Guest View: I don’t believe Keith said he didn’t drive because his brain set off radar detectors!

By Please Don’t Poop on my Dinner

I’m reading so much ‘word salad’ these days that I can practically taste the lettuce.

Occam’s Razor says that Keith didn’t drive or retake his driving exam for the SIMPLEST and most logical reason of all: He simply wanted to be chauffeured around town to increase his own self importance and/or out of pure laziness. That’s the likely truth.

There was no ‘radar detector’ element to his lack of driving. There was no “Mothman element” to his lack of retaking a driver’s license exam.


Because radar detectors don’t differentiate between somebody sitting in the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat.

Even if Keith had those “Mothman powers” where his brain waves could set off radar detectors — or harm other drivers in some other way — his “brain waves” would still set off those same radar detectors while sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Thus, it makes no logical sense to forgo getting a driver’s license for his ENTIRE LIFE just because he fears that his “Mothman powers” might set off radar detectors or harm other drivers in some other way.

I’m just so tired of hearing pure, unadulterated bullshit. I can’t believe that someone actually takes the time to type out such obvious bullshit.



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  • Huh?
    I didn’t write anything on this topic since I commented on the original article about Mothman a few weeks ago. At that time I mentioned that Mothman was not an old legend, but was a story that started about a year or so before the Silver Bridge collapse.

  • Flowers, please put the occum’s razor down before you hurt yourself.

    We all know NX’s “the Knife” media analysis company concept was a theft and strange application of occum’s razor, a real scientist’s theory and formula that proves the simplest answer is usually the most accurate.

    What you may not know is the person you are addressing, Heidi Hutchinson, had an extensive online and therefore recorded discussion about occum’s razor with KAR in circa 1999, which KAR knew nothing of previously despite his alleged scientific knowledge and mastery of the subject.

  • We’ve been through this Mothman matter before. If someone, like me, thought maybe Keith were delusional — with all his Mothman and other way out there talk — and if that someone, like me, did not believe Keith had these powers but was, rather, delusional — it would be safe to have Keith as a passenger but not for him to drive. Is that logical enough for you?

  • KAR had a driver’s license at one time. I suspect his “I set off radar detectors” BS was a random excuse to explain why he lost that license. And his enthralled groupies believed his nonsense and it passed into legend. No logic allowed in Vangaga land – you must have faith and trust in him no matter what asinine pronouncements he spews. Or he’ll sic his flying monkeys on you (and your little dog too!).

    • Yes, blast, threats too. When I found out Keith flunked a written driver’s exam to renew his license he did have previously I thought “Mothman my ass” out loud, and I was threatened with Mothman retaliation — major disaster and tragedy mysteriously striking my life. I’ve been reading the legends lately and apparently people who’ve reported Mothman incidents also attribute harassment incidents to the giant, humanoid insect.

      In reality, Mothman is prolly a very large, low flying herring bird that that caused a car crash. Mothman may also have been one of Keith’s “red herrings” as the term is used in fiction.

        • Thanks, Leon. I’ve been thinking of her since about 3:00 AM. Happy Birthday, Gina or “Samayatara” — I pray you’ve attained enlightenment.

          • I hope for this birthday, she is resting in peace knowing Raniere is finally behind bars.

      • I get it – he definitely didn’t like to be contradicted or disbelieved. Mothman my ass indeed! Good for you – the jackass knew it was all just his usual bamboozle them with BS nonsense; he just didn’t want you to know it.

        I didn’t realize this was a significant day for you regarding your sister. I hope you are able to focus on the good memories.

  • Yes, if Raniere could do that, then the radar detector picture wouldn’t indicate “AutoScan,” it would say “VanGuard” [joke]. Of course, the argument could be made that Raniere relaxes his mind while in the passenger seat, something he couldn’t do while driving, as that takes concentration, which is what sets off the detectors [joke]. Pass the dressing, because there’s a lot of word salad all over this website about a whole host of topics [not a joke].

    While the radar detector story is extreme, it is these kinds of things that MLM scams use as a “filter” to cause some people to leave, and more importantly, some people to stay in. The more the people at the top are adored, the more the “dream” of whatever the ultimate goal is (in the case of NXIVM, enlightenment/wisdom and money, in most other MLMs, getting filthy rich), and the more time/money/effort has been spent, the more ridiculous the story can be and people still stay in. It is important to filter people out routinely, because the truth could spread throughout the group and the whole thing would fall apart. Better to prune a few branches from time to time than risk a wind storm that could take down the whole tree.

  • Welcome to the obvious bulls*t world of KR. Nexium IS obvious bullshit. Do you sincerely believe this Report is a literary device created to spoil your dinner? Deluded much? Or are you just trolling for your supper?

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