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Jeff Peterson

By A Friend of the Good Guys

A previous article, written by someone with the name “NYC Lawyer with Contacts”, opens with an inaccurate statement. “Leaving aside everything else he says, Jeffrey Peterson has never said in his lawsuit that there is a NXIVM connection to the alleged threats against him.”

That is wrong.

The article appears to have been authored by a writer who may be concerned the government could soon raise issues with respect to Dennis Burke’s involvement with Emiliano Salinas and NXIVM defendants such as Clare Bronfman.


Who would be incentivized to write such an article?

The article was defective because Peterson has indeed alleged there are numerous NXIVM connections to his pending lawsuit against Dennis Burke, including threats that were improperly made against him by at least one NXIVM representative, Mr. Burke himself.

By the way, Peterson’s recently filed lawsuit against Dennis Burke is available to read online, at Peterson’s Twitter account, @realJeffreyP.

Peterson’s lawsuit is intended to tell his story to a jury: that Dennis Burke, formerly Peterson’s business partner and friend during respective periods of three and ten years, intentionally coordinated a lengthy retaliatory campaign designed to harm Peterson’s reputation, credibility (and life) in an anticipatory fashion that continues through present day.

Some Frank Report readers may have noticed, certain website posts and comments may have been made by Burke using a pseudonym in an effort to save himself.

The retaliatory campaign was allegedly conceptualized by Burke with ill intent; among other reasons, to tear down Peterson in advance of bad acts Burke had knowingly planned; Burke’s NXIVM-related activities were a significant part of his plans. Such NXIVM-related activities are alleged to have occurred as a result of Burke’s growing relationship with Emiliano Salinas and the Salinas parties of Mexico that were, according to the lawsuit, blossoming at the time Peterson declined an invitation from Salinas to join ESP, the Mexican branch of NXIVM.

In the NXIVM criminal case, the government stated “the means and methods by which the [NXIVM] defendants participated in the conduct of the affairs of the Enterprise were … ‘using harassment, coercion and abusive litigation to intimidate and attack perceived enemies and critics’ of Raniere.”

But where did Raniere first learn, or learn to improve his use and application of such Machiavellian methods if not originally learned elsewhere?

Historically, “criminal investigations” were often threatened against NXIVM dissenters. Enemies and critics of NXIVM were threatened with prison. NXIVM representatives are accused of manufacturing bogus allegations of criminal activity against enemies. NXIVM, Raniere, and certain parties in Mexico related to NXIVM, did everything in their power to criminalize enemies.

In fact, it has surfaced through the course of the government’s case against NXIVM, that such “criminalization” of enemies was NXIVM’s preferred modus operandi.

NXIVM representatives even tried to criminalize Frank Parlato, who remains similarly situated as other NXIVM victims; Parlato is still dealing with the fallout from previous NXIVM-inspired attacks.

In Peterson’s lawsuit against Burke, these NXIVM-styled bullying and intimidation tactics are alleged to have been used by Burke against Peterson, out of a NXIVM “playbook.”

Peterson has claimed on his Twitter channel that such an agenda of “criminalizing” enemies bears a resemblance to the “Machiavellian playbook” historically used by the Mexican PRI political party. The PRI was formerly led by Mexican President Carlos Salinas and is currently led by Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, who is a close ally of Burke’s business partner, Marco A. Lopez Jr.

Curiously, the NXIVM representative who allegedly invited Peterson to join ESP, NXIVM’s branch in Mexico, is alleged to have been the would-be junior statesman of Mexico’s PRI, Emiliano Salinas.

Emiliano Salinas quoted Machiavelli in a blog post on August 9, 2018, titled, “The Fortune.”

Lopez was Peterson’s long-time “best friend” and closest collaborator in Arizona. Lopez allegedly introduced both Peterson and Burke to Emiliano Salinas. According to Peterson’s lawsuit, the years-long retaliatory campaign alleged to have been orchestrated against him by Burke started in 2014 when Peterson didn’t join NXIVM.


Peterson’s lawsuit claims Lopez threatened him in 2014 about revealing Lopez’s Salinas-related activities.

Which brings us to a critical question.

It seems both NXIVM and Dennis Burke used similar “criminalization” tactics and methods against enemies. When and where do such tactics and methods have their true origin? Remember, Peterson never had anything to do with NXIVM activities or personalities in New York. Peterson’s only exposure to NXIVM was an invitation to join ESP, made by Emiliano Salinas in 2014, in Mexico City.

Is the fact that similar retaliatory tactics are depicted (i) on the one hand in the government’s criminal lawsuit against NXIVM, thus far aimed at the Albany operation, and (ii) on the other hand in Peterson’s civil lawsuit against Dennis Burke et al, resulting from Mexico themed relationships, an indication that the NXIVM “criminalization playbook” had its roots not necessarily in Albany, but Mexico City?

Continuing with further analysis, it has now been confirmed in a court filing by the E.D.N.Y. prosecution that Dennis Burke is a part of the government’s ongoing NXIVM investigation. Burke was named as an NXIVM representative.

Seems as if Burke’s “invisible man” cover has been blown in a recent filing. Now as both a lawyer and a possible target, Burke appears to have complex conflicts to resolve with his “clients”.

Dennis Burke was sanctioned by the Arizona Bar on April 11, 2014 [case number PDJ 2014-9028] for violating lawyer Rule 42, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., specifically ER 8.4., Misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

In May of 2013, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, James Cole chastised Burke for “lying…. and for leaking [unauthorized documents]” in connection with the Obama-era Fast and Furious ATF gunwalking scandal.

It must be confusing for actual or potential NXIVM defendants to know that their lawyer, who they may have previously viewed as a sharp “government insider,” was previously called a liar by both federal (DOJ) and state (Arizona Bar) governments and has now been named in connection with the federal government’s ongoing NXIVM investigation.

NXIVM-related parties: Did Burke warn you about all of this before you paid him?

Among the recent string of legal losses, some good news does await Burke’s “clients,” who include Clare Bronfman: According to the Arizona Bar website, Burke has ample Professional Liability Insurance coverage.

Responding to the article supposedly written by a “NYC Lawyer with Contacts,” there is clearly a NXIVM connection to the alleged threats against Peterson because Dennis Burke has been publicly named as a NXIVM representative by the government and Peterson’s lawsuit depicts retaliatory tactics and methods orchestrated by Burke in a similar fashion as those used by NXIVM.

Furthermore, as readers are well aware, it is rumored Burke coerced or intimidated numerous NXIVM witnesses or potential witnesses. Peterson himself may be a potential witness against Burke or others, some of whom appear to be implicated by the government in improper acts to obtain visas for NXIVM related parties.

In July 2018, Peterson first reported on his social media channel that he was present at social gatherings with former high level Department of Homeland Security executives when they spoke about abilities to “expedite” visas for Mexican nationals. Shortly thereafter, Peterson was interviewed by a government agent.

Finally, it has been suggested that Burke may be the only individual who frequently comments on the frankreport website with intent to discredit or otherwise harm Peterson, wielding ridiculous claims, half truths and false statements. The article purportedly written by a “NYC Lawyer with Contacts” reads like it was written by Dennis himself, using a new pseudonym.

What happened to Burke’s previous frankreport alias, “DeezNuts”?

At least there was some levity in the old alias.

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  • OK, whether or not Deez is Burke or Santa Clause, it’s fair to say Deez takes Burke’s position in this debate.

    In that role, could Deez please explain the following:

    – Why were two of Burke’s companies, Frontier and GSIS, apparently retained by Clare Bronfman in addition to Burke himself later being retained by her as part of her defense counsel team in the NX matter?

    Please confirm or deny and answer the following:

    A. “Frontier,” Burke’s co. in partnership with former US Homeland Security Chief, Sandweg, was allegedly first retained sometime before July 2016 to assist with Marianna’s immigration status — and 6 mos. later, in January 2017, the señorita was facing permanent deportation just as she became preggers with “Kemar,” KAR’s bambino #2.
    – How did Clare find Frontier?

    – Why were Frontier’s services required, long prior to Kemar’s conception?

    – Why was Marianna busted so suddenly after no one noticed her status for 10 years prior?

    B. When was GSIS, Burke’ company with former US Secret Service Director, Mark Sullivan, retained by Clare Bronfman?
    – How much was Sullivan paid to appear at Keith Raniere’s initial bail hearing to offer armed protection detail for “Vanguard”?

    – Did Burke or GSIS provide any investigative, intelligence or surveillance services to Bronfman or NX prior to their appearance at the bail hearing?

    – What projects does GSIS have with any entities owned in any part by Salinas, Lopez, Duran, Slim Helu’ or anyone affiliated with NX?

    – Why are the Salzmans being represented by attorneys with ties to the Arizona Mafia? Did Burke refer the Salzman’s to his AZ Mafia cronies or did any former NY attorneys make that referral?

    – Who assembled the trust funds for Clare Bronfman to fund this defense?

    – Is Clare branded, if any of you gents have been there? How about Allie? Lauren — surely, one of you nailed Lauren by now? I think Sarah Edmondson reported she saw Lauren’s brand?

    – If you know Mark Sullivan, that handsome devil, did he mercy fuck Nancy? Is she branded?

    – Who arranged the Colombian hookers for Sullivan’s last Secret Service mission for Obama’s Columbian adventure?

    – What was Burke’s relationship with Sullivan prior to them both leaving office in some disgrace with unanswered questions about their roles in Fast and Furious and the Columbian hooker scandal respectively?

    Thank you and if any FR readers such as AZ Trolls can please respond if Deez is preoccupied or placed under arrest before responding?

    • And none of that has anything to do with the $10 Million Jeff Peterson took from senior citizens. His fake payday loan company (hello, predatory lender). Or the reason all the cash was spent on hookers, coke, Cris, n romps at the Four Seasons.

      Not to mention that he’s hiding out in Canada. But lied in his Federal lawsuit and claimed he was living in Boston. Hello, venue shopper.

      • No, it has to do with allegations being made by FEDERAL PROSECUTORS and Jeff Peterson against Dennis Burke that you have not responded to, Deez.

        You just keep making the same slanderous accusations against Peterson over and over again like some kind of slasher who can’t stop stabbing after the dude’s dead.

        You need help, Deez. Take your own advice to Peterson and turn yourself in. You owe it to the Dodson’s. And you don’t want to wind up with El Chapo and Raniere at MDC. Think low security, tennis courts, conjugal visits, color tv, Mueller-type deal.

      • A term Peterson used to describe DeezNuts/Dennis Burke on periscope chat last week was “unwell”. It comes through in the messages left by DeezNuts scattered across this site. What is wrong with Burke?

  • the facts that Burke had to quit his government job ,was previously reprimanded by his bar assoc. and is under investigation in nxivm are a serious hit to Burke’s credibility.

  • Sounds like Jeff Peterson is writing under aliases again. No Insider has this much info.

    Just pay back the senior citizens you ripped off Jeff. And quit posting under aliases. Be a man. Stop hiding in Canada and turn yourself in.

    You do realize that you will have to show up in Massachusetts for your court hearings right? Since you are representing yourself.

    That is a good time for the FBI to scoop you up. Maybe you will end up Raniere’s cell mate after all big guy.

    • Same “criminalization” rhetoric, Same Dennis Burke shill account, Same psycho babble, different day.

      Speaking of the FBI, who has Peterson’s address and phone number on hand if they should need it again…

      It is interesting to note that according to documents filed in the NXIVM case, the FBI has apparently been investigating Dennis Burke, aka DeezNuts, for some time now.

      A government agent told Peterson, that Burke was under investigation for possible coercion or intimidation of witnesses and potential witnesses, in the NXIVM case.

      Maybe Mr. Burke will end up sharing a cell with the Smartest Man in the World. Lord knows, given the series of decisions made throughout Burke’s history, the former prosecutor turned cartel-family consiglieri can use all the extra IQ points he can find.

      Given the inevitable destiny of the NXIVM case and considering Mr. Burke’s new “client relationships,” hopefully things will work out better for the former U.S. Attorney, than they did for Brian Terry.

  • Regarding this,”Is the fact that similar retaliatory tactics are depicted (i) on the one hand in the government’s criminal lawsuit against NXIVM, thus far aimed at the Albany operation, and (ii) on the other hand in Peterson’s civil lawsuit against Dennis Burke et al, resulting from Mexico themed relationships, an indication that the NXIVM “criminalization playbook” had its roots not necessarily in Albany, but Mexico City?”

    NXIVM’s attempts to criminalize those who leave has gone on for a long time, probably before Mexico was involved in NXIVM at all, or at least to any significant scale.

    DeezNuts is what Burke’s cellmate “Bubba” will be saying, when he tells Burke to “squeal like a pig,” and “DeezNuts are now mine.”

    • “Mexico” or at least a Mexican, the daughter of the then “elected” President Fox, was a member of ESP (Executive Success Programs) in at least as early as 2002. My sister told me that.

      ESP was only renamed NXIVM in the US operation, apparently never renamed in Mexico where it remains ESP and they call themselves “ESPIANS” not “NEXIANS” — with more and more reason not to.

      I think you may be right in the sense that criminal mind-control activities were already underway before “Mexico” joined in even prior to the first Mexican elite member, insofaras I can say.

      DeezNuts may not find your joke very funny but I kinda did.

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