Heidi: Raniere hacked computers for years – including mine

Gina Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

My first brush with Nxivm hackers and harassers was in 1999. Gina, my sister, was involved rather unwittingly — she believed their motives were pure and good –  that Keith & Nancy wanted to experiment with “tweaking” my rocky relationship with my ex-husband.

Perhaps they could even recruit us both to take advantage of our real Hollywood or Secret Service connections. (We produced “In the Line of Fire, 1994 with Secret Service consultants, etc.)

Whatever insane motive was swirling around KAR’s head is anybody’s guess but it usually has to do with getting close to and manipulating “power.”

KAR had Gina slaving over at the KTD monastery in Woodstock, NY where she later committed “suicide” [on October 9, 2002.]

While Gina’s goal was to attain enlightenment and free Tibet, KAR’s mission was to infiltrate the highest ranks of Buddhist culture, which he and Nancy accomplished somewhat with the Bronfman sisters in 2009.

Gina bugged our computers at home for Keith and Nancy. She also bugged the computers at the KTD monastery.

Kristin Keefe, Gina’s BFF, was Gina’s sort of handler or master in KAR and Nancy’s experiments to formulate “Rational Inquiry” and start Executive Success Programs (ESP).

The “data” they obtained from me and my ex, would become “collateral” of sorts. In fact, Keith had his grubby paws on all sorts of goodies, including a TELMEX project Carlos Slim Helú invested $8M in that my ex-husband was producing with Alvin Toffler.

Gina also did not realize SHE was a target herself, just as Clare and others aren’t in the least bit aware that they’ve been used and manipulated themselves. IMO.

One of the things Nxivm excels at is shattering relationships, causing divorces, fracturing families and individual psyche’s.

Over the years, Nxivm has put the heat on me whenever they suspected I was speaking out or “conspiring” against them. They like to arm themselves with “collateral” against “suppressives” — what does 12 library floors of terabyte data tell you? — and restock whenever an “enemy” threat arises.

Nxivm tried to frame me in the computer tresspassing case even prior to the February, 2012 Albany TU pedophile story — 2 years in the making. I had to move shortly after the report was released due to the harassment then.

Little did I know the city I moved to (or moved back to, actually), Malibu, was to become a recruitment target and training ground for DOS, as India Oxenberg and her gorgeous, young, celebrity offspring friends were sucked further into NXIVM.

I’m sure ALL the “suppressives” — and then some — have similar stories. I know of many first-hand but am not in the habit of speaking for others.

The only upside to being embroiled in litigation with Nxivm is they’ve learned to slow down on the harassment at those times to avoid court sanctions or the anyway inevitable loss of the case if caught.

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  • Hey Heidi…just a heads up, my creep detector is setting off all kinds of bells with tk. I have 2 beautiful daughters in their 20’s so my detector is pretty sensitive at this stage in my life. Chills run up my spine every time I read his posts. Probably best if you don’t post this.

  • Heidi, You’re so very brave for sharing your personal story with us here This whole situation is so tragic. The picture of your sister is really nice. Her smile and eyes are so beautiful and kind. It seems to me that Keith had this underlying predatory behavior about him, and like you said, he always needed to feel like he was in control. Manipulative. It just brings me back to the same question about what the heck fucked up this kid so early on in his life that he needed and craved this attention through his adolescence. In many ways, he’s still an adolescent in a 58 year old body.

    On a side note, there is still such a particular stigma admitting you need mental health counseling. Whether one feels inadequate, faulty, depressed, etc. There is always help available to talk over things with a professional. Everyone goes through high and low points in their lives. But, when an organization like this comes along and takes advantage of those who seek help in bettering of redefining themselves so they can be themselves, I’d be skeptical. Yet, this is all hindsight. And, in the moment, such promises can look pretty. When I went through my divorce, I sought ought a psychotherapist to help me through this experience. In the beginning, most of the therapy sessions consisted of just talking about what was happening within my life in the moment. After some time, I came to the realization of not focusing on an intimate relationship, and more so on what made me tick as a person. And, fostering this idea. Like all of us here, it’s still a work in progress as it should be. Anyway, just wanted to thank you once again or speaking up the way you do.

  • Heidi, you’ve mentioned that you’re a friend of Catherine Oxenberg. Were you friends with her prior to Catherine’s involvement with NXIVM, or did you get in touch with her afterwards, when you heard about what had happened to her daughter India?

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