Heidi: Please be very careful Frank

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Sk a commenter on the Frank Report made this comment on the post Legal Defense Trust Fund To Face Judicial Scrutiny – Raniere’s Attorney Suggests There May Be Multiple Contributors

In response Heidi wrote: 

I feel the need to speak to SK’s warning here and since FR is monitoring, I’ll let Frank decide whether or not it’s too personal to post.

The threat on Frank’s life is real.

I know this because Frank was our honored houseguest for a time while we were living in Malibu not far from Catherine Oxenberg.

There were already sure signs of Nx-trouble in our little world but once Frank arrived, the flying monkeys that had been circling overhead and swooping in on special occasions, went absolute Apeshit! This was in early July, this past summer, prior to the superseding indictments.

The very day Frank arrived, I started getting texts that appeared to be from my young second cousin — from her number, under her name. “B” (my cuz) is from Clifton Park, but now lives in LA. She’s in my phone contacts, but we’ve rarely texted. “B” had visited us at home a few weeks prior to this incident.

My first clue that the messages were not really from “B” was that they were written entirely in perfect Spanish. My second clue was that the messages were full of death threats and perjorative terms young “B” would never use with me even if she did speak fluent Spanish, which she does not.

Plus, “B” does not want to kill me — her parents might — and she’d never heard of Frank Parlato. “B’s” since been ruled out as a “suspect.”

Frank posted about this at the time without naming us as his hosts: Briefly, Frank had a live chat with the hackers — middle-aged Mexican males — swearing them off as I tried to translate. They were pretty shocked to hear from Frank himself, rather awkwardly asked for money and threatened “B’s” life in addition to mine and Frank’s. Authorities were notified, the texts stopped.

Meanwhile, Frank was notified of a couple of other palpable threats on his life by Catherine’s very reliable sources. A Nx Vancouver assassin assemblage was purportedly descending on Malibu. Frank was also getting emails offering to provide details on these murder plots in exchange for bitcoin currency.

There were many other oddities occurring at this time, as one might imagine in their worst nightmare from the lowest rung of hell. A jobseeker calling herself “Jezabel Lopez” — when I was waxing poetic under a suspiciously similar pseudonym for Frank Report — kept not showing up for an interview but had many queries about our male guest who was answering our home phone.

Officer “Franquez” from the San Bernardino PD also called our unlisted home number and asked Frank, who answered, to have me call him. A crime had occurred in a vehicle bearing a duplicate registration to mine and the suspect, a Mexican female, claimed she knew me and I’d sold her the registration among other things. Never heard of this person before, I swear. (And, man, was I glad I’d made a couple of police reports regarding suspicious identity theft activities weeks prior).

There were rattlesnakes fresh and freshly FROZEN (in a heatwave) showing up everywhere, drone strikes, my cell phone became further “possessed” by degrees. I had young Mexican family-owned businessmen I’ve been acquainted with for decades — since they were teenagers — who never previously expressed any interest suddenly begging me for “a date” or failing that, “just some nude pics,” in my ripe, old age. Lol.

Through all this and more, I have never seen anyone so focused, so calm, cool and collected under any circumstances, as Frank Parlato. The branding story was on fire and Frank was not to be deterred from stoking that flame every waking second in all the time he stayed with us. The only thing Frank seemed to fear was leaving his laptop unguarded lest someone slip some kiddie porn on it a la’ John Tighe.

I thought perhaps Frank’s almost annoyingly casual, often even cheerful, attitude was overly cavalier, in sharp contrast to my own panic level at these very tangible threats. But Frank’s nonchalance began to rub off on me. Frank convinced me that the only proper response that could ever protect us, that anyone would ever respect enough to leave us be, was “strength and courage.”

I’ve since adopted that attitude, made it my new motto in life, and it seems to be working against further harassment so far. Except on the Frank Report itself. JK.

Still I worry about Frank’s “bravado,” that he naturally has so much of it he might be caught off guard.

Sometimes paranoia IS a safe place. We ended up moving out rather hurriedly from that beautifully idyllic, prized “Malibu” locale I never wanted to leave. Frank helped with the move out negotiations. We settled into our new spot that isn’t nestled in nature, doesn’t have an ocean view or a prestigious address surrounded by mansions and movie stars. (It does have a killer security system.)

Weeks later, our former address doesn’t exist anymore. Nearly our entire old neighborhood and surrounding, verdant hillsides was engulfed in the recent Malibu fires. The once abundant foilage is not much beyond charred sticks, the mansions reduced to cinderblocks and cinders.

But thanks mostly to NX’s flying monkeys and the fear they engendered, we landed safe and happy in our new home so far.

Sometimes, a little paranoia is a safe place. Yes, please be very careful Frank.

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  • Heidi, I’m sorry you and Frank both have seen intimidation from these criminals, but glad you are safe. Be vigilant, and STAY safe!

  • Great piece, thanks for shedding light on Frank’s irl situation. Whenever Mexico is mentioned- post indictment, and there’s a perceived delay in his posting(there never is!) I worry. Frank is right about strength and courage, it melts away most idle threats but is the surest way to reveal the locus of real threat- the man behind the curtain. Its all about the capacity of the levers in his power, who or what can he mobilise in defence of his anonymity, sometimes you have to ask “Am I paranoid enough?” Im worried for all of you stand up Nxians. You are very brave and this stand, though so dangerous for you, is bringing this criminal enterprise to book. Much, much gratitude for that 🙂

  • Heidi, I too want to thank you for having the courage to share on this blog the very real intimidation you, Frank and others have had to deal with over the years. I also echo Heather when she says you set an excellent example of someone who is continuing to live a rich and full life despite the obstacles put in your path. I finally want to commend you on offering Flowers such a kind, compassionate and thoughtful reply after being repeatedly accused of not being Heidi. It shows you are a person of character. My sincere hope is that the trials can finally give you all some closure, a sense of justice and peace of mind. I know a guilty verdict will never bring back your sister.

    • Leon, would a true compassionate response imply that”MK Ultra” (the hilarious fear-mongering stuff of alt-right
      conspiracy theorists) was being used against me?
      Too funny. If you actually do a little research you will learn that the Mk-ultra experiments back in the 50s and 60s were conducted in a hospital setting, and the victims were subjected to mind altering drugs and high dose electro-shock therapy.
      Mk–ulta does not refer to group of criminals who harass, bully and intimidate by theft, vandalism and intimidation. That is just plain old harassment, Leon. And since the people who did this first befriended me in a private chat-room, they were able get some private information on me. No mystery there, and certainly no “Monarch mind control”, either.

      Also, Leon, the accusations that I was really Allison Mack’s mom, or Scott, or a NXIVM member, started prior to any accusations made by me.

  • I’m so glad Heidi’s safe. She’s right though, Frank needs to be careful, which I’m sure he is Men have an affinity to appear tough, even when they are scared or more so when they’re scared. I think everyone involved will breathe easier when Vanguard and his crew are behind bars for a very long time, after the trial.

  • Things certainly do work in mysterious ways.
    Congratulations on being moved somewhere safer before the fires hit.

  • Heidi, after rereading your accounts, I’m so very sorry to hear what you went through this past summer. That’s very weird to say the least. I’m guessing it was meant to scare you to keep quiet. Kudos to Frank for being there to help move your family to a new and safer locale. And, to offer any moral support. Please be careful. A good security system certainly helps. Malibu does sound like a very relaxing and scenic place to live. It must have been hard to leave, and yet bittersweet since the wildfires claimed your pervious home. Not sure if “bittersweet” is the correct word to us here. It’s quite troublesome and tragic all the same. Just hoping things calm down for you. Sincerely, Tom K

  • Heidi, I would like to echo yours and SK’s words of caution to Frank and also to wish you both a better future. I doubt that most people could imagine being on the receiving end of these terror tactics and emerging stronger despite your loss. You have my admiration.

  • Now this appears on the same website that demanded other more or less famous members to come out and tell their ‘true’ story. At this point I have to ask a simple question. Heidi, did you make this story up or is Frank a bigot, who tries to pressure others without taking the danger into account?
    When you think about the stories he brought the last year about former members, they are in a stark contrast to everything that is written in this article. These people were shamed on this blog for being cowards, while the owner was threatened. So if all the information in this article was true, why did Frank not defend these people?

    • You make a good point, anonymous. If Frank was aware of the intimidation tactics being used, can he criticize other former members who are too afraid to speak out?

    • This is a strange tack to take. These people, because they are under dangerous threat from members of a criminal org, must be either liars or bigots, because they face the ire of the criminals they are bringing to book? this is a very sophisticated, word salad-y sort of argument, that doesn’t make any sort of point except to claim that Frank and Heidi are Liars and bigots? They are not. The liars and bigots, are nxivm and ALL its apologists.

      • You seem rather triggered by anonymous’s comment, Onewomanarmy. What war are you fighting, by the way?
        Anonymous was just asking why Heidi and Frank get a free pass. If NXIVM members are up to tricks like this against them, then doesn’t it seem likely that people like Edmondson and Kruek are also being targeted?

        Also, don’t you find it odd that Frank never mentioned experiencing this degree of harassment before he visited Heidi? Why would the harassment start, or drastically increase, while he was staying at her home?

        Think about this. Are you familiar with the terms ‘false flags’ and ‘gaslighting’?

          • That’s hilariously hypocritical, coming from a pack of mk-ultra-believers, Qmorons, pizzagate conspiracists who believe that numbers added together will reveal secret codes.
            The fact is the people pushing this BS are actually smart enough to know it’s really bullshit… they are relying on the stupidity and fear of people to fall for their idiotic propaganda.

            Dont become one of their flying monkeys- learn to think for yourself. Ask yourself what their real agenda is. If someone needs to invent fake stories to smear other people, these are not trustworthy people.

  • Heidi, I think it’s amazing that you are looking out for Frank, and the very people aimed at harassing you possibly saved your life. For sure they saved you the hassles of rebuilding, or purchasing a new home. Although it’s devastating for those who did lose them homes and I certainly don’t want to make light of that.
    Most certainly as Scott points out, there would not likely be any warning, so maybe Frank and you have the right attitude, enjoy your lives and don’t let these flying monkeys take your peace of mind.
    This does not mean those of you in the middle of this shouldn’t be vigilant. Take advantage of some of the amazing security products for home, computer and body. Always be aware of your surroundings.
    Don’t trust any new people suddenly showing up in your lives, certainly take precautions. Change daily routes.
    I personally would be armed at all times. We are anyway but gun views are a personal choice. There are other weapons to choose from.

    Nxivm is certainly not above computer hacking and I assume the FEDS are aware of this harassment and likely even know who’s responsible.
    I had not realized how serious these attacks against Frank, Catherine and yourself were and will continue to keep you all and innocent nxivm’s in my prayers.
    Continue posting articles as what these folks really want is to shut people up.

    • That’s true, Scott. Seriously murderous people don’t usually warn you before they kill you. I believe these types of incidents are intimidation tactics. The phone thefts were probably done to try to get private information. However, these harassers have still committed crimes, and obviously they are very willing to break the law, which means they are likely guilty of other worse crimes.

  • This is pretty ugly.
    Is is common for NXIVM to harass “suppressives” in such a threatening way? Other than with lawsuits, I mean.
    I would imagine ex-members who speak out or might speak out would be subjected to similar tactics, especially if they have name recognition.

    • My first brush with Nx hackers and harassers was in 1999. Gina, my sister, was involved rather unwittingly — she believed their motives were pure and good, that Keith & Nancy wanted to experiment with “tweaking” my rocky relationship with my ex husband. Perhaps they could even recruit us both to take advantage of our real Hollywood or Secret Service connections. (We produced “In the Line of Fire, 1994 with SS consultants, etc.)

      Whatever insane motive was swirling around KAR’s head is anybody’s guess but it usually has to do with getting close to and manipulating “power.” KAR had Gina slaving over at the KTD monestary in Woodstock, NY where she committed “suicide” on October 9, 2002. While her goal was to attain enlightenment and free Tibet, KAR’s mission was to infiltrate the highest ranks of Buddhist culture, which he & Nancy accomplished somewhat with the Bronfman sisters in 2009.

      Gina bugged our computers at home for Keith & Nancy. She also bugged the computers at the KTD monestary. Kristin Keefe, Gina’s BFF, was Gina’s sort of handler or master in KAR and Nancy’s experiments to formulate “Rational Inquiry” and start Executive Success Programs (ESP).

      The “data” they obtained from me and my ex, would become “collateral” of sorts. In fact, Keith had his grubby paws on all sorts of goodies, including a TELMEX project Carlos Slim Helú invested $8M in that my ex-husband was producing with Alvin Toffler.

      Gina also did not realize SHE was a target herself, just as Clare and others aren’t in the least bit aware that they’ve been used and manipulated themselves. IMO.

      One of the things Nx excels at is shattering relationships, causing divorces, fracturing families and individual psyche’s.

      Over the years, Nx has put the heat on me whenever they suspected I was speaking out or “conspiring” against them. They like to arm themselves with “collateral” against “suppressives” — what does 12 library floors of terebyte data tell you? — and restock whenever an “enemy” threat arises.

      Nx tried to frame me in the computer tresspassing case even prior to the February, 2012 Albany TU pedophile story — 2 years in the making. I had to move shortly after the report was released due to the harassment then.

      Little did I know the City I moved to (or moved back to, actually), Malibu, was to become a recruitment target and training ground for DOS, as India Oxenberg and her gorgeous, young, celebrity offspring friends were sucked further into NXIVM.

      I’m sure ALL the “suppressives” — and then some — have similar stories. I know of many first-hand but am not in the habit of speaking for others.

      The only upside to being embroiled in litigation with Nx is they’ve learned to slow down on the harassment at those times to avoid court sanctions or the anyway inevitable loss of the case if caught.

  • I remember Frank’s earlier post about this, and about some threatening emails he had received around the same time.. very scary stuff.

    Heidi, in an article Frank posted a couple years ago, it was mentioned that you had been harassed then, and had had your phone stolen and your house broken into, which you linked to NXIVM. Did any other harassment incidents occur in between then and the incidents last summer? Do you know for sure that NXIVM was responsible for the phone theft?

    This interests me because the first harassment incident that happened to me was the theft of my phone, back in 2013. Then it appears as though the thief got my kid’s phone number from my contacts and started to prank my son by placing fake online ads with his name & cell number….such immature stuff, yet it appears his friends were not responsible. And then the harassment continued in other ways…
    (And I really have never been associated with NXIVM, Heidi, that’s the truth)

    • Hi Flowers. The most sincere, compassionate advise I can offer you is to protect your mind, your “headspace,” first.

      Use the “paranoia” to take real security measures such as changing your phone numbers, IP services, reset your internet router frequently (I took that advise from the FBI and it worked) — block off every avenue they’ve got into your head — which is their target.

      Give up trying to “catch” them on your own. Especially if you don’t know who they are or what their motives are; that’s just not gonna happen and may drive you, anyone, to distraction or at least make you look crazy to others.

      When Keith ET AL talk about “disintegrations” they may be describing a normal psychological response to long term mental abuse —“disassociative disorders.”

      I believe Nx and other criminal enterprises who engage in “gaslighting,” etc. do have it down to a science where they try to imitate “Monarch” – type experiments to cause real emotional distress and ultimate mental breakdown.

      Good, professional psychologists can help you get an understanding of your own unique psyche in response to the harassment and how to shore yourself up against it mentally.

      • Hi Heidi
        Thanks for the reply.
        I actually do know who “they” are (or at least I know some of their names ) as they have tried to intimidate me with threats of lawsuits. By the way, “they” are reading the Frank Report, too….

        I seriously doubt there are many psychologists who would be helpful to me in understanding these harassers, and interestingly enough, one of these harassers IS a psychologist himself.

        In regards to “catching” them myself, that isnt my objective, since I’m not law enforcement and therefore don’t have the resources to catch them. My objective is to catch their mistakes and gather evidence against them to protect myself, and I have no choice but to do this myself.
        I couldn’t care less if someone tries to imply that I “look crazy” to them. …I have enough evidence to prove that this group of people have behaved in a bizarre manner, harassed me, and obviously tried to scare me with various tactics. .. therefore they must be trying to hide something important.

        I also don’t believe they are trying to imitate Monarch-type experiments, as they certainly are not smart enough to do that…. half of these morons don’t even know the difference between you’re and your. Lol.

        • Maybe I missed or forgot this information, Flowers, but what were you involved with that now causes these people to harass you so much?

          • Lalalad
            I was not knowingly involved in any activity or group that could have caused the harassment. The harassment started shortly after briefly speaking with a person I had been out of contact with for 25 years, and so I believe it’s related to that person. I don’t believe he is harassing me, either, but I do see evidence that he may have been harassed himself.

            About 3 months after contact with this old friend, my phone was stolen by a co-worker, and I believe this theft was the first harassment incident (other than a bit of online harassment which occurred first.) I immediately suspected a co-worker, who had been recently hired, of taking the phone, because I had noticed that he was often watching me.

            If I am correct about that particular person stealing my phone , then that means that this group was so worried about me that they actually started to make arrangements to have my phone stolen almost immediately after I talked to the old friend.

            Everything they have since done points to this harassment as being done by a very large group of people. I did not realize what was going on until summer 2017, and I have been trying to investigate it since then.

  • well written post Heidi. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your home, and all the other stuff. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I’m glad you have found a home here on Frank Report and feel comfortable telling your story.

    • Thanks, TK. We do have a new, safer home but if the flying monkeys try to land on us again — God willing they’ll all be behind bars in some zoo where they’ll have those wings clipped — I may take you up on your sweet, generous offer.

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