Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman

Guest View: Clare and Sara Bronfman will abandon Raniere like rats fleeing the Titanic

By One Night in Bangkok Makes a Hard Man Humble

Sorry OCD, but I disagree with you.

Clare and Sara Bronfman would have NO CHOICE but to abandon Vanguard IF he announces to the world that he’s insane and bonkers.


…because Clare and Sara will need to repair & protect what’s left of their own tattered reputations going forward, as best they can.

They’ll need to salvage some kind of normal life for themselves in the future.

Sara has kids. Clare has nieces and nephews who will grow up. Sara’s husband has a reputation that he wants to protect too. They have a mom in England too.

Do you honestly think Sara and Clare will want their kids/nephews/nieces/family to view them as women who follow a self admitted “loon” who openly admitted (in court) to blackmailing women into becoming sexual slaves simply because he didn’t know right from wrong?

Here’s the straight skinny:

Up until now, Clare has financially supported Keith only because her STATUS within NXIVM has been continually elevated by Keith over the years, until she finally got her desired rank of “Legatus”.

However, with NXIVM’s reputation forever in tatters, she’ll likely never go back to supporting Keith financially like she did before, regardless of what happens at trial.


…Because there’s no more “STATUS” associated with being “Legatus”. That ‘carrot’ is gone.

Being “Legatus” after March 2018 is akin to being the Executive Vice President of Enron after it’s collapse. It’s now a position of DISGRACE.

Why pour what remains of her life savings into a guy who’s already sunk what used to be a thriving organization?

Why throw good money after bad?

Those days are gone because there’s no more STATUS for Clare if she associates with Keith, especially if he admits to being bonkers.

Clare will NOT want “more of Keith to herself” if Keith’s reputation becomes one of a “crazy loon”.


…Because in my own opinion, Clare does not love Keith nor does she find him particularly attractive (i.e. he’s a fat, short and ugly midget with a head the size of a pumpkin). No woman could find him attractive.

She merely loves the IDEA of being intimately associated with the most brilliant man in the world.

She loves the IDEA of being associated with a brilliant man who heads a “respectable worldwide organization” that has followers such as the son of the former president of Mexico, along with other TV stars.

That’s what Clare loves.

Once that “respectability” and “status” is gone, Clare will NOT want to acquire more of that worthless stock in a falling market.

In fact, Clare and Sara will probably abandon him quietly anyway no matter what happens after the trial, since Keith’s reputation is already gone forever and they can’t salvage it by throwing more money into a burning pit of disgrace.

In my own opinion, she must continue paying for his defense until after the verdict because crossing Keith would not be in her self-interest until after the trial is over and she’s no longer in legal jeopardy. Keith knows enough to bury everybody in NXIVM ten times over if they cross him or abandon him before the trial is over.

But I do expect — after the trial — that the Bronfmans will QUIETLY abandon him and try to salvage their own reputations just like rats fleeing the Titanic.

MK10ART’s brilliant painting of the two-headed Bronfman Monster.

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  • History shows not all women (or men) leave their crazy masters regardless of how much reality is presented to them.

    Just look at the Manson Family “girls”: Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten.
    Manson’s Family men: Charles “Tex” Watson, Bruce Davis, Bobby Beausoleil

    All murdered for their master and all got life sentences
    None of them have really opened up and told their stories of how and why they were willing to do their evil deeds or that they are sorry for what they did for their master.

    Steve “Clem” Grogan, originally was sentenced to death for his role in the Manson murders. Grogan got life instead after a judge deemed him “too stupid and too hopped on drugs” to have orchestrated the slaughter. He was sprung from prison in 1985 — the only convicted Manson family killer to be released.

    Mary Brunner — She was one the first members of the Manson Family and bore the cult leader a son. Although she played no role in the murders, Brunner was busted in 1971 for robbing a gun store as part of a hare-brained scheme to bust Manson out of jail. She was wounded in a shootout with cops and paroled in 1977. Will any of Raniere’s girls attempt such an escape for their master? Would Pea Onyu?

    Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme was a member of the Manson cult but was never charged with the murders. In 1975, Fromme was arrested while trying to assassinate President Gerald Ford. Fromme served 34 years in prison before she was paroled in 2009. Who could kill for Raniere?

    Linda Kasabian was the getaway driver when Manson’s minions went on their murder spree. Kasabian later abandoned her cohorts and was granted immunity after testifying against Manson and his followers. Who will wake up and cut a deal instead of going to prison for Raniere? Will it be Nancy Salzman? How about Karen Unterreiner – she is the smartest of them all and so far no charges have been brought against her. Will Allison Mack wake up? Anyone willing to place a bet on her?

    Sara Bronfman has always been smarter than her sister Clare. (better looking too) Sara kind of left NXIVM but appears to have had one foot in the door of NXIVM. She married (outside of the cult) and has two children. She moved out of Albany but came back for 2017 V-Week and bought a mansion close to the Raniere Cult Compound, Sara was/is running Rainbow Cultural Gardens in France, were she now lives Will Sara be smart enough to work with the DOJ to protect herself from spending years behind bars and missing a life with her children? Will she be as smart as Linda Kasabian?

  • Geez, I predicted this early on, that the Bronfman’s would, like the rats they are, desert a sinking ship. Especially when there are no more bennies in it to feed their ego’s.
    All these 2 sisters have is $$$$. Nothing else. No accomplishments of value. No education to speak of. No stable family.
    Not even a moral backbone!
    Not everyone can be bought.
    All these two have is the Bronfman name and, considering it’s criminal history, these two apples didn’t fall far from the tree. 😊

  • Sara already bailed. Escaped to Provence to make babies that would never have happened on the Raniere diet. Abandoned her sister. Scared of arrest if she sets foot in the US.
    Aside from threatening the lawyers to get the fees back, I am not too sure that anyone can predict what Clare will do.
    I thought Clare would ask for her house arrest to be at her farm. Maybe she doesn’t even still have it. If she doesn’t even care about her horses, anymore, who knows.
    I think Clare is more susceptible to suicide than anyone else in the mix.

  • I think Sara has a lot more to lose so could keep her distance. She has a life, to some degree, outside the cult so she could just hide away and build on that but Clair doesn’t appear to have

  • I sincerely hope you’re right. It just strikes me that Clare continues to stare lovingly at KAR while in the courtroom with him – as if she has no idea of the position she’s in – or why.

    • Good point OCD. Sooner or later she will have to figure out that all her moola WILL NOT get her out of the trick bag and every situation as it has in the past. There might be a wake up call ahead !

  • Your analysis seems well guided.

    There is not much there for the Bronfman heiresses to stick around for. Raniere is a sinking ship and his noble mission to save humanity has been gravely tarnished; he has no status or respectability left to confer to them. He is only a reminder of a failed dream, financial losses and the inevitable rancor of society when one transgresses commonly accepted boundaries .

    This is undoubtedly a very bitter pill for them to swallow.

  • In my humble opinion it is too late for Clare to abandon Raniere because she is under indictment for serious felonies.
    Whether she likes it or not Clare is stuck with Raniere.

    As for Raniere, he is also stuck with Clare because she and her sister are the only major assets NXIVM has outside of Mexico.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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