Shadow State: Slavery is always wrong

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne

By Shadow State 1958

This person, Pea On You, is either a joker faking the extreme support of NXIVM, Clare “Gaunt Horse Face” Bronfman and Little Lord KAR, or is totally delusional and might need some psychic help.

Proclaiming to be such a deep supporter makes Pee look like a total idiot.

Pea is the real deal.

Pea is Nicki Clyne aka Mrs. Allison Mack.

Miss Clyne is said to have made ‘The Vow”, a lifelong commitment to the service of Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack.

See Part 3: The Slave women of DOS — actress Nicki Clyne

Now let me rebut what Pea says about Frank Parlato:

“Frank Parlato who has hurt us all and destroyed Nxivm.”

Pea –FYI, NXIVM was destroyed by the evil acts of its leaders.

“He wrote his filthy lies about the Vow and turned something beautiful into something ugly.”

Pea – what is uglier than the fraud, coercion and blackmail practiced by NXIVM’s Vow? There is nothing beautiful about the Vow.

The Vow came from the Bowels of Keith Rainere and Allison Mack.

“He had no respect. It was meant to be sacred and secret and he told an uncomprehending public about something only a rarified few could ever understand.”

Pea –Frank Parlato took no oath of secrecy. Moreover, the public can figure out that the Vow was created by force, fraud, coercion and threats.

“The vicious and brutal Moira Penza.”

Pea –when did Moira Penza brand women while holding them down by the breasts the way Allison Mack did?

“Suppose they could have stopped Parlato before he started the Frank Report?”

Pea – Frank Parlato only started the Frank Report as a response to the needless brutal persecution he was subjected to by the Bronfman sisters and Keith Rainere.

“What difference does it make if Clare and Sara signed the contract or not?”

Pea – every state has a Statute of Frauds determining what is a valid contract. If Frank Parlato recovered money on behalf of an oral promise of the Bronfman sisters, then he should be paid for it even if the sisters failed to sign the contract.

Statute of frauds
The statute of frauds refers to the requirement that certain kinds of contracts be memorialized in writing, signed by the party to be charged, with sufficient content to evidence the contract.

Pea -ALL of the English speaking nations have the Statute of Frauds and exceptions to the Statute.

“Parlato is the Nazi hunting us.”

Pea – Frank Parlato is NOT a Nazi
Pea: In the spirit of the Christmas season I will wish you and your spouse Allison a Merry Christmas.

Pea -I will also wish you and your spouse learn the difference between right and wrong and that SLAVERY IS ALWAYS WRONG!

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  • “Slavery is Always Wrong”?

    Seems rather juvenile to chose these words for the title of this piece. ShadowState, no offense, but I just find in hard to follow the context of what you want to say here. Speaking along these lines, could you please share your top ten things that are wrong?

  • IRS
    Ignorance Related Slavery

    It could be said that our current Federal Income Tax is a form of slavery. Granted it wouldn’t be very difficult to correct but it’s been accepted as written for so long Congress doesn’t see a need or recognize the problem.
    Very off topic anyway
    Point being slavery is alive and well currently and all over the world. Involuntary and voluntary.

  • We are all masters and we are all slaves. All teachers and all students. There is good and evil and right and wrong. But there is only truth. One truth. There is not his truth or her truth or my truth. That is a recent and popular concept

    Bullshit is fun!

    Side note and in all seriousness, Heather Anne? I know I’m a broken record but I hope she is okay and just busy with friends family and loved ones

    • Its good you’re a broken record about Heather Anne. If you read this, H-A, I hope you and yours have a comfortable Christmas, I’ll be singing a carol with you in mind at midnight mass:) God bless x

      • Me too Been thinking about Heather Anne and miss her comments. One of the early comments made by Mitch several weeks ago reminded me to ask again if anyone has heard anything about her well-being

    • Pea:
      I’ve had plenty of teachers who have taught me over my many years of schooling.
      Teachers I respected and who in turn respected me.
      None of them regarded me as a slave.

      Here is a picture of one of my many teachers standing next to a goofy looking guy from Texas.
      My Professor is the short guy wearing the bow tie.
      Indeed this Professor taught me that slavery is illegal under the US Constitution
      This particular Professor of mine passed away this year after routine surgery.

    • But if your master feels the need to resort to “collateral” to keep people in line than he is very likely wrong.

      A true Teacher does not abuse his position of power and influnce over his pupils.
      A true leader does not ask of his followers what he wouldn’t give of himself.
      A true leader inspires loyalty, he or she does not obtain it through punishment or blackmail, such a the euphemistically named “collateral”.
      A true protector does not risk the safety of his charges.

      “Vanguard” is guilty of all this. Without the coercion and blackmail DOS would have been brushed off as “what a bunch of weirdos” It’s the fact that many women were trapped and forced to do things they didn’t agree to that turned it ugly, not Frank. The financial fraud would have still existed, but that’s a lesser crime.

      All Based off of public statements of course. Please do refute these.

  • And where is proof Shadow that it’s Nicki Clyne? You have none you’re just pulling stuff right out of your ass.

    Merry Christmas and if i had a gift to give you is a therapist to help you with your Allison Mack rejection issue.

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