangerous for his reputation, so he crossed the floor and saved Kistin et her son from Raniere’s possible vendetta.

    • I hope Kristen is working on a book. When this is finally over and she feels safe to release it, the thing would be a best seller. And can be the basis for one or more of the movies. Get to work, KK. Keith can finally make you rich!

    • Yes, Alex. And that way, Kirsopp would know where to find Kristin Keeffe and Vanguard’s son in the event someone were willing to pay top dollar for information leading to their whereabouts. IMO.

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