New Indications That Nancy Has Flipped – No Wonder She Doesn’t Want To Show Up In The Same Courtroom With Raniere

Prefect and the Dentist

By K. R. Claviger

Much of what happens in the lead-up to a trial is full of nuance and subject to interpretation and speculation.

That is especially true when you’re dealing with a complex case like the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al.

But a pair of Orders that were recently issued by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis clearly suggests that Keith Raniere’s worst nightmare has come true: Nancy Salzman has flipped on the man she once called Vanguard!

The first Order concerned the judge’s approval of Nancy’s request that her “…bail conditions be modified to remove the current condition of home detention and to replace it with curfew”.

As a result of that ruling, Nancy will now be allowed to roam free every day from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

But the most interesting part of this situation is the notation in the letter-of-request for this change that was submitted to Judge Garaufis in which Nancy’s attorneys noted that it was being made “With the consent of the government and without objection of pre-trial service…”

In other words, the federal government – both the prosecution team and the Office of Probation and Pre-Trial Services – had consented to this request before it was submitted to the judge.

And just why would they do that, you ask?

Well, usually, having the prosecution and Probation and Pre-Trial Services consent in advance to this type of request is a strong indication that the defendant in question has become a cooperating witness and is being rewarded for her/his assistance.

To further buttress that interpretation, one need only look at the very next filing in the case – which is an Order by Judge Garaufis that permits Nancy to attend the next hearing in the case, on Wednesday, January 9th, via telephone in order to avoid “…jeopardizing her health”.

Huh, wait a second…

If Nancy is so ill that she can’t travel to Brooklyn, NY to attend what appears to be a critically important pre-trial conference in a case that could send her to federal prison for 20 years, then why does she need to be let out of home confinement so that she can roam around every day from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM?

Can you spell FUCKED?

Because, taken together, that’s what these two Orders mean for Vanguard – and, at a minimum, for Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack (It’s unlikely that Nancy is going to end up testifying against her daughter, Lauren – and it’s equally unlikely that the feds really consider Kathy Russell to be a major player in the Raniere/Bronfman criminal enterprise).

The final “proof is in the pudding” piece of this situation is related to Lauren Salzman’s ongoing approval to go to Nancy’s residence every day between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (Those visitation hours have been approved through February 8th).

If, in fact, Nancy is healthy enough to be out of her residence from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM every day, then why does Lauren need to go visit her during those same hours?

So, will Judge Garaufis revoke Lauren’s permission to go visit her dear old Mom every day now that Nancy is apparently capable of traveling about to everywhere except Brooklyn, NY?

Well, if he doesn’t, then that’s one more indication that Nancy has become a cooperating witness for the feds.

And, if he doesn’t revoke Lauren’s visitation privileges, it also suggests that Lauren may have decided to take the same road to freedom – or, at the very least, to a reduced term in federal prison – as Mom has.

So, Vanguard, other then the really shitty news that the woman who helped you create your evil empire is apparently ready to spill everything she knows about your criminal enterprise, how’s the rest of your day going?

Don’t bothering answering because we’ll have an update later this week about what’s going on with you at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

And it sure won’t be that bullshit that your not-in-the-loop-attorney, Paul DerOhannesian, is spewing to the Times Union.

BTW, is DerOhannesian the last guy in America to have a 1970s porn star mustache?

C’mon, Paul, you’re better than that. At least we hope you are…


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K.R. Claviger


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  • Reasons for Nancy to cooperate and plea bargain – and maternal instinct to save her daughter(s) ain’t one of them.

    Age. Nancy is no spring chicken.

    Health aka cancer. Ain’t mortality staring one in the face wonderful persuasion to give up the goods?

    Humiliation, publicly at the hands of Keith, stripping her of title, power and income, and having to beg for every penny from Clare. That had to cut to the bone since, without her, Keith would not have succeeded as he has.

    Do not for one minute believe Nancy does this from the goodness of her soul or has seen the error of her ways.

    Leopards do not change their spots.

    Nancy, if she ever had a moral base, which I highly doubt, is still as amoral as ever. This is a Hail Mary pass to save herself, totally self-serving.

    Keep in mind, she not only pimped out her daughters to Keith she also had sex with him.

    No decent, loving parent would do that, ever. Thus, Nancy is saving only Nancy.

    Were I Lauren, I wouldn’t look to dear old mom to save me.

  • Really appreciate your incisive, expert analysis and biting humor, as usual, Mr, Claviger, Esq.

    LMAO on the ‘70’s porno references, too. Nancy kinda evokes that man-thong, brush-stash era. I just hope she isn’t permitted to practice her voo-doo on the streets of anywhere but Brooklyn!

    Sorry to intrude on such a superb post — got a little carried away with the Birthday girl but this was a great present for Gina judging by the wrapping.


  • No time for Nancy?

    It would bother me Raniere got a massive sentence and Nancy Salzman nothing!

    Salzman has been there all along; witnessed and condoned the shenaningans; participated in, enabled or looked the other way to sexual abuse, lies, deceit, financial mis-dealings and lawsuits vs. dissidents because it all benefited her, either by increasing her status or her net worth. She was the Nexium Queen. And, she was even criticized by Nx because she liked to show it through her possessions.

    In the end, both her and Raniere need to be held accountable. How one is held accountable is often subjective; laws are almost never applied equally. But, there needs to be some measure of accountability to society. What that is open for discussion….

    • Double me down on that, Double. MiNIMUM she looked the other way but with her eyes firmly on her own prizes and passing the throne on to her daughters through their loins or their mastery of the loins of the branded slaves.

      And it would be truly SEXIST to cut Nancy far more slack than Keith on the SEXIST assumption she’s gotta be KAR’s “stooge,” without even knowing all the facts yet. Clearly, this conniving con-woman ran the concubines and the SOP euneks!

      Maybe she threw ‘em Ben Myers or Jim Del Negro or a Mexican Betancourt? Raniere ain’t worth dick in a plea at this point, IMO. But Raniere didn’t write-up Gina’s death chart. Wasn’t “The Rat’s” handwriting on that, IMO, either.

      Nancy knows who composed Gina’s (Yeshe Tsogyel’s) passage to “Samayatara” buddahood, I strongly suspect. Nancy set Sara Bronfman on the same path.

    • Nancy Salzman knows only too well that the prosecutors and the FBI
      have enough material to nail her and her daughter. Nancy and Lauren
      are now realistic enough, perhaps through the advice of their attorneys,
      to make a deal to protect themselves from the worst. Her encrypted files
      were no problem. The prosecutors are all about bringing in the whole crop.
      For that there is a concession to sentencing, nothing more. Nancy and Lauren
      are not spared prison.

    • She is an arch grifter. She might as well have named her daughters – Chattel 1&2. It’s difficult- cutting slack to an ingrate, would they understand the measure of truth they ought to offer in return- as a cooperating witness? Perhaps realising the magnitude of the burden of proof against her leaves her no choice. If she chooses truth over lies she’d be set free, even with a prison sentence. It’s likely she’ll continue to be unimpressed with whatever break she is given.

    • It’s not unusual for the government to give deals to guilty parities to nail the one at the top. They cut former Mafioso Sammy “the Bull” Gravano a deal and he was a known murderer!

  • Listen to Nancy right here:

    Listen to Nancy’s voice tone. Does it sound forced, contrived and nervous? IMO she does not sound authentic; rather it is a sales pitch, not a communication from a relaxed natural, internal self or a communication that expresses caring about another human being in some way.

    What she says is also not true. ESP did not produce lasting change. I dislike being cynical but change is something that requires constant work. Simply, taking a 5 or 16 day intensive will not do that. It’s a constant process.

  • I think the Rat spoke the truth of what they knew but pretended to be someone else to deflect away from his or her actual identity. That is why there is poor spelling and the point of view reads like 3rd person. Someone probably confided in Rat and Rat decided to go public. I believe Rat. Rat probably was scared and in legal parlance, Rat’s information amounted to hearsay. What else could Rat do? Police and a prosecutor’s office would not have taken Rat seriously….

    • Well, the police and prosecutors in Albany took it plenty serious when it came to investigating and prosecuting NX’s most ridiculous hearsay claims including “computer trespass” — simply logging on to an ex-member’s account with a password NX suspiciously didn’t deactivate — so, why wouldn’t they take The Rat seriously on a first-hand, not hearsay, admission to possible murder (by suicide) conspiracy and videotaped child molestations?

      The Rat was probably frightened of both NX and the police and corrupt Albany officials NX was in cahoots with for decades.

  • Revisiting “The Rat” in light of the death of Gina Hutchinson and the disappearance of Kristin Snyder
    August 13, 20171 Comment
    Posted originally on saratogaindecline blog . Date: October 24, 2010 04:34PM The Rat said… by the time they read this, I will have gone back to mexico with…

    Revisiting “The Rat” in light of the death of Gina Hutchinson and the disappearance of Kristin Snyder
    August 13, 20171 Comment
    Posted originally on saratogaindecline blog . Date: October 24, 2010 04:34PM The Rat said… by the time they read this, I will have gone back to mexico with…


    Speaking of ratting out — why not let’s go way back to “Saratoga In Decline” circa 2011? (Have to look it up for Gina’s birthday when have more time today) — when a NX defector named “The Rat” admits to having had a role in Gina Hutchinson’s & Kristin Snyder’s deaths —before jumping ship to Mexico.

    While that Rat has yet to reappear publically to my knowledge, perhaps someone who gives a rat’s ass about the lives lost to this dangerous cult will care to ask Prefect what she knows about the Rat’s admission before letting her get away with murder on a plea deal.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMAYATARA! Aka Gina Rose Hutchinson, January 8, 1969 – ?

    • Could someone find this “Rats” confession and post it here, please? Why in the world would this guy confess to murder on a public forum, I wonder.
      Did the FBI investigate his claims?

      • Revisiting “The Rat” in light of the death of Gina Hutchinson and the disappearance of Kristin Snyder
        August 13, 2017
        Posted originally on saratogaindecline blog .

        Date: October 24, 2010 04:34PM

        The Rat said…
        by the time they read this, I will have gone back to mexico with edgar. i served as their pawn for too long (like jim). i see my responsibiy in the deaths of both kristen’s friend in the monistary and ester’s friend in AK. He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in thier heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.

        At least those who died, had thier lives ended. What will come out in the future will be the young girls (who are now women) who were taken advantage of (how old was Angel, Megan, Michelle, and Rosie). I think if someone looks into Kristen’s friend (who was under age) and those other teenagers that worked for CBI they will see that he is a molester. That is what bothers me above all. Murder is one thing, thier lives are over. When you take advantage of girls who work for you and play video games in an emtpy warehouse after hours (Keith knows what I am talking about) that is sick.

        If this isn’t enough, he did it again with the —- girls. Thier parents trusted you (Pam) with thier care and you (Keith) molested them. What is worse is what you did to their brother. You made him tape tape it all. Not just what happened with the girls, but also what happen with your girlfriends. No young boy should be exposed to that.

        I am praying for the day that one of these victims comes forward…as they are innocent. I am guilty and can’t. Those in the inner circle will know who wrote this because I will be gone by the time they read it. I thought what I was supporting was humanity…I recently realized it was just the preversion of a sick man.

        Pertinently: The Rat said…

        I see my responsibility in the deaths of both Kristin’s (Keeffe) friend [Gina Hutchinson] in [near] the monastery and Esther’s (Chiappone) friend in Alaska (Kristin Snyder) . He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in their heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and Keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.

        At least those who died, had their lives ended. … I think if someone looks into Kristin’s friend (who was under age) [Gina Hutchinson was 15] … they will see that he is a molester (monster). That is what bothers me above all. Murder is one thing, their lives are over.

        I do not know who the Rat is, or whether it is an authentic message. But it has the ring of truth. Whoever wrote it [it was published in 2010], they knew the players and certainly had some of the facts correct.

        Where is the Rat now – and will he come out and speak to authorities about what he knows or condemn himself to a lifetime of regret and despair because he was too afraid to do the right thing? Only the Rat can answer those questions but if he answers them correctly, he will no longer be a Rat. He will be a lion and a hero!

      • Thanks One, DD, Leon, Somebody and Everybody for your Happy Birthday wishes to my sister, wherever and whatever incarnation she may be. One thing I’m sure she wishes everyone is:

        “JOY!” 💜

  • There are lots of experienced and talented Mexican hit men out there.

    If Nancy has flipped, the Salinas clan will be terrified about what she will say.

    The obvious fix is to put out a contract on her before the trial.

    I hope she is already under government protection.

    • Really, all this is conjecture and conspiracy theory.

      Would the Salinas’s really make a move on Nancy? The risks might out weigh the rewards. The fact we are openly discussing it on this board leads me to believe there would be too much suspicion cast toward the Salinas clan. And, that would weigh very heavily on them throughout the world.

  • Nancy flipping on KAR would blow up his world but I think he would have no problem singing like a canary implicating others if he thought it would get him off the hook. I believe Nancy and KAR are cut from the same cloth and, when it comes right down to it, self-preservation is the motivation.

  • I’m extremely curious if she implicates Salinas, Betancourt and any of the Mexican elite? I’m not even sure the US Government would prosecute the son of the former Mexican president because of the risk of political fallout? Also, no idea if someone like Salinas would authorize violent measures toward her?

    These thoughts border on conspiracy theories but they’re questions one must ask or at least wonder about

    • Good point Double A. I agree that our gov may not want to go there when it comes to the indictment of Emilliano.
      He definitely has a Mexican Monopoly “get out of jail free” card. Now there’s a photoshop idea.

  • There’s the ball game.
    It’s like a football game where it’s 35 to nothing and we’re at the two minute warning in the second half.

    And Keith, Clare and Allison can forget any plea deals.
    They’re off the table.
    Who would be left to prosecute?

  • Good analysis of the events.

    The questions remaining are: what information is she sharing, what’s its impact on the other defendants and possible new defendants and what assurances (deal) is she getting from the government for her and her daughter?

    There’s still a lot to be determined that the public has no privy to.

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